Hamas Funded Kidnapping/Murder of 3 Israeli Teens


This admission from the head of the Hamas cell that was responsible for the murders of the three teens, one of them an American, won’t stop the Hamas Truthers like Andrew Sullivan, Laura Rozen, Sheera Frenkel and Katie Zavadski who have tried to sell the lie that Hamas isn’t responsible.

Israeli security forces have arrested the leader of the Hamas terror cell which kidnapped and murdered Israeli teenagers Naftali Frenkel, Eyal Yifrah and Gilad Sha’ar.

Hussam Kawasmeh, a resident of Hevron, was arrested in the Arab neighborhood of Shuafat in Jerusalem in a joint operation involving IDF forces and the Shabak (Israel Security Agency), and has admitted under interrogation to having orchestrated the kidnapping and said he received funding from Hamas officials in Gaza.

Kawasmeh was caught in an apartment in Shuafat; he had reportedly shaven his beard off and obtained a forged passport in an attempt to flee the country to Jordan, according to security sources.

He is a close relative of Marwan Kawasmeh (30) who, along with Amar Abu-Eisha (32), is believed to have physically abducted the three teens, murdering them shortly afterwards. Both men are well-known Hamas operatives in the Hevron region, who have both spent time in Israeli prisons.

Marwan is the brother of Abdullah al-Kawasmeh, the former leader of the Hevron branch of Hamas’s “military wing”, the Ezzadine al-Qassam Brigades. Abdullah was killed in a shootout with elite Israeli counterterrorism police in 2003, who were hunting him for his involvement in several deadly terrorist attacks.

But don’t expect any retractions from the Hamasbarists. And don’t expect Katie Zavadski to update her blatantly false New York Mag post.

  • ennis

    Hey, remember all those Hamas apologists who acted so smug when it was “established” that Hamas had nothing to do with their deaths?

  • Gee

    We need to re-establish the death penalty for genocide. The Arabs are targeting Jews for the crime of being Jewish – that is the only penalty that fits the crime

  • ObamaYoMoma

    They were murdered only because they were infidels. Islamic totalitarian society is waging a civilizational jihad (holy war) against all infidels to ultimately make Islam and Islamic totalitarian society supreme throughout the world. It’s a clash of civilizations between the Islamic totalitarian world, on the one hand, and the infidel world, on the other.

    This is a war not only against the infidels in Israel, but also against all infidels throughout the world for world supremacy. Thus, those clueless Hamas apologists are not only exceedingly gullible useful idiots, they are also very suicidal and self-hating idiots as well.

  • wileyvet

    Is it just me, or is there something about the eyes that project evil from these savages? Every Muslim I see has the same eyes. They say the eyes are the window to ones soul, so their souls must be pure evil.