Hate Crime Hoaxers Still Bad at Fake Racism

The greatest challenge to the future of the American campus may be the inability of tomorrow’s community organizers to fake convincing hate crimes.

A fake Vassar hate crime consisted of very unconvincing messages like, “Hey Tranny. Know Your Place.” That one was just confusing. What is a Tranny’s place anyway? San Francisco? Is that really what Genesis Hernandez, the man who perpetrated the hoax, imagines is plausibly going through anyone’s mind?

This latest hoax isn’t particularly more plausible.


At least the game of whiteboard hangman was helpfully illustrated with the word ‘black’. Otherwise it might have been ambiguous and confusing.

That was helpful of the perp who was writing the hateful messages on their own whiteboard. Hopefully they aren’t an art student.


This looks a lot like the Oberlin hoax last year, which also wasn’t very plausible. Committed Nazi haters of Black History Month probably don’t sound much like Paul Mooney.

As racism continues to decline while White Privilege campus studies continue to increase, it’s more vital than ever to train more aspiring community organizers to properly fake hate crimes.

For now the situation looks like this…

1. Scrawl hateful message on your own door

2. Call for tolerance rally

3. Be exposed as the scrawler

The Southern Poverty Law Center needs to make a serious commitment to campus tolerance by providing outreach and training to campus activists in the art of faking hate crimes. Because only with fake hate crimes, can the left sustain the public conviction that it must be given infinite power to fight a problem that doesn’t exist anymore.

  • RedStateVet

    Just as the courts consider someone innocent until proven guilty, these “events” should be considered hoaxes until proven real. The perpetrators of the hoaxes need to face some real consequences, such as a stiff fine, or even a few nights in jail.

    • Doobee

      They need to be banned from future enrollment as students from the universities where they commit these crimes.

  • liz

    Yes, it’s the only way to sustain the illusion of their own relevance. How pathetic.

  • Tatiana Covington

    And they can’t even draw the swastika correctly! Idiots! I did better in 7th grade!