Hamas Doubles Down on Human Shields, Uses Ambulances w/Kids

Hamas terrorists getting into UN ambulance

Ambulances aren’t supposed to be used for military purposes. Also you’re not supposed to hide behind kids. Even Genghis Khan got that.

Hamas however has decided that two types of shields are better than one. If using ambulances to transport its fighters is great and using kids to hide behind really gets them in The Guardian, how about combining the two?

Put some kids in an ambulance along with your terrorists and that way if Israel takes it out, it just bombed an ambulance full of kids.

Hamas is an expert at embedding itself in the midst of the Palestinian civilian population and using it as human shields, to seek immunity from the army.

In recent days, IDF sources reported spotting Hamas gunmen boarding ambulances in Gaza filled with children.

Hamas urged residents of northern Gaza to remain in their homes, and provide cover for its concentration of rocket launch squads in that area.

These tactics are designed to provide the terrorist organization with protection from the IDF.

The problem though is that Hamas seems to be running out of ways to be evil. How do you top an ambulance full of kids? Put puppies in the ambulance? Claim that the ambulance also doubles as a mosque?

Who knows, but the odds are good that Hamas will come up with it, the media will eat it up and Obama will go on funding Hamas.

  • Gee

    They have also decided to repeat Germany 1945. Giving hand grenades to children to kill Jews



      muhammeds yooof.

      Meanwhile HamASS hides in bunkers like Socialist SHlTler, hides in Qatar like mashaal.

  • Pete

    I don’t know the how good the resolution the cameras on the drones are, but if they could film it and televise it, It would go a ways to hurting Hamas propaganda.

  • cheechakos

    muslims are cowards that place more value on the lives of their terrorists than the lives of their children.
    When you can have multiple wives breeding constantly why would you value 1 of your 40 kids?

  • Biff Henderson

    Israel sends in humanitarian aid, Hamas…

  • tickletik

    The Hamas are doing us all a service. They are making it clear to every last one of us that our policies up until now have been nothing but willful self delusion. The only way we can deal with this situation is repatriation. Simply put, send the Arabs somewhere else. If necessary, invade one of the surrounding countries, take the entire non-Israeli Arab community and send them there. And for that matter, we should send any of the Israeli Arabs who protest along with them

    I am aware that this statement will horrify everyone and you will all put as much distance between yourselves and what I am saying as you possibly can. Well and good, but I am saying it so that as God makes the reality of the situation clearer to you all day by day, you will remember what is written here and you will reconsider it.

    Think about it as the Jews of France are being thrown out. Consider it when the Ukrainian Jews finally start running, revisit it when the day comes that American Jews find themselves swarming the airports in their pajamas desperately trying to get a flight out.

    Mull over these words as the Arabs make it clear with every action and statement that there will be absolutely no surrender or reconciliation. Dwell on those words when you consider every new atrocity, every shameless act, every provocation that we have to put up with from these people. Remind yourselves that all the Middle Eastern Jews were summarily thrown out of their homes without a peep being heard from the world and ask yourselves why you are bothering to hold yourselves to a standard no one on the planet actually holds to anyone but you.

  • True

    The video frame at top of this article, is from a video recording made at 2004. Nothing more recent for illustrate your article?