Family of Dead Palestinians “Killed by Israel” Found to be Alive


The media has been getting its ghoulish Gaza death toll from Hamas and its employees. And it turns out they might not be that accurate. And the media is more than happy to manufacture and inflate any story that makes Israel look bad.

If we take a closer look at the ranks of the Gaza dead, we’ll find more living dead people than an episode of The Walking Dead.

First Donald Macintyre of the New Statesman claimed that ten-year-old Mohammed Badran’s “entire family had been killed when a missile destroyed their home at the Nuseirat refugee camp.”

Now… not so much.

Update, 12 August: Mohammed Badran’s family turned out not to have been killed in the strike on his home, as had been reported here.

That’s quite an update.

But Donald Macintyre of the New Statesman insists that Israel is still the villain, randomly killing innocent civilians for no reason.

In fact, although seven of the Badrans’ nine children were also injured in the attack, including their 17-year-old daughter Eman, who is now also in Shifa with serious leg injuries, Mohammed’s parents Tagorid and Nidal Badran both survived to take care of him. That is until Nidal, 44, a policeman, was killed in another air strike, this time on the Qassam mosque in Nusseirat refugee camp, in the early hours of Saturday, 9 August, as he prepared to attend dawn prayers.

What a heartwarming story of a family suffering under Zionist terror. It certainly is odd that Nidal got bombed twice. It’s almost like he was a magnet for Israeli weapons.

The story tells us he’s a policeman. It neglects to mention that Gaza policemen are Hamas terrorists. As Elder of Ziyon points out, it also neglects to mention what was happening in that mosque.

Nidal was not at the mosque for dawn prayers. He was there at 3:30 AM meeting together with two other senior Hamas members.

Here’s the AP report on the aftermath of that attack.

Of the mosques visited by the AP, Al-Qassam stood out as the most suspicious given that three senior Hamas officials perished in the pre-dawn airstrike Saturday and judging by the heavy security presence in the aftermath of the attack. Underlining the tension, an AP reporter was briefly detained by plainclothes Hamas security men after he took down the names of two religious books recovered from the rubble.

Nothing to see here.

The AP reporter at least took risks. Donald Macintyre of the New Statesman just spewed up Hamas propaganda like he was getting paid for it.

  • roccolore

    Another loss by Pallywood.

  • Chris Gait

    Another reader on an editorial here some time agao suggested a very good idea that Israel is neglecting: Drones! Gaza should be teeming with video drones capturing images of all the nefarious activity of Hamas & Co., with a constant stream of commented videos fed to world media: Here is Hamas positioning a rocket launcher in a mosque. Here is a view of a hospital with no ambulances and a constant stream of weapons being delivered to it, etc. etc. The world is being manipulated successfully by the scourge of our age: Islamists. Shine light on them so they scurry back in their holes, Then fumigate.

    • glpage

      Basically, that’s a good idea, but, the MSM will ignore the video the drones would capture. Whatever proof Israel might have that Hamas doing what we know they are doing will be dismissed by the MSM; the truth does not fit the reality they are trying to create.

      • DaveGinOly

        There’s always YouTube, and the Israeli government could easily establish its own site for such videos.

        • Chris Gait

          The IDF has a Facebook page you can like and get still images of declassified satellite photos of rocket launchers next to schools and hospitals, etc., but video would be better. And yes, YouTube would be the place to put it!

        • IslamDownpressesHumanity

          Isn’t YT just as biased?

    • KDS1234

      There were lots of drones above Gaza during the fightings. But they cant catch everything, Hamas are putting much of their efforts to keep this affairs hidden.

  • Atikva

    Yeah, miracles will never cease in the muslim world. Like the reappearance, one of these days, of a 26-year old man named Mohamad Al-Durrah supposedly killed by Israeli soldiers fourteen years ago.

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      Maybe he was communing w/the Mahdi in his private well.

  • Peter McDougald

    What do you mean ‘”like” he was getting paid for it’. He is on the take like all the others including my favourite Soledad Obrien.

  • Daisy Adler

    This story reminds me of that “dead” man , carried on a stretcher in Jenin, who kept falling down and climbing up on it again and agaim. This time is a Pallywood production , directed by Western journoloist: “Gaza Nine non-dead “

  • JakeDogTwo

    Hamas has some of the best PR in the world and the western media raped around their finger.

  • Oracle9

    Mission already accomplished, the damage is done, directly due to the media participating in the libel. No one reads the retractions, if any.