Gay Marriage vs. JavaScript


Unlike most CEO’s in the tech industry, Brendan Eich’s credentials are unimpeachable. If there’s anyone who deserves to head Mozilla, it’s Eich, whose work at Netscape was pivotal not only to that browser, but to all browsers.

Eich developed Javascript which changed the internet as we know it. Or to put it another way, Eich has done more to shape the internet than the vast majority of his critics. He played a major role in achieving browser diversity through Mozilla. Without him, it would be all too easy to envision a world in which we were all using a clunky copy of Internet Explorer and dealing with even clunkier proprietary Microsoft technology.

But all of this somehow matters less than a pro-family donation by Eich back in 2008. In Wikipedia, the donation occupies 5 lines while his work on Javascript only occupies two.

The Mozilla employees protesting Eich have contributed little or nothing to compare. We’ve got James McAvoy, Jessica Klein and Chloe Varelidi of Mozilla Open Badges (what? Exactly) and a few non-technical people who are very “passionate” about things.

What does gay rights have to do with Mozilla? Nothing. No gay people at Mozilla have come forward to say that Eich has been mean to them. Only that his views make it unacceptable for him to be CEO of a Foundation that he helped create.

The politicization of everything is the left’s toxic tool. The campaign against Eich says that people should be fired for their religious beliefs if those beliefs don’t accord with gay marriage.

It’s that simple.

Worse still, Brendan Eich is being penalized for holding the same way on gay marriage in 2008 as Obama did in 2008. “I believe marriage is between a man and a woman. I am not in favor of gay marriage.”

That was Obama. Not Eich.

No one is calling for firing CEOs who gave Obama money in 2008.

But if the choice has to be between Javascript and gay marriage, it’s easy to see which has contributed more good.

  • PAthena

    So-called “gay marriage” is ridiculous, and I am surprised no one has said so. Any adults can live together, with or without sexual relations (except for incest), make whatever financial arrangements they want (so long as they are legal). Society has an interest in marriage, i.e. between a man and a woman, because of children which come from such unions. It has no interest in whether homosexuals live together or cease living together.
    Good luck to Eich!

    • A Z

      Gay marriage is sick. Someone look at the 1st photo of the linked article and tell me it is not sick.

      • Ricky

        Nobody cares what you think of gay marriage – I am not sure when Americans lost all sense of place – and remembering theirs – but who are you to judge anyone’s marriage – I doubt you would get into most homes but to do the floors – be gone.

        • A Z

          So when did you sero-convert?

        • Doobee

          “Nobody cares what you think of gay marriage.”

          Really? Nobody at all?

          “I am not sure when Americans lost all sense of place”

          I can remember when Americans had a sense of place. That was when no one, absolutely no one, ever demanded to change a legal institution into something so radically different that the change would destroy the institution itself. We called it humility.

          “but who are you to judge anyone’s marriage”[?].

          You assume that same sex couples are in fact married. You assume that we who do not approve this new legal institution “judge” others because we do not approve it. You assume that we have no reasons whatsoever to oppose the new legal institution, except that we’re mean or that we just like to judge other people.

          You assume a lot.

      • Guy Fromage

        Someone look at the 1st photo of the linked article and tell me it is not sick.

        I would, if it were true, but alas…it is sick.

  • Ricky

    Being a cowardly conservative – is there any other kind – Eich gave his $1,000 to Protect Marriage in 2008 and thousands more to the Congressman who wrote Proposition 8 – while working alongside gays and lesbians. Yes, he saw their happiness at the courts granting the right to same sex marriages and he worked to delay that right – even Eich could have never believed in 2008 – even for a moment – that he could stop gay marriage – Prop 8 was punitive – to punish gays and lesbians in California for their success in the courts – he and Prop 8 supporters hoped it would also nullify the same sex marriages that had already taken place – but the courts found that to be a bridge too far for legislation that passed with 7 million votes – 500,000 more than the 6.5 million who voted against it – in a state of 33 million. He had to know any victory would be temporary – but then the feeling of being less than for California gays and lesbians would last for years to come – and so it has.
    Eich’s actions are a lot more sinister and evil than he or Mozilla will admit to – he worked to take away a right – and to nullify marriages – this was not a discussion about legalizing same sex marriages – the courts had ruled – the marriages had happened – Eich only wanted to punish gays and lesbians.
    Mozilla can do whatever they want – but the can never make decent, hardworking, taxpaying, patriotic Americans of faith – accept Eich as a CEO – no, no the cannot. They know it – Eich knows it – it is over.

  • wileyvet

    Open Badges? We don’t need no Stinking Badges.


    Let’s keep Eich and fire the employees who raised this non-issue.

  • Habbgun

    Expect the Libertarians to forget that this is about gay marriage and fight for the creative power of the individual against the coercive mob in 5..4…3…oh that’s right. They won’t fight against the coercive mob at all.

    • Norbert Haag

      It not “fight for a creative power”, it is simply absurd.
      It is the epitomised grab for more government handouts you get if married.

      The Libertarian point of view is clear. No government privileges for a married couple or anyone else for that matter.

      No government sanctified marriages at all.

      Found a church or sect if you want that marries you. No problem with this. Live together and do what you fancy, no problem with that.

      But do not ask for any government support. Never ask for it whatever lifestyle you fancy. Stop asking for government privileges and start working to create wealth to add prosperity to your community.

      • Habbgun

        The libertarians say one thing and do another. Gay marriage is supported by libertarians and they do not peep if the government and homosexuals use test cases against

        religious owned businesses. The individual does have creative power or else have could one accomplish anything. Libertarians are absent when it comes to religious freedom for individuals and they will be absent whereever else it suits them.

  • T800

    SS”M” is just a sick parody of marriage,and mainly intended to advance the homosexual agenda. Naturally,the Gaystapo has to go after anyone who isn’t either supporting them or keeping silent. They cannot allow any open dissent.

  • T800

    Javascript is productive,and SS”M” is not,it’s counter-productive.

  • The March Hare

    This is the same smear laid onto Dan Cathy, CEO of Chick-fil-A. They will never stop. They have no qualms about destroying businesses even if it means destroying 10s of thousands of jobs. They have over 1700 restaurants.

  • Doobee


    Prop. 8 was a state constitutional amendment which was overturned by a homosexual federal judge as unconstitutional. The people of California spoke, and an arrogant federal judge silenced them–the soveriegn people of that state. This is called the dictatorship of the federal judiciary, and the end of the constitutional republic.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Are we to see Mozilla summarily fire EVERY OTHER employee guilty of the same thought crime? I should hope so. All employees should undergo a background check and a polygraph to root out wrong thinking counter revolutionaries.

    I’m really not kidding. Give the mob its head and see where it goes.

  • 1stworlder

    Obongo said worse things about gay marriage the week before the 2012 election to a group of black clergy.