George Soros Funds BDS, Buys SodaStream Stock


It’s no secret that lefty doesn’t practice what he shrieks. Michael Moore had Haliburton stocks. Code Pink’s deranged Medea Benjamin invests in companies that have a sizable presence in Israel. George Soros, a major funder of the Anti-Israel movement, including BDS, goes them one better by buying up a chunk of SodaStream while investing in other Israeli companies.

George Soros, the leftists’ billionaire version of Sheldon Adelson, has bought $24.3 million worth of shares in the Israeli-Based SodaStream company, which has a factory in the same Judean Desert claimed by the Palestinian Authority and for which Sorors has donated millions of dollars…

After noting the attacks on Scarlett Johansson for doing an ad campaign for SodaStream…

Now comes George Soros with an apparently hypocritical investment to make money in a Zionist enterprise in the “occupied territories” after he has tried to pave the way for chaos by investing much more money in groups such as B’Tselem and the New Israel Fund, which back a No Jews Allowed Palestinian Authority state.

It’s doubtful that the leftist groups funded by George Soros which attacked Johansson will condemn their own backer. Just as Code Pink doesn’t have a lot to say about Medea Benjamin’s investments.

This type of hypocrisy is typical. Like so many other leftist pieties, boycotting Israel isn’t for the boycotters.

Just take the case of the man behind it all.

A subdivision of the global BDS movement is the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI), which calls on “academics and intellectuals…in the international community to comprehensively and consistently boycott all Israeli academic and cultural institutions as a contribution to the struggle to end Israel‘s occupation, colonization and system of apartheid.

In fact, Omar Barghouti, a PACBI co-founder—who travels from campus to campus denouncing Israel as an apartheid state and opposing Palestinian-Israeli collaboration as “providing a fig leaf covering up Israel’s …crimes against the Palestinian people”—is himself enrolled as a graduate student in philosophy (ethics) at Tel Aviv University.

When challenged about this blatant double standard, Barghouti dismisses it as irrelevant. “My studies at Tel-Aviv University are a personal matter and I have no interest in commenting,” he answered a Maariv reporter who questioned him about it.

Boycotting Israel is for someone else.


  • truebearing

    It seems that arbitarianism is the true ideology of the elite leftists. Utopia for them is the exercise of power regardless of consequences, including hypocrisy. It is a “Do what thou wilt” approach to wielding power, conscience-free and driven entirely by individual whim, oblivious to the good of the collective, ie. the useful idiots who work tirelessly to attain a mirage.
    The elite cultivate the potted plants of the collective, fertilizing them with causes, envy, hate, and outrage, while they live a sybaritic life, as self-indukgent as anyone they’ve condemned. This New Left doesn’t hate capitalism on an ideological basis as much as on a marketing basis. Their buyers have to believe in order for them to wield power, and therefore control vast sums of money. They motivate their troops with envy and differentiate their product with demonization, then sit back and enjoy the spoils of the arbitrarianism that is disguised as Marxism but is really corporate fascism.

  • JohnfromToronto

    You have to hand it to Israel’s enemies. The nonsense about Apartheid is a continuation of the “Zionism is Racism” resolution in another form and BDS is a continuation and extension of the Arab League boycott repackaged for the left. At any rate both are programs of the Arab petro-dollar lobby.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    It should be illegal. In theory, it’s a conflict of interest to attack a company in public advocating divestment and then acquiring those stocks for yourself.

    • mendezjb

      No big whoop for an inside trading currency manipulator

  • mendezjb

    There is something about Jews that brings the backwards knuckle draggers out of the woodwork in every generation and makes them foam at the mouth. In today’s world, standing wit he pariah pretty much ensures you’re on the right side.

  • DB1954

    When is Soros going to take the celestial dirt nap? I wish the Mossad could arrange it.


      Soros will move to an secret island in the carribean and try to take over the world.

    • carpe diem 36

      not yet, we need him to teach the children the meaning of a real scumbag, a hypocrite, a greedy self hating eediot. There is no one who comes even close to this clown who does not know his head from his a$$, but if we did not have him we would have had to invent him for just this kind of an example for the kids. I do not know if he has any supporters, they are probably as hypocritical as he is, and likely just as greedy.

  • Alexander Scheiner, Israel

    I recommend the book, by Edwin Black.
    In this book the evil activities of the anti-Zionist NGO, NIF, are documented. In fact, beside the anti-Semite Mr. Georg Soros, other financial supporters of the NIF are well documented, among them Islamic-Arab and anti-Semitic churches.
    Other supporters of the infamous BDS are: Btselem, Breaking the silence, JVJP.CH and the bigot RHR.

  • Lewis

    If only anti-Semitism could collect dust!!! Anti-Semitic terrorists often wear a mask: anti-Zionism. Jews have been unwelcome in places simply due to their beliefs. (1) While it’s true life is not easy for Palestinians, countries will go through a “potentially dangerous period” and the only thing holding them back is when they try “not to think of” any solution to violence! (2) It is due to these threats that Israel is carrying out well-teseted security traditions (which have also faced unfair boycotts in the past). (3) Thus, the legitimacy of Israel should not be in question any more than other European people’s fighting for their nationalism in the same way. The president of America himself said “Israel thrives as a diverse and vibrant democracy.” (4) While it’s true some Palestinians might fall through the cracks of a very complex legal system faced with the problem of so many different groups, folks like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch never include this fact: it’s very common for a country surrounded by enemies to have to defend itself. This has happened in history before. (5) Israelis frequently volunteer their time to enforce the law when the state has laxed. (6) As the great Zionist Max Nordau wrote, it is impossible for a Jew to hate since he “knows what terrible harm centuries of slavery… have done to his originally proud and upright character, and seeks to cure it by means of intense self-training.” (7)