Hamas’ Last Ceasefire Lasted 4 Minutes

Surprisingly untrustworthy

Surprisingly untrustworthy

Setting a new record for violating ceasefires is just one of the things that Hamas does besides plotting genocide and teaching its children to blow themselves up.

But Hamas may have set a new record with a 4 minute ceasefire.

Hamas terrorists waited four whole minutes to capitalise on a four-hour IDF humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza. With the ceasefire scheduled from 15:00 to 19:00 Wednesday, the relative quiet for residents of the south lasted all the way to 15:04, when a Code Red alarm was heard in Ashkelon and Ashdod. Additional attacks were recorded in the same areas at 15:17 and 15:18

This is why ceasefires with terrorists don’t work.

Terrorists don’t honor agreements. That’s why they’re terrorists. One of the reasons anyway.

But now that Hamas has gotten it down to 4 minutes, maybe it, Kerry and Qatar can work on a 30 second ceasefire.

  • truebearing

    The oppression they felt from Israel overwhelmed them and they just had to start firing again. Actually, they needed a fresh supply of photos of wounded and dead children. They have a contract with CNN and Al Jazeera for at least ten dead or wounded children a day. Their deal with MSNBC calls for even more. Cease fires are bad for propaganda.

  • Marty Burg

    It’s all they know. Their minds have been cleansed of everything else. From their Charter:

    “I swear by the holder of Mohammed’s soul that I would like to invade and be killed for the sake of Allah, then invade and be killed, and then invade again and be killed.”

    Israel needs to finish the job this time. No time outs. No half-time breaks. Demilitarize the area and go back home.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Wednesday, July 30, 2014 IDF: Over the past 24 hours 36% of rockets fired at Israel fell short IDF Spokesperson SMS

    Thursday, July 31, 2014 01:29 AM

    IDF: Over the past 24 hours over 140 rockets were fired at Israel, 81 rockets hit Israel, 9 were intercepted, and 50 fell short in the Gaza Strip. Since this morning, IAF aircraft targeted approximately 80 terror activity sites across the Gaza Strip.

  • Gee

    Just like the PLO in Lebanon. I believe that Arafat signed 28 ceasefires between the PLO and Lebanon and none lasted longer than it took the ink to dry.