Ex-Head of UK Socialized Medicine Claims Trying to Legalize Raping 10-Year-Olds was “Mistake”


Paedophilia is usually the kind of “mistake” people go to jail for. But molesting one child is a crime, while trying to legalize molesting every child in the UK is just a mistake if you’re a leftist in good standing.

Patricia Hewitt was listed as a Communist sympathizer by MI5. Despite that she served in a number of cabinet positions, including as Secretary of State for Health under Blair in 2007. That means she ran the NHS which US Socialized Medicine advocates draw their inspiration from.

Before that Hewitt had gotten in trouble as Secretary for Trade for discriminating against male candidates.

Hewitt had co-authored a report which said, “it cannot be assumed that men are bound to be an asset to family life or that the presence of fathers in families is necessarily a means to social cohesion” and suggested that men couldn’t be trusted around children. This was ironic considering what she had been up to back in the seventies.

Patricia Hewitt was forced to apologise after it was revealed that she had called for the age of sexual consent to be lowered to ten.

The document published in the former Labour cabinet minister’s name also called for incest to be legalised.

A National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL) press release quoted in The Sun issued in Miss Hewitt’s sole name in Mach 1976 read: “NCCL proposes that the age of consent should be lowered to 14, with special provision for situations where the partners are close in age or where the consent of a child over ten can be proved.”

The document, which relates to an NCCL report on sexual law reformed continues: “The report argues that the crime of incest should be abolished.

Miss Hewitt, who was general secretary of the NCCL from 1974 to 1983 said: “I take responsibility for the mistakes we made. I got it wrong on PIE and I apologise for having done so.

PIE doesn’t stand for a baked good, but the Paedophile Information Exchange which is exactly what it sounds like.

The Guardian headlines the story as “Patricia Hewitt takes responsibility for mistakes over paedophile campaign.”

Well that’s good of her. She took responsibility for trying to legalize raping every child in the UK… only 38 years later.

Hewitt’s courageous admission should be held up as an example of children everywhere, wait no. It shouldn’t. It was a mistake, said every criminal who got caught ever.

Hewitt claimed that she “was naive and wrong to accept PIE’s claim to be a ‘campaigning and counselling organisation’ that ‘does not promote unlawful acts’,”

Take, for example, the first mention of the Paedophile Information Exchange in NCCL literature — in Patricia Hewitt’s annual report to her members for 1975, published in April 1976.

There, she describes PIE in glowing terms as ‘a campaigning/counselling group for adults sexually attracted to children’.

Hewitt then complains that PIE had recently been the subject of a ‘hysterical and highly inaccurate’ article in the Sunday People newspaper headlined ‘the vilest men in Britain’, which was ‘designed to foster misunderstanding and hatred’.

If you legalize them, they’re no longer unlawful.

NCCL in the 1970s, along with many others, was naive and wrong to accept PIE’s claim to be a ‘campaigning and counselling organisation’ that ‘does not promote unlawful acts’. As General Secretary then, I take responsibility for the mistakes we made. I got it wrong on PIE and I apologise for having done so. I should have urged the Executive Committee to take stronger measures to protect NCCL’s integrity from the activities of PIE members and sympathisers and I deeply regret not having done so. In particular, Tom O’Carroll should never have been allowed to join the gay rights sub-committee.

The proposal to reduce the age of consent was not mine – it was the policy of the organisation and its executive committee at that time. I do not support reducing the age of consent or legalising incest.

So Hewitt was under the impression that an organization calling for reducing the age of consent to ten years old was a ‘campaigning and counselling organisation’.

That certainly is “naive”. Another term might be “implausible deniability”.

“Many people’s lives have been destroyed by sexual abuse in their childhood. Although the evil of child sexual abuse is now properly recognised, as a society we still have a long way to go in protecting children, tackling the sexualisation of girls and supporting the survivors of sexual abuse,” Hewitt went on to say.

No, we recognized the evil of child sexual abuse all along. It was recognized in the 70s. Hewitt and her leftist pals chose not to recognize it.

There is no “we” here.

Meanwhile here’s what gay rights advocate Tom O’Carroll had to say.

Tom O’Carroll said that the members of the National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL), including Harriet Harman, the deputy leader of the Labour Party and Patricia Hewitt, a former Labour Cabinet minister under Tony Blair, had made no attempt to remove PIE from its sub-committee on gay rights in the 1970s.

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme: “Really, they didn’t do much to oppose PIE’s presence in my view, because there were these other liberal forces or radical forces that were in NCCL. The support didn’t come from Harman and co. but it was there. The Gay Liberation Front was very radical.

Documents dated from 1978 and 1979 disclose Nettie Pollard – the NCCL’s Gay and Lesbian Officer – sat on the group’s 14-strong gay rights committee with Tom O’Carroll, PIE’s chairman who was later jailed for child porn offences.

Miss Pollard was so close to O’Carroll that when he wrote his 1980 book arguing the case for sex with children to be legalised, he thanked her in its foreword as she had “read the whole text in draft and made many helpful suggestions”.

Mistakes were made.

  • blert

    “Mistakes were made.”

    It sounds so presidential.

  • bleedinell

    Typical leftist scum. And a de facto pedophile to boot.

    • Mike

      In 20 years time Patricia Hewitt will be celebrated by liberals in good standing. Alan Ginsberg is celebrated by the Left and he stood up for NAMBLA.

  • sandyinindy

    EWWWW. I need to wash my hands after reading this!! This is all coming to a theatre near here, if not there already!!


    Socialists have raped the entire UK.

  • truebearing

    This is just more proof that mental illness and sociopathology are common in radical homosexuals and the types of sickos attracted to Marxism. They love a world where morality is supplanted with pseudo-moral values determined by a political process that redefines right and wrong according to political expediency.

    • James M

      Sounds like Mo’s death cult. Someone should analyse the Koran and the history of its formation as a specimen left-wing propaganda. “Moderate Muslims” (and the *kuffar* like Charlie Windsor & Bliar who believe it exists) = “useful idiots”. These barbarians love each other because they are brothers under the skin.

  • bodica

    By condoning and promoting child rape, Hewitt, Harman…make themselves accessories to that crime…

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    Does this scoundrel in a skirt have ties to Islamofacism? They too have a thing for children married off to hairy 45 year-old men.

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    The world is a sick place and it’s getting sicker by the day. When will we wake up and get rid of these people?

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    Lowering the age of consent along with legalizing polygamy as an accommodation to Muslims are the next “frontiers” of the liberal imperative. It was just twenty years ago the very idea of gay “marriage” was ridiculed; now merely expressing opposition to it can get one in legal trouble. The late great Bob Grant once said the following regarding liberal society: “if something seems totally absurd today, just wait a few years and it will come to pass”.

  • Enubus

    The only mistake that was made, is they didn’t jail the whack-job and all her mentally ill friends. You have to set the blame with the British people for electing these mutts to high office, where they can appoint other crazies. This is just like the Odumber regime.