Hamas Used Terror Tunnels in Plot to Massacre of Thousands of Israelis

massacre israel

The casualties that Israel has taken are serious, for such a small country, but if a plot on this scale was averted, then it was worth it for that alone.

From the 48 Hamas prisoners that have been captured, the intelligence have been interrogating them and the most terrifying, and horrific picture is being built.

They are being investigated about the many tunnels that have been found and dug under many kibbutzim that surround Gaza. The most terrifying detail is being uncovered that Hamas had a plan to attack all the settlements and kibbutzim in the area this year on Rosh Hashanah with an invasion of over 200 terrorists into almost all the settlements in the area. The tunnels went under the kibbutzim under the kindergartens and dining rooms and other areas within the kibbutz perimeters. They planned to occupy the whole area and kill as many Israeli as possible.

This could have been the worst terror attack in the history of terrorism. Thousands of people, including women and children would have been slaughtered in this planned attack.

The abandonment of Gaza and the blockade have given Hamas the freedom and ability to plan on a larger scale. The rocket attacks put Israel into a larger state of war, but they’re not the endgame.

It’s why life with a terrorist statelet is impossible.

  • SoCalMike

    Memo to the State Department:
    Giving Gaza to the Palestinians worked out so well let’s create 20 more Gazas in the West Bank.
    Anyone at the State Department or the US Government pushing the insanely stupid idea to give Palestinians MORE land deserves to be horsewhipped…in front of their families and colleagues.

  • mollysdad

    One more case for transferring the Muslims out of Gaza.

    • Johnny Paleswine


      The fact that an occupying power is not only responsible for their welfare but can be sued in the Hacky Hague is loony toony loco!

      Let`s do it the Muslim way.

      Male captives:

      In Islam, it is allowed to kill the male captives if they represent a danger or threat

      After the Muslims executed the male members
      (between 600 and 900) of the Banu Qurayza tribe,the women and children were taken
      as slaves.

      Female captives

      According to Muslim theologians, it is lawful for male masters to have sexual relations with female captives and slaves, regardless of whether the slave woman gives her consent.

      Muhammad himself took Rayhana as his slave.He presented three women from the conquered Banu Hawazin as slaves to his key supportive close marital relatives in early 630: Reeta, to Ali; Zeinab, to Uthman; and an unnamed third to Umar.

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    • DogmaelJones1

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  • Johnny Paleswine

    March them all into the tunnels, stuff them with explosives and light a match.

  • Philip Kirschner

    Had that happened, BARRUCH HASHEM FOR OUR MOSAD, SHIN BET and IDF there would not be a single arab left in GAZA. It would be over for the PA and HAMAS. Would the world have cried for the thousands that would have been killed? ISRAEL is surrounded. I would have died, but what would have become of it, it would have been wholesale massive slaughter. I am thankful to hashem for allowing us to stop this.

  • maggiejcarter

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  • artexeres

    Obama you are evil and weak

    A mixture of two faiths or so to speak

    You worship a man who died on a cross

    Then you bow to a muslim saudi king toss

    Your turning against the state if Israel

    Is your grave mistake you will fail

    You act pretty faggot oh evil friend

    It rumored by Sinclair that you actually bend

    You have started a lot of these muslim wars

    You have treated your people like common cheap whore

    To eliminate Israel appear your cause

    As you roll on your back to kerry,s applause

    It was long ago written but you would not know

    Your elitist plan is about to blow

    For there is only ONE MASTER of wars

    And you are about to be crushed by G-D’S holy law

  • truebearing

    One suggested correction. Obama never worshipped Jesus. That was a complete fraud. He has done nothing to stem the slaughter of Christians in the Middle East.

    How about replacing that line with something like:

    “You claimed you were Christian, but we know your real boss,

    He’s a devil whose minions you will aid at all costs.”

    You might want to adjust the meter to the rest of your poem. I really like your ending. :)

    • BigWhiteDog

      How about you both go take you meds and go play with your tea-bag festooned happy-dolls? Jeez.

    • artexeres

      thank you very much i agree.

  • truebearing

    What if suitcase nukes were delivered into israel through these tunnels? Or chemical or biological weapons? Israel needs to face reality. Gaza has to be purged entirely of the psychopaths who live there.

  • rsilverm

    If such a plot was in the works, this is a huge break for Israel.

    • Ellsworth Toohey

      Technology exists since WWI !

  • Aaron

    What is the source for this horriying plan? I haven’t seen it in any news source, but it sounds awful.

  • Ellsworth Toohey

    Makes perfect sense to me. They dig tunnels to go to Egypt so why not toward Israel ! Remember WWI ? They should let them dig, it keep them busy but when almost ready, blast them, the rats included.

  • BigWhiteDog

    Tet all over again.