FBI Raids Strike Democratic Party of Crooks Nationwide


The California Senate Dem supermajority is now threatened because three Senate Dems face charges.

The latest of those charges involves anti-gun Dem Leland Yee who wanted to ban assault rifles, but engaged in shoulder fired missile arms deals.

Other FBI raids have targeted Democratic officials nationwide.

Federal law enforcement officials arrested two public officials in California and North Carolina and raided the office of a New York state senator in connection with separate corruption investigations on Wednesday.

Hundreds of federal agents conducted searches of offices around the San Francisco Bay Area and arrested several people on Tuesday, including state Sen. Leland Yee (D) and a former head of a Hong Kong-based crime syndicate, as part of a major public corruption probe.

Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon (D) was arrested Wednesday and charged with theft and bribery after an FBI sting operation, the U.S. Attorney’s office said. The mayor, first elected in November after serving for two decades on the Charlotte city council, allegedly solicited and accepted bribes from undercover FBI agents.

And in New York, FBI agents raided Assemblyman William Scarborough’s (D) offices and questioned Scarborough at his Albany hotel room.

That’s a lot of D’s.

Yee is also the third California state senator, all Democrats, to be tied to corruption investigations this year. Last month, state Sen. Ron Calderon (D) was indicted on bribery charges, and in January, state Sen. Roderick Wright (D) was convicted on eight counts of voter fraud and perjury, after being indicted in 2010.

And even more D’s.

A state lawmaker from Chicago who has been indicted on corruption charges has lost a Democratic primary for his seat.

Derrick Smith was indicted in 2012 on corruption charges. He pleaded not guilty in federal court to taking a $7,000 bribe in exchange for recommending a state grant to help a daycare center.

He was expelled from the House but won re-election in 2012 pending his trial. As an incumbent, he had the backing of Democratic party officials in this year’s primary.

And he still lost… despite Dem support. In Chicago. That takes some courageous voters.

The Democratic Party faces a major crisis of corruption. It has to concede wrongdoing and clean house.

  • Josh Randall

    Eric Holder will come and save the day for these corrupt Dems.

  • pablo consuelo

    The Democrats voluntarily clean house even in the face of FBI raids and arrests? What kind of peyote is that in your yard? We are talking politicians aren’t we?

    • RAM500

      Next step for the gang is to take over the FBI.

    • curmudgeon

      All of their resumes have been enhanced. They will all be promoted in the democRAT ranks and receive Hero of the Party medals. The democRAT party is a criminal enterprise that doubles as a dating service for fugly angry wymen and effeminate metrosexual males. Their only sin was in being uncovered as all democRAT politicians are dishonest or they would never be allowed to run for office by their party leadership!

  • http://ruleofreason.blogspot.com/ Edward Cline

    The Democrats can begin “cleaning house” by repudiating their Progressive agenda, which,while it purports to be a friend of “the people,” is a friend only to Democratic pockets and bank accounts. But, then, the Soviet Politburo and Nazi Inner Circle were populated by creatures who lived well and prospered by impoverishing “the people.”

  • Aditya Vivek Barot

    That they are Democrats is a given thing since that is the second and less important thing. The more important thing is race. “Race is all, and all is race.” Truer words were ne’er spoken.

    Always had a soft spot for the man who gave us the Greatest Empress ever.

  • Habbgun

    Yee knew he was in real trouble when the FBI let him meet with his lawyer White Powder Ma (very obscure and very bad film reference).

  • glpage

    “It has to concede wrongdoing and clean house.” Would there be any Democrats left to run for office?

    • Gee

      The real question is “Would there be any politicians left to run for office?”

  • Steeloak

    It seems more likely to me that the Obama regime is just cleaning out some party members who aren’t sufficiently in good graces with our Dear Leader.

  • American1969

    If it’s too much to ask that all of our elected (prostitutes) officials be on the level and honest and have integrity, then we are in some real trouble! No one expects perfection or for people to be boy/girl scouts, but come on! Maybe we’re already too far gone, I don’t know…