French City with 40% Muslim Population is the Most Dangerous City in Europe


The French city of Marseille has an estimated 30 to 40 percent Muslim population and has been ranked as the most dangerous city in Europe.

 The gritty Mediterranean port, France’s second-largest city, was appointed the “cultural capital of Europe,” a rotating European Union honor. City fathers launched beautification projects, created new tourism attractions and invited people from around the world to visit. A splendid stone esplanade was laid around the Old Port, peppered with novel sculpture, and a high-tech historical museum went up next to City Hall.

How did that work out?

The eruption has refocused attention on Marseille’s long-standing reputation as a European drug-smuggling hub, a place where entire neighborhoods have slipped away from police control and fallen under the command of gangsters who earn millions importing and selling North African hashish and settle turf disputes with AK-47 assault rifles.

“Marseille is sick with its violence,” Interior Minister Manuel Valls said.

Vowing to squash the drug trade and end the violence, Valls last week dispatched 250 paramilitary and other national police officers to reinforce the usual deployment of around 3,000. The night after they were deployed, with television cameras in tow, another body was found, burned to a crisp with a bullet in its charred skull, the execution method local traffickers call the “barbecue.” The next day, two Turkish immigrants were shot and wounded, and a pair of youths driving by on a motor scooter opened fire with a pistol on a third man, wounding him in the legs.

Marseille doesn’t have a violence problem. It has a Muslim immigrant problem.

In September 2011, at between 4 and 5 am, around 15 people “apparently in a state of drunkenness” broke into the barracks belonging to a military fire service, shouted at the firemen on duty there then began firing shots at them. 7 firemen were wounded, of whom 4 were taken to hospital. The party of “jeunes” had apparently come from a bus chartered by a group of Cape Verdians in Nice to travel to an “Africa night” in Marseilles.

A week later, a bus driver was attacked by passengers when he refused to allow two burka-clad women to travel on his bus. It is illegal in France to wear the burka in public. When one of the women tried to board the bus, displaying a bus pass bearing a photograph, the driver insisted that she unveil so he could verify her identity. She refused to do this and, after some discussion, decided to leave and wait for the next bus.

Angry passengers (“jeunes”) then took the side of the women and beat up the driver, accusing him of being a “racist”. They then invited the burka-wearing woman to re-enter the bus. But when the police arrived, they scattered. Police booked the woman for wearing a burka.

In reacting to the incident, the president of the Marseilles Transport Authority, which operated the bus, appeared to sympathise with the woman rather than, as might have been expected, his own driver. The driver’s reaction was “inappropriate”, he said. The explanation comes with this “president’s” name: Karim Zéribi.

Muslims have now set up unofficial checkpoints in various parts of Marseilles. Anyone entering “their” area has to stop and submit to inspection. Last week, the driver of a van belonging to a food bank, which distributes free food and drink to poor people, was stopped by a group of “jeunes” when trying to enter the Marseilles district of “Air-Bel”. The road had been barred with concrete blocks and bins filled with sand. They searched his vehicle “like policemen applying the law in their territory” in order to “check there weren’t any policemen inside”. When they saw he only had milk, they let him pass through.

This is what a real No Go Zone looks like. As I wrote last year, Marseilles is on track to becoming France’s first majority Muslim city.

Muslims had attacked the port city in the 9th century capturing it and enslaving its native inhabitants. That which Muslims once took, their theologians insist is theirs in perpetuity. The Muslim return to Marseille is seen as a reconquista, a return to the land that was once theirs.

Nearly half of all immigrants to France are Muslim. In Marseille 41.8 percent of those under 18 were of foreign descent.

La Marseillaise, France’s National Anthem, got its name when volunteer revolutionaries from Marseille sang the song. Now Marseille is at the center of a new revolution. The Islamic Revolution. Muslim volunteers from France have been identified training with the Taliban and after Mohammed Merah’s massacre at a Jewish school, a group of Jews in Marseille were attacked by Muslim men shouting, “Vive Mohamed Merah, F— the Jews, Palestine will win.”

This is what happens when the cultural capital of Europe meets Muslim immigration.

  • Sophia C

    The Muslims in France are generally extremely poor and not treated well by the French government. To alleviate these problems in Marseille, these people must be treated better. Yes, there are some bad people, but the majority are poor and frustrated with the system, and struggling to make ends meet for their families. Sometimes when people feel there is no future in the society, they will break laws to meet their needs. A better system in Marseille is what France needs, and it’s a shame it doesn’t seem forthcoming.

    • blazeaglory

      Muslims dont care about systems! They care about Allah and Sharia only! Once the population is majority muslim, the extremists will really began to come out of the shadows. You think its bad now? Just wait.

    • haveittodayray

      Majority follow Sharia law and the Quran .Read this.

  • Selmo Dantas

    satan allah and muhammed all in the boat plus tony the muslin master mind mecca is where lucifer get sitted his kingdom

  • K.s

    Unfortunately religious affiliation is not correlated in any way to potential for violence. Europe does not have a Muslim immigrant problem, it has a law enforcement problem. These people may label themselves Muslim by they have no religious education whatsoever. This is clearly very islamophibic, which weakens the arguments, and was overall painful to read .

    • haveittodayray

      Disagree. It is a immigration problem since most our Muslims. They will not assimilate in any culture, but rather want to dominate and force Sharia law where ever they go. They must be stopped.

  • স্মৃতিলেখা চক্রবর্ত্তী

    The future is DOOMED.

  • blazeaglory

    This is disgusting! Why are the French officials not doing anything about this? How many heros of the past had to die to protect France from this type of barbarism? Now the French government lets them walk in and take over? PLease send in some kind of force to prevent these muslims from taking over!

  • blazeaglory

    If you want a great analogy for France/Europe and the muslim crisis its facing, read “The devil in the belfry” by Edgar Allen Poe. It describes the situations perfectly…

    Just like the muslim author of the book and resident of the Netherlands, “The down fall of the Netherlands: Land of Naive fools”…He says all the people of the Netherlands have been so ordered and nice to each other that they fail to see evil when it appears. Its too late to stop it once it spread, due to their own inability to notice evil.

  • haveittodayray

    Violence is inherent in Islam and Sharia law. Stop it from spreading at all costs.

  • haveittodayray

    Right on Peter.

  • Mark Schlager

    Multiculturalism is white genocide.

  • The_Dragonz

    Unfortunately, regarding the muslims – the world HAS to become RACIST! – It’s about survival!

    With them is no other way to deal – because they have “zero tolerance” where the other religions are involved. By the by, just for few muslims whom are saying that they are not violent or like most of their “brothers” – doesn’t mean to let ourselves fool with this “hate” promoting religion.

    Send them ALL back to their countries – or initial countries (in respect to the 2nd generations born outside a muslim country) – let them be happy in their countries where everybody abides by their law.

  • Armaros

    sounds like a gun free zone

  • Surveiller

    What country is that, Steven? The US? It was founded as a secular nation, with freedom of religion. The bible is only a Christian book, therefore it was definitely NOT founded on the bible.

    • Lea

      keep on kidding yourself….religion rules the world, beliefs rule people’s actions, and if it were not for the Christians you would be either a muslim, or a slave to a muslim or dead, beheaded.

  • lin

    This is what happens when France government allows a group of people to be above the law. The French government is to blame for allowing this to happen. Allowing ‘no go zones’, not patrolling, and not enforcing the law is the fault of the politicians (I didn’t say ‘statesmen, because there are none these days). Enforcement of the law and upholding the constitution is the way to go.

  • masoud

    I don’t know why u and west governments are trying to show Muslims wild?what’s your purpose?
    why u are spending a lot of money to do this and kill them in their countries?
    it’s better to spending this money to make jobs

    • Lea

      Muslims are all terrorists because their evil Koran instructs them to commit crimes against innocent people for the sake of their demon allah.

    • ScottinVA

      Because muslims ARE wild. Our purpose is to keep them from infesting our own homelands. Given the fact some parts of France, such as Marseilles, are 25-40% muslim, what’s YOUR purpose?

  • masoud

    I’m asking from all peoples that read this to research on that time they can understand the fact

    • Lea

      Today a lot of people are waking up to the true nature of the pagan death cult called Islam, even the muslims themselves, who have been fed a Christianised form of islam for the past 100 years. Do yourself a favour and take a look at the lifestyle of the false prophet of islam and compare him with the sinless one, Jesus Christ, and make an informed decision to save your soul through the redemption of the blood of Christ, and receive his free gift of righteousness, and stop your unholy Islamic war on innocent people.

  • DeadInHell

    Wrong. This country was not founded on the Bible, the founding fathers were not Christians, nor were they fans of your church or your holy book.

    • Lorena K.

      You don’t know your history then. Nearly ALL of the founding fathers were more or less Christian. They did not believe in a state-sponsored religion, like the Church of England, which forced all it’s citizens to join that church. But make no mistake, they WERE Christians.

  • Ibrahim Karie

    i feel sorry for french people, they lost their homes in Algeria and now they are losing their homes in France, a declining population, homosexuality moral degradation, this is it for the “free people” of Europe.

  • King Louis IV

    Looks like a Lovely French city to visit. Very inviting restaurant night life. Carnival Cruise Line should offer special rates to entreat visitors from other countries to partake of the beautiful and serene atmosphere.

  • Akshay Singh Ahlawat

    Kill the hardliners.

  • Therese Fairchild

    Instead of fighting the burka you all should embrace it. Everyone should have one males and females and wear it when ever you dont want to be identified for what ever reason, soon everyone will want to know who is under there.
    The Muslims wont like it when all the bad stuff is blamed on burka wearing people.

  • Wal Suparmo



    Hello everyone , or salamo alaikum , I am a muslim , well … I used to be , and guess what there was an era of my life where my DREAMS were to bomb my self in a european unbeliever country , so god sends me to heaven without looking at my mistakes . so yes europe is in a great danger but you people are too merciful .

  • Sidheek C.S

    Whatever the idiots say, fact will remain that Islam is the most beautiful religion on the earth. See

    • Libslayer

      Islam stinks.

    • earlnorl

      By beautiful you mean deadly, right?

    • Jojojojojojo…

      Yeah, beautiful to muslims, not to non-muslims.

  • Ahmed

    Islam is not a Religion at all. It is an ideology. Islam is the most dangerous ideology in the world

  • Zamir

    What have we done to the world – we want people to convert to Islam but we can’t leave because we will get killed by our own ????
    Imagine in the old days you could check into a flight so quickly but after 9/11 whole of the scenario changed . So imagine each passenger on average is spending more than an hour + to check into a flight . How many MAN hours have we wasted of the world with the security besides that we cannot take liquid the security checking every shopping mall I cannot take my eye medicine with me – Cannot watch cricket because the other teams not being able to come – Now they are firing at planes !!!! What is going on I am confused with the religion – we have brains we can study and do good for ourselves and for the world let us start to look at everything from a logical point of view and let us put ourselves in the shoes of the other world inhabitants who we call infidels and then see what we should do !!!!!! All the news channels are only talking about us all the time ????? What we have to speak out NOW to build harmony and love ..

  • snooper

    Wake up world!!! we are at war with Islam

  • PG

    Funny how citizens in countries with large Muslim populations on the African continent , do not want Islamic governments .
    And really big Islamic countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia are far from being developed and safe countries , even though in both countries the Muslim majority has privileges not given to non-muslims

    • earlnorl

      Islam was and is still a 7th century religion and culture.

  • Shiko Shakai

    Islam Will take over the world Muahahahahaha!!!! You can’t do anything Europe!!!!!!! ahahah prepare for BATTLE!!!!! :D – From A Happy Peaceful Muslim that dosen’t hit anyone if they say islam is bad

  • Umee Chaudhry

    Have you ever read about Islam ? You’ve just seen the some so called
    Muslims people yet. You haven’t seen the true Muslim or you don’t wanna
    seen them actually. Don’t look at them, look what Islam says. oh how can
    you know about Islam ? you are afraid to read it right. First read
    about the thing which you gonna point out in a negative sense without
    any reason. I suggest you at least once read the holy book Qur’an as we
    read bible and all holy books.. Because we also believe in. Their is a message from
    the God for the every human not just for Muslims. You don’t need to be a
    Muslim to read it. you just need to be a knowledge seeker. May God bless you with the light of Imaan :) Ameen !

  • Mobeen
    • socialismisevil

      looks like Marseille needs the aid b/c of your buddies

  • Jojojojojojo…

    What I don’t understand is these people supposedly go to the West since its a lot better than where they came from, and yet they end up transforming the place into their original shit-hole countries…..

  • Koya..ang tsalap-tsalap naman!


  • scorpio

    Muslims have not left any country to live in peace…its like cancer..once it infects a country then death is sure….

  • ballam

    Karmic cycle in action. religions(abrahmic) spread with sword will perish by sword.

  • Bull Winkle

    We need to focus on who is responsible to A. making refugees and B. letting them into Sweden. We all know the answer to A. Here is the answer to B. it starts at 35 seconds

  • PSabc

    This is a para that was written by Osho with reference to the conquest of the Indian civilization by Islamic invaders. India was ruled by them for 800 years which saw the death of 80 million Hindus and a collapse of its economy, education, arts, science & technology. India’s economy collapsed from 40% of global GDP to 25% of Global GDP in these 800 years. Here is Osho:

    “We would not have been so impotent if our country had understood Krishna rightly. But we have covered our ugliness with beautiful words. Our cowardice is hiding behind our talk of non-violence; our fear of death is disguised by our opposition to war. But war is not going to end because we refuse to go to war.

    Our refusal becomes an invitation to others to wage war on us. War will not disappear because we refuse to fight; our refusal will only result in our slavery. And this is what has actually happened.

    It is so ironic that, despite our opposition to war, we have been dragged into war again and again. First we refused to fight, then some external power attacked and occupied our country and made us into slaves, and then we were made to join our masters’ armies and fight in our masters’ wars.

    Wars were continuously waged, and we were continuously dragged into them. Sometimes we fought as soldiers of the Huns, then as soldiers to the Turks and Moghals and finally as soldiers for the British. Instead of fighting for for our own life and liberty we fought for the sake of our alien rulers and oppressors. We
    really fought for the sake of our slavery; we fought to prolong our enslavement. We spilled our blood and gave our lives only to defend our bondage, to continue to live in servitude.

    This has been the painful consequence of all our opposition to violence and war.”

    Worse, after the Islamic conquest, the Britishers moved into a weakened India. In 200 years, they reduced India to 3% of Global GDP and used assets/ resources to fuel their industrial revolution. India was never poor because of Hindus. It was made poor by Islamic invaders who put India into a state of continuous civil war for 800 years & who destroyed our education system & economy – peasants were taxed at nearly 70% of their income, an egalitarian and civilized nation became destitute.

  • Slam256

    You get the army in there and you clean up the place.

  • Helenofreims

    Nationalist I apology to Ma

  • Helenofreims

    France is “Galic society” proud. Heritage located Europe not Maghred. Angers me translations to Arabic. I apology to imperalist whom. Conquer the region for
    commodities stolen. Whom didn’t benefit wager eagering. French thsi historical
    present immigrate. Back Maghred region excellent GNP. independence enriched
    societies. Which are sexist and racist. Expect France to assilimlate for Maghred.
    Enough of special treatment only. Using social services refuse. To become stronger France please leave. Don’t feel assured of your presences! Problem you
    own shares in default. French industries wages are down. Establish your own companies Maghred. You’ll never receive EU citizenship. Leave France today!!!!!

  • PG

    Islam keeps people uneducated and ignorant of the world and as has been seen in Islamic countries and in Eu cities with high Muslim immigrants , crime the norm that is why they go to Western democracies .
    Unless countries make it part of the constitution to divorce religion and state then these countries will decline not just in democracy but financially and these people will try and go elsewhere again

  • sarah price

    Stop fear mongering.

  • sarah price

    Sounds like Christianity to me.

  • tieman

    Ssshhhhhhhh……not supposed to mention his middle name!
    Its racist dontcha know

  • NGM123

    Islam is by default is anti democratic, anti women’s rights, anti basic human rights, anti religious freedom, anti freedom, & anti western. It is a religion based solely on barbaric and out-dated policies that have no part in any peaceful western culture.
    Say no to Islam, if 10% are radicals all our peaceful cultures and civilisations are now in peril.

  • William Williams

    If Europeans would have more of their own offspring the Muslim barbarians would not be needed. Europe needs to wake up…

  • Chong Yin Koon

    Do we need another crusade?

  • Guest

    And don’t forget to support your local fire brigade in having a marshmallow roast as the neighborhood kebob stand burns.