Family of Armed Robber Still Outraged He was Shot by Customer


Dante Williams tried to rob a Waffle House in South Carolina at gunpoint. But he wasn’t the only one with a gun. A customer stood his ground and sent Dante off to an inferno.

But over the years Dante’s family has never stopped demanding “justice”. Unfortunately for them a video of the shooting was just released.

Nineteen-year-old Dante Williams’ family said there is no doubt he entered the Waffle House in Chesnee back in January of 2012 intent on robbing it, but they say he didn’t have to die.

FOX Carolina obtained surveillance video from inside the Waffle House that investigators said shows Williams and his accomplice Jawan Craig come into the restaurant. Deputies said Williams is the one seen pointing a gun and demanding money.

Sitting at the bar area of the restaurant was Justin Harrison, a concealed weapon permit holder, who was armed the night of the robbery.

“They’re yelling ‘everybody get down, get down’ and I’m not getting on the floor. I am not going to be a victim,” Harrison said.

The video shows Williams, gun by his side, walk back toward Harrison, who stands up and fires several shots killing Williams almost instantly.

The video then shows Harrison trying to hold Craig at gunpoint. But Craig tries grabbing Harrison’s gun and after a struggle Craig escapes.

But that still isn’t good enough for Dante’s family.

Tamika McSwain is Williams’ cousin and said more training is needed before someone is given a CWP. McSwain said the video contradicts statements made by Harrison about what happened the night of the robbery, and said if Harrison had been bettered trained he may not have fired the fatal shots.

McSwain said her family was disappointed that Harrison wasn’t charged in the shooting and says her family is still considering pursuing other legal action against him.

But McSwain said her cousin’s death shows that more training is need for CWP holders.

More training to do what? The armed robber died and no one else did.

Wright was also questioned by Mundy Woodruff, the father of Dante Williams, who was shot and killed in January. Deputies said Williams was shot while he was attempting to rob a Waffle House at gunpoint. Wright told News 4 that the customer tried to hold Williams while waiting for deputies to arrive. Woodruff said he watched surveillance video of the incident and disputed the sheriff’s version of events.

“As (the shooter) got out of his seat, as he stepped, he was shooting. He never said, ‘Stop.’ He never said, ‘Hold up.’ He never called anyone, so I want to know how y’all can sit here and say that he was trying to hold someone,” Woodruff said.

“I want to hear the story correct because that was my child. He didn’t have the right to take my child from me,” Woodruff said.

You don’t shout stop at an armed robber. Not unless you’ve got a whole lot more backup.

  • Gee

    I wonder if he too could have been one of Odumba’s sons?

  • cxt

    I honestly don’t see what is so hard to grasp.
    I have NO clue what the actual intentions of a ARMED man might be. I can’t read minds.
    We live in a world of mass-shootings, jihad attacks, kids going crazy and shooting up schools. Would not be the first time there was a mass shooting at a resturant.
    Some dude pulls a gun–points it at people—how is anyone to know what they are REALLY going to do with it?

    • emma852

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      • tagalog

        Did she obtain it by armed robbery?

  • DogmaelJones1

    You really don’t know whether to laugh or cry about the kinds of mentalities our “entitlement” society is producing. “But McSwain said her cousin’s death shows that more training is need for CWP holders.” Well, maybe there’s a special target range reserved just for non-CWP criminals where they can learn how to shoot. Maybe they need a little training, too. If Harrison had been a “better” shot, maybe he would’ve just wounded Williams’s hand and the robber would be alive and well in prison. But then mentalities like his relatives would have whined about that, too.

    • JackSpratt

      Problem is, as criminologists have documented, he most likely would have been back out on the street with a slap on the wrist.

  • tagalog

    Harrison hit what he aimed at. No one other than the guilty person was harmed. What more training would he need?

    He didn’t need to announce that he was armed; the bad guys were holding a gun on the place and threatening the patrons, telling them to lie down. A possible prelude to a mass execution, as has happened before.

    Resistance was perfectly reasonable. Resisting deadly force with deadly force is OK under the law. No warning necessary.

    Wililams was approaching a patron who just shot his cohort, with a gun by his side. Excuse me, but he was asking for it and this time he got it.

    It’s always too bad when an incident like this results in death for anyone, but when you commit armed robbery, no one should be too surprised that an armed victim might pull his own weapon.

    The proper remedy for Mr. Williams’s family is maybe to make the rounds of their community, telling people that it’s risky to commit armed robbery and watch out because you might get shot doing that and cause distress to your survivors.

    • JackSpratt

      ????? which story did you read?

      • tagalog

        I watched the video, read the news story, and the commentary above.

        What story did YOU read?

        • JackSpratt

          OK, I didn’t watch the video, so this didn’t make sense to me:

          “Wililams was approaching a patron who just shot his cohort, with a gun by his side. Excuse me, but he was asking for it and this time he got it. Justice was done. What other justice is needed?

          The video shows Harrison physically trying to hold Williams, but Williams attempting to escape. Shot while trying to escape, oh well.”

  • Seek

    How exactly should someone react in the face of an armed robbery in progress? Beg? Cower? Shoot the robber in a “safe” part of the anatomy, like the lower leg, so as not to arouse suspicions about ulterior motive? When faced with a high-stress situation such as this, even a Buddhist monk may react with violence out of a need for self-protection.

    The robbers, by the way, were black. How do I know? Take a look at their first names, Dante and Jawan. What else could they be, Polish? To black family members, “racism” has to be at the bottom of it all. That’s what blacks do. Refuse to take responsibility for their actions and denounce their critics as “racists.” Al Sharpton probably will be flying down to South Carolina any week now.

    • T800

      NEVER “shoot to wound”,NEVER try to shoot the perp in the head,arm or leg. Those are SMALL targets easily missed,and then you’ve lost your surprise,and the perp is able to return fire,at YOU. You do NOT want that.
      You shoot to STOP,meaning a shot that puts them down and out of action. Center of mass,the torso,where it counts. “double tap,then evaluate”. If more shots are necessary to put the perp out of action,take them. If they die,too bad.

      • JackSpratt

        Armed robbers will be shot; survivors will be shot again.

      • Gort

        I have often considered the same thing.

      • David Sparkman

        You stop firing when they can no longer hurt you. If they are standing, and holding a gun, that is enough. If they have lost their gun, but are standing and bigger than you, that’s enough. If they are advancing on you or going to retrieve their gun, that’s enough. As far as more training, become a better shot. If the robber has an illegal gun, he probably hasn’t had good training and is probably a poor shot. Holding a gun with one hand is a dead giveaway that he is untrained.

  • cs

    Had Mr. Harrison yelled ‘Freeze!’ he would be taking a calculated risk that the gunman was not stoned or a psycopath who would simply shoot at him. If Harrison had had cover to hide behind, he might well have tried that. The parents expected a lot better behavior from victims than they did from their son, evidently.

  • PDK

    At the beginning of the movie “The Shootists”, John Wayne’s last western, perhaps his last movie ever, the bad guy tries to bushwhack John in an ambush. John gets the better of him in a slick smart turnabout of events.

    John is about to take the bad guys stuff and leave him out there in the wilderness with nothing. So the bad guy complains. John responds, “Well, it is pretty obvious you were going to do that to me”.

    White liberals and negros are big on their rights, their personal sovereignty, but quite small on others rights, especially non-liberal whites.

    If one asks for it and gets it, does he have a right to complain?

    I say no.

    If the negro had murdered in his armed robbery effort, would his negro family be perking up for his victims? I guess no.

    Are the negros sniffing out a shake down whitey paycheck? I say yes.

    Will the negro family of the negro culprit apologies for his actions.

    What do you think.

    From the Sanctuary, @
    I’m PDK< Thank you.

  • glpage

    The deceased’s family might want to consider that their relative would probably still be alive if he hadn’t attempted an armed robbery, which, if I am correct is considered a violent crime just about everywhere in the USA. Sorry, folks, if your son/cousin waved a gun at me and acted like he was ready shoot, I’d drop him.

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    • nobody

      Shoot him between the eyes sounds about right. A .45 will make a canoe out of his mf’in head. Sounds about right to me, mf’er.

  • JackSpratt

    “Tamika McSwain is Williams’ cousin and said more training is needed before someone is given a CWP.”
    You are taught to shot at ‘center mass’, so I think Harrison was very well trained, accurate, and carried out his defense without harm to others.
    The way this family is reacting, especially Williams’ father, tells you all you have to know about why this reprobate was attempting an armed robbery.

    • JackSpratt

      The spacing between paragraphs disappeared upon posting

      • Dan Borden

        We will let you off the hook this time, but only because your post was good. The next time, I better see that damn spacing or else!

        • JackSpratt

          hee, hee

    • Lee Scott

      Hmmm, maybe armed robbers should also be required to have more training before committing crimes. Too many innocent victims are being killed by robbers who have had no training in the proper use of firearms or correct robbery techniques. It’s a simple issue of public safety. :-)

      • CentsCommon

        Don’t confuse them, the training you’re talking is called parenting, but that doesn’t fall in with their “it’s never my fault” parenting style.

        • Lee Scott

          I guess my attempt at humor was a little too subtle.

      • David Sparkman

        We give them all the training they need when we send them to prison. Lots of good trainers there. Mr Williams will not be receiving said training, which is a good thing.

  • Veracious_one

    hey mom and dad, didn’t you teach your child to stay away from thugs with guns….

  • herb benty

    Everyday the police shoot it out with bad guys and the bad guys die. This man and his concealed weapon probably saved AN INNOCENT life or two. These thugs wore hoodies with dark clothing and were armed and pointing. If that citizen started questioning and making statements, others would have died also. This reminds me in a way of the case in Canada where a distracted woman driver is suing the parents of a young man she killed. People must be responsible for their own actions and accept the fact that there can be terrible consequences for bad behaviour.

  • Kumbayah

    Dante made a poor thug. Now he is out of the gene pool. His family is nearly as stupid as he was. Hat tip to the legally armed citizen.

    • nobody

      Garbage in. Garbage out.

  • Rhonda

    The boy was described by a relative as respectable and funny I personally don’t see how she gets that out of walking in with a gun pulling robbing people and a place of business if this is respectable in that family and fun I would surely hate to see what they have as thugs or disrespectful another crock of sh__ wanting something for nothing…

  • Rob Hobart

    Of course Dante’s family can’t admit he was criminal scum. They’re the reason why he turned out like that.

  • T800

    Ordinary decent citizens have no duty to make warnings before shooting or try to take a robber prisoner. ODCs are not police. In fact,that greatly increases the risk to the ODC and others nearby. The ODC also loses the element of surprise.
    I read of an armed robbery at a grocery store where the ODC yelled “freeze”,and the robber spun,shot,and killed the ODC.
    Also,in this robbery,there were TWO robbers,and the other one could have had a gun too. He was smart in shooting the first one,but he should have shot the 2nd robber too,not get into a struggle with the perp.,that could have cost him his own life. Never let a thug get that close to you.
    Armed robbery is a threat to use lethal force,so they should not complain when some ODC uses lethal force to stop the threat and the robber dies. IMO,that’s a BENEFIT to society;one less violent thug. Give the ODC a medal.

    BTW,any decent judge should throw out such a lawsuit as these relatives propose,they don’t deserve to waste the court’s time.

    • Carlos_Perera

      The operative modifier in your last sentence is “decent..” Unfortunately, fewer and fewer judges deserve that descriptor. I hope Mr. Harrison does not become enmeshed in the hell of an endless civil process for the tort of “wrongful death.” He might prevail in the end, but this scenario would definitely be one where, “The process is the punishment.”

    • Kumbayah

      so true.

  • ampersand

    Sob, sob. If I had a son, he might look like Dante.

  • SoCalMike

    Justin Harrison doesn’t need to be trained. He could give the self defense training courses.

  • Douglas J. Bender

    “Dante”, “Jawan”, “Tamika”, “Mundy”. Did this shooting take place in some foreign country?

    • JackSpratt

      Took place in Aferca.

  • UCSPanther

    They may have lost a son, but it was due to his bad choices catching up with him that night.

    Live by the sword…

    • CaoMoo

      Live by the sword die by the gun. Seriously who brings a sword to a gunfight? :)

  • BrokeGopher

    I think Dante Williams needed more training before he was allowed out in public.

  • James n Texas

    Dante Williams family exhibits typical buffoonery attitude. they are basically saying that It’s okay for a young black man wielding a gun to violently rob individuals but by gosh don’t you dare defend yourself and kill this innocent victim of society…. What absolute ignorance!!! Unfortunately Dantes time to leave this earth was on time at his appointed time and nothing from anyone could have changed the results. The man who defended himself and others in that restaurant should be heralded. It is time for society to fight back against this arrogant buffoonery and street thug mentality that is commonly accepted by those who scream foul. Shame on you for placing blame on a man who was simply defending his right to be free and live in a free society. A freedom that you supposedly share. His freedom and sense of justice and peace was robbed of him by Dante Williams and his animal accomplice when they placed a gun in his face and demanded money and valuables . Had it been your mama or your family being robbed by a white man and someone shot him during the commission of that felony…. Would your attitude be justified against that person as well? your anger and your sadness and your quest for justice should be focused on the victims of your cousin Dante who took it upon himself to violate others’ with a deadly weapon

  • CaoMoo

    I believe the immortal words of Wolverine are good advice for this family.
    “Go F*** yourself bub.”

    He deserved to get shot. He probably would have shot someone else or worse had he been allowed to continue. Too bad he couldn’t go be a law abiding citizen and get a freakin job. Nope he had to be scum and some one decided to wipe him off societies shoes. Thanks for the shoe shine mister.

  • Christopher Riddle

    “He Didn’t Have To Die”?Then He Shouldn’t Have Gone To The”Awful House”With A Gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Teleologicus


  • Howard Hyman



  • CentsCommon

    When you make a bad decision their are consequences. When you make a bad decision with a gun the consequence can be death.

  • Brad Smith

    to quote Jim Carrey from Liar Liar, if you don’t want to get shot, “STOP BREAKING THE LAW, ASSHOLE!”

  • Boots

    I’m so impressed with the parenting skills of the dearly departed Dante’s parents. I’m sure they spent hours on how to make good decisions and how not to hang with the wrong crowd. Dante couldn’t possibly be the result of liberal policy where he was in a single parent home and was probably raised by his gang who neglected to teach him that it isn’t a good idea to use a gun for a robbery in a CCW state.

  • Tony Scoglio

    It was a good shoot. It went down exactly as it should. If you use a weapon, any weapon during a robbery you throw the dice whether you live or die.

  • nignogger

    Hail the CCW, a protection of negro crime and their violence. I like the audacity of this family (fambly in nigspeak), your ‘sons’ tried to rob humans with a gun. he is not a good ‘keed’, he is a useless thug. You ‘mom’ raised your keed wrong. Too bad his accomplice was not gunned down.

  • elderhawk1 .

    if the famblys training would have been better the worthless thug would not have tried the robbery and would be alive instead of eating the big waddymelon in the sky. GOOD SOOTING from the citizen.!!!

  • Gort

    Dante Williams tried to rob a Waffle House in South Carolina at gunpoint. But he wasn’t the only one with a gun. A customer stood his ground and sent Dante off to an inferno.

    But over the years Dante’s family has never stopped demanding “justice”. Unfortunately for them a video of the shooting was just released.

    Nineteen-year-old Dante Williams’ family said there is no doubt he entered the Waffle House in Chesnee back in January of 2012 intent on robbing it, but they say he didn’t have to die.

    The Family of Armed Robber Still Outraged He was Shot by Customer – BOO HOO !

  • 9mm justice

    perps made the wrong choice and it cost ‘em.
    the other patrons may be lucky a ccw holder was present. the perps may have had a ‘no witnesses’ scenario planned.

  • ernie t boomer

    I love it when deyz goes to heel

  • Kumbayah

    Citizens legally carrying concealed weapons and taking action make this nation great and help keep us free. Which is why owebama and his henchmen are working like hell to cowboy up DHS with millions of rounds of ammo and military gear. Commies HATE freedom and liberty. It’s coming folks…..

  • Cocksure

    Burn, nlgger filth

  • V S

    I love that this guy is rotting in his grave, lifeless eyes staring into the sky. I hope his family thinks of the same and suffers.

  • Minutemaniac

    Pathetic criminal apologists. Such people are the absolute cause of their own failings in American society.

    Good riddance to the scum of the earth.

  • Grizzly907LA

    This savages cousin is another stupid, fat, greasy lipped welfare stealing n****r.

  • Sheldon Mcclure

    When someone is killed in a crime like one of the perpetrator in this case his crime partner is suppose to be charged with murder, it does not matter who dies, or how they are killed, if you commit a crime and someone is killed everyone that is a perpetrator of that crime is to be charged with murder.

    The one that ran away is suppose to be charged with murder and they would charge him if he was white.

  • Karen

    Maybe there should be more training in the home not to rob someone. Didn’t the perp have a gun? Wasn’t he pointing it at the cashier. Maybe if his parents did their job he would still be alive. Don’t blame others for your lack of responsibility. His death is on their shoulders, not Harrison, who defended himself and the other patrons. If you live by the rule of law, it is clear who the lawbreaker is.

  • Jon Doe

    1.Negro: “no doubt he entered the Waffle House intent on robbing it, but he didn’t have to die.”
    2. Human: “Dante Williams’ didn’t have to rob a waffle house”

  • Jim Anderson

    black scum want to disarm their victims…that is why the call for “more training”. Clearly the ignorant scum were coached by a libtard.

  • Kristi Walker

    Please. He got what he deserved. If you come looking for trouble in a state where CWP’s are encouraged, then you’re looking to get shot. If you want to pull that card, then head to Detroit and Chicago where they take guns from law-abiding citizens. And it sounds to me like the CWP holder was perfectly trained. Someone has a gun on you, shoot to kill. He didn’t shoot the robber without a gun. He let him live. This isn’t rocket science.

  • Donald Ingram

    No one is ever a good child and then try to rob a restaurant at gun point. Oh my poor child, that man should have never shot him while he was committing an armed robbery, yea right!. If that was me in the restaurant, I would have done the same thing. When you pull a gun on other folks, then you should expect to get shot or go to prison. We live in a violent society and to wait to see what someone is going to do when they pull a gun is down right stupid. You may not get that chance to defend yourself if you wait….

  • Jeanette Victoria

    This looks like a very good read to have a conceal and carry license

  • M. Dohman

    The only one that should have more training is the one that died. If he had it, he wouldn’t have been there in the first place.