Fat Hamas-Loving Sword-Wielding TV Host Calls on Arabs to March on Israel w/Swords

Jordanian “political activist” Husam Al-Abdalat and owner of Jordan Future TV seems really enthusiastic about someone going off to fight Israelis… as long as it isn’t him.

The grotesquely obese TV station owner even brought a sword which he clumsily pulls out of its scabbard and waves around on camera to emphasize his point that someone should absolutely go fight Israel on behalf of Hamas.

Husam wants “real men” to do it. His failure to actually go and do it is an implicit admission that he isn’t a real man.

Then he gets tired of holding the sword and has to put it down.

While Husam denounces Egyptian President Al-Sisi and Saudi Arabia, he shows no sign of being willing to take his sword and give the IDF a few good laughs waddling around Gaza. Talk about hitting the broad side of a barn.

Husam whines about Saudi Arabia’s $63 billion weapons stockpile. But come on. He’s got a sword. That’s all he needs to fight Israel. If he doesn’t get a heart attack trying to lift it over his head, the IDF will die laughing.

Then he picks up the sword and says, “We want to return to the era of the swords and fight.”

Unfortunately he’s holding the sword so daintily that it’s probably a museum piece or he’s afraid of accidentally cutting himself.

“We don’t want your machine guns or RPGs,” Husam declares. “Let the Arab peoples use these swords. I am certain that the Arab and Muslim peoples want to support Gaza. They will march with their swords. If you find a single Zionist in Israel after that, get back to us.”

To which the Arab peoples say, “You first, you fat idiot.”

Here’s video of the last time Husam apparently tried to fight someone. It didn’t go well.

If only he’d had a sword.

  • Itstimeforachange

    This is so typical of “muslimspeak”! They talk all over the place, and about everything and nothing! They are completely incoherent even when they are have a conversation with themselves! How is anyone, with even an ounce of common sense, supposed to communicate with these babbling idiots?!!

    • uncle._adolf.

      More like typical “jewspeak”.

      • patechinois

        Yes, research, discovery, innovation must all sound like gobbledegook to a Muslim.

        • uncle._adolf.

          Who you callin’ a muslim?

          • patechinois


      • iluvisrael

        sheky is back – you poor pathetic little girl, so obsessed with us JEWS.


        SHlTler speak out of yer azz.

  • DogmaelJones1

    Re the second video: What an insane asylum! The barbarians even attacked Al-Abdalat’s car. When he was inside it, did his weight snap its chassis? Or did it lean to one side, so that the tires rubbed the wheel wells?

  • https://twitter.com/LibsHateUs Ban Liberals

    Imagine if they actually do that (mass and attack Israel with swords)!

    Mooslims are too stupid to have heard the axiom, “Don’t bring a sword to a tank fight!”

    • uncle._adolf.

      I’m glad this guy did- you will never hear mossad-run ISIL calling for an attack on the Israeli hand-that-feeds.

      • patechinois

        Why do you deny the word of Allah?

        • uncle._adolf.

          I prefer the words in “Mein Kampf”

          • patechinois

            What’s the difference? Same murderous totalitarian ideology.

          • uncle._adolf.

            More like motivatioal words of inspiration.

          • patechinois

            Can’t argue with that. We’ve seen what they both inspire.

          • uncle._adolf.

            Truly glorious- like listening to Handel’s “Messiah” at midnight mass on Christmas in Notre Dame.

          • patechinois

            Handel’s Messiah is indeed glorious, as is Notre Dame. Why waste your time with hate?


            Don’t look now but your furher lost WW2 and bid farewell in his Berlin bunker.

          • Jake

            Too bad. Kind of a waste. Hitler did not turn out to be much of a prophet at all. He never saw himself biting on cyanide and putting a bullet in his own brain while Russian forces were pulverizing his capital and grinding his army into dust. He missed that.

          • uncle._adolf.

            Sure- because the oh-so-trustworthy Jewish Bolsheviks would never lie about Hitler’s death.


            Fascist Socialists think SHlTler escaped to South America in a Flying saucer..

  • patechinois

    I think he couldn’t have seen Raiders of the Lost Ark to see how it turns out when you bring a sword to a gun fight.

    • uncle._adolf.

      Maybe he doesn’t watch what comes out of the Hebeywood trash factory.

      • patechinois

        Can’t help fools who have no ability to embrace culture, innovation, freedom.

        • uncle._adolf.

          If you call the garbage that flows out of Hollywood “culture” then you havr never listened to Bach or strolled through Saint-Denis.

          • patechinois

            Have enjoyed all three.

          • uncle._adolf.

            Just 2 will stand the test of time- Hollywood is garbage for the eyes and mind. Notice the other 2 are non-Jewish.

          • patechinois

            Oh goodie….more areas to conquer.

          • IslamDownpressesHumanity

            Guess who was responsible for re-discovering J.S. Bach? J.S. Bach had been completely forgotten by the 19th century in Germany, his music wasn’t played or studied. It was Mendelssohn who re-introduced Bach to the German people.

          • uncle._adolf.

            More jew lies- like the Holocaust.


            What new work has Bach done in the last 100 years?

            Who continues Bachs work?

          • IslamDownpressesHumanity

            I’ve read that a lot of Bach’s work would’ve been lost to history forever if not for Mendelssohn.

  • wileyvet

    “Not the face, not the face, for Allah’s sake, not the face.” says fat boy. Can’t you all just feel the Muslim brotherly love? The religion of peace strikes again.

  • liz

    This should be a new show, “The 50 Stooges”.

    • UCSPanther

      Obviously, this clown never read of what happened when the Japanese tried the old “Banzai” charges against US positions.

      Most got a first-hand lesson in why the M1 Garand was the wave of the future for battle rifles as a result…

  • IslamDownpressesHumanity

    It’s nice to see “moderate” Jordanians ranting and raving about duty to allah and destroying Israel. Too bad they lost the W. Bank to Israel….NOT.

  • rsilverm


  • nobullhere

    The only thing he can march on is a fully stocked larder fridge.

  • carpe diem 36

    do we need any proof that these are brainless idiots? don’t we see enough of the to know that we are dealing with brainless inhumans?