From Martin Luther King to Obama

ob4On the day before Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday, the New Yorker unveiled an extended interview with Obama in which the flailing leader blamed his poor approval ratings on racism.

“There’s no doubt that there’s some folks who just really dislike me because they don’t like the idea of a black President,” Obama told the editor of the liberal magazine known for its cloyingly obscure cartoons and overwhelmingly white readership.

Obama began his first term with an approval rating of 68 percent; a figure unmatched since JFK. No Republican had enjoyed a starting approval rating above 60 percent in 60 years, indicating how much more willing Republicans were to give the other guy a fair shot than their Democratic counterparts. At 12 percent, his disapproval ratings were also much lower than those of Bill Clinton or George W. Bush.

If his current approval rating of 40 percent pro and 51 percent con can be put down to anything, it isn’t race. When Obama began his first term in office, he had the approval of 41 percent of Republicans. By the time the year was out, that number had fallen to 16 percent.

At the start of his first term, he had the approval of 62 percent of independent voters. Today he has the approval of less than half that number. Only his support from his own party has remained unchanged.

Any honest politician would put those numbers down to his actions, but Obama always takes refuge in race, telling Remnick, “There is a historic connection between some of the arguments that we have politically and the history of race in our country, and sometimes it’s hard to disentangle those issues.”

Few men knew that history better than the black Republican minister who stood on the steps of a memorial to the Republican president who ended the Democratic Party’s institution of slavery and, with a resonance that echoes across time, said, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

The post-equality civil rights movement of the left has long since buried that dream, exchanging it for a nightmare of calculated racial inequalities where your race is what you will be judged by when you apply for college, apply for a job or face low approval ratings after your national health care scheme explodes into a broken $600 million website and millions of angry people who have lost their health insurance and are being forced to pay more money for fewer benefits.

The media treated Obama’s victory as the fulfillment of Martin Luther King Jr’s legacy when it was actually the inversion of it. King had never wanted a country where votes were cast based on race instead of character and where failed policies were excused because of the race of the politician.

King called for a culture of character, while Obama represents the post-equality civil rights culture of grievance. He called for an end to racial divisiveness, while Obama and his political collaborators have weaponized racial division as a political strategy.

At the beginning of Obama’s first term, 69 percent of blacks said that Martin Luther King Jr’s vision had been fulfilled. Two years later, only 54 percent of blacks agreed and 45 percent disagreed.  By 2013, only 32 percent of blacks would even agree that a lot of progress had been made in fulfilling the dream.

What these numbers truly reveal is that Obama failed blacks even more than he failed whites.

“The Negro lives on a lonely island of poverty in the midst of a vast ocean of material prosperity,” King said. The island has grown lonelier and drifted further away from the material mainland under Obama.

The paradox that black unemployment would increase faster under a black leader, that black median income would fall under him and that the disparity of wealth between the races would double under him is an entirely expected phenomenon. It is the outcome of the same economic processes that took place in the majority of urban areas under the control of black Democrats.

Obama was not King’s disciple; he was the disciple of Jeremiah Wright who warned against black middle-classness. Obama is not interested in equality through freedom, but in radicalizing inequality.

Black economic equality, like every other form of real, as opposed to artificially subsidized, equality, is a threat to the political ruling class of the left which weaponizes inequality to consolidate its power.

Despite his polished rhetoric, Obama is not any different than the Chicago ward boss who tells her constituents that they are poor because of white people, that their neighborhoods are dangerous because white people don’t care about them and that all the programs that are supposed to help them get sabotaged and drained dry by the ward boss… because of white racism.

Martin Luther King Jr. called for a nation whose politics would not rely on racial division, but racial politics are still as much the cement of the Democratic Party as they were during Segregation. It is as impossible to imagine a Democratic Party without racial divisiveness as it would be to imagine Microsoft abandoning software and switching to making furniture or Hostess switching from cakes to jet engines.

The Democratic Party that now claims the legacy of a Republican civil rights leader did not do a complete turnaround, instead it decided to play the game of racial division that it had been playing from one end, from the other end instead.

And it did not make this decision for moral reasons, but for purely pragmatic ones.

The civil rights movement was reinvented to reflect not King, but Obama, not healing, but grievance, not unity, but division, and is embodied by men like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton whose rhetoric is only a means of monetizing their manufactured outrage, who invoke King because they want to live like kings.

Civil rights ceased being an equality movement and became the long march of poverty pimps through every five-star hotel in the country, men of no faith calling themselves reverends and preaching the power of their left-wing bosses in ringing tones as if they were at the pulpit of a rural church instead of working the teleprompter at another political fundraiser.

Martin Luther King Jr’s dream was not fulfilled by the lecherous leeches calling themselves civil rights activists and invoking his name to pry open checkbooks and political offices, but by the American people whose decency and goodwill he had been appealing to on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. It is the American people who have made King’s dream real, not through marches or protests, but by doing the right things in their daily lives, year after year, decade after decade and generation after generation.

Obama and the left’s gang of poverty pimps and politically correct organizers hijacked King’s dream of the equality of character over the inequality of grievance. It’s up to the American people to take it back.


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  • Jacques

    Bravo Daniel Greenfield! Another excellent article and one of your best. I couldn;t agree more with all that was said in this article. The words of MLK say it all and, to the truth seekers, expose the utter opportunism and corruption of the left and the disaster they leave behind in matters of racism and identity, sowing division and hate and relentlessly chipping away at the solid and admirable edifice that was America.

  • Naresh Krishnamoorti

    Brilliant essay! Sane Americans disapprove of Obama not because of his race, but because he’s a communist. As a communist, Obama is opposed to a black middle class not only to keep racial inequality alive as a political issue, but because the middle class represents an independent power base against the State. Blacks who enter the middle class have a higher than average tendency of becoming Republicans, because they tend to be family and church oriented.

    • ebonystone

      “Sane Americans disapprove of Obama not because of his race, but because he’s a communist.”

      That’s the same reason that sane Americans disapproved of MLK.

      • Wolfthatknowsall

        That’s because both of them had associations with communists. Rev. King only flirted with communism in his darkest hours. Obama does much more that flirt with communism. He embraces many of its core values, and has brought communists into his administration …

        It’s not so difficult to believe that most Americans would oppose a Bill de Blasio presidency as much as Obama, is it?

        • bluffcreek1967

          MLK didn’t just “flirt” with communism, he also “flirted” with his share of women too (married and unmarried) and on the day of his death he was reported as shouting out, “I’m f***ing for God!” Yeah, that MLK, what a great guy!

          • Wolfthatknowsall


          • bluffcreek1967

            It’s easy to claim that, but it’s not true in any form. I’m one white who is racially conscious – the very thing every other racial group does in the interests of its own people.

          • Wolfthatknowsall

            Why be “racially conscious”, at all? I’m a conservative who treats everyone as a human being. I only launch myself into a discussion when it becomes “racial”. Interesting that it’s almost always the Left that goes racial …

          • bluffcreek1967

            “Why be racially conscious at all?” That’s like saying why should I care about preserving my culture and heritage? Why should I care about a white western culture that is being eradicated by a third-world culture? Spoken like a typical white man who has been thoroughly duped by multiculturalism. Yes, Leftists like to talk about race, but only to further denigrate white culture and white people in general. Thanks for helping them out by your apathy and lack of discernment.

          • Wolfthatknowsall

            Have you ever got me wrong, buster. I am one of the planet’s biggest opponents of multiculturalism. It is the one thing destroying Western civilization, in general, and American society, in particular, more than anything else.

            When I say that I am not “racially conscious”, I say that I approach every man and woman as a human, and not as a thing based upon their skin color. When they prove to me that they don’t deserve decent treatment, they don’t get it.

            It’s Western culture. Not “white culture”. There’s only a few groups that emphasize the latter, and I hope that this is a simple misunderstanding, on your part, and you’re not a member of those groups.

          • bluffcreek1967

            A couple of things: Western culture IS white culture. It wasn’t invented by any other race than whites. And it’s important to preserve unless you want a lower, third-world culture to prevail.

            You may SAY you oppose multiculturalism and perhaps in theory you do. But the best way to stand against it is to not only point out its errors, but to promote that white western culture and people it’s trying to destroy.

            There’s no shame in promoting white racial consciousness, and don’t let the extremes of certain groups like the KKK prevent you from being proud and supportive of the white race! The blacks and Mexicans have no problem being proud of their racial and ethnic heritage, and neither should you.

            I approach people as human too, and I don’t judge by skin color – but by character, culture and those which are in the best interests of my culture and race. All of us being human doesn’t erase distinct and often conflicting cultures, world views and customs. I wish other races no harm, but I do wish to preserve my own.

          • Wolfthatknowsall

            I think we have finally arrived at a consensus.

            To the extent that people of other races wish to be an active part of Western culture, they are welcome, as far as I’m concerned. As you correctly point out, this culture had its origins in Europe.

            I would gladly and proudly vote for someone like Allen West. I would also gladly and proudly serve on Mr. Obama’s firing squad.

            We agree on the KKK and other organizations. I can’t honestly say that I’m white and proud of it, since I have as much white in me as Obama (the other 1/2 being Comanche … hence, my nick). But Western culture must be preserved at all costs, and there is nothing I wouldn’t do to preserve it.

  • Bryce Armstrong

    And so it is, that special time of year when we honor our most sacred holiday, Moochin’ Lootin’ Coons birthday.

    What an absolutely vile people Conservitives are for accepting this dead baffoon.

    This clown single handedly CREATED the whole grievance industry and his jack booted tactics foist them upon us.

    He was nothing but a domestic terrorist.

    Your all traitors to this country and traitors to freedom.

    • CowboyUp

      You didn’t do well in plant school, did you? Your word usage gave you away as quickly as your content.

      Yes, conservatives are ‘vile people’ from your point of view. We don’t care what color your skin is or from where you came. It’s the content of your character, your knowledge, your ability, and your accomplishment that matters.

      Rev. MLK was instrumental in fulfilling the promise of our national founding to every citizen. The subsequent cynical co-op and perversion of that by the democrat party that opposed him and equal rights, isn’t Rev. MLK’s fault, and does not negate his accomplishment.

      • truebearing

        He’s trying to hijack the thread. Ignore the fool.

      • Bryce Armstrong

        Would this happen to be the same liberal schooling you PRETENT to hate? Tisk tisk I’m SO ashamed. Showing your true colors twice in one day I see.

      • bluffcreek1967

        Nonsense! MLK was a fraud from the outset, not to mention a proven plagiarizer, a habitual adulterer, and social agitator meant to ultimately weaken and destroy the white founding stock of this nation. He was communist sympathizer who lacked genuine moral character. He and Obama are feathers of the same bird.

        “Martin Luther King, Jr: The Beast as Saint,”

        • CowboyUp

          “…weaken and destroy the white founding stock of this nation.” You’re just as asinine as wright or Sharpton. Maybe yall should get a room.

          • bluffcreek1967

            Oh yeah, that’s right, whites are supposed to allow the entire third-world into their lands and not say a damn thing! How’s that working for you? Start practicing your Spanish brother!

          • CowboyUp

            You’re trying to change the subject, and confusing race with culture. Typical racist and/or racial bigot. How’s that working out for you?

        • dennis x

          And he was a republican!

          • bluffcreek1967

            Oh, sure he was . . . and he believed in low taxes, limited government, and opposed the beginnings of the welfare state since it would help to further enslave blacks, right?

            How’s that Kool-Aid working for you?

          • dennis x

            It’s the kool aide that you nazis/ republicans claimed during the last election.

          • bluffcreek1967

            No it’s the Kool-Aid of multiculturalism that both the Left and even most conservative whites have bought into.

        • mplo

          Barack Obama and MLK had absolutely NOTHING in common, except for being black. Other than that, their ideologies were totally different.

          • bluffcreek1967

            Yeah, keep drinking the Kool-Aid.

    • mplo

      Hey! Come on!

      First of all, resorting to racial insults is not acceptable and is uncalled for.

      Secondly, whatever mistakes MLK made (I know he wasn’t perfect-he was a real womanizer, for example.), he did more good than anything. He was anything but a buffoon. He was a teacher in his own right, and he was calling for a different kind of society. Had he lived, the United States probably wouldn’t in the mess that it’s in right now.

  • truebearing

    Great piece, Daniel! A surgical removal of the progressive parasite from the unfortunate host. The Left has grown, like a toxic fungus, around the life and message of King, smothering his truth and replacing it with hate. They represent the antithesis to everything King stood for. King had a dream…the Left offers a nightmare. King championed character, the Left assassinates character. King tried to lead blacks out of poverty and inequality. The Left wants them to stay locked in a perpetual, monolithic destitution.

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      Excellent comment!

      • truebearing

        Thanks, but I have to say, when an essay is as well and passionately written as this latest gem by Greenfield, it inspires all of us to another level.

        • Wolfthatknowsall

          I agree with that, completely. Except for David, of course, Greenfield is my favorite writer, at FPM.

          • Steve Bryant

            Greenfield is the FPM talent, for sure.

    • bluffcreek1967

      King had a dream alright, and it involved lots of women (both black and white) and drinking at his motel. On the night of his death, he was reported as shouting out, “I’m f***king for God!” He then proceeded to beat the prostitutes up who were in his hotel room. Yeah, he was a real dreamer alright!

      King may have championed character in public, but he never lived it in his personal life. The man was a proven plagiarizer, a habitual adulterer, and communist sympathizer to the core.

      Naive whites perpetuate the MLK myth because they can’t accept that the man was really as bad as his critics have said. But he was.

      By the way, MLK wanted blacks to be judged by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin. Well, many of us whites have, and that’s why we avoid them like the plague. In truth, blacks are despised worldwide BECAUSE of the content of their character. Want proof? Look at Detroit, Birmingham, Philadelphia, Oakland, Chicago, The Congo and South Africa.

      • Ben

        Your dissimulated racism is apparent to anyone who actually lives and upholds the commands of the Bible.

        Your calumnious libelous comment is regurgitated cut and paste Stormfront KKK neo-Nazi bile.

        The black man is no different from any other man (regardless of the color of his skin), whose life is not hidden in Christ Jesus.

        The issue that is being discussed here sir is strictly a spiritual affair, and concerns the condition of a man’s heart. It is not now, nor was it ever attributable to one’s skin color.

        • bluffcreek1967

          Oh, if only it were so simple. It’s easy to say that the black man is no different than the white man when you don’t live among them. But once you do, your pretty little lies will be crushed.

          There’s no doubt that there is a spiritual element in all of this, but so also is there a cultural, racial, and genetic element which you ignore and try to place under one category alone.

          You label me a Stormfront or KKK because you don’t have discernment to know the difference between white racial consciousness and pure KKK propaganda. The two are not necessarily the same.

          • Ben

            Did I express in my statement anywhere that “spiritual” matters were necessarily simple or easy?

            Have you never read that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, or are you as equally biblically illiterate as you are a logic challenged racist?.

            “you don’t have discernment to know the difference between white racial consciousness and pure KKK propaganda.”

            “Discernment”? Yes I have discernment and therefore I tell you the truth of the matter. Your very words render you a racist regardless of your euphemistic

            And just for the record. I am no personal admirer of Martin Luther King. If indeed he ever was a born again believer, then his personal witness was soiled to the point of complete compromise. He will most assuredly answer for his indiscretions while here on earth, as will all men!.

          • bluffcreek1967

            Your entire previous post was simplistic in nature, and it was you who narrowed the issue down to merely a spiritual one. Your “cut and paste” comments were also completely off the mark, including your continual “racist” charges as well. You label me this way because you do indeed lack the discernment to see things racially as they are, and because you can’t really refute what I had said.

            You really do need a ‘moment of diversity’ to help wake you up. But until then, you will continue in your Leftist multicultural dreamworld.

            In fact, both of your replies failed to discuss the matter at hand regarding what I sad about MLK. You found a phrase I had written and went overboard on that.

            “If indeed he was ever a born again believer, then his personal witness was soiled to the complete compromise” – You think?! If you had known more about MLK, this would even be raised as a question.

            I would suggest you read some articles on American Renaissance website, but your mind’s already made and up and the facts would just further confuse you.

          • dennis x

            I have a good friend ( a Black Female) who is an army officer. Next week she will return from tours of duty in Kuwait and Afghanistan . I can’t wait to introduce her to this site and posting and to let her know how much of a fool she was to put her life on the line for white people.

          • bluffcreek1967

            I don’t put anyone down for wanting to serve the U.S. in a military capacity. However, the truly foolish person here is yourself for drinking at the poisonous trough of multiculturalism and for being apathetic about preserving your own white culture and racial heritage.

            Truth is, neither blacks nor Hispanics are interested in preserving white, western culture and customs. If whites don’t, no one else will. Now go get yourself another swig of that Leftist Kool-Aid you’ve been gulping for years.

      • Steve Bryant

        A product of his failed culture.

  • Stephen Wainwright

    I find it extremely confusing that Mr Obama invokes the racism argument, claiming that some people really dislike him because they don’t like the idea of a black president, when in fact he isn’t black. He is as much white as he is black so why doesn’t he celebrate his actual ethinicity instead of ignoring half of it? He is being deliberately divisive to further his own agenda, and as such is guilty of betraying the US constitution and values.

  • Clare Spark

    It was only David Horowitz who publicized the transformation of the civil rights movement from integrationism to black nationalism during the 1960s, thanks to such as James Cone and Malcolm X, following the lead of the 1920s Garveyites. I wrote about the transformation before BHO was elected here: The title was “Was Martin Luther King Jr. ever a black nationalist?” The far left did the same number on Ralph Bunche, opining against Bunche’s own papers at UCLA.


    Leftists successfully commandeered King’s dream chiefly through the complicity of Big Media.

  • ebonystone

    I see that Sarah Palin said that 0bama plays the race card too much; and of course the MSM are jumping on her with both feet for daring to state an obvious truth, and to state it on St. Michael’s Day, of all days.
    Palin, as usual with her pithy one-liners, nails it squarely on the head. obama does play the race card far too often, to the extent that he practically IS the race card, and his whole presidency is based on playing the race card.

  • johnlittle

    Barry’s comment to the “New Yorker” is preposterous. How did an electorate that twice elected him president become racists? Did POTUS affect this change, himself? From where I sit a vast majority of Americans are not racists. Such perverse talk by the president only can flame the fires of racism.

    Cordially, John Little, Sr.

    • ebonystone

      “Such perverse talk by the president only can flame the fires of racism.”

      Yes,I’ll bet that a lot more Americans are racists now than in 2008. Five years of 0bama’s racist administration have changed things.

      • Wolfthatknowsall

        Obama has certainly fanned the fires of racism, along with his toadies in the Democrat Party, the Media, and among the public. If he can’t blame something on George W. Bush, he blames it on racism.

        • veeper

          this is how pathetic the black community has become….

          even as Potus…obama grovels in the victim mentality….

          poor Potus……the white man is still keeping him down……

      • jon

        Amen to that……
        Lets hope the number grows rapidly!

      • fiddler

        Sure, sure, sure. Never mind that he has a radical agenda. Pay absolutely NO MIND to his policies, reckless spending, outing the Supreme Court in a State of the Union Address. Sweep the blatant New Black Panther polling place (remember, with billy clubs?) thing under the rug, contribute to gross waste of tax payer’s money as with Solyndra (now awash in weeds). Forget all of that. You have officially lost your mind America! No matter WHAT this president does, your opposition has to do with one thing and one thing only ……you’re increasingly not politically correct (aka: you’re beginning to think and access) UHHHH!

  • cjkcjk

    I don’t see any difference between Obama and King.
    I do see the same characteristics as concerns socialism, plagiarism, a love for Americas enemies, a phony front, and sexual immorality.

  • GuyGreen

    Even if Obama was right about race, it would only explain half of his well deserved unpopularity. America has exactly what it deserves in its first gray president.

  • T-Rex

    This is another example of the leftists applying revisionist history and the Poseur in Chief is leading the march. Barry and the race baiters have subjugated the “content” of MLK’s work in favor of the color of the messenger. They have found division to be much easier and more profitable than unity. Take away the race card and all that is left is the character required to advance the issue. Sharpton, Jackson and MSNBC make a living at focusing on color because they haven’t got the character to live up to the content of MLK’s vision.

  • carpe diem 36

    i was, and is, with the 32% who did not approve of Obama from day one of his administration. i see that many people joined me in recognizing that this man was elected even though he did absolutely nothing to deserve to be so elected. i changed my mind sine that day, but now i am 100% in my opposition to his way of governing and leading both domestic and foreign policies.

  • carpe diem 36

    BHO did not become black after he was elected. we knew he was one, and he was elected neither because of in spite of that. he was elected to do a job, to be the President. he failed to do that job and his support reflects what people think of his performance. as simple as that. this is not racist. this is only a cop out by him.

    • mplo

      Excellent points, carpe diem 36! Well said…way to go. I wish I were as articulate as you.

      • carpe diem 36

        thank you so much for your response. as you can see, though, my comments always have an Edit below them, i do not know who does not like what I say, and I find that so many comments are nasty and hateful but they do not warrant an “edit”, I am puzzled.
        anyway you made my day, thanks again. and it is my 78th birthday today.

        • Drakken

          congratulations! You made it ! ;)

  • Wolfthatknowsall

    My opposition to Obama has absolutely nothing to do with his race. After all, genetics has proven beyond doubt that we are all members of one race, and the outward differences have to do with adaptation to environment.

    I would instantly vote for Lt. Col. Allen West, Dr. Ben Carson, Herman Cain, et al, because they love their country and hold generally conservative core values.

    Obama is a leftist and a radical who has many associations with communists, that are current. I suspect that he is a Marxist, himself. This is the source of my opposition to the man.

    • Softly Bob

      You do realise that disgusting Leftists would try to destroy that argument. Allen West is not Black because he’s an ‘uncle tom’ and therefore doesn’t count. You’d still be racist even if you voted for him.
      Leftists don’t have the right to determine who is Black and who isn’t. Genetics determines that. However, it doesn’t stop them from trying.

      That’s the problem with the Left, you can’t win an argument with them because they keep changing the rules to suit themselves.

      • Wolfthatknowsall

        We can’t win an argument against the Left because we allow them to frame all the arguments.

        It’s obvious, for example, that Obama will make “immigration reform” a top priority, this year. But we don’t need immigration reform. We need to secure our borders, and enforce our current immigration laws.

        But if Obama gets his way, he and his toadies will draft … probably already done … a comprehensive immigration bill. When conservatives balk, we are – You guessed it! – racists.

    • fiddler

      As I have said, I lament that America didn’t have a conservative Black to run against Obama in 08; instead they had Rino John McCain. Really, the fact of Obama’s youthfulness and admitted eloquence put him ahead in some people’s minds from the start. But boy do they pile on ANY conservative black who tries to challenge him! Can’t have THAT! The problem for them is to perpetually give the impression that ALL BLACKS vote alike, all are Democrats, all are liberal. In so doing blacks literally disgrace themselves as an OWNED voting block. It’s rather ironic.

      • Wolfthatknowsall

        It reminds me of one of the classic logical fallacies, which can be expressed in this manner:

        1. This man likes watermelon.
        2. This man is black.
        Therefore, all blacks like watermelon.

        The fallacy is so obvious it’s ridiculous. But remember what President Johnson said, “The n****** will vote democrat for the next one hundred years, now.”

        Except for those who can think for themselves, I believe conservatives have lost the black vote for a long time to come. Thankfully, they are only 11-12% of the population. That’s why the DEMs are so desperate to enslave the Hispanic population.

    • mplo

      I disagree with you, Wolfthatknowsall. I’m not a fan of Obama, I didn’t vote for him during either the 2008 or the 2012 POTUS Elections, because I don’t like the stuff he’s pulled since taking office. Obama is not even the next thing TO a Leftist, a Communist, a Radical, OR a Socialist. What Socialist, for example, would escalate, expand and extend our war on Afghanistan, get us in at least a half dozen (covert) wars in the Middle East (i. e. Yemen, Libya, to mention afew), and to vote for the FISA bill and its resulting expansion of impinging on people’s privacy? None, as far as I’m concerned.

      • Wolfthatknowsall

        What socialist would do the things you mentioned … including entering in an unholy alliance with America’s wealthiest people and corporations? A socialist who is a fascist, of course.

        Barack Hussein Obama’s government is a classic example of a nascent fascist dictatorship. His recent statement about using the power of the pen to circumvent the Constitution is still another proof of what he wants.

        Obama is a fascist, which means he is also a socialist. Read some material on the rise of Benito Mussolini and Hit!er, in Italy and Germany, respectively. In the 1920’s and early ’30’s, Mussolini was the poster- boy for European socialism.

  • Hass

    The race card has been so overused it’s become meaningless.

    • laura r

      i predict….once hillary is in the game, the race trend will cease. once again, its girltalk!! all the victims will rise!

  • mtnhikerdude

    Three more years of this guy is more than the Nation can handle. The damage to America in the first five years is unparalleled. In the next three he will pound the final nails into America’s coffin. His interpretation of “Change” has always been to make us a Third World Nation as per Jeremiah Wright’s ,”God Damn America”.

  • veritaseequitas

    Obama is a vile and distasteful bigot. He besmirches MLK Jr’s memory every time he opens his filthy mouth.
    I really wish the black community would open their eyes to the damage that Barack Obama, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have done to them.

    • No RNC

      Obama is just a small cheap Chitown Southside Ward Healer…not that different than Michael L. King. It is what it is and will never be changed.

  • Softly Bob

    Obama is not even one-half the right sort of Black. He’s not African-American and he’s not of West African extraction. He has no right to represent the African-American community any more than a Cherokee does. In fact if genetics are a factor, he has more right to represent White Americans because his mother was one.
    So once again, all this ‘race’ nonsense just proves how stupid the Left are.

    • laura r

      he chose the “blk identity”, it occurred to him to get into this in college. personally i think he likes the $ identity, the ego identity, the power identity, & yes hollywood parties. some is ideological yes, but i wonder how much is show time? i would like to see a black in the white house again. maybe ben carson.

    • fiddler

      But as the author implies, don’t assume ignorance. This is all about APPEARANCE! Get there first and establish the formal narrative. This is like Susan Rice immediately “stating the case” on five channels no less (shall we say overt?) about the dreaded “movie” related to Bengazi. True to form a good lawyer has to assign “blame” where it strategically belongs, and do it first. The media naturally takes over from there. So play the race card and play it often. This is leveraging on his “uniqueness” as the first president of color. Just get Chris Matthews involved; you know, the white eternally trying to assuage his guilty white conscience by blaming all the rest.

  • Seek

    “Conservatives” who pretend that Martin Luther King was “one of us” are deluded. I deeply resent this re-branding of MLK Jr. as a conservative, mainly to placate liberals who accuse of us “racism.” King was nothing of the sort, and said so openly. (Read what King said, for instance, about Barry Goldwater in his Playboy interview, conducted in 1964). King, in fact, explicitly sought to radicalize America. Hustlers like Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters and Jesse Jackson are fulfilling King, not repudiating him. They’re working with his template.

    I happen to believe, by the way, that J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI files overwhelmingly prove that King either was a Communist or knowingly worked closely with Communists.

    • Chris Behme

      MLK was not a saint by any stretch, but he got one thing correct:
      People should be judged by character, and not by skin color.
      Unfortunately, the race hustlers use skin color as a cudgel, and the last thing they want is having their dubious “character” subject to scrutiny.
      As flawed as he was, he was a giant next to Obama.
      Which is admittedly not saying much.

      • Bryce Armstrong

        “Not a saint but still a great man” is the new”you got to break a few eggs”.

        • Chris Behme

          I wouldn’t call him a great man.
          That is a media myth.
          But he got one thing right. Equality of opportunity.
          And that message has been buried by race hustlers lie Obama.

      • bluffcreek1967

        Actually, it’s BECAUSE of the content of so many blacks’ character that whites avoid them! Whites don’t avoid blacks because of their skin pigmentation, but because they’re uncouth, loud, aggressive, volatile in nature, and have strong criminal proclivities. Let’s not make this more complicated than it needs to be. Blacks are despised worldwide because of who they are and what they do – namely, destroy every city and community they dwell within.

  • Rick

    you Daniel. This subject touches on something I have been thinking about for
    some time now. I grew up in the south during the 50’s & 60’s and remember
    much of the events that took place during those days. I lived in a city that
    experienced one of the major race riots of the late 60’s and can still
    remember going to sleep one night to the sounds of sirens and gun shots. At
    this time, part of my job was to deliver milk to 5 all black schools in a
    mostly black area of town. I needed to leave around 4:30AM in order to
    service the schools before breakfast that was provided free to needy
    children. As a white person I never felt apprehensive about going into these
    schools at such an early hour on the morning after hearing the gun fire, or
    driving past the stores with broken windows, some fires, National Guardsmen
    in Jeeps mounted with machine guns or State Troopers standing next to their
    patrol cars holding 12 gauge shotguns. In fact I felt it was like every other
    day. I would greet the mostly black staff, talk and joke with them before
    moving to my next school. I didn’t always agree with everything MLK had to
    say, but I did agree with his principals and his fight for equality, so, I
    never considered myself a racist. I didn’t judge a person by how they looked
    but how they acted, what they did and how they treated others. This is how I
    felt for most of my life, until a few years ago. The Obama Administration and
    Holder’s Injustice Dept. has, somehow altered my perspective. Lately I feel
    differently about most of the things stated in your article. I find myself
    associating race with more and more of today’s problems. I guess that’s the
    way Obama wants it. I think MLK would not approve. We need to get ourselves
    out of this mess, but how?

    would happen if someone started a White Entertainment Television Network as apposed to BET, or maybe a White Shopping Network? I would look for MSM to go berserk.

    • Drakken

      You hit on something very important that I think everyone has overlooked. Obummer has now made whites become race aware, we no longer give blacks the benefit of the doubt and because of feral black activity we are now becoming more race aware than we have ever been.. Sooner or later this will gave a very detrimental affect on everyday interactions.

      • bluffcreek1967

        True, black dysfunction is now making more and more whites racially conscious. Blacks are themselves undoing the myth that surrounds them that they’re innocent little darlings always mistreated by the bad white man. It’s hard to keep up the pretty lies when the very people you claim are ‘victims’ are going about victimizing others every day.

        • Drakken

          As whites become more racially conscious, the backlash against our victimization will be biblical, welcome to the Balkanization of America.

  • DaCoachK

    At its core, the entire Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the entirety of the movement are about the redistribution of income–Marxism.

    • bluffcreek1967

      True, and I would add an additional reason: To further denigrate whites and help erase their white, european culture and religion (Christianity) from the land.

  • Mirquella Santos

    Republicans live inside a bubble. They are disconnected from reality. I pity Republicans. Americans dislike Obama so much that they voted for him not once but twice. Obama is at 40% and Republicans are at 11 to 29%. 40 is greater than 29 and 11 if my math is right. Americans will never vote for a Republican president because Americans are sick of wars and Republicans are war mongers. I want to see white boys and minority boys reproduce; I don’t want to see them dead in stupid wars. voting Republican is voting for wars, racism, hate, insanity…..

  • Chavi Beck


  • bloggerken

    What blesses me here are the following truths:

    1. The very people who levy some communist nonsense on Dr. King RELY on Communist China showing up to US Bond rallies to buy our nation’s bonds.

    2. The very people who levy some communist nonsense on Dr. King have made China west (Walmart) the largest retailer in the world.

    3. The very people complain about Dr. King will die and they’re lives will not have touche anyone, expect perhaps the few people directly in them. And yet, Dr. King remains America’s most iconic figure of the 20th century (if not in its entire history).

    4. As much as the racists convene on forums like this out of smoldering hatred, they are inconsequential to the world who care little about their banter.

    5. Sane American protests too much. Enjoy your bigotry. This is about all you can do to exercise it. AND I DON’T SUPPORT MANY of Obama’s policies. Why? Because they reflect the Bush/Reagan crap that is ruining our nation. Both mentally challenged and both terrible for the US. And now, Obama has followed in their course.

    6. God laughs at your racists. If nothing else, this President has revealed what this nation is.

    The article is some of the most uninformed hodge-podge I’ve read in year. A POOR attempt to revise history to fit a narrative. And if the author wants a serious debate that reveals his lack of serious historical analysis, i welcome the opportunity.

    Long live the beautiful legacy of America’s greatest product — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • Foo@bar.,com

    Black actress Stacey Dash was attacked for switching her support from
    President Barack Obama to Mitt Romney, she said she chose Romney “not by
    the color of his skin but the content of his character.” Obama, Sharpton and cronies hated her for saying that.