Gun Used by Muslim Marathon Bombers Linked to Muslim Drug Gang


This is an interesting development because it raises questions about the nature of the relationship between the Muslim Tsarnaev bombers and other Muslim gangs.

The Tsarnaevs were into the drug business so the relationship may have been purely business. Or it may have been more than that.

Two Maine men are named in a newspaper report as the sources of a gun purchased in Maine and used by Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev to kill a campus police officer three days after the bombings in April 2013.

Sun told police under questioning at the Cumberland County Jail last year that he gave the gun to Tsegai, an immigrant from the African country of Eritrea who has an extensive criminal history in Maine. It remains unclear how the gun then ended up in Tsarnaev’s possession.

Tsegai was targeted in a drug investigation by the FBI from November 2010 to February 2012, and is accused in court documents of being the leader of a drug trafficking ring in Portland.

“These wire intercepts, combined with testimony of several cooperating witnesses, would establish that during the dates of the charged conspiracy, Biniam Tsegai (1) received orders for user-level quantities of crack cocaine from Hamadi Hassan’s customers; (2) delivered crack cocaine to Hamadi Hassan’s customers after they had placed orders with Hamadi Hassan; and (3) packaged and prepared crack cocaine for sale and distribution after it had been brought to Maine from Boston,” Conley wrote, naming Tsegai and a man with whom Tsegai is alleged to have worked with in selling drugs.

The Los Angeles Times says authorities believe Tsarnaev’s ties to Maine’s drug trade helped him finance a six-month trip to the Russian republics of Chechnya and Dagestan in 2012 that inspired the Boston Marathon bombings, but Maine court records and attorneys for those charged in the case against Tsegai indicate the drug ring that Tsegai is accused of operating had no known connection to Tsarnaev.

It’s not clear whether Biniam Yemane Tsegai is Muslim, but he has a history of working with Muslim criminals. And we’re not just talking about Hassan.

Police charged Samadi Mohamad Hassan, 29, of Portland with criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon, criminal threatening, aggravated assault and violating bail conditions.

Police brought charges of disorderly conduct and failure to submit to arrest against Hassan Osman, 24, of Columbus, Ohio; Biniam Tsegai, 24, of Portland; Hassan Akubar, 20, of Portland; Mohamud Said, 24, of Portland; and Samantha Pecoraro, 26, whom they described as a transient.

Muslim criminals habitually use Western women and Pecoraro appears to be a local prostitute, but the rest of the gang is obviously Muslim with Somali leanings. That’s significant because Tsegai is reportedly part of a Portland gang. Portland unfortunately had large numbers of Somali Muslim settlers dumped on it resulting in gang activity from such crews as the True Somali Bloods. Somalia is also a hub for Islamic terrorist activities and you often have an overlap between Islamic terrorism and Muslim migrant crime.

Based on the records, it would appear that Tsegai has a history of Muslim criminal confederate activities.

Abdi Awad, 23, Ismail Awad, 20, and Tsegai Biniam, 22, of Portland were arrested and charged with robbery on June 25th, after a man reported to a passing police officer that he and a woman had just been threatened and robbed by a group of men at 1 AM at Madison and Anderson streets in East Bayside.

Awad is a Somali criminal migrant who eventually was sentenced to a long term in jail for a stabbing.

Suad Hassan, Awad’s cousin, described Awad to the court as someone who is intelligent, respects his elders and helps relatives with their Koran studies.

I bet.

While it’s unknown if this is the same Tsegai, there is a man by that name on Twitter who appears to be a big fan of Obama. And not a fan of the Tea Party.

  • Hasan

    This is not news to those who follow the news.

    If you believe or strongly suspect that Tsarnaev in the triple killings where those victims were killed over drugs or because of Jewishness or both, then you knew this day was coming unless evidence had been destroyed or the investigation had been squelched.

    The usual suspect’s will manufacturer apologia from the same putrid whole cloth. It does not make sense, when you look at how much money Tsarnaev family received form social services and that one of the brothers married a WASP.

    The Tsarnaev family was never a benefit to the majority of Americans and never were going to benefit to the majority of Americans because they were never going to try to get along. It was their way or the highway. Scratch that. There was no highway. There was their way or death or dhimmitude.

    American citizen’s have every right to ask how the Tsarnaev family would beneift us. The American citizens were a benefit to the Tsarnaev family. We literally can count the $ dollars $ with which we benefited them. WE also can compare how they fared in Russia to how they fared in the U.S.

  • 1Indioviejo1

    That these Muslim terrorist and criminals immigrated to the US is an outrage. Immigration is a conduit for criminals. Stop it now. That in a country with a 2nd Amendment, nobody takes care of the problem is amazing. We have black gangs, Latino gangs, Arian Bros, militias, and al sorts of wannabes out there and no one can stop Muslims? Ridiculous.