Eyewitness Accounts of Muslim Attack on Paris Synagogue

Here are some eyewitness accounts of the attack on a Paris synagogue compiled by Dreuz, a French conservative site.

On Saturday night July 12 in Paris, at an Arab-Muslim event that it would be dishonest to characterize as pro-Palestinian because they have never shown up when Palestinian Arabs are starved in Syria or when Rebels have blocked access to refugee camps; these young French Muslims  attacked two synagogues with the intention of lynching the faithful – no, we are not in Egypt in the time of Mohammed Morsi, but in a France where the media incites hatred of Israel.

Young immigrants attacked synagogues. This makes sense when one is  anti-Semitic, not anti-Zionist.

And as they are no more anti-Semitic than Dieudonné, but only anti-Zionist, they shouted slogans such as “Death to the Jews,” “Hitler was right”, “you are going to burn.”

These also makes sense when you are not anti-Semitic, just anti-Zionist.

Journalist Véronique Chemla says, and I quote:

“Synagogues in Belleville and the Rue de la Roquette in Paris… underwent violent attacks of “Blacks, Whites, Beurs” often wearing keffiehs armed with missiles and baseball bats, and chanting “Allah Aqbar” (Allah is the greatest) and “Death to the Jews.”

Deficient police, inadequate community protection, media silence, the silence of Islamic leaders, an outdated Jewish political establishment and the only defense came from the faithful Jews of the Jewish Defense League (JDL) and Betar …”

Bernard Abouaf, a columnist for a French Jewish radio published this on his Facebook page:

“What I saw this afternoon in front of the synagogue of La Roquette, Paris:

-I saw a hundred pro-Palestinian activists rushing to the synagogue

-I saw a group of forty Jews outside defending 160 worshipers inside in an atmosphere of pure urban guerrilla.

– I saw the brave young SPCJ, very professional alongside the determined of the youth of the JDL. I do not remember having once in my life written on my Facebook wall in defense of the JDL and I can tell you that tonight, if they were not there, haz veshalom, the synagogue would have been destroyed with all the people inside. Someone told me “If they are not there, they would have burned the synagogue”)

-I’ve seen a dozen men, 50-55 years, Gil Taieb, dripping with sweat after the fight. I saw Fabien limping after a nasty blow to the leg. I was told after he was over 60.

-I saw a 40 year old woman say “I threw a chair at their faces, these bastards.”

-I saw the CRS fold, two hours later the applause of the Jews saying “Thank you men of the Republic” (including the JDL).

-I saw Baba (his nickname) determined hyper say “nilhamnu”, “it was war” and unfortunately, it was true.

-“I saw a synagogue without any Israeli flags, without any Israeli official. With people praying inside (not on the sidewalk) without the slightest provocation.

And I saw, when we opened the doors to let out the people, the Jews had the worried look that I knew too well, I got goosebumps. I really thought about the Second World War.


There were about 80 young JDL and Beitar over fifteen members of SPCJ [Protection Service of the Jewish community – responsible for monitoring access to synagogues in addition to CRS] positioned at the entrance to protect the synagogue .

Our group made off against hundreds of attackers for several minutes. They threw at us glass bottles, chairs, wooden boards, stones, mortars. One of the attackers even had an ax.

A Muslim woman in the neighborhood shouted: “Filthy race, you are a minority, we are millions.”

At the same time, hundreds of Muslims headed towards the Rue des Rosiers to attack the Jewish quarter. They were repulsed by the CRS.

  • mollysdad

    Rampaging savages are a disease.

    Here’s the cure (Mauser MG-42 machine gun)

    • JackSpratt

      Exactly, I would celebrate if these 4th century rioting muslims could have been mowed down like grass. This needs to happen!

  • Jeff Ludwig

    France under Petain collaborated with the Nazis. France drove out the Protestant Huguenots in 1685. I remember reading that someone named Dreyfus was tried in France. I recall meeting a number of French students on the U.S.S. United States when I crossed the Atlantic to study on a Fulbright years ago. What an arrogant bunch of piglets. They “knew” so much about philosophy, but Americans are so-o-o ignorant (I knew more philosophy and history than all of them). The pathological arrogance of the Islamics living in France is, to my mind, an extension of the cultural superiority of the French themselves, which almost knows no bounds. If I were looking for a place of intellectual, moral, and spiritual freedom in which to live and grow my family, I would never choose France. I’m not blaming the Jews for living there, but I see their persecution as revealing the weakness or failures of French culture, so I blame the attacking mobs AND the French for what transpired.

    • glpage

      There’s an old joke…

      Q: How are the French different than the Germans?
      A: Same old fascists, better food.

  • CowboyUp

    That’s what Associated Propaganda calls “mostly peaceful protests.”

  • bob smith

    The courage those brave few showed against the hoard of cowards was inspiring. The time will be upon us soon enough to unite and repel them one more time. The cult of Islam is comprised of cowards.

  • rsilverm

    This is why we need Israel. An Israel that is a Jewish country with defensible borders. Without Israel, the bastards can come for us anywhere.

  • Drakken

    Time for you Jews to quick fucKing around and bring out the heavy weapons, because this is only going to get worse, when they come at you with a rock or bat, you use a firearm and killem all and let allah sortem out.


      Drakken AKBAR!

  • lyndaaquarius

    I wonder what kind of city Paris will be in 15 years? Not such a long time,is it?

    • Hard Little Machine

      It’s not unheard of today to have a few hundred Muslim men decide to plunk down their prayer mats in the middle of a busy street whenever they like, closing the road to all traffic even police, fire and EMS.

  • hooneybee

    The Jews are safe !!!!!!!!!!!!! The live on a civilized Nation that has gun control.!!!!!!!!!!


    French Jews need Uzis.


    “A Muslim woman in the neighborhood shouted: “Filthy race, you are a minority, we are millions.””

    There more roaches in the word than muslims, and neither will take over the world.

  • Stan

    Congratulations to the Jewish Defence League. Arm them with tear gas launchers and stun guns. Spray the rioting bastards with foul-smelling green dye, so that the police can identify them later. That is, if the French police have the will to follow up with arrest and prosecution. Lots of government rhetoric about “anti-semitism being an offense to the Republic”, but little else.

  • mindRider

    Since in France the purchase of hunting rifles is as far as I know still possible, it might be an idea to get some of those in every shul.

  • http://whenfallsthecoliseum.com/author/kwatson/ megapotamus

    Like with Iron Dome, the Jews are victims of their own competence. If the filthy mob of muslim scum had succeeded in their plans it would be a different world today. They will be back, though. They will draw their blood and in response, as Netanyahu said, deserve fire. Forward.

  • Louis Fried

    Many thanks to our brothers in the JDL/LDJ and Beitar for protecting our people. Merci mes freres.

  • vladtepesblog

    Today again it happened. A gang of muslims went to attack a synagogue even after the French passed that absurd law making these demos illegal. (As if rioting and vandalism and assault en masse was not already illegal) and check out the video of the French Jews who were massed at the temple to defend it:


    This should make all civilized people proud.