Google’s Weird Passive-Aggressive Olympics Gay Rights Protest

All it took to get the left to hate Russia after a century of gulags and invasions was… gay rights. In that oddball spirit, Google decided to use its search engine to lodge a passive aggressive protest against Russia and the Olympics.


I don’t think anyone was in any doubt as to where Google stood, but its indirect protest, a rainbow of athletes and a reference to the Olympic charter and non-discrimination in sports, which isn’t even relevant here since no gay athletes are being prevented from competing, manages to be presumptuous and cowardly at the same time.

Google is one of the world’s biggest online companies. It’s an 800 lb gorilla which can highhandedly make entire companies disappear from the internet at the whim of its bosses thanks to its search monopoly. And yet it dances around what it wants to say, which is to denounce Russia for not having the same gay rights policies as California.

On the other hand, Google is already annoying and powerful enough that no one particularly wants to see it embed its political agenda into its dysfunctional search engine. Even the left is turning on Google now and its inept gay rights Sochi protest may be an attempt at appeasing the left to show that it’s on their side.

It’s a given that Google wouldn’t lodge this kind of protest over gay rights in Qatar. Nor will the left be shouting itself hoarse over the subject when the World Cup comes there in 2022.

There wasn’t a lot of noise about human rights in China when it hosted the Olympics, because as bad as the Russians are, the Chinese are far more ruthless about suppressing protests. (And no, China is not particularly better on gay rights than Russia.)

Progressives pick their battles and they do so in a cowardly and dishonest manner.

  • A Z

    With the Islamization of New York soon Google will refrain from speaking out at all.

  • David

    How is Google search dysfunctional?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      It prioritizes trending over relevant, it searches for what it thinks you want instead of what you wrote, etc

      • AlexanderGofen

        Exactly! In doing so HOOKLE violate its promise of doing FORMAL search which meets the user required FORMAL CRITERIA.

        • Weltschmerz

          David – an example of Google’s search dysfunctionality:

          The G8 is a pretty big deal. It’s countries make up 50% of the world’s gdp and about 28% of the world’s territory. Putin/Russia became president of the G8 on Jan 1 2014. MSM doesn’t cover it.

          I Google – russia president g8

          I get mostly MSM/Western results, all of which are talking about stuff from summer 2013, Russia, Syria vs US.
          I get the occasional result from a russian based website that is actually relevant and talks about the goals of this year’s g8.

          I couldn’t believe how much they manipulate the results.


          G8 – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
          Address by President Vladimir Putin on Russia assuming the G8 …

          Russia calls on G8 leaders to share responsibility for future …

          Russia assumes G8 presidency, lays out key agenda — RT Business

          Russia to teach G8 what’s what – English

          And on and on the list went… All much more relevant to my interests. It gives real results.

          Try it or for a week and it will change your web experience!
          I have given up on Google.

          Google, bing etc are all in the NSA’s pocket.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            This is what turned google search into garbage. It’s all recent news results.

    • glpage

      It favors businesses that advertise with it over those that don’t. They also claim no political viewpoint in their searches; given some of the political searches I have done on Google I have to disagree. Their FAQ page also states they are in favor of transparency and list several links to support that; ask them to see the code or even a design spec for the search engine. That won’t happen, they will claim its their intellectual property, which it is, but the greater reason is that you would be able to determine what they really do.

    • A Z

      Thanks for asking. I went to PC magazine and Consumer reports to see what they would say.

      That said I do not use Google except to search for images.

      Since I took the time to learn the syntax for queries and if Google does not use them the way they ought to be used, then I am out.

      I often do not care what is trending. Your not always going to find the truth that way.

  • AlexanderGofen

    “Progressives pick their battles and they do so in a cowardly and dishonest manner.” – Exactly! Google turned into HOOKLE, into an ugly liberast den and water carrier for this illegitimate government. Your ancestors Brin would turn in their grave if they learn in which direction you perfect your “genius” Brin…

    • Weltschmerz

      wait, why is google called hookle now? because of the sandy hook hoax?

      • AlexanderGofen

        I tried (not very successfully) to associate them with hookers….

  • wileyvet

    I love the Olympic charter. A human right, … practising your sport without discrimination of any kind, unless you happened to be a Jewish athlete in 1936 Berlin or Garmisch-Partenkirchen. And the following Olympics had been granted to Japan for 1940. Who would have been excluded there? Chinese and Korean athletes no doubt.

    • defcon 4

      What about a Jewish athlete in the Munich summer Olympic games in ’72’?

  • Infidel4Ever

    “Progressives pick their battles and they do so in a cowardly and dishonest manner.”
    Truer words have never been spoken. I’m still waiting to see NOW and GLAAD march in protest down the streets of Teheran, or Cairo, or Jeddah, or…

  • b_marco

    One wonders if Google’s position would be different if they were dominant in the perogie-sphere. Let’s see if there’s a detectable dip following this stunt. And anyone who installs chrome searches google by default…

  • Race_Dissident

    Leftists go after Russia while turning a blind eye to China and the Islamic world because anti-white racism is what underpins the New Left.
    PS–I’m glad you wrote about this, Greenfield. I noticed this prissy little spot of agit-prop and wondered if anybody would take Google to task. At any rate, I use Bing whenever I can.

    • Weltschmerz is the best for online anonymity and number of indexes… it doesn’t have fake numbers like google and isn’t in the NSA’s pocket like Microsoft/bing, google etc.
      I am open to other suggestions readers have.

  • defcon 4

    Thanks to google’s hypocrisy in indicting Russia while ignoring muslimes killing members of the LGBT community (among others), I think it’s time for me to stop using google as a search engine. Would yahoo be any better?

    • PaulTheBrit

      The main companies are as bad as each other. I suggest using:


      Both are secure and maintain they don’t track user’s searches, unlike Google and Yahoo.

      I, too, was disgusted by Google’s pathetic rainbow scribble. I say good luck to the Russians! Putin is the only western leader talking sense right now, particularly with his views on preserving traditional values and his anti-Islamic slant.

      • Weltschmerz

        Thanks for the tip
        I already use as I don’t support google, bing, microsoft etc being in the NSA’s pocket. Google and others also manipulate search results and have fake numbers like 6982349328745903504 hits
        Also, I found it from using TOR that it is a better way to be anonymous online.
        Putin may not be perfect but he is much better than the Western countries right now.
        What a Twilight Zone when Russia is the defender of free speech, peace in the middle east, national sovereignty, whistleblowers, christians, etc.
        I am disgusted by the whining of MSM journalists… what poor guests. The water is bad? What about flamable fracking water?
        There is a bee in the honey? Wow, russian food is real! not made of 100% chemicals,
        You barely get a free case of beer these days in the West if you find a mouse skeleton in a beer.

  • laura r

    why does every world event turn into a gay event?