Genocidal Muslim Leader Who Called for Mass Murder Says Muslims Join ISIS Because They Are “Marginalized”


The poor homicidal maniacs. If only they weren’t “marginalized”. That’s the problem according the Tunisian Ennahda leader, Sheikh Rashid Al-Ghannushi. His Tunisian Islamists have been some of the biggest beneficiaries of the Arab Spring.

To the applause of the media. Now the media is eager to hear the old monster’s thoughts on why Muslim terrorists kill people.

Sheikh Rashid Al-Ghannushi, the 71-year-old-leader of the Ennahda movement, said many young Muslims turned to extremism after being marginalized by the societies they grew up in.

“They react, Western Muslims, because they think that, in ISIL [as the Islamic State was formerly known], they can find the solution to their marginalization in the societies they live in,” Ghannushi said.

The media, as usual, is eager to eat up Blame the West fairy tales. It’s not eager to report on what a homicidal monster Ghannushi is.

According to Ghannouchi, the Muslims now faced “Crusader America,” the “enemy of Islam,” and Saddam had taken a necessary step toward unity, “joining together two Arab states out of twenty-two, praise be to Allah.”

Ghannouchi also threatened the United States. Speaking in Khartoum during the crisis, he said, ” We must wage unceasing war against the Americans until they leave the land of Islam, or we will burn and destroy all their interests across the entire Islamic world.

After the war, Ghannouchi requested a U.S. visa. His request was denied.

He hasn’t gotten much better once he got into power. He just became slightly subtler.

In the video, which was first broadcast last April and re-broadcast October 9th, Ghannouchi said, “The secularists are still controlling the media, economy and administration. Therefore, controlling them would require more time.” He added that “the police and army’s support for Islamists is not guaranteed, and controlling them would also require more time.”

The Ennahda leader said, “We’ve met with Hizb ut-Tahrir, and the salafists, including Sheikh Abou Iyadh and Sheikh al-Idrissi.”

Abou Iyadh, also known as Seif Allah Ben Hassine, is currently wanted by Tunisian police in connection with the September 14th attack on the US embassy.

This is the monster that Western liberals chose to back. Does this marginalized monster want to kill all the Jews? What do you think?

Sheikh Rashid Ghannouchi, of Tunisia’s equally moderate Islamist Ennahda Movement, said, “There are no civilians in Israel. The population—males, females and children—are the army reserve soldiers, and thus can be killed.”

Ennahda’s takeover of Tunisia has been described as the only “true success” of the Arab Spring.

The Arab Spring “will achieve positive results on the path to the Palestinian cause and threaten the extinction of Israel,” Ghannouchi said. “I give you the good news that the Arab region will get rid of the bacillus of Israel. Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the leader of Hamas, said that Israel will disappear by the year 2027. I say that this date may be too far away, and Israel may disappear before this.”

Yassin disappeared and Ghannushi will disappear too. Then he really will be marginalized.

  • Texas Patriot

    This is no doubt the sort of “freedom fighter” John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Diane Feinstein would want to subsidize and support. Why isn’t Obama jumping onboard?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      He has. His Arab Spring helped hand him Tunisia.

      • Texas Patriot

        But that was before Benghazi. Lots of Washington dinosaurs were preening and talking about the “Arab Spring” back then. Now that Khalifa Ibrahim has promised to raise an ISIS battle flag over the White House, I doubt if Sheikh Rashid will be invited over for tea and cookies anytime soon.

  • Jason P

    Odd, Muslims run Muslim countries. Mecca has always been controlled by Muslims (unlike Constantinople being controlled by Orthodox Christians and Jerusalem being in the hands of the Jews.) From Morocco to the Indian border, Muslims are in power.

    Yes, Muslim dictator marginalize other Muslims. People all around the world are marginalized. And many people in crisis and pain turn to their religion for guidance. There’s where the difference lies. What does Islam tell Muslims to do?

  • Mullah Lodabullah

    He’s left out “vulnerable” and “disaffected”.

    • Mullah Lodabullah

      * “At-risk” as an alternative to “vulnerable”.

      • Daniel Greenfield


        • Mullah Lodabullah


        • doramin

          This is a bit of a segue from ol’ Baba Gannouchi but I recall a WSJ article from a few years back as to why India’s Muslims have been left out of the software-and-call-center economy. Muslims refuse to live in peace with infidels. They refuse to go to school with infidels. They refuse to work with infidels. So in India they “marginalize” themselves into lives of righteous poverty as peasant sharecroppers and small shopkeepers.

          In Europe, of course, there are the joys of the welfare state. I always believed welfare reform was the secret weapon that kept Islamist terror from gaining a serious foothold in Amerikka. Can’t give yourself a forehead bump down at the mosque by day and build bombs in your basement by night when you have to work the Qwiky-Mart counter…those days seem to have ended, however.

          And you wonder why they all seem to drive cabs over here?

          • Daniel Greenfield

            They also depend on affirmative action in India.

          • doramin

            Prof. Sowell has written about how elaborate and intricate “affirmative action” is in India.

          • IslamDownpressesHumanity

            I’m wondering why the only cab drivers seem to be moslem, because it seems to me that would qualify as discrimination.

          • doramin

            I explained it. Muslims don’t like to work alongside infidels. So they seek out work where they don’t have to work alongside anybody. But they do take umbrage when a blind passenger wants to bring his seeing eye dog.

        • Abberline

          You mean “yutes” (as “Cousin Vinny” said in that movie).

  • Flowerknife_us

    Muslims have a way of marginalizing themselves.

  • Bamaguje

    “We must wage unceasing war against the Americans until they leave the land of Islam” – Rashid Ghannouchi.

    He isn’t making much sense. Wasn’t it American withdrawal from Iraq that enabled the emergence of Islamic state? Yet Ghannouchi blames American presence on Muslim land for young Jihadis trooping to ISIS.

    “….Ghannouchi requested a U.S. visa. His request was denied”

    Really?? After threatening the United States – “we will burn and destroy all their interests across the entire Islamic world” – he had the gall to request entry into the U.S.
    What do these hate mongering Islamists take we infidels for?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      That was during the Gulf War. He would get one today.

  • Mullah Lodabullah

    Groundhog Day:

    Muslim Council of Britain says constant talk of legislation and monitoring is leading marginalised Muslims towards radicalism

  • Joe The Gentile

    The informational Jihad is learning all along and getting better and better all the time at manipulating liberal thirst for the reinforcement of the liberal narrative. The Jihadis play to the Grievance Model, the standard Liberal explanation of violent, evil behavior against the West. If they are bad, Liberals presume they are only bad because we made them bad. Evil agency is only allowed of the West.

  • Jack Schitt

    Muslims join ISIS because it is the will of allah

  • IslamDownpressesHumanity

    I’m surprised Sheikh Ghannushi hasn’t had a personal invitation to the Presidential Palace in the District of Corruptistan.

  • Jason P

    The more I think about this nonsense of being “marginalized” and how it leads to bombing civilians the more furious I become.

    Conservatives are marginalized. Take Robert Spencer. He obviously isn’t welcomed in academia even as an opponent for a debate. He isn’t even welcomed at mainstream conservative events like CPAC. He isn’t even allowed into the UK. Why this guy should be bombing every major news media, university, and British embassy. Odd, he just calmly argues his position.

    Take David Horowitz. How often is he invited on Sunday morning talk shows? He gets invited by conservative student groups to universities but does he have an academic position like Bill Ayers. Hmmm. Perhaps he didn’t bomb enough buildings. Of course those in his audience that say they’d like all the Jews to gather in Israel to facilitate the “final solution,” are still on university campuses, welcomed as ever.

    Marginalization creates terrorists? Let’s try another theory.

  • guyjones

    Marginalized, my gluteus maximus. Here we go again with the tired, old, fallacious trope that fanatic jihadist adherents of the ideology of Submission have some legitimate grievance or grievances to resolve, that justifies their fascist savagery and sadistic barbarism. We’ve heard it all before: It’s the Jews; it’s Israel; it’s Western decadence; it’s Western movies and music; it’s Western consumption of pork; it’s political cartoons; it’s criticism of Submission; it’s a novel by Salman Rushdie; it’s poverty; etc. etc., ad nauseam. Submission is the ideology of perpetual grievance; Submissives are always finding something to be offended about; they are an inherently unhappy and insecure people who are incapable of taking responsibility for their ideology’s savagery. Indeed, the so-called Submissive “moderates” are utterly incapable of banishing the jihadists from the Submissive tent, because it is the jihadists who are merely following Submission’s tenets to the letter! Just following orders, as stated in the Qu’ran…

    But, let’s get down to brass tacks — Submission is an ideology of self-perceived supremacy which must assert its dominance over other religions and societies. It cannot exist in anything remotely resembling an environment of mutual respect and tolerance, much less, evince any respect for secular institutions and societies. According to Islamic scripture, the “infidel” must be
    converted or destroyed. It is this aspect of self-appointed ideological/theological supremacy, along with the Qu’ran’s unabashed vilification of non-Muslims, which lend Submission its unmistakably totalitarian and fascistic tenor. This is what the multicultural apologists are incapable and/or are unwilling to acknowledge.

  • James Wilkinson

    Good! Finally we agree on something; can feel the revulsion)

    OMG !! Dipsh!t French Froggies will prolly be angry and vengeful for 5
    days then, as always Parisians shall revert to intellectualizing the
    scene as far left liberalis always do then blame themselves for dying
    “Oh, they deserved what they got; The Jihadists were only practicing
    their religion which they have every right to do.” Chicken-sh!t