Hamas Praises “Media Martyrs” who were the Sources for World Media


Finally the media gets the recognition it deserves. (via Elder of Ziyon)

Gaza’s Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh praised the media and journalists as “partners in the victory” against Israel.

During a ceremony to honor “martyrs of the media,” which was organized by the Hamas-controlled Ministry of Information, Hanieyahsaid that the media “contributed to the steadfastness of the Palestinian people.”

He said, “The Palestinian people has triumphed over the Israeli aggression on all levels, including militarily, politically and morally and in the media.”

Haniyeh said that “the men of the Palestinian media have formed the source from which the world’s media derived all that was going on in Gaza…”

Haniyeh is referring to Hamas media outlets such as Al Aqsa TV, which mainstream media outlets sometimes describe as journalists, and praises them for influencing Western mainstream media.

  • http://ruleofreason.blogspot.com/ Edward Cline

    Ah, PalllyWood! “Quiet on the set! Action! Roll ‘em! Come on, kid! You gotta look pathetic! Look afraid! Your “dad” just got zonked by a Jew rocket! While he was in the bathtub! You, you wizened old biddy, let’s see those tears! Cry like your lottery ticket was off by one digit, and you won’t get a zillion bucks! Wail like a banshee! Or a Jin! Squeeze the kid’s hand until it hurts! Look miserable, homeless! Okay, let’s see you wander over there and climb over those concrete slabs and stones!”
    Of course, this is the making of the sequel, “Western Media Are Easy XXXIX,” starring Jeff Goldblum. Well, not that Jew, but an actor who looks like him.

    • glpage

      I loved the video of the Palestinian funeral a few years ago when one of the clowns carrying the stretcher with a “dead” Pally stumbled and the body rolled off the stretcher and landed on the ground. The Chinese fire drill as the “dead” guy jumped up and got back on the stretcher was hilarious.

      • carpe diem 36

        that did not stop the western media to still support Hamas and celebrate their victory over Israel. The word idiot is just not sufficient.

  • v

    Those so-called Palestinians are really delusional. Over 2200 Palestinians dead, thousands wounded, over 200,000 displaced and without homes, Gaza is in shambles, thousands of buidings destroyed, their leaders are in hiding, they don’t have a pot to pee in and they call it a success and a victory over Israel, which only lost about 60 people due to indiscriminate rockets deliberately targeting civilians. And if those pathetic reporters would report the truth about how those cowards so-called Palestinians using their families as human shields, then Israel would have been able to complete its mission and there would not be a need for another round which is imminent. They were saved in order to try again. And they know very well the outcome.