Harry Reid Claims Koch Brothers Endangering the Ukraine


Senator Reid is getting desperate as the Democrats are resigning themselves to losing the Senate.

His frantic response to that has been to continually lash out at the Koch Brothers as if they’re the reason why the country is sick and tired of Democratic Party rule. A little law called ObamaCare that drastically hiked the cost of health insurance for working families may have had something to do with that.

Is it raining outside? The Koch Brothers! Is it sunny outside? Why do the Koch Brothers hate the rain? Has Ukraine been invaded? Koch Brothers!

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) on Thursday accused Republicans of holding up crucial assistance to Ukraine in order to protect the Koch brothers.

Reid tied the billionaires David and Charles Koch, who have bankrolled conservative causes, to GOP demands that language delaying the Internal Revenue Service’s regulation of nonprofit political advocacy groups be added to the Ukraine package.

Harry Reid is lying, as usual. The Koch Brothers can take care of themselves, but Obama’s IRS goons targeted ordinary people to protect the Democratic Party.

And assistance to the Ukraine wouldn’t be held up if the Democrats hadn’t, predictably, tried to shove other agendas in.

The Dems are pushing what they call IMF reforms, that would limit America’s ability to keep it from making bad financial decisions.

“The IMF money has nothing to do with Ukraine,” Speaker John Boehner said Thursday. “I understand the administration wants the IMF money but it has nothing at all to do with Ukraine. So let’s just understand what the facts are here.”

So it’s the Dems who are holding up Ukraine aid by playing political games. The Republicans are putting their oar in, but the IMF “reforms” should not pass.

Meanwhile Harry Reid is ranting about the Koch Brothers who gave him a wedgie last week and kept him on a broccoli diet.

“It’s hard for me to comprehend how with a clear conscience they could say, ‘Ukrainians, we probably can’t help you because we’re trying to protect the Koch brothers,’” he said on Thursday. “And not only that, they’re saying to the American people that protecting the Koch brothers is more important than helping our country.”

Ukraine might be Reid’s country, but it’s not our country. But Harry Reid operates on auto-pilot these days.

But if Reid really believes that aid to the Ukraine matters that much, he’ll jettison the IMF pork.

  • DogmaelJones1

    No one is stopping Harry Reid from donating his own ill-gotten fortune to the Ukraine. Though if he did (lots of laughs here), the Ukrainians should be advised to look into the horse’s mouth.


      They should look into the other end of the horse.

  • truebearing

    Reid needs a nuclear wedgie on a daily basis. That robotic half-wit is nothing but an obedient sock puppet for Communist Central. Pelosi and Reid’s IQs combined would be lucky to break 100.

    How I look forward to the day when the Republicans control both houses, Boehner is retired, and the rule changes rammed through by Reid begin the payback.

    • camp7

      “Reid needs a nuclear wedgie on a daily basis.”

      You folks on Frontpage crack-me-up.

      • ROHBAR

        I believe he has a big WEDGIE the way his attitude is already! He is senile and cantankerous old gas problem!

  • camp7

    Daniel, I think you started a trend.

    Hey, I just noticed the air pressure is low in my tire….. KOCH BROTHERS!

    Sometimes you just gotta laugh.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Milk spoiled… because of the Koch Brothers.

    • glpage

      I guess the Dens have realized that blaming Bush has lost traction, so, the had to find someone.

  • gilded_hand

    whatever one thinks of the legitimacy (or not) of reid’s claims, it’s amazing how soon the right forgets their own demonizing of george souros. it was not too long ago that they were blaming him for everything in much the same way reid is now blaming the kochs. plus ca change…

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Did you see top Republicans in the Senate constantly ranting about Soros?

      • glpage

        Daniel, I’m sure that if the left found one conservative living in the middle of the desert ranting about some leftist they would believe that it’s some vast right wing conspiracy. To gelded’s (oops, gilded’s) point, I wonder how much has Soros contributed to leftist causes compared to the Koch brothers conservative contributions.

        • Moa

          Koch bros have supplied tens of millions. Soros’ contribution is estimated at the better part of 8 Billion, last time I saw any numbers (although it’s all shady so more research is required).

  • herb benty

    Harry Reid really has lost his marbles.

  • notme123

    John 8:44 “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for his is a liar and the father of it.”

  • A Z

    Basically, the Republicans wanted a clean bill on aid to Ukraine.

    The Democrats said “No clean bill we are tacking on IMF rule changes.”

    Republicans countered and said let’s go for a quid pro quo.

    The Demoncats said “HeII NO!” & then blamed the Republicans.

    • Americanish

      The Democrats will not do quid pro quo. They are feeling their oats. They want complete capitulation. They have to go.

      Quid pro quo (“something for something” in Latin[1]) means an exchange of goods or services, where one transfer is contingent upon the other. English speakers often use the term to mean “a favour for a favour”; phrases with similar meaning include: “give and take”, “tit for tat”, and “you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours.”


  • A Z

    So we are to pay more money & have less say. Of course Obama is good with cutting America down.

    “The IMF in 2012 proposed rules that would double member financial contributions to its general loan fund and gave advanced developing countries like Russia, Brazil, India and China more voting rights. Conservatives are reluctant to support the plan because they worry it would give the U.S. less power in the organization.”


  • Habbgun

    Poor Harry. He’s falling down the Dem power structure. These kind of attacks used to be assigned to Schumer or Pelosi. Now dingy is the whingy. Maybe he should get the message and just retire.

  • Gee

    The current Ukrainian regime overthrew the elected government. They are Neo-Nazis.
    So why does the US think that they should get involved since the Ukrainians certainly do not feel that it worth fighting for with their own people? A nation with 40 million has 6,000 troops. They seem to think that they will fight to the last Eurotrash and American

    • Moa

      > “The current Ukrainian regime overthrew the elected government. They are Neo-Nazis.”

      That’s a non-sequitur. The Ukrainians are nationalists (as are Americans and Russians and Chinese and French and everyone else) who believe that their country should maintain its territorial integrity and not be dismembered by Soviet …. er … Russian aggression.

      Being a member of a popular revolution to remove a puppet dictator clearly enforcing the corrupt will of a neighboring dictator makes you a patriot, not a “Neo-Nazi”.

      The only fascists are the Russians (where the State seizes the “fruits of production”) and apologists for the aggression, like you.


        The ukrainians sided with the nazis in WW2.

        • Moa

          That’s because the Russians shot the Ukrainian middle class, took all the produce and caused mass starvation so that millions of Ukrainians died. This is called the “Holodomor” (which the Russians deny, but the Ukrainians remember).

          The Germans were obviously terrible, but to the Ukrainians they were (initially) liberators from the socialist absolute tyranny of the Russians.

          In a choice between two evils, the Ukrainians picked the one that wasn’t oppressing every citizen.


    Hey harry dumb dumb reid do you know that the Koch brothers have given millions of dollars to hospitals, and this dude is complaining mainly because he is a anti-private business just like his relaltive oblamo!


    How old is this dinosaur?

  • M2000

    Reid keep on talking….you’re doing a good job at making yourself look insane with your fake class warfare rhetoric. Didn’t Hillary compare Putin to Hitler recently?


      Hairy Reid is senile.

      He should be evaluated and sent home to nap.


    Hairy Reid is endangering America.

    Appeasement didn’t work in the 1930s.

    Appeasement doesn’t work today.