EPA Chief: If Your Dishwasher has an Energy Star Label, You Should Believe in Global Warming

gina mccarthy

EPA Chief Gina McCarthy is really trying to live up to the standards of her lunatic predecessor with her latest rant.

After claiming that Global Warming was holding back millions of African-Americans, she said something even dumber.

“It’s worrisome that our science seems to be under constant assault by a small — but vocal — group of critics,” McCarthy said.

“I bet when those same critics get sick, they run to doctors and hospitals that rely on science from — guess who — Harvard University and the American Cancer Society,” McCarthy continued. “I bet they check air quality forecasts from EPA and the National Weather Service to see if the air is healthy enough for their asthmatic child to play outside that day. I bet they buy dishwashers with Energy Star labels, and take FDA-approved medicine, and eat USDA-approved meats. … People and businesses around the world look to EPA and other federal agencies because our science is reliable, and our scientists are credible.”

These examples don’t show that Global Warming critics, many of whom are scientists, don’t understand science.

They show that Gina McCarthy doesn’t understand science.

If a scientist said, “You must accept my theory, even though it’s completely unrelated to anything involving medicine because I come from Harvard University”, he would be rightly laughed out of every forum there is.

But that’s exactly what Gina McCarthy is claiming. Worse, she’s echoing many anti-science liberals who insist that science isn’t a set of hypothesis that have to be tested and retested against new evidence, but that it’s an undifferentiated mass that you have to accept whole.

That’s not science. That’s a religion.

And that’s what Global Warming and the Warmists who insist that it’s part of some scientific catechism are really about.

Gina McCarthy sites National Weather Service forecasts, but those were completely off this winter because Warmunism led them to expect a warmer winter. This ideological fallacy led to possible lost lives.

The Energy Star sticker or FDA and USDA approval are mandates. McCarthy knows it’s not exactly optional. You can’t buy non-FDA approved medicines. So pretending that it’s some gesture of trust is Elizabeth Warren levels of cynicism.

Finally no looks to the EPA for credible science. Environmentalists and Green Tycoons look to the EPA to shut down businesses, kill jobs and make Al Gore and his cronies even richer.

So you might ask, what branch of science produced Gina McCarthy?

A longtime civil servant, McCarthy held the position of assistant administrator, U.S. EPA from 2009 to 2013. Prior to 2009, she was commissioner, Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection, 2004–2009.

McCarthy graduated from the University of Massachusetts Boston with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Anthropology in 1976. In 1981 she received a joint Master of Science in Environmental Health Engineering and Planning and Policy from Tufts University.

Gina McCarthy’s scientific background is right up there with Oprah’s background is psychology.

  • glpage

    Another ideologue who claims to believe in science, but probably has next to no clue what science is.

    • truebearing

      I must strenuously object to the inclusion of “probably” in your otherwise accurate statement. I must also insist you edit “next to no.”

      Rule #1 in bashing the Left’s idiocy: never pad the bat or pull the punch. :)

    • Anon

      Science is what she is told it is. Sad part is that the vast majority of people, if they actually heard her lunatic statements, would be nodding along. There must be a lot of money in selling ones soul.

  • http://www.BanLiberals.com/ Ban Liberals

    Is Obama actually scouring America’s rubber rooms to find these crazy people?

    She, the EPA, and of course Obama have less intelligentsia combined than the book shown below.

  • SoCalMike

    Too bad the Repubes are so spineless.
    They should pass a bill when they take control and have the ability to make it into a law that would force FDA, EPA, BLM, ad nauseaum infinitum, to roll back regulatory effect and scope subject to further review and roll back.
    Instead of electing someone who kinda thinks like we do to oversee the bureaucracy, better to fight to roll back the bureaucracy and admin.

  • wileyvet

    Hmm? No criticism or enquiry into the fake man made global climate change ideology is allowed because the science is settled. And no criticism or enquiry is allowed of Islam because Muhammad said so. I sense a nefarious axis of evil here. Death to climate change deniers, Death to Blasphemers.

  • Disruptive Element

    She evidently has never done a load of laundry in one of these energy star washing machines which we have to buy because they have mandated it along with their other wacky ideas. They do not use enough water, they grow mold and have to be treated for odors. There is a real world out here McCarthy and the environmental mandates have a rule of unintended consequences attached. There is not enough water in commodes etc. which is not flushing through the sewer systems and causing problems there. Wind mills are causing mass extinctions for eagles and other birds. The list goes on. So don’t tell me about your wacky cures for imaginary warming as though you could alter one iota of it with your powers.

    • The March Hare

      “There is not enough water in commodes etc. which is not flushing through the sewer systems and causing problems there.”
      Now they have finally gotten the commodes to flush in one flush, but the small amount of water in them and the small flow makes the commode hard to keep clean. So now you have extra flushes, not to make it go down, but to wash it out. You also use 10 times the amount of bowl cleaner and many extra flushes from all the cleanings. Darn those unintended consequences. Maybe instead of lawyers, we should elect engineers.

  • truebearing

    Well, we have an energy star on ours, so I guess I have to believe in global warming now. I know we have a drying function that gets the dishes real warm, to dry them faster. That probably does warm the globe a tiny amount. I’m goose steppin’ with the rest of them. Arguments like that are airtight.

    I don’t think I can buy into gay marriage or anything else on the gay agenda though. I couldn’t find a single electrical appliance with a plug that is male to male, or female to female. All my extension cords, everything, is male to female.

    Our EPA director is very wise to determine her beliefs on climate science based on ratings of appliances and the nature of related objects.

  • truebearing

    Poll Question:

    If Gina McCarthy, Chuck Hagel, Nancy Pelosi, and Joe Biden were in a dumb-off, based on a photo of each, who would win?

    • Anon

      Depends if joe Biden photo bombed any of them. My guess is a big ole tie!

  • Mickey Askins

    You either believe in science or you don’t. The stork did not bring the baby, wake up and smell the coffee. Science is for everyone whether you believe it or not.

  • Guest


    That energy star rating “stops with you”. Maybe the State of Connecticut’s dishwasher broke after Gina left? Its all approved and rubber stamped.

  • Anon

    What she really means is that if government says it, you should believe it. Suppose whe knows how,many folks die from FDA approved drugs annually? Suppose she understands why people eat foods that are NOT FDA approved? A longtime civil servant, I,hate that phrase, unless the definition of civil is now financial masters. Where do they find these compromised people who will spout these lies?