Hillary Clinton: I Was the “Designated Yeller” at Israel

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu address reporters at his hotel suite in Washington

Hillary Clinton is absolutely 100 percent pro-Israel.

Except for the parts where she opposes Jews living in Israel. Also she takes pride in being the “designated yeller”.

Speaking to Fareed Zakaria on CNN Sunday morning, Hillary said that the continued settlement activity is “my biggest complaint with the Israeli government.”

“I’m a strong supporter of Israel, a strong supporter of their right to defend themselves. But the continuing settlements, which have been denounced by successive American administrations on both sides of the aisle, are clearly a terrible signal to send if, at the same time, you claim you’re looking for a two-state solution,” she said.

During the interview, Hillary also took pride of her complicated relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “I was often the ‘designated yeller,’” she said.

That’s an attempt at putting a cutesy spin on ugly scenes like these.

In March 2010, Clinton made a now-infamous phone call to Netanyahu in which she berated and threatened the prime minister for 45 minutes, issued a list of demands he would have to meet to salvage the U.S.-Israel relationship, and then instructed the State Department press secretary to boast to the press of just how harshly she had treated Netanyahu.

“The announcement of the settlements on the very day that the vice president was there was insulting,” Clinton told CNN on Friday.

After the Clinton phone call, then-Israeli ambassador Michael Oren commented that relations between the two countries had hit their lowest ebb in 35 years.

A few weeks later, in April 2010, Clinton gave a speech at a dinner that was attended by Ambassador Oren and several ambassadors from Arab countries, and once again attacked Israel. She accused Israel of engaging in “unilateral statements and actions” that had undermined the peace process and she laid blame for humanitarian problems in Gaza on Israel, rather than the terrorist group Hamas that controls the territory and uses it to launch attacks on Israel. She even claimed that the lack of progress in the peace process – Israel’s fault

That was a more open act of hostility than anything Obama said. Think about that for a minute, Hillary Clinton came off more hostile to Israel in public statements… than Obama.

But that’s not surprising. It’s just Hillary being Hillary.

In 1999 Suha Arafat, Yasser Arafat’s wife, said, “Our [Palestinian] people have been submitted to the daily and intensive use of poisonous gas by the Israeli forces, which has led to an increase in cancer cases among women and children.”

Although Hillary Clinton was sitting on the same stage and receiving a simultaneous translation of Mrs. Arafat’s speech, she sat silent.

When the speech was finished the First Lady stood up and walked over to Suha Arafat. Hillary Clinton’s response to the accusation that Israel was using poison gas?

A kiss and a hug for Mrs. Arafat.

And even now Hillary just can’t control herself.

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  • Ivan

    I’ve often thought her willful blindness was so great that it’s almost like a kind of political autism. Or maybe even a mental illness. The boasting about trashing the little girl in the rape case. Or her coordination of the defense of her husband from sex harassment allegations. The story of her sitting quietly while ms Arafat makes allegations of poison gas use – by Israelis – is another piece. This woman heart is so hard that, unlike Lenin, she barely even tried to justify her actions (Lenin seems to have known he was a psychopath and murderer but he justified it in light of the ends he sought). Unless Hillary seeks to sooth her conscience by talking or bragging of her crimes. Look, I’m a criminal defense lawyer, and I see this kind or arrogant bragging a lot among criminals. It’s their attempt to justify their bad behavior, perhaps to get someone to laugh with them so as to sooth their troubled heart. This woman has hardened her heart many times in her life, and she has willfully blinded herself.

  • fpm

    Maybe she was just venting her hurt by Bill or the embarrassing lousy book sale when she yelled?

  • Ivan

    Never forget that Hillary is consumed by greed and by the desire to steal, to get something for nothing. When she was in Arkansas, she was giving away her old underwear and claiming a $ 2 per pair tax deduction for each pair of underpants. And when she got her broker to trade cattle futures and designate her trades as the winners and someone else’s trades as the losers, to make her first fortune, then they invested in whitewater, a get rich quick plan. The Clinton’s $ 120 million in speaking fees was paid for 500 speeches. The people that hired them are all making disguised bribes in the hope of buying political influence. Even her latest book: she negotiated an $ 8 million advance knowing that she would hire a ghostwriter for $ 100,000. I’m not sure how this all related to Daniel’s article, except I know that the sins of covetousness and stealing infect almost everything a person does, when they have them. And I believe all of Hillary’s actions should be judge in light of her violation of these two commandments.

    • Softly Bob

      What? She was giving away her old underwear?
      Who would want them?
      I’ve heard of some particularly nasty fetishes in my time, but wanting Hillary’s acid-stained caustic bloomers has to be the worst that I’ve ever heard of.
      Now you’ve made we want to be sick.

      • Ivan

        Bob, this was years ago, when the Clinton’s had 50 a scandles. Hillary’s tax records were disclosed, and it seems she had grabbed every last single deduction u could possibly imagine. And she had donated her and bills underwear to the goodwill or some such place and taken 2 dollars per pair off her taxes. She was almost fanatically zealous about not paying taxes, taking every last deduction. Yes, who would want them.

      • Abberline

        Actually it was Bill’s underwear.

    • Americana

      Every significant politician gets enormous speaking fees. That’s news to you? As for hiring a ghostwriter, if she can afford it and she wished to handle the writing that way, who’s to say all politicians, especially American politicians, must handle their writing as seriously as did the British PM Winston Churchill? Churchill’s “Winds of War” series is the most incredible writing of any politician I’ve ever read. Documented to the nth detail and written from an intensely personal but also detached omniscient perspective, it’s the gold standard for a politician’s writing. It’s been a long time since we’ve had such eloquent and serious thinkers and writers as those who crafted the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights and the Emancipation Proclamation. As for selling her old underpants, that’s not legal. Whether they’re Hillary Clinton’s drawers or not.

      • Ivan

        It doesn’t matter. That’s an argument to throw all the bums out. Two wrongs never made a right. And it’s the same type of argument as where obama says “I can blow this 1 trillion because bush spent 300 million” that we see. Nobody in the history of mankind ever made as much speaking as Hillary and bill. And none of it was for speaking ability. It’s all an advance payment in expectation of future political favor. These guys have been paid over $ 120 million for 500 speeches. It’s unspeakably corrupt. They were often paid approx 1/2 million per speech. You tried this argument on your mom when you were a kid, and she told you, “just because Johnny runs under a bus doesn’t mean you can run under a bus.” It was a bad argument then. And remains. I do understand your point. But why defend these two characters. They are as grotesque as the french burbons, with their haute attitudes and glutting themselves in bribes and sex (in bills case. They’re just the most nauseating people.

  • Ivan

    I think hillary has a hard heart. She has always done whatever is necessary to win, whether it’s savaging a little girl in a rape case, or organizing her husbands sexual harassment defense by trashing all his victims. Her conscience is bothering her though. She remembers that she yelled at Netanyahu and it torments her. She also tries to modify her past behavior and subtly shift responsibility for it. Here, she blames obama for her yelling at Netanyahu, as if they all decided he needed to be yelled at, and she was the “fall girl” who had to do it. She’s trying to patch up relations with Jewish donors in advance of the election. This comment too is ultimately about money. Do I sound like satan in the book of job where he cynically implied job served god only to protect his property and his kids? maybe I do, but I perceive there is nothing but a giant cash register at the bottom of her heart. Her covetousness is like the mould that the Levitical priests would asses: once they determined that the mould was deep in the wood, they would decree that everything must be burned: it was irredeemably infected. Good job Daniel my friend. You pointed out Hillary’s long history of hostility to Israel, and her failure to defend Israel and her failure to show leadership in the face of outrageous statements by Arafat.

  • Texas Patriot

    There is no discernible reason for any further discussion of a “two-state solution” in the Middle East. The two-state solution is already a fait accompli. There is the Jewish State and the Islamic State, and nothing else is on the horizon which is likely to have any significant staying power over the long term. Not even Shia-dominated Iran is likely to be able to withstand the tsunami-like wildfire of the Islamic State for any appreciable length of time. What that means for politicians like Hillary Clinton and the vast majority of the establishment politicians in Washington DC today is that the American blueprint for the Middle East, as well as all the U.S. policies and practices of the last fifty years can be thrown in the trashcan. It’s a new day in the Middle East and the sharp outlines of the political reality we will all have to deal with are, even now, beginning only dimly to emerge.

    • Evermyrtle

      Hillary is one of America’s greatest “Shames!” And we have to keep her and be shamed time and again.

  • sydchaden

    People keep throwing rocks at Hillary, and disparaging her great achievements. They forget that this is the woman who bravely dodged bullets as she ran from her helicopter to her photo op. How could they forget that?

    • Gee

      Old-timers disease?

    • truebearing

      Yes, yes. That was heroic. And then she and David Brock snorted another quarter ounce of coke and fabricated some more glorious achievements.

      Didn’t she walk on water once, and wasn’t it Hillary that slew the Minotaur — and then got drunk and danced with Ariadne till the wee hours of the morning? She’s so heroic I can’t keep track of all of her wonderfulness.

  • Arlie

    Killery: demonic possession on display.

  • Habbgun

    According to the Hilary Clinton playbook we must remember Israel had a thing for older terrorists and wanted to have their attention.

  • VHG1

    In other words, she’s very proud of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood to the bitter end

  • Hard Little Machine

    She should be banned from entry into Israel for life. If she’s ever President she’ll never visit anyway so it’s no great loss to anyone.

    • kasandra

      You’re probably right but, still, 85% of American Jews will vote for her.

  • Matt Hines

    Killary will be worse than Obama, if you can imagine that. She already has the Muslim Brotherhood, Huma and his wify Weiner.

    • Ivan

      I just know you are right. Because Hillary is so aggressive and lacks discretion. She’s a fanatic.

  • Warren Raymond

    Shrillary is not just vulgar and obnoxious, she is also brazen in her stupidity.

  • BooBots

    Yeah, Israel has the right to defend herself. Obama translation: Just as long as she doesn’t do it successfully.

  • SoCalMike

    Hillary is a Jew-hating POS like her boss but worse.
    She has flies. They follow her around wherever she goes.
    Spit on her. Spit on her boss.
    They are both overt Jew-haters looking to help finish what Hitler started.
    Then go find the pathetic malignant parasite Jen Psaki and spit on her.

    Right in her face.
    She deserves far worse but for now this will suffice.

  • Ghost

    And come election time, almost all ‘American Jews’ will vote for her.

    • Youcankeepyourdoctor Period

      Correct……83%. Same amount that voted for the Muslim in Office.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Billilah and Hillariah Rotten-Khlintoon Al-Arkansawia work for The House of Saud.

  • Abberline

    An awful woman who is a rageaholic and in her youth would resort to her fists when frustrated.

  • Joseph Kildare

    If she wasn’t the ‘bagman’, I wonder how the US got all those billions in $$$ to Israel? Kids, both sides are loony over there – keep that in mind. Anyway, this article is so full of specious bullshit, rhetorical misdirections, and sundry neo-con foolery, I found myself becoming suspicious of even the punctuation

  • http://oddhammer.com/tutorials/debt_clock/US_debt_clock_dynamic.swf John Barleycorn


    • http://oddhammer.com/tutorials/debt_clock/US_debt_clock_dynamic.swf John Barleycorn


  • DVult

    When will this hag go away?

  • jfmoris110

    I have a theory, that a person’s misdeeds are often not as bad as their excuses. Excuses allow a person to keep committing crimes. And worst of all is an ideology that provides excuses and support for evil-doers: such as Islam or leftism.

    • Ivan

      Do you mind if I engrave that in steel and make a plaque out of it, and give it to my 5 year old son? I can do this. I weld and do metalwork as my hobby. That is beautiful. Because the misdeed is only a temporary mistake. But the excuse is what keeps the problem going forever. I f$&@$&g love it. One of the best comments I’ve ever heard. Although, frankly, the people that follow Daniel are the smartest, wisest, hardest hitting people on the Internet. They see things for exactly what they are. So I’m also not surprised at your comment.

  • Nina Sage

    A brain addled juicer who has been a useful tool for several presidents. She’s got a Muslim for her closest adviser, and a ho dog for a husband. Run her for president. I dare you.