EU Demands $$$ from Israel for Destruction of Illegal Muslim Settlements


The European Union decided to fund illegal settlements in another country and then they have the nerve to demand compensation for their demolition.

European Union officials alleged on Friday that Israel demolished EU-funded housing shelters outside of Ma’aleh Adumim earlier in the week, AFP reported.

Eighteen tin huts built to house Palestinians during the unusually severe winter weather this year were “partially funded by EU member states,” according to the report.

The winter is long since over. Jerusalem temperatures are in the seventies.

And, more importantly, it doesn’t appear that the EU got permission to build their shelters in another country. And there was no reason to build those shelters in disputed territory.

That makes them illegal settlements.

EU officials demanded financial compensation from Israel to Brussels in response to the demolition of three of the structures, Belgian news service EurActiv reported.

“We should ask for compensation from Israel whenever EU-funded humanitarian aid projects are destroyed,” EurActiv quoted an anonymous EU diplomat as saying.

“We will raise this issue with the relevant Israeli authorities,” Maja Kocijancic, a spokesperson for EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, told EurActiv.

The structures were located in E1, a highly contentious area in the West Bank east of Jerusalem.

The EU considers Israeli housing in E1 to be settlements. Yet they have no problem building settlements for Muslim in E1, illegally, and then demanding compensation for their demolition.

Meanwhile they keep condemning Israel for… building settlements.

Some 79 EU-funded structures were demolished in the West Bank’s ‘Area C’ and Jerusalem region in 2012 and 54 more were destroyed in the first six months of 2013, according to an EU incident logging service. In all, the European Commission says that between 2002 and 2012, Israel destroyed development projects worth €49.2 million, of which €29.4 million was funded by the EU or its member states.

There’s a simple solution. Stop illegally building settlements in other countries and they won’t get demolished.


    Phoo on you EU

  • Gee

    Charge the EU for the cost of demolition

  • James Brown

    Tell the EU to go and take a flying eff to themselves .

  • wileyvet

    The EU had better start worrying about the cesspool they’ve created in their own backyard. In fact why don’t they start asking for compensation from Muslims who have effectively taken huge swathes of European cities and turned them into no go zones.

  • Serenissimus

    Shame on the EU with their pinko commie “human rights” and bleeding heart concern for all those dispossessed terrorists.
    Maybe Israel should set an example by being the first to “stop illegally building settlements in other countries”?

  • Fritz Kohlhaas

    EU, GET STUFFED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • knightsman

    The EU is nothing more than a suicidal cabal. They are giving the land to Islamic barbaric rapist and murderers. Don’t listen to the EU they are dead already.

  • truebearing

    This is all very understandable. The EU is getting slapped around and being treated like the playground sissy by Russia. Their manhood (no laughing please) being so thoroughly humiliated, they needed to bully a country that is much, much smaller, so they predictably decided to bluster impotently at Israel.

    It won’t work, of course. The EU still looks as flaccid as it truly is, but at least they can mollify the Muslims a little by lying and demanding money from Israel. The other possibility is that they really are destitute and are clumsily attempting to use the tactics perfected by Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

    Oh wait! This just in…EU sends burly representatives to schools throughout Europe to steal lunch money from grade schoolers.