Hillary Blames Obama for Benghazi Cover-Up


Bad news for Barack. There’s apparently room under the bus for him too.

She had no doubt that a terrorist attack had been launched against America on the anniversary of 9/11. However, when Hillary picked up the phone and heard Obama’s voice, she learned the president had other ideas in mind. With less than two months before Election Day, he was still boasting that he had al Qaeda on the run.

If the truth about Benghazi became known, it would blow that argument out of the water.

“Hillary was stunned when she heard the president talk about the Benghazi attack,” one of her top legal advisers said in an interview. “Obama wanted her to say that the attack had been a spontaneous demonstration triggered by an obscure video on the Internet that demeaned the Prophet Mohammed.”

This adviser continued: “Hillary told Obama, ‘Mr. President, that story isn’t credible. Among other things, it ignores the fact that the attack occurred on 9/11.’ But the president was adamant. He said, ‘Hillary, I need you to put out a State Department release as soon as possible.’”

After her conversation with the president, Hillary called Bill Clinton, who was at his penthouse apartment in the William J. Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, and told him what Obama wanted her to do.

“I’m sick about it,” she said, according to the legal adviser, who was filled in on the conversation.

“That story won’t hold up,” Bill said. “I know,” Hillary said. “I told the president that.” “It’s an impossible story,” Bill said. “I can’t believe the president is claiming it wasn’t terrorism. Then again, maybe I can. It looks like Obama isn’t going to allow anyone to say that terrorism has occurred on his watch.”

This is so ridiculously specific that it either came directly from Clinton’s people, with her approval, or it was made up without their authorization.  And why bother making up a story that casts Hillary in such a positive light when a sizable chunk of your likely audience for Blood Feud, a book about a feud between the Obamas and the Clintons is conservative?

There isn’t one.

Hillary Clinton, despite her vengeful streak, does have a history of converting even vehement critics into supporters, or at least exploiting them with planted material.

It’s plausible that Bill Clinton, who had a better grasp of common sense politics than Obama, would realize that the story wouldn’t hold up. It is however wildly unlikely that Hillary Clinton would be this opposed to it.

It’s not just that Hillary Clinton has never shown any sign of being bogged down by principles,  something that even most politically active Democrats will admit, it’s that there’s never been any sign of her dissenting from the core premise of minimizing terrorism.

Hillary probably had little interest in putting herself too far on the line in 2012 for Obama. She was only doing this to run in 2016. But the idea that she cared about the issue, rather than about what it would do to her credibility, is wildly unlikely.

However influencing the book this way gives her plausible deniability. It allows an anonymous source to toss Obama under the bus without Hillary taking the blame for it.

Obama Inc. will see through that deception, but it doesn’t especially matter since while Obama can do a great deal of damage to America, he probably won’t try to damage Hillary. Especially not if Michelle Obama really does have plans to run for the Senate.

And besides the Clintons are notoriously vengeful and hurting Hillary without destroying her would mean a good deal of payback from a White House, that Obama has created a precedent for running on executive orders and abuses of power.

Finally, would Obama have even bothered directly issuing such an order. It didn’t seem to be how the White House did things.

  • mindRider

    Hillary in the white-wash game, preparing for the 2016 elections take over of the Obama aureola.

  • Douglas J. Bender

    Lord, how I want these people to face justice.

    • truebearing

      You mean a speedy trial ending in a just sentence that ends on a stout rope?

      • NJK

        I really hope it happens. We have to see that it does.

        • margey sebastian

          oh yes? are you going to do that? are you organizing an assassination attempt? a revolution? expound on that, please.

          • DB1954

            No, we had in mind a constitutional and lawful procedure. It’s called impeachment.

          • margey sebastian

            i had no idea that impeachments resulted in a sentence that ends on a stout rope. is this something new?

          • republicc

            Actually it can lead to the death penalty. Impeachment frees up the Government to indict in a criminal court.

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      • DB1954

        At least one.

        • republicc

          Actually it can lead to the death penalty:

          “Judgment in Cases of Impeachment shall not extend further than to removal from Office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any Office of honor, Trust or Profit under the United States: but the Party convicted shall nevertheless be liable and subject to Indictment, Trial, Judgment and Punishment, according to Law.”


      • margey sebastian

        you really shouldn’t throw statements like that around, even on a pos blog like this.

        • Pamela Forristall

          Just part of a discussion….a very VALID discussion.

          • margey

            i don’t consider discussing hanging the president as part of a VALID discussion. there has to be some kind of kink in your brain if you do.

          • margey

            oh, and now i have health insurance after 3 years with none, and i get no subsidies, so don’t even start.

      • Americanish

        I would like to see the North Korean Dictator for life swing. I am really vindictive.

        But to get a speedy resolution and save lives, I would be just as happy if he were exiled to a very nice, deserted tropical island and lived in a nice 2,000 square foot house on the beach.

        Their kids could be guaranteed a 4 year ride at college and no more.

        Also I would think that they would not have internet access to use to communicate and rehabilitate their image so they could soft sell their past rulership.

        In the NORK case if we could get Kim Jung Un out now instead of 4 years from now It might save 200,000 lives.

        In the case of the DNC, there are not enough Islands. Maybe we could get a 99 year lease on the interior of Australia and build a wall around it. We will have to add the RNC. After Mitch McConnel and all but 1 of the other Republicans voted for fast tract trade authority, I see that the RNC leadership has given up the senate’s treaty approval authority.

        I will go to the poll’s I will vote for dog catch on up. However If Jeb is at the top of the ticket I will nit vote for him. I will write in a candidate. I will probably not write in for representative as well. The son of a famous DC politicians is running and he has never won an elected office. He was appointed to a state office. He says he has been there for 5 years and it has only been 4. He is a shoo in and he can’t even do math correctly.

        If I show up they can count voters, but the votes won’t add up for the Republican and Democrat candidates. It is a way of showing none of the above.

    • Ri Ho

      Me, too. Along with the members of Congress and the White House that supported “Bush’s Folly” in 2002… Hmm starting with Cheney would work for me..

  • Pete

    Hillary could have resigned and then spoken out.

    It might have set her up for the presidency. She could shown herself as strong, independent and honorable.

    But she was probably afraid of the kooky leftwing base, who think Obama can do no wrong. Or maybe it is more serious.It might brought about a visceral fight where Hillary goes down or Baruch goes down.

    • truebearing

      Or they both go down, and the Democratic Party with them. They also have to fear those on the far Left more than those on the Right. The power behind the Left would be throwing them under one bus after another in a desperate attempt to distance themselves from the lies and evil that they helped cook up ( and I’m talking about real buses).

      We’re getting to a point where Obama’s narcissism and Hillary’s sociopathy could really collide. I do believe Klein is right that the Obama’s and Clintons do hate each other.

      • Pete

        It might be possible for the Clintons to take Baruch out politically and still survive.

        Bill Clinton certainly hates Baruch. It is just a matter of leveling the charges and seeing which way the heavies and the foot soldiers of the Democrat establishment go.

        If it were a circular firing squad , it would even be better for all involved.

  • Horace Yo

    You are right again Daniel. This is Hillary’s gang trying to establish plausible deniability for her bungling Benghazi. I think Obama is probably OK with it and wants to advance her campaign. He’s not running for reelection. Hillary sure put a lot of extra effort into the Video excuse such as telling the parents of slain diplomat Sean Smith she was going to see to it that the Video maker was arrested and prosecuted. What a load of hot wet fertilizer she spews.

  • Horace Yo

    To tie it all together, the Obama US State department seems determined to help Sunni extremists as much as they can get away with every chance they get. They dumped Mubarak in Egypt, killed Quaddafi in Libya armed the ISIS and Al Nusra in Syria and tried to overthrow Bashir Assad to quickly turn Syria over. Now they are calling for Maliki in Iraq to step down or make massive concessions to Shiite killing Sunnis in Iraq which will be the surest way to turn Iraq immediately into a Sunni Sharia State under ISIS. Even Republican idiots like Lindsay Grahm and John McCain were for arming the ISIS in Syria. Now to regain some plausible deniability of their destructive maneuvers McCain and Graham are calling for attacking ISIS in Iraq, but they know that won’t happen under Obama’s watch. Who is on the Saudi payroll? Or are they actually Jihadis themselves?, or are they just ignorant and incompetent. “What difference does it make?”

    • liz

      How about “D- all of the above”.

    • republicc

      That is because Obama is a Shiite and wants to destabilize the Sunni establishment.

  • truebearing

    When I read this on Drudge today I wondered how authentic these claims are. Daniel’s analysis is most likely as close as we’ll get to the truth. Why would Hillary leak something that blames Obama but shows her to be coldly calculating and wiling to lie to the American people to preserve her chances for power? it seems to me that both Hillary and Obama look terrible according to this book. Conservatives will love it.

    Conservatives should be careful about accepting this tale. There were things that both Hillary and Obama wanted kept hidden that were far darker than their well-known lust for power. They both exude rapaciousness, so it’s hardly any secret. Funneling Stinger missiles to Islamists is not something they would like known to the voters, especially if one brings down a commercial jet, a military plane, or a helicopter full of Navy SEALs ….

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Hillary comes off pretty well in both of the sections I saw. This section reads like it could be written by a Hillary fanboy.

      “Hillary told Obama, ‘Mr. President, that story isn’t credible.
      Among other things, it ignores the fact that the attack occurred on
      9/11.’ But the president was adamant.

      • truebearing

        She definitely comes off better than Obama, but according to the story, after shrewdly calculating not what was best for the country, but what was best for her obsession with the presidency, she went along with the lie. I thought it made her look cold, ruthless, and dishonest. If this was what actually happened, and she had any integrity, she would have resigned, but I don’t believe this narrative tells the complete or true story.

        There seems to be a lack of explanation for all of the things she failed to do that made a successful attack possible, so it is fair to say that the slant is in her favor.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Well you don’t like her. But to a more middle of the road indy or liberal Republican, it sounds as if she had to make a difficult choice, but tried to stand up for what was right.

          • truebearing

            That’s true. I don’t like her, and that bias does predispose me to think the worst of her, but she never does anything proves that the bias is unfair. I didn’t want Bill Clinton as a president either, but at least he was more pragmatic and less ideological. Hillary’s only talents seem to be scheming and lying.

            If the liberal Republicans and Indy voters would pay attention long enough to compare actions with statements, may be could get a president that isn’t a pathological liar.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            one would hope

          • DB1954

            Hillary stand up for what’s right? Ha. ha ha. Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha … ha ha ha ha ha ha …

      • Carolyn

        But she lied the very next day to all of the American ppl and all over the globe.. How does she clean that up? An idiot would know she did not say that to zero..

    • BagLady

      It’s all because Billderbeast hates Obama and Michelle hates Hilderbeast. Apparently.

      This doesn’t answer the question as to why the outpost was left insecure after so many pleas for backup.

  • liz

    Funny how the only time you hear Hillary admitting that the story isn’t credible is when she’s using it to try to throw Obama under the bus.

  • John Barleycorn

    I don’t care what the old nag says . . ..she is guilty as hell . . .and must be confronted with law and charged as an accomplice

  • Carolyn

    They place this slant on her and she walks in and takes zero’s place.. People, the sheeple will eat it up.. They don’t want to admit they were wrong to begin with. They are still lying. How do these people sleep at night? We have to prove its all a big fat lie.
    I want to see her stand up and tell this story. BUT, we all know how well these people lie. In her interview with Gretta, she danced as no other, all around the truth…She will make herself look like obama did, then if she is elected, she will continue to destroy the Country. Take off where he stopped. God help us.

    • margey sebastian

      i would like to hear your defense of reagan leaving sentries unarmed when a suicide bomber killed hundreds of american and french soldiers.
      in other words STFU.

  • NJK

    My income isn’t equal with Hillary’s or that terrorist acting as president. I want some of their money in the name of income equality.

  • margey sebastian

    this is “ridiculously specific”? sounds like an episode of “24” for crissakes. who is this legal advisor, and who “filled him in” on the parts of this conversation he wasn’t party to? ah who gives a crap anyway. people believe what they want. the end.

    • DB1954

      Yes, this is extraordinarily specific in terms of what Obama allegedly wanted to be said about Benghazi, what he allegedly ordered Hillary to say about it, and especially specific about Hillary’s response. How does that add up to an episode of 24? Do you watch too much TV or is this just a cute way to dismiss Dan’s article? But do tell us just exactly why you find the incredible story of Benghazi so extraordinarily credible. Could it be that you admire Hillary so much for being your ideal “strong” woman that you believe everything she says and dismiss any notion that she’s a sociopath and a congenital liar?

      • margey sebastian

        You use the word “allegedly” a lot. Does anyone who reads this stuff actually know what it means? Because that is exactly my point. And yes, it was a cute way to dismiss Dan’s critical article that was full of “alleged” remarks. Also, you really shouldn’t make assumptions about people as to whom they admire without asking them first. That would be like me assuming you are misogynistic because you call hillary a sociopath and congenital liar.

  • Gee

    Only took her how many years to change her story – 2?

  • BCConfidential

    My guess is Amb. Stevens, Glen Doherty, Ty Woods and Sean Smith don’t give a damn which one of these lying reprobates let them die. Both should indicted for the Benghazi crime.

  • LibOne

    The BOTTOM line is……WHY, if she was so adamantly against Obozo’s version did she not 1) open her freakin mouth ( it’s big enough) 2) RESIGN and tell the whole TRUTH ( that would take gut’s and courage, both lacking in this POS). I believe this is another example of her authorizing this BS for HER benefit. The author cites this info coming from her “legal advisor’s”, there is therefore client /atty privilege, she gave them permission, AFTER the story was spun for HER benefit. She WILLINGLY went along with Obozo’s LIE and is as culpable.

    • Lanna

      Good point, HIllary did not reprimand Obama for his failures because she was part of the same plan!

  • DeniseVB

    While I usually don’t believe “anonymous” sources, hasn’t this scenario played out in our heads since 9-11-12? Had Romney won the election, there would be no chance for a Hillary 2016, or possibly any Democrat for the next 16 years. So this is believable stuff, she wasn’t just protecting Obama, she was covering her own butt too. Even if this book is nothing more than fan fiction, we still don’t know where Obama and Hillary were that night, or who gave the stand down order?

  • rightisright5116

    So she’s admitting she lied to the American people to cover up a terrorist attack. She admitting Party came before truth. That’s the problem we have in Washington. This will be the Message against her- Party before Country and Truth.

  • Yoda Dundar

    And all the people that believe this please stand up? hmmmm No One lol
    what a joke
    Wonder if it will be her New Hillary for 2016 Bus she wants to throw Barry under

  • Lanna

    Frankly, Its the left’s ideologies in general that will not meet with success, especially of appeasement of terrorists and siding with Islamic regimes. Both Hillary and Obama are flawed in their thinking they will never do the job the American people hired them to do! Hillary had the authority to put more security where Christopher Stevens and his staff worked, and he was ignored. Look at how many areas of government have failed under these two who crave the limelight and power!

  • PaddyORyan

    If the Hillbeast didn’t think the video was to blame, why did she tell Tyrone Woods’ father at the funeral that “we’ll get the guy who made that video.” Me thinks the She-Devil protesteth too much.

    • Webb

      Good catch, Irishman!

  • OldManKeith

    Is the point of this article that the story of the “legal advisor” is made up? How would Clinton have known about the motivations or whether or not they were connected with Al Qaeda when the CIA didn’t know for a few days?

  • IngeC

    What matters most to Hillary and Bill is Hillary and Bill and their lust to power- one being the return to the white house.
    Hillary is cut from the same cloth as is Obama; no lie small enough not to tell and no amount of truth ever penetrating their mouths.
    Everything is done with the cold calculation of their next step!

  • Travis T

    #PrisonIsTooGood pass it along.

  • worldwatchman

    Yeah right. This is all about trying to give her a better image when she declares she’s running for President. It’s as much b.s. as the supposed poll that says she’d win over any Republican contender if a vote took place today. So much b.s. today.

  • margey sebastian

    only when bush and cheney are held accountable for 5000 deaths in iraq.

    • http://oddhammer.com/tutorials/debt_clock/US_debt_clock_dynamic.swf John Barleycorn

      I wonder how you felt during the WTC attack?

  • Pamela Forristall

    SO – I wonder if KILLERY will be subpoened in to testify about this CALL. Although she took the LOW ROAD and lied the very next day instead of standing up against his corruption…..this little story puts OBAMA right in the ‘COVER UP SPOT LIGHT’.

  • BOB

    I believe her. And, I’m a conservative.