Google News Teams Up with Google Plus to Thank Allah for Sharon’s Death

google news

At least that’s the best explanation that I have for what I’m seeing here at the top of Google’s News page. I’m not a Google Plus member. I refused to even use its profile for YouTube so I can’t be seeing anything that is being shared.

And I’m seeing the same thing in different browsers where I’m not even logged in. I’m sure there’s some process by which a Google Plus comment on a news story somehow appears under a top news story. It’s a terrible idea and an even worse idea when a comment is this hateful. But it may not be a coincidence.

I know Google is desperate to prop up its failed Google Plus service, but I’m not sure that marketing it to Jihadists is the way to go.

  • Softly Bob

    I don’t think that Google believes it is marketing to jihadists.. Google knows that there is a big anti-Israel crowd out there in the World and it is marketing to those people.
    Of course, it all amounts to the same thing. The PC anti-Zionists are jihadist enablers.

  • Timothy W. Crane

    LOL. Have you been under a rock so long that you fail to see user generated content as belonging to the source and not the access channel? Everyone here probably hates me as I am a acknowledged Islamist, but to hide under a rock and refuse to communicate or even self censor myself from the reality that other attitudes and opinions exist does not even cross my mind. Maybe Twitter is Pro proMubarak-turned-proIslamist-turned-promilitary? Way to grab a headline.