Hamas Rocket Fired Near UNRWA School Kills 4-Year-Old Daniel



The UNRWA is complicit in acts of terrorism. It’s past time to defund it.

Daniel Tregerman, a four-year-old boy, was killed by a terrorist rocket from Gaza launched from near a UNRWA school.

According to Channel 10, Magen David Adom rescue services rushed the boy to hospital, listing him in grave condition. A short time later, the boy was pronounced dead.

The incident occurred in a kibbutz in the Sha’ar Hanegev regional council. According to Channel 2, Palestinians in Gaza fired a barrage of mortars at the kibbutz, one of which exploded in a location near where the boy, who was later identified as Daniel Tregerman, was standing.

Daniel was the oldest son in the family. His brother survived.

Sirens wailed only very shortly before the mortar shell struck outside the Tragerman family home at the kibbutz, and his parents — Doron and Gila — were unable to get their son Daniel into their protected room in time. He was killed by shrapnel from the explosion that smashed into the house.

A mortar shell had exploded near a kibbutz buildings, and as a result the family had planned to go to her parents in Kiryat Ono. “Suitcases were ready ahead of time. Just before the fatal explosion I went to take the carrier of Uri (her baby) and I met my neighbor…  We did not manage to pick up the kids and get to shelter. ”

“Daniel was disciplined and was always quick to get to shelter. Once the alarm sounds, he always knew what to do and where to go.  Always. When everyone would come to the shelter, Daniel would say, ‘Now we are all safe.'”

“He was a pretty smart kid and sensitive. So sweet.”



  • cheri

    May Daniel’s soul rest in joy with his Maker.
    May his parents find comfort and some peace in their pain.


    “They say, The Lord does not see; the G-d of Jacob pays no heed.”
    Take heed, you senseless ones among the people; you fools, when will you become wise? Does He who implanted the ear not hear? Does He who formed the eye not see? Does He who teaches man lack knowledge? (Psalm 94:8-10)

  • Americanish

    This is the outcome that John Kerry and other Democrats want.

    If it is tit for tat, they will tell Israel “You are such a small country. You cannot afford thees casualties. Come to the negotiation table and sign the deal we give you.”.

    All the while they will say “You are a modern military unlike Hamas, you should have lower collateral damage than Hamas.”.

    They will totally ignore and then lie about the fact that Hamas fired 1st.

    The F_ckercrats will have it every which way.

  • Gee

    Time to return the favor. UNRWA has declared war on Israel – time to target every single UNRWA facility in Gaza

    • http://ebbenmaradtunk.tumblr.com/ Pensiveus

      It’s time to finish the job, demolish the whole Gaza strip, and push back every single arab to Egypt where they belong. There won’t be peace, until only one of this bastards are there alive.

      • Well Done

        It’s sad but true, that the only way to bring peace to Gaza is to ship out ALL the moslems.

  • wetoldyaweedcallya

    Just another ‘tough choices’ for peace here. UNRWA is an enemy no less than Hamas, ISIS, et al and should be treated as such. The time is long past do.

  • Mike Nelson

    UNRWA and Hamas are two heads of the same coin. Almost all employees of UNRWA in Gaza are members of Hamas except a few upper level management form other countries. Hamas passes out all jobs in Gaza and siphons UN money from all UN projects.

  • Ivan

    Since I have a 4 year old son that looks a bit like this boy, I am heartbroken. I would hold the area where the rocket came from responsible. I’m talking about dropping a moab on that area. If that’s too extreme for u, then you are part of the problem, not part of the solution. These Israelis cannot continue to live in this mess. I understand that Netanyahu is a great leader in some respects. But I hear he’s catching hell from the army for prematurely stopping this little war with gaza, and rightly so. It’s possible that Netanyahu is too political to do what needs to be done to protect the jews. it’s disgraceful the way the jews weakly protect themselves. Respectfully, I think they are playing with Hamas. Hamas must be wiped out. I would deport or bomb the entire region of gaza until the residents have left the area. you would think that after the jews went through the holocost, that they would have a more strenuous survival instinct. but i dont believe that they are forceful enough in defending themselves. i believe that the liberal jews is not tough enough for this world. thankfully, the liberal jew is a minority in israel. i would have israel be much more aggressive in its own defense. Of course, obama is there to stab them in the back. I wish israel knew just how much middle America was on their side. I apologize for the bluntness of my statement. It comes from the heart.

  • Jihad

    Getting my popcorn ready to watch that kid funeral …it will be best comdey scene in my life ;)

    • Well Done

      The comedy is the funerals for Hamas operatives. They are invariably followed by execution of “palestinians” alleged to have cooperated with Israel, when in fact, their only offence was that they didn’t attend the funeral. Makes sure there is a larger crowd for the next one.

      • IslamDownpressesHumanity

        The islamic fascists did the same thing when control of Gaza was returned to them after the ’56’ war — they began killing anyone suspected of “collaborating” with Israel.

      • Drakken

        I have always said that those funerals were nothing more than a target rich environment and napalm would be a very good disinfectant to use on these vermin.

    • UCSPanther

      Hellfire missile inbound.

      It is going to be hard to enjoy your 72 virgins when you are a pile of gibs…

    • camp7

      The only scene in your life is failure.


    • nobullhere

      And my popcorn will be ready when parasitical savages like yourself and your fellow Jihadis finally get kicked out of the West.

    • I want my country back!

      POS! Celebrating the death of a child speaks volumes about your so-called religion and your standing as a human being.

    • Atikva

      What else to expect from a soulless jihadi? It’s like in the fairy tale when toads, scorpions and worms come out of the mouth of the nasty sister each time she opens it.

    • Drakken

      You ragheads just keep pushing the envelope and sooner or later your going to find that us infidels are going to get the point that keeping you savages alive is more trouble than it is worth, soon your going to hear the phrase, the only good muslim is a dead muslim and no more muslims, no more problems a common theme. Deo Volente!

  • IslamDownpressesHumanity

    Hamas has repeatedly committed acts of war. If unilaterally firing HE rockets into a sovereign state without cause or provocation isn’t an act of war what is? I don’t give a damn how many moslems are killed in Gaza — they sowed the wind, let the reap the whirlwind.

  • http://ebbenmaradtunk.tumblr.com/ Pensiveus

    It’s the outcome of the leftliberal humanrightist bullshit, invented by that antimsemite rant Jimmy Carter (and paid by the muslim brotherhood) in the first place. No president before him did so much damage.

    • Pete

      Jimmy Carter puffed himself up and went to Brasil preaching human rights.

      The Brasilians were furious. they knew journalists were harassed. In one case tortured and killed. At the funeral the widow wanted the coffin opened and the government did not want this.

      The Brasilians felt capable in their lifetimes of taking care of the problem. And they did.

      What they did not want is an American President to patronizingly come to their country and start airing their dirty laundry. They were incensed. I remember; I was there.

      Dictators of countries use this to deflect. Yet there are countries out there that U.S. politicians wag a finger at, where those countries are entire capable of taking care of their own affairs.

      Adversaries seize chance to lecture U.S. on Ferguson unrest


  • Ruth

    My tears are flowing for this beautiful boy, not raised to hate but to hope.

  • IslamDownpressesHumanity

    Hamas is just the symptom of the disease called islam.

    • Ivan

      Surely you are correct. That’s what Daniel was saying, I think. That it’s all one jihad. But the left can’t admit that. Because if they admit that there’s one jihad, then the obvious response is one great crusade. I think the left likes jihad, the left has always been a few percentage points of the population. They need to use thugs. Islam is a dagger pointed at the heart of western civilization, which they want to undermine. I’m still working out the reasons why they hate civilization. All I know is that when communism was young, there were people who called themselves communists/anarchists. Anarchists and communists were allies. They still are. They hate western civilization the same way thyme hate Ozzie and Harriet, the same way they want to display religious artifacts in buckets of piss and call it art. I think they feel a giant vacuum or hole their heart. Ultimately, I think the left is a death cult with a destructive edge. They hate anyone who builds.

    • Ivan

      The disease is this god called Allah. He’s not the same as the Christian or Jewish god. Study islam. Mohammed thought that the angel who appeared to him might be satan. Around the time of these appearances (and I am certain they were real) he became suicidal. You might become suicidal if satan was your best friend and you spent time talking to him. We all might. This angel gave him some of his ideas. Other of Mohammed’s ideas he changed when he needed exemptions from various moral laws (for example when he made his adopted son divorce his wife so he could marry her). Other ideas he copied from Judaism and maybe a few other religions. But it all started with direct meetings with an angel. And Mohamed in his own writings wondered if that angel was satan. He knew who he was meeting with. and the devil gave him a religion. Then infused it with murderous bloodlust, by the same method that he caused the sabeans to destroy jobs house in the book of job. the god Allah is the pagan god of the desert, at that time. When u read the Koran, you will feel a kind of death when you read the words. It’s not the same as reading the word of god. I’m trying to say that this struggle of the west, is the struggle against idolatry and satan.