George Soros and Democracy Alliance Billionaires are Plotting to Hijack the 2014 Election


With polls showing a Republican landslide in 2014, the corrupt financial interests that invented the Obama era are plotting to undermine democracy with a group named, what else, the Democracy Alliance.

Leading the effort is international economic terrorist George Soros. The former Nazi collaborator has grown quite wealthy under Obama’s reign and is determined to keep him in power for as long as possible.

A group of wealthy liberal donors who helped bankroll the Center for American Progress and other major advocacy groups on the left is developing a new big-money strategy that could boost state-level Democratic candidates and mobilize core party voters.

The plan, being crafted in private by a group of about 100 donors that includes billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros and San Francisco venture capitalist Rob McKay, seeks to give Democrats a stronger hand in the redrawing of district lines for state legislatures and the U.S. House.

The effort reflects a sense among many top donors on the left that Democrats missed opportunities in 2010 to shape the redistricting process and contain the tea party wave that helped propel Republican victories around the country.

Discussions about the new plan began last week in Chicago at a four-day conference of the Democracy Alliance, the invitation-only donor group founded in 2005 to build the kind of network of think tanks and activist groups that has long flourished on the right.

While maintaining a low public profile, the alliance plays an influential role as the left’s central money hub, attracting political donors interested in more than simply making campaign contributions. Last week’s meeting at the Ritz-Carlton in Chicago drewan array of Democratic powerbrokers eager to influence the donors’ thinking, including White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka and Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards.

Many of the group’s top contributors come from the party’s liberal wing. That was evident last week in the conference’s theme — “A New Progressive Era?” — and the focus by speakers such as New York Mayor Bill de Blasio on economic inequality.

The Democracy Alliance does not make contributions itself. Instead, donors who join the alliance, known as “partners,” are required to contribute at least $200,000 a year to groups it recommends. Among the partners are some of the country’s largest labor unions.

The system has pumped an estimated $500 million into an array of organizations on the left over the past nine years, according to the alliance.

But alliance membership has been ticking up recently, group officials said. Well-known Democratic patrons such as San Francisco hedge fund manager Tom Steyer and Houston trial lawyers Steve and Amber Mostyn joined in the past few years. Eleven new donors have come aboard in the last several months alone, officials said.

The Chicago conclave — which featured a wine party in the Ritz-Carlton’s sky-view presidential suite and a private tour of the Art Institute of Chicago — drew accusations of hypocrisy from Republican Party officials, who noted that the wealthy donors met privately even as Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) was railing about the behind-the-scenes influence of the conservative patrons Charles and David Koch.

Democracy Alliance leaders rejected that, saying its members are seeking to reduce the influence of money on politics.

What better way is there to reduce the influence of money on politics than with money on politics? It’s like the time Al Capone tried cleaning up the Chicago police department by bribing all the cops.

“The people who are giving money into politics here are interested in changing the system. They’re not interested in getting return on investment,” said former Stride Ride president Arnold Hiatt, who donated $1.9 million to Democratic super PACs in 2012, not including gifts to nonprofits that aren’t required to disclose their donors. “You can focus on the irony, but it’s not hypocrisy because we’re not trying to get something for our donations.”

Absolutely not. Why the very thought of it. Just look at Tom Steyer who is in no way getting anything back.

Steyer has vowed to throw his considerable political fortune behind candidates who oppose the Keystone XL pipeline. The pipeline, which an ABC News poll found is “overwhelmingly favored by Americans,” was delayed once again last week by the administration of Barack Obama, for whom Steyer bundled campaign contributions in the 2012 election.

Steyer’s Farallon Capital just happens to have major holdings in a competing pipeline company called Kinder Morgan, whose TransMountain pipe is carrying tar sands oil from a different part of Canada to Asian customers.  And they’re looking to expand this operation until it’s bigger than Keystone XL would be!

No untoward motives. Just like Texas hurricane lawyer Steve Mostyn. Or George Soros. These noble souls are philanthropists donating money out of the goodness of their shriveled maggoty hearts.

In 2008, before a certain Chicago community organizer completed the left’s long march into the institutions of national power, a former Nazi collaborator named George Soros had a mere 11 billion dollars and was a mere 28th on the Forbes 400 list.

Now after a few years of Obama, millions of Americans are out of work, the economy is toast, and George Soros has moved up to No. 15 on the Forbes 400 with a total of 19 billion dollars.

How “natural” of an increase is that? Under Bush, in 2004, Soros was no. 54 on the Forbes 400 with a net worth of 7 billion. Four years later his net worth was up 4 billion. Four years after that it was up 8 billion.

Soros made twice as much under Obama as he did under Bush. He made more money during one term of Obama than his entire net worth in 2004 under Bush.

Philanthropists. Lovers of democracy. Now let’s talk some more about the Koch Brothers while Harry Reid figures out how to shove some more Chinese cash into the pockets of his idiot sons.

  • Edward Cline

    You know, I’d really like to call out Soros to a knock-down-drag-out, clean his clock, and put the miserable cur down forever. Then we’d be rid of the Nazi SOB.

  • truebearing

    Brilliantly stated.

    The Left is a political criminal class that profits mightily from the Fascism of Obama’s corrupt regime. These people are rapacious for yet more money and power, and none more than the psychopath who plundered the homes of his fellow Jews for the N azis in WWII, George Soros. Soros later admitted that not only did he not feel guilty about it, but “enjoyed it,” that it gave him ” only feelings of absolute power,” and that 1944, a year in which nearly 500,000 Jews in Hungary were killed, was the best year of his life.

    The money behind this coup is cynical, greedy, and ruthless. They aren’t true believers — belief in ideology is for the useful idiots. These billionaires care only about themselves and immense power through a transnational oligarchy that is apparently a mutant hybridization of Fascism and Communism. Egalitarianism is the last thing on their minds.

    Soros once admitted in an interview with Steve Krofts that: ” I fancied myself as some kind of god.” This level of megalomania is at a messianic level. People like Soros don’t care about the masses, the human race, justice, compassion, or anything good. They want the power of life and death over the human race. This total absence of goodness and light is our mortal enemy.

    The strategy of these pseudo-leftist billionaires is to create the illusion of plausibility that the Democrats can win an honest election. The biggest part of the money they spend will be in paying unions, illegal aliens, etc. to commit massive voter fraud, and Holder will be their firewall.

    • swemson

      “truebearing” wrote:

      “The Left is a political criminal class that profits mightily from the Fascism of Obama’s corrupt regime.”

      Indeed it is!

      Will Rogers said that “Congress is America’s only distinct criminal class” and Obama’s corrupt regime has taken that definition to new lows. It’s basically a vertically integrated protection / extortion racket, straight from the Chicago mold. The recent case of the record fine paid by Toyota is a perfect example.

      Toyota had some mechanical flaws in their cars which forced them to recall a great many vehicles. These flaws caused some accidents and Toyota had to pay tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars in judgments & settlements to people who were injured as a result. They also had to pay enormous fines to the government in “Civil Penalties” The fines had statutory limits although they were still substantial. In 2010 alone, Toyota paid over $48 million in fines, but being the biggest auto company made them too juicy a target, so Obama’s justice department opened up a criminal investigation of Toyota executives. Facing the possibility of doing jail time for what I suspect were honest engineering mistakes the company made, Toyota recently agreed to pay the government $1.2 Billion to drop the case. I bet that somebody in the Justice Dept got one hell of an annual bonus for thinking up that one.

      I see this as nothing more than the government running a legal protection racket. It shouldn’t have that kind of power. Our legal code, which needs lots of tweaking, needs to be changed so that targets of criminal investigations can’t buy their way out of jeopardy. If the Toyota executives actually did anything that warranted criminal charges, then they should be prosecuted and jailed if found guilty.

      This illustrates the reason why Obama’s corrupt regime keeps passing so many new rules & regulations. It’s their intention to have something to hold over the head of every individual and business so that they can control them and force them to come to the government, hat in hand to seek permission to do virtually everything they need to do to make a living.

      We have all sorts of laws on the books that punish most any type of behavior one can imagine. Obama’s corrupt regime’s ability to selectively prosecute certain defendants and not others alone gives them enormous powers to punish their enemies and reward their friends. All of that has to stop.

      Elected office must constitute a public trust that those elected must uphold, and which they cannot profit from. We may never achieve that ideal, but I think we have to try. If not, we might as well just give up and let the Marxists take over everything.

      In the meantime, if we can adopt term limits, end the enormous pensions & perks that elected officials receive, and start jailing some of the ones who get caught with their hands in the cookie jar, then I think it’s safe to assume that a lot of the worst crooks & scoundrels that we attract in government today, will seek opportunities elsewhere in the future.


    • emma852

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    • American1969

      (Standing Ovation)
      Spot on with your post.

  • onecornpone

    Watching Soros’ evil machinations against our freedoms incrementally succeed is excruciatingly painful, but he seems to have come up with the magic formula to ruin a representative republic. Sadly a congress loaded to the gills with lawyers shows little interest in looking for means to thwart his progress.

  • tickletik

    Daniel, please please please do not use that phrase “international economic terrorist”. The word terrorist refers to a specific form of activity, namely the use of large scale physically destructive attacks against civilian populations precisely to terrorize them into surrender.

    George Soros is a swindler and a con artist who has gamed his way to the top, and has caused massive destruction to many lives. He is probably a bag man for more powerful patrons, just as he was when he stole from other innocents to help himself. But “terrorist” is not a label that fits him.

    • Microaggressive

      Well, that’s your opinion but, you are wrong. Economic terrorism has a long and nefarious history. Perhaps you just want to cover up some of that historic terrorism.

  • secondlook

    Wahhh wahhhh the left might catch up with the money and gerrymandering. Quick, call them things.

    • glpage

      Might catch up… fool, they have never been behind. The only reason they have been ranting about rich conservatives is because it might start leveling the playing field. When the Democrats actually held power in Texas back when, they raised gerrymandering to an art form; now that the Republicans have been returning the favor for a while they are screaming like spoiled brats. Typical hypocrites, they don’t want the opposition to do what they have been doing.

      • secondlook

        The art form became a Van Gogh on that last one. Your party. Just like they took pork, obstruction, lies and spending to an art form.

    • Mark Caldwell

      These leftists are authoritarian collectivists hell bent on creating an oppressive communist gulag, damn them all.

  • Eva Deutsch

    This low-life is a war criminal this Hungarian Jew collaborated with the Nazis against his fellow Jews at age 14.

  • American1969

    Hypocrite, thy name is Leftist.

  • jewels

    Something better be done by election time, or these criminals will own the USA. We will not have a fair election, If you vote Republican, your votes will not count. The machines will be rigged, plead with your representatives to have paper ballots, and at least one form of proof of residency.

  • Alex Constantine

    Nice piece of Holocaust revisionism. Keep up the good work.

  • leftiesneedhelp

    It will be a wonderful day for the world when Soros dies. He has destroyed more lives than the last three wars we have been in combined.

    • Littleredtop

      A very true and little known fact.

  • libertytribune

    You cant change what is going on in the lives the average American that is struggling. You cant change things by throwing money at things. They have learned NOTHING. Go ahead and throw your money away.

  • stuffy

    If the activity is criminal or terrorist or actual trying to undermine our country, then why are the authorities not doing something about. I think they are up to no good but as a regular citizen I have no recourse.

  • Christian Patriot

    Soros will be struck down and meet his fate in hell.

  • Littleredtop

    We, the little people, are but sacrificial pawns in the giant chess game of life on planet earth in the year our lord 2014. George Soros, god like, will sacrifice one or all of us in the blink of an eye and will do so gladly to win a high stakes game. After all, we’re expendable and like cockroaches we’ll continually repopulate our shitty little holes in the great man’s pantry wall.