Exploding Koran Bomb Kills Pakistani Soldier


The Salafis often claim that their enemies aren’t really Muslim. Yet they set up a bomb that was designed to look like a Koran, without actually being like a Koran, to take advantage of the Muslim devoutness of their targets.

The whole thing is convolutedly perverse.  (via Religion of Peace)

Militants in Pakistan have found clever ways to hide homemade bombs. They’ve been strapped to children’s bicycles, hidden inside water jugs and even hung in tree branches. But the most shocking place that Brig. Basim Saeed has heard of such a device being planted was inside a hollowed-out book made to look like a Quran, Islam’s holy book.

A soldier who went to pick up the book from the floor was killed when it exploded.

“Normally if that book is lying somewhere on the floor, you tend to pick it up immediately just for respect,” said Saeed, the chief instructor at a school training Pakistani forces how to detect the so-called improvised explosive devices, which have become increasingly popular in wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and the insurgency in Pakistan’s northwest, near the Afghan border.

I assume there won’t be any riots or international protests over this. It’s just Muslims using the Koran to entrap other Muslims. It’s a more direct version of something that has been done for centuries.

  • john spielman

    gives another meaning to ‘the book was a bomb” Also I think there was an incident where Korans were being recycled into toilet paper in Afganistan so the muslims wouldn’t have to use their fingers.

  • CowboyUp

    I guess the Koran isn’t so sacred with aq/Taliban as they claim. I never would have guessed. We fall all over ourselves to keep from giving offense, and they laugh at our Dumb A’s.


    The explosion was due to all the methane emanating from the pages of the koran.

    • john spielman

      which was secondary to all the BS that comes from this doctrine of demons

  • Aleksey Buynovskiy

    payback time motherfuckers

  • Connie Alsip

    Ban Islam World Wide. Send all Muslims to the deserts and jungles where animals are supposed to live! They are 8th century perverts trying to take over modern countries. #BanIslamInAmerica #impeachTheMuslimPotus #TryObamaForTreason