Government Wants Talking $30K Shopping Carts to Tell Food Stampers to Eat Healthy


What a Brave New World this is. And I do mean the book. At this rate we’re only a decade away from having food inspectors visit your home.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is suggesting major changes to grocery stores to “nudge” Americans to purchase healthier foods when they shop.

Because obviously if they’re not eating the way they’re supposed to, it’s because they haven’t been properly programmed.

The agency commissioned an “expert panel” to make recommendations on how to guide the more than 47 million Americans on food stamps into spending their benefits on fruits and vegetables.

The USDA could just force them to do it, but that’s not condescending enough.

“In this approach, the supermarket is the classroom and shoppers receive support on how to maximize their healthy choices using products retailers promote via the weekly store circular,” the report said.

Under liberalism, everything is meant to be a classroom. But that’s what happens when you have a nanny state run by academics. This will…

A. Cost people who pay for their food more money as the supermarket passes the regulatory burden to them

B. Create more liberal consulting jobs

C. Accomplish nothing

Another idea included a point-based system where food stamp recipients could receive movie tickets in exchange for healthy food purchases.

Great idea. We’re giving them free food. Let’s also give them free movie tickets. Working Americans have too much money anyway.

Grocery store staff could also be used as “ambassadors” for the USDA’s agenda.

We’re talking about people getting paid minimum wage to stock shelves. Now they’re supposed to tell you to eat healthy?

The “MyCart grocery cart” would provide dividers for shoppers to make sure they are selecting enough items in each “MyPlate” category, the USDA’s food icon.

The cart would be color-coded, physically divided, and have a system installed so that when the shopping cart reaches its healthy “threshold” it would congratulate the customer.

The report estimated that implementing the new carts would cost roughly $30,000 for every store. The change would be costly. For instance, Safeway, Inc. would need to spend $40.05 million to introduce the carts at its 1,335 stores in the U.S.

And yes you would end up paying for these $30K shopping carts which would survive about a month before breaking down. But we would finally all be living in Idiocracy at last.

Next step, talking fridges, talking microwaves and surveillance cameras in your kitchens. Just little nudges from the totalitarian nanny state.

  • Race_Dissident

    Bloody hell.

    You know, if these ruddy ponces really want to impose “healthy food choices” on the welfare crowd, why not simply make food stamps redeemable for only “healthy” foods? Hence, you could buy tofu with food stamps, but not pork rinds. Bean sprouts, but not Red Bull. Hmmm? Why not? I suppose because it would be too inexpensive and too effective.

  • Bill Cervetti

    Yes, but no amount is too great if we can just get our message out, and change just a FEW lives for the better.Because ,after all, the message of healthy eating has never been heard before, –
    at least not in the way our Grievance Nutritionist in Chief has expressed it and put it into action so far, on so many fronts. And besides, someone else is paying for it—those supermarkets owned by billionaires—let’s give them one last chnce to redeem themselves. REMEMBER, if we can chnge JUST ONE LIFE!!!We’ve got to get this message out!!!!

    • Pete

      “those supermarkets owned by billionaires”

      With in the last 20 years supermarkets have had margins as low as 1% to 3%. That was typical. Now, they are high and 5% or a little more.

      They are not rolling in dough. Not like Washington D.C. or Obama donors.

  • tagalog

    If the government is going to pay for these things, the government has too much money and we should be agitating to the max for tax cuts.

    The supermarket is not a classroom. It is a market. That’s why we call it “market” and not “school.”

    • Pete

      In one second or 3rd rank city that I frequently visit, the main drag has a community center and a Head Start next to each other.

      My point is that the government has plenty of “channels” (think sales channels or dealer channels) to educate the poor, the middle class or anyone else.

      They also have PSAs.
      They also have schools.
      They have government websites.

      There is only so much we can pay for.

      The government doesn’t believe in the adage “You can lead a horse to water but you can;t make it drink.”

  • DogmaelJones1

    First, let’s make a distinction between those who work for a living, and the non-productive (except for babies), career, perpetual parasites who get food stamps and other “assistance.” At least, I don’t think the crackpots in government or the USDA make that distinction. Everyone, productive and non-productive, is tossed into the same bin to be managed, coddled, cajoled, or sapped with penalties if they don’t conform. Second, career welfarists won’t pay any attention to the carts or the nudges. They’ll just keep buying Coco Puffs and Big Steaks Tator Tots and other consummables the government frowns upon. I’ve never stood in a supermarket line and not noticed that the ones paying with EBT cards or food stamps push carts that are piled high, if not overflowing, with items that a working middle class family would have to mortgage their homes to buy. And, yes, supermarkets and grocery stores will definitely pass on the cost of the talking carts and other nudge programs. I don’t know of a single commodity that is taxed to the hilt whose cost isn’t passed on to customers. And, yes, those talking carts will eventually break down, be vandalized, and be scattered all over parking lots as they are now. Why, this is just the program for Minnie the Moocher (aka Michelle Obama) to manage, while she stuffs her face with only the best and most expensive food ever!

    • Pete

      As you say these carts will be outside. We should test these carts in zipcodes that have high incomes and are liberal. I cannot see these working in the Northwest with the rain, the Midwest with the intense cold, or the Southwest with the heat.

      • Daniel Greenfield

        Stores have kept trying to make shopping carts that wouldn’t be stolen, including wheels that freeze after they fall out of the range of a radio transmitter. The homeless would that it’s easy enough to unstick the wheels.

        • Pete

          ” including wheels that freeze after they fall out of the range of a radio transmitter. ”

          I did not know about carts with radio transmitters. That is insane, but it seems necessary.

          Aldi has a carts, where you have to put a quarter into them to be able to unlock it from the rest. They do not have to hire people to round up carts. If you are “poor” (or smart) enough to shop at Aldi, then you are poor enough to want your quarter back.

          “The homeless would that it’s easy enough to unstick the wheels.”

          I think there is a problem with the grammar of this sentence. I don’t understand it. Does it mean the homeless have found a way to defeat the anti-theft device?

          • UCSPanther

            I have seen those devices. They are a little solenoid that first sounds an alarm, and then applies a brake shoe to the wheel when out of range of a transmitter.

            They are not widely used because they are expensive, require regular maintenance (Batteries are required, obviously) and not rugged enough to stand up to the abuse that shopping carts get on a daily basis. I have only seen one chain (Winners) use them, and they were for in-store use only.

            And yes, they can be easily defeated with a whole manner of common tools. A $5 screwdriver or a $20 crowbar can make short work of a $200 electronic device.

          • Pete

            I didn’t find a picture, but I can imagine how it looks.

            I like the Aldi’s system. It seems to work and is not that onerous.

          • UCSPanther

            A lot of Grocery chains make heavy use of that system as well.

            In Canada, chains like Loblaws and Overwaitea have used the coin-lock chain for years.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          I can imagine a whole new cottage industry for hijacking and bootlegging those stupid things.

        • tagalog

          When they’re done with using the carts, they throw them in the nearest waterway. That’s the experience here in Colorado Springs at least, where a couple of years ago, fear of an ACLU lawsuit kept the city from driving the derelicts out of the several miles of tent-city eyesore petri dishes for disease they had established along the wide creek that flows through the middle of town. We had no law prohibiting camping in city parks.

          • Pete

            Great comment. It is historical and therefore useful as an example.

            It also points out what the problem is with the ACLU. They always point out what is wrong, if not morally wrong than legally (cross the t dot the i wrong).

            A lot of cities scrap their city ordinances and buy a best practices one compiled by private firms. One more ordinance to add to fend off the ACLU.

    • Ken Martin

      And don’t forget the illegals here that get EBT cards and buy the food so they can send money back to Mexico.

  • Ban Liberals

    NOTHING coming from the Obama government today contains anything rational or even mildly sane.

    I escaped from NY long ago, but before that witnessed first hand what these savages did and do to others’ property.

    Does any rational person really believe these carts would last more than an hour? Half the homeless people wandering the streets in New York ‘own’ one, and I can promise you that the parts wouldn’t last long enough to make a trip down a single store isle.

    And this ain’t RAAACIST, it’s just the plain truth.

    The money would be better spent in a fireplace, kindling logs.

  • Pete

    If the government mandates or coerces grocers to buy 30K shopping carts per store, the American people will no longer afford to eat.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      that’s the idea

  • Christopher Riddle

    By the time Obongo(and his Gang)get through with us,we’ll be Bloody Lucky to be able to afford ANYTHING to EAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kilfincelt

    I was just talking to my niece about a woman that she knows who has three children but no husband, works part-time at McDonald’s, and gets $600 in food stamps. My niece, who is married with two children, couldn’t understand why this woman was getting so much money in food stamps. Being the careful shopper that she is, my niece doesn’t spend anywhere near that much. I haven’t told her about this latest little wrinkle.

    30K shopping carts is the most idiotic idea to date from our clueless government officials. Who’s going to monitor food stamp recipients to make sure that they buy the recommended food items? This is the height of lunacy and I have no desire to pay for it. Why don’t we taxpayers march on Washington to demand an end to the food stamp program and an end to the majority of the welfare programs?

    • objectivefactsmatter

      This is “social justice.” Social justice means idiotic elites get to employ whatever strategies they want as long as they can keep a straight face while announcing that the program is “for the people.”

    • rhcrest

      We need to march on Washington to end Washington as we know it. This is just one tiny part of the problem

  • Elise

    How are Americans so stupid today that they don’t know the calories of common food items from the supermarkets to restaurants? I believe, in part, it is because students are not taught home economics anymore and that there are many parents who know nothing about basic nutrition, food borne illness, or ideal body weight for age and height.
    What is the American Dietetic Association doing to get the information out to school students. STOP hiding behind your white lab coats and do your job of educating the public. Those of us who studied nutrition therapy know that people can’t be forced to eat low sodium, renal failure diets, or 1500 cal low fat diets, but we can educate them.
    When I was in high school in the early 1970’s almost every girl I knew, was able to recite the calories of an apple, orange, skim milk, ice cream, diet soda, choc chip cookie, chicken breast half or big mac. Very few students were overweight because we had an hour of P.E. Monday through Friday that was run like the military. No one walked around the field for an hour, like they do at my daughter’s school. Most of my friends knew how to eat healthy because their parents knew how to eat healthy, even those with immigrant parents. Common sense has gone out of most households today.
    When we took our son to college in Upstate New York, last year, I noticed the calorie count on the restaurant menu, yet there were still many overweight people eating gross amounts of unhealthy food. People know that donuts and fried food are bad for you if you eat them too often, yet they don’t care.
    The progressive liberals are just like the co-dependent spouse of an obese or alcoholic spouse, the way they nag or hide the real issues of addiction. Alcoholism and obesity are a part of the family dynamics of households ruined by substance abuse. The more the government (wife)nags about nutrition (the alcoholic spouse), the number of obese people ( alcoholic episodes) will increase. We are adults, I want to remain at normal weight because it makes me feel younger and healthier, perhaps obese people like the way they feel also.
    However, when the government provides health care they will force those who are overweight to follow their rules or take the health care away. Those who rely on the government for everything are like adult children who still rely on their parents, and like parents can take things away. Fat people and undisciplined people, show some self control so that the rest of the country doesn’t have to suffer under the government “nudge.”

    • UCSPanther

      Couldn’t have said that better. Labels mean nothing if nobody takes the time to read and understand them.

      For the chronic welfare crowd, even the simplest common sense is way over their heads.

  • CaoMoo

    Id stop shopping anywhere that but those pieces of crap in their store.

    • Ghostbuster

      Then you’d stop shopping anywhere! If the gov’t WANTS TO, (ie. passes this bill or signs an “executive decree,” they can require any store who takes EBT to conform to the reg! That’s the way aitch (H) rolls!

      • CaoMoo

        Considering the expsense that would be paseed on. Id think alot of grocery chains would tell obama and congress to F*** themselves first.

  • objectivefactsmatter
  • longplay

    ““In this approach, the supermarket is the classroom and shoppers receive support on how to maximize their healthy choices using products retailers promote via the weekly store circular,” the report said.”

    This assumes they can read.

  • green_recovery

    I notice food stamp leeches at the grocery store. They’ll buy $30 worth of junk food like hot pockets or chedderwursts, and then spend $100 on cigarettes and video games.

    Another big one I see are parents eating outside. They eat the good food, like rotisserie chickens or ice cream while walking on the sidewalk or driving. Then when they get home it’s hot dogs for the house full of kids.

    By that’s just another scheme. Political machines first want taxpayer money, next they want more time in office so they can get more taxpayer money.

    We should get our money back by making them push a giant wheel and generate electricity.

    • Frankie “da scarf”

      I’m all for THAT!

  • Bob

    More dumb ideas from the morons/idiots in DC, so they don’t have to do the job they were elected for.

    • UCSPanther

      It’s easier to pass feel-good laws than to actually do anything concrete about a problem.

  • anitactrammell

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  • Hard Little Machine

    Wouldn’t it be simpler to rip a page from Stalin and criminalize the possession of all food instead?

    • Frankie “da scarf”

      Cheaper too.

  • Bert

    Notice that Obama has been seen eating junk food himself.

    • Frankie “da scarf”

      ALL marxist dicktaors do anything THEY wan ANYway.

  • Jose

    Will this new “MyCart grocery cart” have a separate divider for beer, wine, cigarettes and crack cocaine?

    • Frankie “da scarf”

      Yes, and there’s a special section on the bottom for ‘gay’ supplies the administration deems useful too.

      • UCSPanther

        Now you can buy lube on your EBT!

        • Frankie “da scarf”

          Get OUT!!!

  • Alan Burge

    Obviously doesn’t work with Oreos, Tostidos, and Fritos in the cart!

  • Question Diversity

    And yes you would end up paying for these $30K shopping carts which would survive about a month before breaking down

    Before that happens, they’ll be stolen. I’m waiting to see the first homeless person pushing a talking cart with a screen.

    Even if that doesn’t happen, the whole thing will be a big flop. You really expect people to be neat and tidy and studious about obeying the subdivided sections of the cart? They’ll throw anything in any part of the cart, so the “healthy” section will get filled up with junk and trash food, the cart will congratulate you on buying healthy food, and you’ll get whatever rewards they think you should get.

    How will the cart be able to tell that the person doing the shopping is going to be using food stamps? This whole thing is to get food stampers to buy healthy food, right? What about the scant few people remaining who actually pay cash for food?

    I’m a St. Louisan who often goes to the famous farmers market in town. They don’t have grocery carts, you either have to bring your own push-behind cart or radio flyer wagon or something, or carry what you buy. I know that most vendors there take food stamps, they display such notices proudly and prominently. So you’re telling me that all the healthy food you buy from there won’t count toward your points or rewards or computer voiced “ataboy” or “atagirl” because there won’t be these smart carts there?

    • Frankie “da scarf”

      People are going to buy what they want. My guess would be 1 out of 10 would wind up really using it. The rest of us will put anything we want in there. This will do nothing but spike the price of food up MORE, for no good reason at all. Of course, the SNAP recipient’s will get more of OUR money to make up the difference…but WE’LL be 2 time loser’s AGAIN!

    • Ghostbuster

      In Little Rock, Arkansas, tobacco & liquor stores are allowed to take EBT cards. The “theory” is, they sell Slim Jims, potato chips etc., all of which qualify as “food” under Dept. of Agri regs. Of course, what happens is that the cardholder buys a bag of chips and gets $20 cash back. For, er, cab fare back home, of course. (Can’t carry those chips 2 blocks, huh?!

      • Question Diversity

        There’s another thing. If you don’t think that the EBT food stamp card isn’t being used for booze and cigarettes, then you’re naive. And I’m not talking about corner Patel quick marts, I’m talking about legit supermarkets, with the permission of the supermarket chain’s executives.

  • Ken Martin

    By the time Obama and the democrats get through most people won’t be able to buy groceries anyway.

  • Porphyry

    Because all you peasants are *too dumb* to look out for yourselves–& we need you all to keep working for your ever-lovin’ Gov’t!

  • Saggin Gin

    The once great America didn’t have these problems 50 years ago. Diversity has brought us to this point in time and the freeloaders need to be sterilized to prevent more generations of freeloaders.

  • jhsif

    I wonder what we that are SICK to death of the NANNY state, can get to talk, to have government stooges stop DICTATING to us what to eat?! TALKING currency maybe?! If fish can sign songs on the wall, why can;t we make talking currency to shout to government stooges, “stay out of my grocery sack!?”

  • Yes Virginia 0bama is a coon

    Currently shopping carts cost the grocer about $75.00 a piece. Many get stolen, dumped into ditches, sequesrered in back alleys and used as carryalls by homeless people.
    New computerized ones costing almost as much as a Chevy Volt will now end up in hock shops and salvage yards and parts recyclers.

  • obama U monkey

    Currently shopping carts cost the grocer about $75.00 a piece. Many get stolen, dumped into ditches, sequestered in back alleys and used as carryalls by homeless people.
    These regime mandated computerized talking ones costing almost as much as a Chevy Volt will now end up in pawn shops and salvage yards and parts recyclers.

  • obama U monkey

    The Low Information Voters may need this cart. They are pretty stupid anyway. They voted for 0bama twice and could not figure out that 0bama was gay and a communist and that Michelle is a dude.

  • krusatyr

    ‘Chelle-O, butt of Jello, needs talkin chairs: “Get off me, fatassed btch!”

  • Jeremy Harmon

    What is your source for this report? I’ve seen it repeated on scores of blogs and websites, repeating the exact same claims, but with absolutely no source. This is either really sloppy fact-checking or really crummy reporting…or both.

    This whole story smells fishy, and I find it hard to believe that a person who has “journalism fellow” on their resume would display such an utter lack of journalistic diligence.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Follow the link at the top to the Washington Free Beacon

  • delray

    What needs to happen is to defund the FDA along with 99% of the rest of the government. Anyone getting any kind of government assistance should be drug tested and, if they don’t have a job, clean up the streets instead of laying on their fat in front of the TV playing video games that they bought with their EBT.

    I bet the homeless would love to get free Ipads when they steal these carts.

  • blackmumford

    Let me guess Cadillac Escalade Shopping Carts with Spinners?