Finally a Hollywood Movie Depicts a Terrorist Sleeper Cell in Dearborn… in a Russian Church


Russian Christian terrorists are apparently a major threat to America. Not only did they kidnap the president in Air Force One and try to detonate a nuke in New York in The Peacemaker, but they seem to be showing more in Hollywood movies as villains after the fall of the USSR, than during the Soviet Union when they actually might have tried to do things like that.

If I didn’t know better, I would think that Hollywood had some kind of left-wing agenda. But instead Hollywood is just depicting real life.

Like its attempt to make a Jack Ryan movie not based on a Tom Clancy movie, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (currently at no. 4 after Ride Along, Lone Survivor and The Nut Job) which depicts the reality of terrorist sleeper cells operating out of Russian Orthodox churches in Dearborn.

A discerning viewer might notice that Russia essentially employs al-Qaeda tactics, of which would be ironic considering al-Qaeda’s affiliates have targeted Russia brutally in the past…

The desire for glory embodied in Cheverin’s evil machinations is colored with religious fervor. The entire operation is called “Lamentations,” and Cherevin asks for Divine favor for his impending plot in prayer during an Orthodox vesper.

The Midwest-based sleeper agents are activated of their tasks during a public reading of Lamentations 2:2 in the local Orthodox parish that the sleepers attend. It reads: “Without pity the Lord has swallowed up all the dwellings of Jacob; in his wrath he has torn down the strongholds of Daughter Judah. He has brought her kingdom and its princes down to the ground in dishonor.”

In the film, the Orthodox Church is a conduit to “bless” and commence Russia’s operations.

To do so, they awake “sleeper agents” in the U.S. by sending a cumbersome coded message through the Russian Orthodox Church… “Slava Bogu!” (thank god)  one sleeper agent exclaims on catching the coded message.

So true to life.

We can’t have Muslim terrorists shouting Allah Akbar, but we can have Christian terrorists shouting Slava Bogu! We can’t have Muslim mosques depicted as conduits for terrorism. But Russian Orthodox churches are fair game.

The Koran is off limits, but the Bible is just full of terrorist codewords.

And Dearborninstan, ground zero for Christian terrorists, finally gets its due.

It’s not hard to see how Paramount screwed up. Instead of working with a Tom Clancy novel, they decided to reboot Jack Ryan as another Jason Bourne. It’s not a very logical move and when Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit went up against Lone Survivor, a movie with actual appeal to the Tom Clancy readership, Shadow Recruit sank like a stone.

Shadow Recruit opened in 400 more theaters than Lone Survivor and it couldn’t even begin to fill them. While Lone Survivor had a $7,380 per theater average, Shadow Recruit is at $4,600.

The money for Shadow Recruit is mainly coming from overseas… and mainly from China.

This weekend in China, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit had a rare day-and-date opening for a studio film. The Paramount picture grossed an estimated $9.5M to land the No. 1 spot and largely outpace last year’s Jack Reacher, though it opened soft in the States.

I doubt they would have gotten this movie into China if it had featured Muslim terrorists. Especially now. And that tells you all you need to know about where the movie industry is headed.

Shadow Recruit may be no. 4 in America, but it’s no. 1 in China.

  • A Z

    One blockbuster movie that does not perform well can financially ruin a production studio. So they had better not start by alienating large segments of the public before any movies open in theaters.

    Basing movies in a historical era that ended a generation ago about an enemy that no longer exists (USSR not really gone but transformed), while ignoring more germane material, is a slap in the face of reality. We’re better off watching old movies and skipping the new ones.

    • truebearing

      I already do watch old movies and skip the new ones. Lone Survivor will be the rare exception.

      Hollywood is not only corrupt, it is getting worse at making movies. I don’t think most of the people directing or producing even know what “character arc” means anymore. Of course one would have to have a basic understanding of morality to understand what makes a compelling character arc, but since they reject Judeo-Christian morality, all they have is moral relativism. How do you arc that nonsense?


        Watched some of the filming for Lone Survivor … Too bad they are embroiled in a bit of bad press right now due to an unscrupulous idiot renting them land that he claimed to own and the REAL owner discovering that it was used without his permission… Their Locations manager screwed the pooch on that one :(

  • truebearing

    Typically pathetic Hollywood garbage. Take standard Muslim behavior, make it the template, then substitute Christians for Muslims, and Voila! Another lie. More propaganda. And the Hollwood cowards don’t have to worry about getting thrown in jail by Obama, or killed by Muslims out of Dearborn. .

    • BS77

      Delta Force was so un PC…a true depiction of the terrorist scum and vermin….remember that> Or Rutger Hauer in Wanted Dead or Alive….cool.

      • Drakken

        Try making that movie now and the howls from the left would be deafing.

    • Ricky Vaughn

      It’s almost like there is an ethnicity or religious group (hmm, maybe even an ethno-religious group?) operating in Hollywood that is hostile to Christians. Hmm.

      • slidingintoit_TRUTH




    • BS77

      Shadow Recruit..another steaming pile from Leftist Hollywood. Hard to believe people pay to be subjected to this junk.

  • Tan

    I was wondering what the villains of the new Jack Ryan movie were going to be. It is obvious that Hollywood has always had an anti-Christian agenda in recent years, probably since 2000. Very disappointing that leftist propaganda is in a “Tom Clancy” film. I hope they don’t do this kind of thing with the Tom Clancy video games now that he’s dead, or I’m going to be really pissed. I will however say that I don’t give the Russian Orthodox Church a pat on the back either. They are NOT a Christian church. If you know any history about them, you would know that the Russian Orthodox Church was compromised by KGB long ago. The Russian church today is still a puppet of the Russian government. They also penetrated the World Council of Churches in the 1960s which is anti-Israel today. And since the Cold War, Russia has always been anti-Israel.

    • defcon 4

      Stalin’s USSR voted for the creation of the state of Israel in ’48’. Why, I don’t know.

      • Crassus

        Stalin’s anti-Semitic paranoia was beginning to peak around 1948. He probably looked at Israel as a dumping ground for Soviet Jews.

      • Daniel Greenfield

        To undermine the UK.

      • Tan

        Because the Soviet Union tried to communize Israel, but they failed. So instead they switched tactics by supporting Israel’s enemies to get rid of Israel.

        • periclesdestro

          Israel was born due to communists. See kibbutz.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            The Kibbutz was a sideshow that failed.

          • periclesdestro

            What does that have to do with the fact the fathers of Zionism envisioned it as a socialist/communist endevor? And the Kibbutz are still around.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            Zionism wasn’t a single entity. It had left, right and center wings like any other country.

            The Kibbutz today is mostly a for-profit farm.

          • periclesdestro

            Zionism was clearly a front for communism per your own statement.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            And now you’re just trolling.

          • periclesdestro

            Just using the logic of your world view on you.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            No, just trolling.

    • periclesdestro

      Ah! So you are the American idiot this movie was made to appeal to then with your old man smell thinking you are still in the Cold War from a generation ago. And the claim the Russian Orthodox Church is a KGB front is laughable. Let us say they are a KGB front and penetrated the World Council of Churches – what has the Orthodox Church done exactly that some how advanced some sort of agenda against the conservative church? Are they supporting gay marriage? Pushing Abortions? What pray tell are these Orthodox Christians doing to thwart the USA?

      • Tan

        It’s in the book “The Sword and the Shield” by Vasili Mitrokin and Christopher Andrew. Mitrokin was the one that discovered that the World Council of Churches was penetrated. Even Soviet defector Ion Mihai Pacepa confirms this in his recent book “Disinformation” from the same source. Can’t say the Russian Orthodox Church has any mission against the US, but I can tell you that the purpose of penetrating the WCC was to use it as a anti-Semitic tool to delegitimize Israel. I don’t know if ROC has supported terrorism necessarily, but Soviet Union supported international terrorism on a great level from the IRA, ETA, PFLP, PLO, Red Army Faction, Red Brigades, etc. This is confirmed by Vladimir Bukovsky, Oleg Gordievsky, and Ion Pacpea. Today, it is not really known if Russia continues to do this, but they do still support Iran and Syria going back to the Cold War. Though a shocking testimony from Alexander Litvanenco says that al Qaeda no.2 al-Zawarhi was trained in Russia. Look at his book “Blowing Up Russia.”

        As far as your question on America supporting terrorism today, what Obama is doing does not represent what the American people want. Obama grew up with Communists and the hard-core Left. Soviet defector Jan Sejna in his book “We Will Bury You” on page 154 says that one day the US would have economic problems and that going more towards the Left would result in a progressive regime or progressive president. And unfortunately that person that Sejna predicted seems to be Obama. Second, Obama is a Post-American president. He hates Christians and Jews just like Marxists do. He thinks that giving the jihadists Sharia will make them happy and not fight anymore.

        Don’t take my word for it. Look it up.

        • periclesdestro

          Your sources are outdated conspiracist garbage by discredited authors. The USSR somehow got commies to wear funny clothes and wear itchy beards and live all their lives as preists just to somehow discredit Israel? That is paranoid delusion par excellence on your part! And don’t kid yourself, the USA supported terrorists and brutal dictators just like the USSR did back in the Cold War days but al-Qaeda? Islamist Jihadis? Pakistan and Saudi pro Jihad regimes? Taliban? That’s all on Uncle Sam.

          Hey, maybe leftist Hollywood tricked Ronald Reagan into supporting Jihadists in Afghanistan and tricked Stallone into making a movie staring All American hero Rambo into going to Afghanistan and fighting the Soviets on behalf of bloody Allah?

          Maybe the America Protestant Churches that praised the Jihad in the 1980s (see that Protestant church woman in “Charlie Wilson’s War for example) were the ones penetrated.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            Front groups were standard operating procedure for the Communists in every field and every area.

          • periclesdestro

            I always though the Birchers were a commie front group to show people anti-communists were loons. There, I said it with as much proof as you did. But it is OK, your types are old men soon to depart the world and take your delusions with you.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            I’m probably younger than you are and this is simple history.

          • periclesdestro

            Simple indeed.

      • Daniel Greenfield

        All organized religion in Russia is run through the FSB.

        In this case it just means they’re pro-Putin shills.

        • periclesdestro

          The Cold War is over and the power you proscribe to the FSB is ludicrous especially in oversight on religion. Clearly Russia is not as intrusive as Germany which bans certain religous groups and pays the salaries of all official religions recognized by the state.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            Russia regulates religious groups as well. In quite a few countries, the authorities determine who gets to head a religious group.

          • periclesdestro

            So no different than Israel.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            To the extent that the Israeli government does so, it’s limited to Judaism.

          • periclesdestro

            Don’t bother me none. But I find it interesting what Russia does bothers so many people who don’t even live near Russia…..

  • poetcomic1

    Pick my jaw up off the floor. Parody doesn’t come near what these people actually do.

  • Anukem Jihadi

    Right out of the new terrorist training manuals. Where do those crazy Hollywood guys get their ideas? Directly from the government like all good things apparently.

  • Gee

    Are there any churches left in Dearborne? Or have the Islamofascists closed them all

    • defcon 4

      I’ve wondered what would happen if someone wished to establish a church, synagogue, Hindu temple or Buddhist temple in Dearbornistan today. I’ll bet the building permit would be denied, regardless of where in Dearbornistan the location was.

      • kikorikid

        If this were to occur it would indicate a “Shariah State”.

    • kikorikid

      Across the street from City Hall in Dearborn, Mi. is
      the “ARAB AMERICAN MUSEUM” but if you take
      a look at the roof you will see “a Dome of the Mosque”

      • Woodrow H.

        Yes, it is the Arab-American Museum, not the Muslim Museum. The local Chaldean Christian community has an equal presence there, and you see a dome on the building because the dome is a common architectural feature in the Mediterranean and Middle East. Orthodox Churches are topped with domes, just as are mosques.

        • kikorikid

          …and you are a dissembling,obfuscating TAQIYYA
          spewing Muslim minion, always diverting,always covering. I’ll meet you at Bubbas BBQ or the

        • Des

          There are no chaldeans in Dearborn get your facts in order.

  • Chris Gait

    Truly disgusting. I hope the Russian Orthodox Church is going to protest this garbage.

  • GSR

    As a life-long Dearborn resident I’ll only add this: 1st) there are probably not “Russian Orthodox” churches in Dearborn, although there are a few Eastern Orthodox churches. 2nd) Any town or state for that matter, can’t control immigration onto it’s territory. Only Wash. DC sets immigration policy – who and how many. The problem lies in Washington.

  • Becky Cason

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t Dearborn MI have the highest concentration of Muslims in the U.S.???

    • kikorikid

      I think so, and…

  • periclesdestro

    That’s because for westerners Catholic or Protestant or atheist or Jewish, there is nothing more scary than an Orthodox Christian and has been seen the Latin west realized the Eastern Romans were the legitimate aires to the throne of Constantine. Over the centuries, this morphed from envy on the part of the west to hatred. It was so bad that the westerners had to invent the term “Byzantine” in the late middle ages to avoid calling the empire from Constantinople “Roman”.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Sure. Russian support and training of terrorists during the Cold War for decades before Afghanistan had nothing to do with it.

      • periclesdestro

        The USA is equal to the training of terrorists during the Cold War – but the ironic part is the men who the USA trained to fight the Soviets carried out attacks on America including 9/11 and more to come. Reaped what you sowed.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Hardly equal. At worst the US came decades late to the party.

          And no, the US did not train Al Qaeda

          • periclesdestro

            Keep pretending al-Qaeda is not America’s creation from America’s Cold War allies if it makes you sleep at night. Russian cadres did not carry out 9/11 but those linked to America’s most trusted Cold War allies.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            America didn’t create the Mujahadeen. It did help arm them. Al Qaeda consisted of Arabs, not Afghans.

          • periclesdestro

            9/11 for your efforts. Suckers.

  • slidingintoit_TRUTH



    ___BUILDING 7 SEVEN_____

  • DP111

    According to Hollywood, for the last 30 years it was Serbians that
    were committing acts of terrorism against America. So now, we are back
    to Russians.

    It seems to me that it is Orthodox Christian theology that is at
    the root of murderous terrorism by Serbs or Russians. Robert Spencer
    needs to look at this instead of wasting his time on the koran and the

    There are indications that Greeks may well become the next superstars of terrorism, followed by Copts and Ethiopians.

  • Theophan

    Pews in a Russian Orthodox Church? Cmon!! My guess is that they begged and pleaded with Russian orthodox churches to let them film this trash in their churches, but where roundly denied. They probably also asked for input on Orthodox worship and where equally denied. Nothing in that dearbornistan church remotely looks or sounds like Russian Orthodoxy. And a reading from Lamentations on a Sunday? On no Sunday during the year is Lamentations prescribed to be read. As for the church scene in Moscow…it is implied that the church the oligarch is praying in is Christ the Savior cathedral….but it is not. Again, the ROC probably denied access for the filming of this trash. I kind of liked the movie until I saw these scenes then I knew this was some contrived piece of propaganda aimed at equating Russian Orthodoxy with fundamentalism of the salafi variant. Yawn.