Harry Reid Gets $5 Mil from Billionaire with Stake in Shutting Down Keystone


The Koch Brothers will never buy Harry Reid.

That’s a job for Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg had donated $2.5 million to Reid’s Senate Majority PAC (aka Keep Harry Reid Senate Majority Leader) and now Tom Steyer has doubled that with a $5 million donation.

Your move Bloomberg. The winner gets to own a real live (mostly) United States Senator.

Steyer recently donated $5 million to Senate Majority PAC, the pro-Democratic Super PAC run by former Reid aides, making him the single largest contributor to the group.

The transaction is related to Steyer’s broader effort to buy American democracy for $100 million and block construction of the wildly popular Keystone XL pipeline.

Listen up kids, billionaires influencing the political process is wrong. Absolutely wrong. Unless they’re liberal billionaires like Bloomberg, Steyer, Bezos, Soros and the rest of the Democracy Alliance gang.

As of last month, Mr. Steyer and his wife, Kat Taylor, were the top source of super PAC money in the country this election cycle, contributing a total of more than $11 million.

But umm… the Koch Brothers. Something, something.

At least we know that Harry Reid is an honest man who would never trade political favors for cash. Never!

Firms tied to the Reid family, the Los Angeles Times reported, earned more than $2 million from 1998 to 2002 “from special interests that were represented by the kids and helped by the senator in Washington.”

After a 2011 trip to China Harry Reid began touting the virtues of ENN Energy Group, a Chinese firm that sought to build a $5 billion solar farm in Nevada. Reid’s son Rory represented ENN, though Rory claimed in a 2012 Bloomberg article never to have discussed “the project with my father or his staff.” Somehow, though, commissioners friendly with the Reid family agreed to sell property to ENN for one-sixth of the land’s appraised value.

The Post zeroed in on an almost $22 million earmark, passed close to a decade ago, that financed a bridge over the Colorado River. The bridge connects the gambling resorts of Laughlin, Nev., to Bullhead City, Arizona. Harry Reid owns 160 acres in Bullhead.

Last year one of Reid’s longtime donors, Nevada lobbyist Harvey Whittemore, was sentenced to two years in prison after being found guilty of violating campaign finance laws. Whittemore used associates as “straw donors” to run around donation limits, giving more than $130,000 in dirty money to Reid’s campaign.

I’m sure Tom Steyer will get full value for his pet Senator.

  • liz

    What a disgusting hypocrite. I guess he thinks constant harping on the Kotch brothers will distract from his own guilt.


    Soros is a 1%er.

    How odd that he gets a pass from regressive progressives.

    Never bite the hand that slaps you around?

    • nomoretraitors

      or tickles your gonads

    • marlene


  • nomoretraitors

    Harry Reid is an un-American d*rtbag

  • marlene

    If Reid’s donors are prepared to spend $100 million to transform America into an oligarchy, what will it take to stop them and who has the money? “…like a camel through the eye of a needle..”

  • Thomas

    Bury Harry…….bumper sticker I would love to see

  • pete

    gosh, i thought it had something to do with buffet’s bnsf that got to fundamentally transport oil down the rails for 50ct / barrel
    what an oracle

  • cal3301

    Reid at one time did receive money from the Koch brothers. Could it be sour grapes because they stopped? Here is some info from the web.

    “from the Center for Responsive Politics: “Heavy Hitters: Top All-Time Donors, 1989-2014.” The top 10 political donors, 1989 to 2014, are unions. I don’t know about the first one. Might not be a union. It’s ActBlue, Democrat PAC, $97 million. American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, $60 million. NEA, $53 million. International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, $44 million. United Auto Workers, $41 million. Carpenters and Joiners, $39 union. Service Employees International, $38 million. Look at that.

    There’s a lot of union dues in there. That’s an incalculable amount of money. So the top 10, number 10 is the SEIU. The Koch brothers are at number 59, with $18 million. And the number 10 donor is at $38 million. Number one is at $97 million, from 1989 to the present. And just about every one of the 58 donors above the Kochs gave to the Democrats. And the Kochs used to give to Democrats, by the way, at some point in this reporting period.”