Global Warming Lecture Cancelled Due to Unexpected Blizzard

Bike to work. Save the planet.

Bike to work. Save the planet.

Warmists claim that they can predict that the world will end because too many people drive to work, yet they’re caught by surprise every time there’s a blizzard.

The NOAA forecast of a warm winter left many cities unprepared for the massive snowfalls. And it’s no better in Canada, where the warmists tell us that they can predict what the weather will be like in 2140 only to have their lectures canceled by an unexpected blizzard.

Concerned about climate change? Then you’ll want to check out Catherine Potvin‘s lecture at the University of Windsor this week.

Who is Potvin?

“Dr. Catherine Potvin is a world leader in the study of global change biology, particularly the intersection between climate change science and international policy.”

In other words, Potvin is more of an activist than a scientist.

Her ability to engage with a wide range of people, including indigenous communities in the jungles of Panama, world leaders in international treaty negotiations, and average Canadians, is living proof of her unique ability to distill complicated research and engage diverse audiences.

Like ordinary indigenous Canadian world leaders living in the jungles of Panama.

She practices what she preaches with respect to making individual and collective changes to our lifestyles, including cycling to work even during Montreal’s cold and snowy winters!

Apparently not.

You may be tempted to snicker at the irony that a discussion on climate change at the University of Windsor was called off due to Wednesday’s wild weather.

The bad news is that Windsor utterly smashed its winter snowfall record on Wednesday. The really bad news? This may not be the last blast of the year.

According to Environment Canada’s weather hotline, the March 12 snowfall total as of 9:30 p.m. at Windsor Airport was 12 centimetres — more than enough for this winter’s snowfall total to bust the previous all-time record.

“It’s a lot of snow, for sure,” said Environment Canada meteorologist Geoff Coulson earlier in the day. “Unfortunately, given the forecast over the next couple of weeks, we could still be adding to it after that.”

Well who could have predicted that? Not a Climate Change expert apparently.

  • The_Questman

    In the last 7 years there have been MANY such conferences and meetings cancelled due to cold weather. Climate Change is just another Leftist/Communist plan for wealth redistribution.

  • DogmaelJones1

    I think it’s proof positive of one of two counts: that the “warmists” are dishonest to the core of their souls and agenda and will never acknowledge that they’re wrong; or, that they have the fried brains of a groundhog on massive injections of El Dopa.

  • CarbonFooledYa

    It doesn’t matter how much the weather/climate doesn’t play ball with the warmist agenda, nor how witty the skeptic observations on such are: the irony will always be lost on those who have no capacity for introspection.

    And when the AGW scare is finally over, warmists will simply move on to the next scare, without the slightest pause for thought on how wrong they were on the last scare, or how much damage their feelings-based ideology did to society and the economy.

    AGW lets the rats come out of the woodwork and thrive for a while, like just another plague that will pass.

    • nightspore

      “And when the AGW scare is finally over, warmists will simply move on to the next scare”

      Not if we take advantage of this priceless opportunity. Right now they’re all way, way out on a limb. But we have to be clever enough to figure out how to cut it down before they’ve had time to scramble back to cover.

      • Ronald G. Havelock

        They have already scrambled back to “climate change,” a term which means absolutely nothing. It’s a cheat; heads I win, tails you lose. Why can’t any influential leaders call this scam for what it is? There is nothing “left” or “right” about this, BTW. It is a reactionary ideology that has fooled a lot of liberals who should know better. It is anti-science posing as “science.”

        • nightspore

          To some extent that’s a valid point, they are covering themselves somewhat with this ploy. But they’re still basically stuck on the same message – which pops out again and again (trumpeting every heat wave in Australia, claiming that the Arctic ice is still thinning [which it isn’t by the way], etc.). There’s also the warming causes cooling ploy, but like “climate change” that still leaves them tied to the basic story line. So they’re still out there on that limb; it’s still “stop releasing CO2 or we’ll all die!”.

  • wileyvet

    I happen to live in a smallish northern British Columbia city and usually endure prolonged harsh winters. This year however has been the mildest of the six I have spent here. No fewer than 3 Chinooks of extended duration have happened making for very pleasant conditions. We have had only one week of severe cold, dipping to minus 30 celsius with wind chill to minus 40. For the most part it has averaged a bearable minus 15 to 20. Initial heavy snow volume looked menacing, but the warmer weather and high winds have eliminated much of that earlier than normal. So if global warming is working then hallelujah to not freezing my ass off everyday for 6 months.

  • wileyvet

    Are you kidding me? My post about the weather in Northern B.C. has to be moderated. Unreal.

    • Mark Brown

      Censors at work.

  • PAthena

    The climate of the earth has been changing ever since the earth came into existence billions of years ago. We are now in an interglacial period, the last major Ice Age having ended about 10,000 years, in a cycle of 20,000 years, determined by the changes in the orbit of the earth. Thank goodness for global warming!
    There was a mini-ice-age from about 1400 to the middle of the nineteenth century, so that people ice-skated on Lake Ontario in the middle of the 19th century.

  • T800

    AGW is a snowjob.

  • truebearing

    If the indigenous communities in the jungles of Panama were buried in snow and frozen to death, Dr. “Crack” Potvin would keep trudging along on the same delusional path.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Not unless she froze too

  • ApolloSpeaks


    cruel to her leftist voteries.

    That would make her a rightwinger.

    Maybe she’s Rush Limbaugh.

    Click my name then my website for a highly unusual look at the MH 370 mystery.

  • Ammianus

    The cold weather confounding the global change proponents is obviously the work of the Koch brothers.

  • John C. Turmel, B. Eng.

    Jct: Such great entertainment making fun of the global warming hoaxers still on the job.

  • Adam

    Nevermind the fact that it was 65 degrees the day before this storm front hit, and I was in a t-shirt. The repeated instability of warm followed by extreme cold must just be the new “normal”.

  • Surya N. Maruvada

    I have a simple question – if the warmists accept the fact that there have been ice ages in the past, how did the climate warm up afterwards? A cold spell or even record cold winter are either dismissed as one data point or spun as proof of ‘climate change’ but any warmer than average summer is also proof of the same thing. Sounds exactly like a religious faith, no?

  • Mark Brown

    Too funny!!