Hamas Spends Money on Rockets, Ignores Polio Epidemic

Hamas firing rocket

The UNRWA has warned Hamas authorities in Gaza that they have a Polio epidemic inbound. (Via Blazing Cat Fur)

UNRWA released a statement  to several Arabic newspapers warning of serious health crisis on the horizon in Gaza.

There is a severe shortage of vaccines in Gaza, and those for polio, the mumps, rubella and meningitis have been completely depleted, while those for tetanus and whooping cough are dangerously low.

UNRWA warned that polio is starting to spread again in the Middle East because of the Syrian war.

In that statement, the UNRWA spokesperson Abu Hasna says that the responsibility of purchasing vaccines rests with the Gaza Ministry of Health and that UNRWA has warned them about this looming crisis for months.

Israel does not, and never has, restricted vaccines into Gaza.

But Hamas does have money to spend on what really matters. Rockets to fire at Israeli towns and villages.

Palestinian terror group Hamas recently revealed that it is increasing production of what it claims is its new M-75 long range rocket. The M-75 is described as a rocket with a 75 kilometer range.

That’s under 50 miles.

Hamas could spend more money on rockets or on polio vaccines for their own kids, but they know that a polio outbreak will pay off for them politically as Israel gets blamed. And they can then resell any medicines that they get.

The flotilla stunt had nothing to with aid. Instead it brought expired medicines. Hamas then refused to accept the aid until its demands were met. Then the medicines were most likely resold to private pharmacies because that is standard procedure for Hamas.

Hamas doesn’t care about a polio outbreak. It will blame it on Israel, score more aid to resell and buy weapons and then compel women to wear Burkas and stay home to avoid the spread of disease.

“Following a recent outbreak of swine flu in the West Bank, which later spread to Gaza as well, ‘Issam Shawer, a columnist in the Hamas daily Falastin, wrote that women are the worst transmitters of diseases because they tend to gather in groups and to move from place to place. He advised them to wear a niqab, saying it protects them from infection, and called to limit their movement in the next few months in order to curb the spread of germs.”

  • wileyvet

    Oh the irony. They got swine flu. Ha Ha. Seems like Gaza is a giant incubator of disease. We know their minds are diseased, so it is natural that the body follows suit. It is the will of Allah. All disease and afflictions are his doing because it is predestined in Islam. So it has to run its course. You cannot go against Allah. He is all knowing, Wise.

    • liz

      And obviously Allah sent the disease as a way to force all those women back into hijabs and burqas where they belong!

      • wileyvet

        If you try to figure out Allah’s will, your head will explode. I can only do it in small increments with breaks in between.

  • Ban Liberals

    Sounds about right for Muslim terrorists.

  • T800

    Israel keeps dealing with Gaza in HALF measures. They should buy or build MOABs and drop one every time there’s a rocket or mortar attack from Gaza. MOAB is designed to destroy bunkers and tunnels like HAMAS uses to store their missiles and munitions. The shock and awe from the massive blast would also chill HAMAS and the Gazan people.HAMAS would do everything to keep its sects from launching attacks. I believe it would only take one or two MOABs to stop the attacks from Gaza permanently.Plus,use of MOAB doesn’t risk any Israeli soldiers or costly armored vehicles.
    It’s time Israel did the job right.

    BOTH sides keep on doing the same thing,over and over,expecting different results each time.
    The muzzies make attacks,Israel retaliates HALFway,doesn’t finish the job,and the muzzies lick their wounds,rest and rearm until the next time. A stupid cycle.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Good. It’s a self correcting problem in the long run.