FDR to Stalin: “I Would Give Saudi King 6 Million Jews”


This isn’t really new, but some of the most interesting material comes from Rafael Medoff’s demonstration of how the material was buried and misreported by historians sympathetic to liberal presidents.

When FDR endorsed quotas for Jews in the US and even North Africa, liberal historians claimed that he was being “practical” or actually trying to help Jews. And then there’s the story of the efforts to bury and lie about FDR’s exchange with Stalin about the Jews.

The first inkling that FDR’s private attitude toward Jews was less than amiable came during the mid-1950s debate over the publication of the transcripts of Roosevelt’s February 1945 conference with Josef Stalin and Winston Churchill at Yalta. In 1953, Republican senators began pressing for publication of the full transcripts of the conference.

The State Department opposed publishing the records, on the grounds that they contained sensitive information that might be harmful to the United States or its allies. Eventually, in March 1955, the Yalta transcripts were released as part of the Foreign Relations of the United States series. Two passages that appeared in the original Yalta minutes were deleted from the published version. One had to do with a conversation between American and Soviet military commanders. The other pertained to an exchange between FDR and Stalin concerning Jews.

Had the State Department simply left in the passage about Jews, it might have attracted less notice. Instead, the obvious omission intrigued observers. The New York Times reported that Roosevelt and Stalin discussed Soviet Jewry, Zionism, and the Soviet attempt to establish a Jewish “homeland” in the Siberian region of Birobidzhan.

The Times correspondent then added: “It is not entirely clear from the text why Stalin began talking about the Jewish problem. A line of asterisks preceding Stalin’s statement seems to raise the possibility that one of Stalin’s high-level colleagues may have initiated the discussion of Jews with a statement that has been censored from the published text.”

As it would turn out, it was a statement by Roosevelt, not one of Stalin’s aides, that had been censored

The mystery deepened two days later, when the Washington Post published an editorial criticizing the deletions as “pernicious” and an attempt to “doctor history.” It noted that among the deletions were “some remarks by President Roosevelt about the Jews,” although it did not spell them out. “In historical perspective, President Roosevelt will have to be judged as a whole man, indiscretions and all,” the Post argued.

Three days later, the text of FDR’s censored statement was published, by U.S. News and World Report. It reported that when Roosevelt mentioned he would soon be seeing Saudi Arabian leader Ibn Saud, Stalin asked if he intended to make any concessions to the king; “The President replied that there was only one concession he thought he might offer and that was to give him the six million Jews in the United States.”

It didn’t end there, because media figures began lying about the quote and when they couldn’t do that anymore, they claimed that FDR had been using anti-semitism as an icebreaker.

FDR did have quite a bond with Ibn Saud.

Roosevelt told a joint session of Congress on March 1, 1945, “I learned more about the whole problem, the Moslem problem, the Jewish problem, by talking with ibn Saud for five minutes than I could have learned in an exchange of two or three dozen letters.”

“The choice of the desert king as expert on the Jewish question is nothing short of amazing,” Colorado Senator Edwin Johnson averred. “I imagine that even Fala [the president’s dog] would be more of an expert.”

What Ibn Saud told him was that the Arab world would never accept a Jewish state of any size in the Holy Land. Saud also “objected violently” to proposals to create a temporary haven in Libya for Jews fleeing the Nazis.

But it wasn’t just about Israel. It was also about who FDR was.

Published last year in this author’s FDR and the Holocaust, it derives from a conversation in 1939 between President Roosevelt and Senator Burton Wheeler (D-Montana), concerning possible Democratic candidates for president and vice president in 1940.  Towards the end of the meeting, the president expressed doubt that a ticket composed of Secretary of State Cordell Hull for president and Democratic National Committee chairman Jim Farley for vice president could be elected. Wheeler responded (according to a memorandum he composed following the meeting):

I said to the President someone told me that Mrs. Hull was a Jewess, and I said that the Jewish-Catholic issue would be raised [if Hull was nominated for president, and Farley, a Catholic, was his running mate]. He said, “Mrs. Hull is about one quarter Jewish.” He said, “You and I Burt are old English and Dutch stock. We know who our ancestors are. We know there is no Jewish blood in our veins, but a lot of these people do not know whether there is Jewish blood in their veins or not.”

While liberal Jews worshiped FDR, this is what he really thought of them.

  • mackykam

    And now we know why Roosevelt didn’t allow the ship St. Louis to dock in the USA. He didn’t want any more Jews in the country and didn’t want too many Jewish survivors around after the war. Yet he had no problem having all those Jewish brains working on the atom bomb, starting with Oppenheimer and Teller.
    And he had no problem dancing to the music of all those Jewish American composers. Oh, wait! he couldn’t dance. Ain’t that just too bad!. Well, maybe he tapped his cane a bit.

    • Bamaguje

      How ironic that the brutal tyrant Stalin cared more about Jews, and was ready to offer them a homeland in Siberia, while FDR, leader of the free world was ready to hand over American Jews to their worst enemies – Arabs.

      • Gee

        Just as the UN attempted to do, when they recommended that the British end the Mandate. Surprise surprise we won

      • Daniel Greenfield

        Stalin tried to kill most of the Jews in Russia. He wasn’t offering them a homeland, but looking around for a final solution.

        • Drunk_by_Noon


        • Bamaguje

          Nothing in the article you pasted hinted that Stalin offered Jews a homeland in other to exterminate them.
          I suppose that given Stalin’s well known brutality, you assumed the worst.
          I on the other hand – given that the context of the article was about helping Jews – want to believe he had good intentions.
          I mean, why would he go to the trouble of establishing a ‘homeland’ for all the world’s Jews just to exterminate them?
          To the best my knowledge Stalin wasn’t particularly anti-Semitic… he was an equal opportunity killer.

          • Minicapt

            Because Stalin was concerned with agricultural productivity, and was willing to let the Jews offer themselves completely to satisfying that goal.


          • Daniel Greenfield

            Stalin wasn’t creating a homeland for them. He, like Lenin, was killing large numbers of Jews, while trying to experiment with dumping some of them into agriculture.

            Eventually he decided on a Communist Holocaust beginning with the Doctor’s Plot and interrupted by his death

      • Wolfthatknowsall

        The first paragraph in your comment is typical “Bamaguje”, but the second was on-target. Hence, the up-vote.

      • ObamaYoMoma

        hand over American Jews to their worst enemies – Arabs.

        Let’s not generalize please. Arabs who happened to also be Muslims. Non-Muslim Arabs don’t necessarily hate all Jews or all infidels.

        • Bamaguje

          Agreed!! But unless otherwise stated, ‘Arabs’ usually means Muslim Arabs, because Muslims are the overwhelming majority (>90%).

          • ObamaYoMoma

            Nevertheless, that is still generalizing and being Arab is not the problem. However, being Muslim no matter what nationalism or race you are is a problem.

        • Lightbringer

          At the time Roosevelt made his offer, there were quite a few Jewish Arabs, as well as Christian ones. The Jews are all dead or fled by now, and from the looks of things the Christians are next.

          • chelmer

            What is a Jewish Arab?

          • Lightbringer

            Jews have lived outside of Israel since the destruction of the First Temple in 422 BC, when they were expelled from their land and taken to Iraq (Babylon) and other Arab countries, as well as Persia. The Babylonian Talmud is the standard text of Jewish law today. And after the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 AD, Jews again were forced to leave Israel and went to many places, often as slaves. There were Jewish Bedouin and town dwellers in the Arabian peninsula until Mohammed slaughtered most of them and drove out the rest. There were Jewish civilians and mercenary soldiers throughout the Byzantine empire. And there were Jews all over Europe, most of whom arrived in chains. The large and vibrant Jewish communities that flourished in Iraq, Egypt, North Africa, and other Arab nations were destroyed between 1948 and 1955 or so, and the people who survived moved to Israel, the US, Europe, and South America. So yes, there were Arab Jews, many of them, just as there were once European Jews and there are now American Jews.

      • Giborah

        Whoa! Whoa! STALIN cared about Jews? Haven’t you read ANY history of the era? The Doctors’ Plot? Stalin offing his (Jewish) supporters from Day One? And on and on. Please!!!!

    • Santos2

      It’s also ironic that the thing that left him in a wheelchair, polio, was finally eradicated because of a selfless Jew named Jonas Salk.

  • truebearing

    FDR…the “greatest” of the worst presidents in US history. Add racist to the long list of negative traits FDR displayed. No wonder the US didn’t do anything about the Holocaust, even though FDR knew what was going on. FDR was America’s first evil president, and just think, Obama models himself after FDR.

    Obama is still the worst of the worst, and always will be. Some day, there will be a carving on a massive stone face that will memorialize Obama’s reign. No, it won’t be a bust, to symbolize what he did to the nation’s economy, but instead it will be a giant toilet to symbolize the flushing of America’s reputation, prosperity, and power. It will be known as Mt. Flushmore.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      FDR did something. He kept Jews from coming to America.

      • DB1954

        DG, in your opinion, to what extent did FDR keep Jews out of the U.S. in order mollify American anti-semites? In other words, to keep himself in the White House?

        • Daniel Greenfield

          I don’t think it had anything to do with that. As the Medoff piece demonstrates, it was about FDR’s own distaste.

          • DB1954

            I raise the issue because I think it’s more or less common knowledge (?) that throughout the war FDR avoided most black Americans’ demands for civil rights. If I’m not mistaken, he repeatedly told them–in so many words–that they’d have to wait for the end of the war. I presume he told them that in order to keep white southerners within the Democratic Party coalition.

      • Naresh Krishnamoorti

        One of my professors at Georgetown was the great Jan Karski, who met personally with FDR in the Oval Office to inform him of the extermination camps. Karski used to tell us in class that FDR showed absolutely zero concern.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Karski was an amazing man. And the moral weight of that meeting is something that more need to be aware of.


          Jan Karski a Righteous Gentile of the highest order.


        • jase

          I would like to hear more about what Karski was like as a Professor at Georgetown. I listened to the audiobook version of “Story of a Secret State” and thought that it was incredibly moving.

        • Giborah

          Yeah — far too few people know how hard Jan Karski fought to get an audience with Roosevelt. At which FDR blew off his concerns about deportation of Jews to death camps. He pontificated it was more important to win the war first.

          I hope everybody has read “Auschwitz and the Allies” and viewed the epynomous documentary (was it on Frontline) showing photos from the belly cameras of U.S. bombers overflying Auschwitz en route to nearby military targets.

          Prisoners had smuggled out repeated requests to bomb the place, since they were going to die anyway; maybe this would slow the pace of new arrivals.

          Those who do not study history are doomed to relive it.

      • RevnantDream

        Yes he did. Just as Canada’s PM William Lyon Mackenzie King. Did the same, from advice from his dead Mother & dog.

        • Daniel Greenfield


    • Rafael Schutzer

      Mt. Flushmore!! I love that and it works perfectly with my usual nickname for Obama: “The Human Hemorrhoid.” The question is how do we remove the human hemorrhoid from the Oval Orifice?

      • truebearing

        That is the trillion dollar question.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Don’t say the U.S. did nothing about the Holocaust, say that FDR did nothing. There is a difference.

      • Marhsa

        Bravo! Thanks for saying that. There can be no doubt that the U.S. is the most philo-semitic nation on the planet outside of Israel. This very website has posted articles and various polls and opinions showing what many of us already knew for decades — that millions upon millions of Protestant Christians have always held Jews in high regard and a piece posted here at FPM revealed that the group most supportive of Israel were Protetants, even more so than Jews themselves! And we know that these feelings are often not reciprocated by leftist Jews. Instead, so many of them consider themselves blood brothers with “oppressed” minorities (which also is not reciprocated by said minorities) and will side with them against the very people most philo-semitic. Then the “South” is always brought up, 99% of the time by those who never lived thereand had to deal with reality on the ground.

        I try and try to bring Gentiles and Jews together against our common enemy — Leftism, and usually end up being attacked by both sides. This topic needs more discussion.

        • Two-card Monty

          …. I will insist that the Hebrews have done more to civilize men than any other nation. If I were an atheist, and believed in blind eternal fate, I should still believe that fate had ordained the Jews to be the most essential instrument for civilizing nations. ~ John Adams, second president of the United States

          By the way, studies have shown which group holds the least philo-semetic opinions in the country. You are correct.

        • Lightbringer

          Good for you. I hope that your efforts to bring Gentiles and Jews together are successful. As a Jew, I find my Evangelical Christian relatives far more supportive of Israel and of my Orthodox lifestyle than my left-wing (non-Orthodox) Jewish ones. May God reward all who pray for the peace of Jerusalem, as opposed to those who prey for a (very big) piece of it.

      • truebearing

        When I say “the US” I am eferring to official US government policy and action, not the actions of independent groups or individual citizens. As the president, FDR was responsible for preventing the full power of the government from acting.

    • joe steele

      didn’t do anything about the holocaust? Yeah except fight the germans. What are you trying to say?

      ps honor victims everywhere from every cause, and do not use the holocaust for political purposes, that is dishonoring the victims. Those are my two axioms about holocaust talk, otherwise release the prisoners of conscience, who question the narrative. If not, it’s simply totalitarianism and a state-run religion. They want to get inside your head, teach you children, make you unable to question (or speak about your thoughts and hear form other speak) AND they use it as as political aim. Even if different unrelated parties do different parts, the effect is the same. Something’s gotta give or anti-semitism is going to reappear. I’m not saying we have to give equal time to holodomor victims or german victims of soviets or whatever, but we have to give proportionate time at least but do we? We do not in my opinion and moreover, it is a crime in many places, to doubt, practically. That is so offensive to me in violation of UN human rights declarations (even if same body makes an exception, that would be a contradiction or a making of the ideas non universal which is what they are called. As it is a system of orthodoxy or control has emerged or evolved. I’m not denying anything. I couldn’t- it would be a crime in many places. But it’s a system of control for sure and I think it dishonors true victims everywhere, both jews and others, to politicize it. But Roosevelt, of course he got our country into war with the germans, who made the holocaust. and if the red cross could be deceived, what about the state department or US gov, who wasn’t even over there? And Roosevelt was deceived about Stalin or self-deceived. OMG.

      I’m not a troll. but I’m telling you how many think and feel. Anti jewish sentiment exists. But so does anti-german sentiment, anti-white sentiment, anti-muslim sentiment. Nobody has a monopoly. At the same time, atrocities and crimes have been committed against different groups in different ways.We must honor them all. We also must honor that white countries and pretty much only white countries are being flooded by unwanted immigration from outsiders. We must honor this as something that’s happening At Present, which is why it demands more attention. This is a form of violence against the white race. If you didn’t think so, then imagine Israel was opened to non jewish immigration (e.g. right of return) or any other country for that matter. But Violence has been done through many groups through history. I think to break forward, we have to stop (I know it’s hard) being affected by the legacy of our forefathers and mothers. Not dishonor their struggle or memory- in fact be most conscious of it. But break from it, decline the inheritance of trauma or reaction. Is this possible? On a group level maybe not. It would take great leaders for sure. But on an individual level, yes.we can break away and live in the now (very much while understanding and learning history I must re-emphasize, which I do nightly)! Shalom

  • SoCalMike

    FDR, Hull and Long sat on their hands when they could have issued visas to 7 million sitting trapped behind German lines.
    They knew what was going on. Hitler’s writing and statements made it clear.
    All the shock and surprise we hear about from the time was pure manufactured BS. And today the same State Department that allowed 7 million to languish and 6 million to perish is busy helping the contemporary allies of the NAZIs at the time finish what Hitler started 7 decades ago.
    And Americans are forced to pay their salaries.

    • RevnantDream

      Both FDR & Churchill knew about the holocaust.Where very aware the trains where running a death marathon. They both felt as long as the Nazis where using trains to kill Jews in the East instead of shipping arms to West. It was good for the war effort.
      To them it meant less fire power in the front lines. Transportation held up while they bombed the trains with weapons.Millions of Jews died because of this. Just as thousands of Canadians died in a phoney trial effort at Dieppe landing on the coast. To test a frontal assault on Europe they knew would fail.
      These people where as ruthless as their opponents. If not as blood thirsty.
      To Churchill it was using the Nazi obsession of Jew hatred to weaken them.
      Who knows what it meant to FDR.


      Was Churchill a Friend of the Jews and Zionism?


  • DDay

    And yet one more common trait Obama shares with FDR.

  • Berceuse

    What back then was ugly back-room antisemitism on the American left has morphed into vituperative, open and programmatic warfare on Jews today. The Democratic Party has much to atone for.

    • Seek

      Oh? And there was no anti-Semitism among Republicans? Read up on your history. American anti-Semitism pretty much originated among the Northeast WASP Republicans in the late-19th century.

      • Frau Katze

        It seems to be everywhere! And it’s back. More on the left now, but I see a lot of anti-Semitic comments on conservative sites too,

        • Berceuse

          You are not wrong. I’ve read antisemitic rants on this site, in fact, and I call them out whenever I see them. But that misses the point. Only one party voted to remove support for Israel from its platform, only one party has turned America’s back on Israel, only one party overthrew America’s longstanding policy on Palestinian recognition of Israel, only one side is behind the whole boycott-sanction movement, only one party has capitulated on Iran’s nuclear ambitions, only one party has embraced Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. The Democrats have made antisemitism a fundamental, open and programmatic component of their party’s ideology and mission. Pointing out bigots on the right doesn’t change that fact.


          So called “libertarian” MORON Paul drones too.

          • Habbgun

            Actually the libertarians are often the people on the conservative sites spouting antisemitism . You can tell the libertarians. They yell on conservative sites that if we take in Middle Eastern Christians they’ll just go on welfare and take money from the white race. I also suspect that conservatives that support Putin against the Ukrainians (and there are such people that argue that it was a democratic election and the Ukrainians are thugs). Maybe they are afraid white Ukrainian refugees will come and go on welfare and take money from the white race. Funny that the libertarians are never concerned when jihadists go on welfare and then bomb civilians. Maybe jihad and the white race have the same struggle. Libertarianism has as much to do with liberty as people democracies have to do with democracy.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            Libertarians covers a wide territory. Most of these people are paleos, e.g. Ron Paul supporters.

          • dons

            I’m not sure that’s the definition of “paleocon” (i.e., RP supporter). Sure, there is overlap.

            I think it was Lew Rockwell who was trying to broaden support by appealing to the anti-semetic conspiracy theory types. Obviously a limited increase in support, but an increase is an increase, and perhaps a small kingdom is better then none. I think RP was just unlucky to be involved.

          • dons

            I have also noticed this about libertarians. I am a libertarian Republican myself (or radical whig or classical liberal), and for about a decade was registered Libertarian Party. Odd how Ron Paul is ok with Putin’s intervention in Ukraine. However, many libertarians oppose border control, so I don’t think immigration is the concern.

            In the ’90s there was an attempted link up of hard left and hard right by the so-called paleocons which included many libertarians. Pat Buchannan was involved.

            I don’t understand the attraction of anti-semitism among some libertarians. I do understand many Jews are leftists. But such Jews typically don’t support Israel.

            Many libertarians like myself are not anti-semetic. For that matter, my dad was a John Bircher back in the day (60s) and was not anti-semetic. However, there are a loud group of anti-semetic libertarians/paleocons who are anti-semetic and are inclined towards conspiracy theories.

          • Chelly

            Habbgun, have you never heard of black libertarians? Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Chris Rock, June Arongo (Kenia), etc. You might be confusing libertarians with race realists. Well, check their debates on americanrenaissance.com

          • Habbgun

            Yeah I have. I’ve met them and the Tea Party is better for them but that doesn’t mean that the Ron Paul types, the objectivists and so on are trustworthy and a good addition. For too many social issues and foreign policy issues you can get the Libertarian position from reading the Communist Party USA website. They lost me on gay marriage and foreign policy. They are not standing up for religious small businessmen against government predatory lawfare. Sorry but it is a dead end and I was hoping for better.

        • bjedwards

          Those people are neo-fascists. When you probe their values you find that they are not conservative at all. But I guess they think they are, probably from listening to other socialists telling them that their fascism = right wing.

      • Berceuse

        Tu quoque. You want to have a discussion about antisemitism among conservatives, start a blog and we’ll take it from there. Until then, how about you address the topic of this conversation, rather than trying to dodge the uncomfortable truth with logical fallacies.

        • Habbgun

          Excellent answer Berceuse. Typical Leftist response. We are ultimately right about everything so any time someone points out our ugly beliefs we just have to point the finger and the conversation goes there because the Left is unchallengeable . Well the Left needs to be challenged and challenged globally.

          • Berceuse

            Thanks, and you are right. Bigotry is not a partisan issue, but the left has created a whole false narrative — and reaped billions in the process — trying to make it one.

      • bilsome

        FDR thought the Japanese could not be assimilated,or real Americans.Letter to Warm Springs newspaper.But as tomprevelence of anti-semitism:The Populist Movement of second half of 19th century,with Ignatius Donnelly as its spokesman was very anti-Jew.Populism was thefirst group to make anti-semitism a big cause in America.

      • Daniel Greenfield

        “American anti-Semitism pretty much originated among the Northeast WASP Republicans in the late-19th century.”

        No, it really didn’t.

        • Berceuse

          Yes, I didn’t bother to correct the factual and historical fallacies in Seek’s post. My focus was the logical fallacy: Because someone can point to a right-wing bigot doesn’t alter the fact of the left’s inexcusable antisemitism. By the way, if you ask a lefty to name a prominent antisemite from early America, he will likely point to Henry Ford, ignorant of the fact that Ford leaned hard left, and even ran for office at one point on the — you guessed it — Democratic ticket.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            The obsession with Jews causing wars, which infected Ford, was very much a staple of late 19th, early 20th left-wing politics, which made a resurgence again in the late 20th and 21st.

      • Wolfthatknowsall

        The point is, the GOP did not have the reins of government at the time that America could have done something about the Holocaust. The DEMs did, and they did nothing.

        I disagree with the notion that the DEMs got their anti-Semitism from Republicans. I remind you what party was consistently behind negative racial views from its inception.

        • Berceuse

          Exactly right. Two excellent points. And the Dems ARE the party in power now…and the ones driving our country once again towards antisemitism.

      • dons

        I expect the large Catholic influx had much to do with it. The WASP contribution would be more from the Democrat KKK, not GOP.

    • Bamaguje

      First Democrats were against Blacks (slavery, Jim Crow, KKK), then they were against Jews.
      Yet Democrats hypocritically deride Republicans as racist.

  • http://TopRightNews.com/ John Urban

    Liberal Jews STILL worship this old Jew-hater! And they adore a man who has not made ANY secret about his hatred for Jews and Israel — Barack Obama.

    • Frau Katze

      I don’t understand it.

      • bjedwards


    • glpage

      I once asked my Jewish mother-in-law why so many Jews support people like FDR and Obama. She said they are stupid.

  • http://www.clarespark.com/ Clare Spark

    And yet “Hollywood” (i.e. “the Jews”) are the target of Ben Urwand’s wrath, as traitors to their kin. See http://clarespark.com/2013/12/07/ben-hecht-v-ben-urwand-the-un-jewish-left-and-assimilated-jews/. “Ben Hecht vs. Ben Urwand, the un-Jewish Left and assimilated Jews.” Urwand had no unkind words to say about the New Deal or about FDRs refusal to intervene in the Spanish Civil War.

  • c2

    Holy smokes. I’ve never seen this before. My parents of the era hated that man, and boy, were they onto something.

  • DogmaelJones1

    I always thought there was a limit to how much one could despise a person. But the more I learn about FDR, that limit gets pushed further away. This man was contemptible almost beyond measure. He was, during WWII, for all practical purposes, Stalin’s poodle, just as Obama is Putin’s poodle. I think there should be a sequel to “Sunrise at Campobello,” titled “Sunrise on the Truth About FDR.” Equally despicable is anyone who, for the last half century, has contributed to FDR’s image as a humane and brave president. He was an elitist, amoral brute prepared to sacrifice not only Jews but half of Europe to Soviet totalitarian rule. His name should “live in infamy.”

    • macktoid

      Bob Beckel on The Five loves FDR. Such a ringing endorsement.

  • Seek

    FDR was never the friend to the Jews that the Jews themselves reflexively believe. Like all politicians, he was acutely aware of the political fallout that awaited anyone who allowed large numbers of Jewish refugees to enter the U.S. If the war was perceived as a “Jewish” war, he knew he would be blamed for it. Any number of Jewish figures, such as Bernard Baruch, themselves advised FDR against bringing in “too many” Jews into America. They, too, feared backlash.

    • bjedwards

      FDR and the democrat party both. the democrats are the party of racists who also founded the KKK


    “FDR to Stalin: “I Would Give Saudi King 6 Million Jews””

    Which Jews? European? American?

    Einstein? Later Nobel Prize winning Jews?

    cordell hull was a scumbag.

    • bjedwards

      FDR wanted to deport the six million american Jews who also voted for him and his crooked party

  • Amberteka

    Talk is cheap. What FDR did..against the wishes of the elites……………was to get us into World War II where millions of Americans died freeing those death camps.
    Now that the Jewish Billionaires who own the world..wish to Open the Borders of the USA who have a motto of amnesty for all JObs for none.except in Israel where only Jewish people can live
    The USA cast the Vote that Made Israel a nation and it was cast by Harry Truman…Roosevelt’s running mate and partner.
    Now Israel sells the USA out with constant whining and begging and threatening the USA with amnesty. They FUND the Immigrant “Rights’ Movement. They ARE the Global Chamber of Commerce.
    We should have stayed out of that war. No Good Deed goes unpunished it seems.
    And to start Sliming…..FDR..
    Where would IsraeL be without him??? Would Zuckerberg be bringing in Illegal aliens to train how to hack us? Spending millions in influence our elections? Posing as a conservative to make Adds?
    If Israel is to be a Jewish Only Nation. OK. They suffered. But they ALL have to live there. that is fair. and PAY the Plaestineans before they start building on their land. Land owned by Palestine which they are currently busy as bees buiiding on……..

    • Frau Katze

      FFS! Get a life. There aren’t enough Jews in the US to drive the mass immigration train (nor in Canada or Europe). Lots of other groups on board here.

      Who let millions of Turks into West Germany after WW II? Not many Jews left there! It was plain vanilla German factory owners.

      Lots of non-Jews run big businesses and benefit from cheap labour. In the US, the Catholic bishops have told priests to preach pro-immigration.

    • Afriquedesud

      nobody ever thinks to mention the Jews that were thrown out of Arab countries without ANY COMPENSATION FOR THEIR PROPERTIES!!!!.

      But then that does not matter of course. And they are not building on Palestinian land, that land is Judea and Sumaria – land that belonged to the Jewish people 3300 years ago.

    • Ken Kelso

      Your facts are wrong. The majority of death camps were all liberated by Russia in Poland in 45 and not the U.S.
      Auschwitz was liberated by Russia.

    • Pete McAlpine

      Muslims have no right to impose their TYRANNY anywhere! Islam is a embarrassing stain on the planet!

    • Daniel Greenfield

      WW2 had nothing to do with freeing concentration camps.

      Israel has nothing to do with illegal alien amnesty in the US.

      • http://www.chaverimisrael.org Norbert Haag

        As always when a Jewhater get driven away by his hate, he starts to rant illogical sentences and arguments.

        It is just a another white supremacist version of ” Die Juden sind unser Unglück” -the Jews are to blame for our misfortune-

        I Have long stopped to even start a discussion with these dumb wits .

        And you should too Daniel.


          I think it’s a mistake to not respond to fascist / national SOCIALIST and Islamofascist lies.

          It’s easy to refute their lies and expose them to reality.

          Like the lie that Zionism is the cause of the trouble in the Middle East – “progressively” ignoring the slaughter in Syria (Muslims killing Muslims), 8 year Iraq/Iran War, the slaughter of Christians in Africa and Pakistan, the slaughter of the wrong kind of Muslim by Muslims.

          • Habbgun

            You are right. They want acquiescence. They want to say they are the real race, the real Americans or a superior this or that. I am as much an American citizen as they are and have been in different parts of the country I know most Americans are pro-Israel and have had positive experiences with Jews. The Jews have as much right to a sovereign nation as anybody else. We have nothing to apologize for. I love to get in their face. They are looking for easy victims and unfortunately Jewish liberals want to encourage these slobs because they so want to show they will “dialogue.”

          • Drakken

            Well my friend, I really do hope that more of your fellow Jews start taking the lead, because what I see around college campuses is Jews taking it on the chin with no response to muslim provocative actions and statements.

          • Habbgun

            It won’t happen on campuses. The money for tuition acts like an underlying threat. Jewish students want and are taught to keep their heads down, get good grades and get a job. The Moslem provocation is coming because somehow, somewhere there is money for it and of course the powers that be on campus supports it. I would much rather see Americans realize that this is a symptom of an overall broken higher education system that is leaving them in serious debt. Reform how people get higher education and the campus crap disappears. Jews will stand up for themselves when they realize if they want a place in a tough economy and a changing United States they better be prepared to earn it. Then again the ones who are most likely to stand up are the ones most likely to go to Israel and leave the sheep behind.

    • http://www.chaverimisrael.org Norbert Haag

      I recently heard a commenter saying that Jew hatred (Anti-Semitism and Anti Zionism) has increased in resent years is wrong. It has become a topic again that can be discussed in public without shame.

      I guess he is right. Jew hatred has come back to be political correct again.

    • tom_billesley

      “…..Israel where only Jewish people can live….”

      Why do you bother to embelish your diatribe with such a blatant and transparent lie?


        Saudi Arabia where only Sunni Muslim people can live…

        Other Muslims can visit during hajj season – but then they have to leave.

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      America did not enter the Second World War to free the death camps. America entered the war because it was attacked by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor, and two days later, Hitler declared war on the United States.

      We moved on Germany, first, because it was the most vulnerable to allied action, in those long-ago days when the atomic bomb was still a dream.



      Jews were in Israel BEFORE Islam was concocted by mohammed.

      The Jews were there first. The Muslim invaders were usurpers.

      Any “progressive” who lives in North America and is of European, African or Asian heritage can take their own words to heart and LEAVE Native American land.

      Ambertooka, Which country will you return to? Remember you must pay reparations to the Native Americans – so leave just with the clothes on your back.


      Ambertooka, Your IGNORANCE is stunning.

      The US went to War against national SOCIALIST Germany – four days AFTER Imperial Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.

      Your SOCIALIST Germany declared War on the US FIRST – on Decemeber 11, 1941.

      The US RESPONDED by declaring War on your national SOCIALIST Germany.

      The FAKE anti-war and isolationist movement in the US lost their argument on December 11, 1941.

    • glpage

      Much of what is now modern Israel was purchased, usually for more than the land was worth, by Jews from the Arab land owners in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Rather than just claim their homeland as theirs they bought it.

  • herb benty

    To our eternal shame and regret, Canada also, sent away a ship laden with God’s people. They had to return to Europe, and were promptly sent off to the gas chambers. The United Nations rightfully declared Israel a Nation again in 1948. If any people on earth deserve their own traditional country, It’s the Jews.

  • pennant8

    This article is a good reminder that the hostility towards a Jewish state that exists in the Middle East is not just a recent phenomenon pushed by the so-called Palestinians.

  • Pete McAlpine

    Ya need to read the books of Dr. Emmanual Josephson to know the close relationship between the Rockefellers and Roosevelt re: the oil of Saudi Arabia to understand this. Just as today, the Rockefellers coddle Islam for oil and petro-dollar recycling, “hiring” the LEFT to do the DEM(agoguery) work!

  • http://www.federaleagent86.blogspot.com/ Federale

    Communist and anti-Semite, but most American Jews are not conservatives. What is their problem?


      Jews are probably turned off by paleo-conservatives like patrick buchanan, MORON Paul.

      • Habbgun

        I would also say that liberals purposely bump up the number of Jews voting liberal and downgrading the number of Jews voting conservative. Remember if your father knew nothing about his Jewish heritage and met a non-jewish leftist and their kid only knows that Israel is always in the wrong and Republicans are evil his vote will also be tallied as a Jewish vote in the polling. Christians would also seem to be more Leftist if the left vote from someone with christian background was considered a christian vote. There is a very strong Jewish conservative vote. An orthodox Jewish and Russian Jewish community were gerrymandered in Brooklyn just to make sure that their conservative voting would not have an affect on the Democratic machine.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Jews aren’t a single group. Liberal Jews largely consist of a population of immigrants that were processed through progressive educational systems and secularized.

      Demographics are changing however

  • Guest

    Unfortunately FDR trusted Stalin more than Churchill. A man not quite as charming as he imagined with a penchant for silly cigarette holders.

  • Guest

    Unfortunately FDR oftentimes trusted Stalin more than Churchill. A man not quite as charming as he imagined with a penchant for silly cigarette holders.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      They had more in common

  • Hard Little Machine

    Bartley Crum’s “Behind the Silken Curtain” covers the discussions between Saud and the joint Anglo-American committee which was on a fact finding mission leading up to their Lausanne Statement in 1947. In it Saud matter of factly and to the kvelling of the Brits in attendance that not only would no Israeli or Jewish state ever be accepted he stated point blank that the presence of any Jews at all even as second class slaves would be accepted in Arab lands. Ever. The British agreed with this sentiment but didn’t think they’d be able to expel all the Jews already in Palestine so soon after WW2.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      It’s a very important book.

  • Slawomir Grunberg

    A film on Jan Karski: “Karski & The a Lords of Humanity” will be released in June, 2014. Please check http://www.jankarski.com

  • Slawomir Grunberg

    A film on Jan Karski: “Karski & The Lords of Humanity” will be released in June 2014
    Go to http://www.jankarski.com for more details.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Sad that FDR is held in such high esteem by the Left and by leftwing Marxist Jews.

  • Steve

    Liberal antisemitism is nothing new in Amerjcan politics, even though this generation of libs totally ignores it. Obama is a great case in point of a modern liberal dealing with Israel and Jewish issues. If this is the way we treat allies, how should we treat enemies?

    It comes as no surprise that FDR ans many “liberals” were not that fair minded when it came to antisemitism and bias.

    • carpe diem 36

      obama does not think of israel as a friend, and he does not treat Iran as an enemy. that is what the head liberal is and the others just follow.

  • Hannah Creque

    wow. I feel sick. I’ve never been a huge fan of FDR like I am of Washington or Lincoln who’s moral failings (slave holding and racism, respectively) are far more in line with those of their contemporaries, and am glad that I didn’t just lose a hero. Knowing that out current president has made rude, if not outright horrific, statements about Israel since his election (and before his re-election) makes me quite worried about the future of my people.

    I just really hope Teddy Roosevelt didn’t feel this way. I really like Teddy Roosevelt.

    • yyarko

      Don’t worry, Hanna!
      The importance of America in Israel’s well being is highly overrated.
      Time and time again Israel has demonstrated its ability to protect itself, even in the face of American objection (take for instance the bombing of the Iraqi nuclear reactor).

      I believe Israel will remain safe, no matter how things unravel.
      I have great confidence in Israel, because it is strong in spirit first and foremost, something that can no longer be said about the rest of the western world.

      • http://personalliberty.com/ Alondra

        Israel has her Protector:

        “I will also gather ALL NATIONS…and I will enter into JUDGMENT with them there on account of MY PEOPLE, MY HERITAGE ISRAEL, whom they have scattered among the nations, they have also DIVIDED UP My land.” (Joel 3:2)

        “NOT ONE of the good PROMISES which the LORD had made to the house of Israel FAILED; ALL CAME TO PASS.” (Joshua 21:45)

  • dons

    And away we go . . .

  • Lightbringer

    Sorry, but the Khazar ancestry hypothesis has been disproven by genetic test after genetic test. Might some Eastern European Jews have a small trace of Khazar? Perhaps, but it is not showing up in any of the research. What does show up is Middle Eastern ancestry. And a Halachic convert of any national or racial background is as Jewish as Moses. Or Jesus, for that matter. Take your Librium or take your meth, Patrick Henry. But do take something; you clearly forgot your meds today.

  • Chelly

    Practive what you preach. You fell victim to Palestinian propaganda. http://rslissak.com/content/khazar-kingdom-jewish-empire-middle-ages-drrivka-shpak-lissak

  • azrur

    “We, the Saudi family are cousins of the Jews. We entirely disagree with any Arab or Muslim Authority which shows any antagonism to the Jews; but we must live together with them in peace. Our country is the Fountain head from where the first Jew sprang, and his descendants spread out all over the world.” that was Faisal king of Saudi Arabia while FDR was president

  • theoprinse

    It has been suggested that Claes van Rosenvelt was related to the Van Rosevelts of Oud-Vossemeer, and evidence suggests that Claes van Rosenvelt indeed came from the Tholen region where the Van Rosevelts were land owners, but no records exist that prove any relation of the two families