EU Rules Electric Cars Must Make Noise

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Lefties normally love electric cars because they can travel 4 miles an hour powered only by unicorn dreams and the wishes of Third World children for social and economic justice. Unfortunately they do have one major gaping flaw.

They don’t make nearly enough noise. The EU, which issues more regulations a day than there are people in the EU, has come to the rescue with a plan to force electric cars to make useless noises for no reason… just like the European Union.

Silent but potentially deadly electric cars will have to be fitted with artificial ‘sound generators’ so blind and partially sighted pedestrians can hear them coming, the European Parliament voted today.

Blind pedestrians may hear them coming, but they won’t know which direction they’re coming from or how to get out of their way. Also has there been a plague of electric cars running over the blind?

It is part of new EU legislation which will also require conventional cars and lorries with petrol and diesel engines to make 25% less noise.

Only the EU can order some cars to make less noise and other cars to make more noise.

The MEPs voted to introduce mandatory “acoustic vehicle alerting systems” (AVAS) – sounding like a conventional engine – to all new electric and hybrid cars to protect vulnerable road users.

Earlier proposals from the European Commission called for the installation of an artificial sound system to be done on a voluntary basis only. But Liberal Democrat MEPs successfully introduced an amendment making this a mandatory requirement for all electric and hybrid vehicles…

It’s also a mandatory requirement for all Liberal Democrat MEPs. Unfortunately.

  • Veracious_one

    Pass a law that drivers of such vehicles must be continually citing EU regulations…

  • Christopher Riddle

    These A$$H*LES Will NEVER Get ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wileyvet

    While their world crumbles around them, this is what concerns them most. It is their blindness to their Lefty, Nanny State policies that are hurting people not soundless electric cars. Perfect though for Muslim loving EU bureaucrats. Puny and gutless. Silent and inoffensive.

  • Aloyicious

    To be honest, while I’m tooling around parking lots in our hybrid (which we bought for gas money saving reasons, not for some ‘omigosh we gotta save the earth’ reason) there are people who are too lost in their own worlds to hear me humming up behind them. Some people are too clueless to pay attention, but if they walk in front of you it will become your fault.

    • DogmaelJones1

      This is particularly true of pedestrians wearing head phones with the Grateful Dead or some other noise maker blasting away in their ears. New York City is notorious for distracted pedestrians with head phones just not watching where they’re going or evincing the least awareness of their surroundings. But, leave it to the EU (and the Feds here) to want to micromanage every little thing and action.

    • UCSPanther

      I do have to admit: It is a little eerie to hear a car pull up to an intersection that doesn’t have a constant engine noise about it, but you can hear the traction motors nonetheless when you are paying attention.

      Anyone who is checking their facebook status on their i-phone while listening to Lil’ Wayne on their headphones at full volume probably won’t see or hear anything, be it a tiny electric car, or a massive freight train.

    • Odin2

      As a biker, I agree. They are so silent that you don’t hear them coming. I try to be as accommodating to motor vehicles as I can to be courteous and also because they are a lot bigger. It is hard to do when they are silently coming up behind you.


        Cue the “Jaws” theme.

  • T800

    The Euros can install those speaker systems like the neighborhood ice cream trucks (Mr.Softee) play when they roll through your neighborhood,and play the same music.
    Or you could put in a “ghetto-blaster” system and play funky rap music with a heavy bass beat. “who let the dogs out,who,who?”

    I’d be happy if the gov’t could just get people to use their G-D turn signals.
    When I’m bicycling,I rely heavily on them.

  • Jakareh

    EU is short for “entirely useless”.

  • SoCalMike

    The newer Toyota and Lexus hybrids already make additional noise so you can hear them coming, They didn’t need the EU or anyone else to tell them.
    The parasite bureaucrats probably got the idea from the Japanese and just used their precious power to force everyone else to do the same.