Hillary Clinton Suggests Hamas Backer Mediate Between Israel and Hamas


It was either that or Iran. And Iran has bought fewer Western politicians than Qatar.

Clinton, during an interview with Charlie Rose, touted Qatar as a country that could play a constructive role in arbitrating peace between Hamas and Israel.

Qatar, which has served as Hamas’ chief financial lifeline, keeping the group afloat and facilitating its arms buildup, could convince Hamas to stop trying to kill Israeli citizens, Clinton claimed.

Qatar isn’t just Hamas’ lifeline. It’s also Hillary’s lifeline.

The Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation has received between $1 million and $5 million from the government of Qatar.

But Qatar doesn’t just limit itself to supporting Hamas. It also supports Al Qaeda.

American officials say the FBI and CIA just missed capturing the al Qaeda leader believed to have organized the 9/11 attacks — and now believed to be planning a new attack against Americans — because it appears he was protected and tipped off by a member of the royal family in Qatar, Abdullah Bin Khalid al-Thani.

So Obama used Qatar to mediate with the Taliban which is how we got back one traitor for a bunch of top terrorists. Hillary is doubling down on mediation using a state sponsor of terrorism.

That’s a little preview of Hillary’s foreign policy on Israel.

  • Johnny Paleswine

    I want to see Gaza burned to the ground.

    I am not Jewish but my father is.

    I am half Jewish and Chibcha Colombian Native. I follow Judaism. It is important Gaza be reduced to ashes.

    I want the world to see when the Jewish people go to war. Enormous destruction that the twisted left and liberals in America, the UK, Mundo Latrino never forget!!!!

    • Elliott

      There is no such THING AS “half-Jewish”; same as a woman can’t be half-pregnant; you either ARE or you AREN’T. How CAN you be Jewish?
      Because your mother was Jewish; through a full Orthodox Conversion (takes 3-5 years). That’s it. Otherwise, even if you are told you are Jewish – you ain’t. Judaism is not a club. It cannot be watered down and still be Judaism. Judaism is the belief in ONE God, WHO CREATED THE WORLD, who gave the Law (Torah) to Moses on Mount Sinai, etc, etc.

      ‘Shavua Tova’ (= “have a good week”) from Israel. May it be a rocket-free week, during which all the Hamas tunnels ARE FLOODED.

    • Ivan

      I don’t know who u are but I like u.

  • Gee

    Let’s see Qatar finances Hamas – what more neutral could we ask for?

    Hey Hillary – like Kerry we don’t want you here either.

    • Johnny Paleswine

      Any Jewish person who supports this hyena/prostitute should be dragged onto asphalt and beaten. I have zero tolerance for this.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        Some of these individuals truly do have the morality of hyenas. Don’t insult the whores.

      • Ivan

        Exactly. She is a whore. I’m trying to moderate my language. But the fact is that the 100 + millions she has received in speaking fees is a bribe for her help based on the expectation she will be president. it’s for influence. And hyena or jackle is perfect. Have you heard her laughing at the death of ghaddafi? This woman is a psychopath, like an animal.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Ask the lion if it’s fair to eat the zebra. I’m sure you’ll get an interesting response.

      Why do we elect so many idiotic traitors?

      • Walt

        Well, cause you don’t need I D !!!

    • johngvanvliet

      I wonder sometimes how those lefties think, it sounds to me that they have a mental issue and some how are not able to think logical and apply justice, I never liked Hillary…but I do like her womanizer husband Bill, although they both are crooks…..Kerry…. He will sell his own mother for personal gain,,,,, I think he is even worse then the unproductive Sec of State Hillary, the only difference is that Kerry can’t handle the word ,,NO,,
      for he goes back to negotiate….I wonder what he will be talking about ???? so good luck US in your next election and if you vote liberal don’t complain if the US falls totally apart !!!!!

  • DogmaelJones1

    Hillary the Hilarious would probably propose, were she still in office, that the separatists who shot down the Malaysian plane mediate between Putin and Malaysian Airlines. It’s interesting that the U.S. supplied Soviet-made shoulder held missiles to our destroyed Benghazi consulate for distribution to our “allies” in Libya and elsewhere, and presumably many of them wound up in the Ukraine. Hey, that’s really great foreign policy! Absolutely forward-looking! Good job, Obama!

  • Pete

    The Clintons are like Joe Biden now. They are the gift that keeps on giving.

    Chinese business mogul who paid $500K for lunch with Clintons ‘was told he’d have to DOUBLE the donation when he asked if his kids could come’


    • objectivefactsmatter

      They really are bigger grifters than Obama. They’ve had more practice..so…

      • truebearing

        We don’t know what kind of deal Obama has with Soros. The Clintons are kleptomaniacs. Obama is the King of Kickbacks. If only someone would kick too hard…

        • objectivefactsmatter

          You’re right. I don’t know who truly is more corrupt. The Clinton scams are just more visible. They’re all big league grifters, no doubt.

          And speaking of Soros, if you look at how that parasite makes money…attacking the Kochs is just obscene while having any kind of relationship with a guy like Soros.

          I mean in theory you need guys like Soros in the marketplace, but not in the seats of political power. Soros is literally a bottom feeder that scavenges debris and even helps kill off weak enterprises. He’s like any hunter in the wild. It serves a function in the markets.

          Do you want that guy involved in politics behind the scenes buying politicians? No way. He’s the guy the officials should be keeping an eye on.

        • johngvanvliet

          The corruption is so obvious and you know not one politician is doing anything about it….. to me the system is broken and need to be fixed with NEW BLOOD get rid of democrats and republicans and get doers not talkers….

  • Obamaroid_Ointment

    How come Hillary doesn’t send her Huma Weiner over there with the Reset Button?

  • objectivefactsmatter

    These people really are a bunch of insane sellouts.

  • U Nderwater Glockenspiel

    For those who don’t know, this article is about Hitlery Cunton.

  • Raymond_in_DC

    Well, not surprisingly Hamas-supporting Qatar has presented their ceasefire proposal – which is essentially a rewrite of Hamas’ own demands. And they wonder why Israel, the US and Egypt have all rejected Qatar’s involvement.

  • Rebel

    Hillary is for Hillary. She has been in the game so long that she lies, cheats, and people who have been associated with her have died. She can not be trusted. Remember Ambassador Stevens, and the brave soldiers that died on her watch. These evil bastards will stop at nothing to achieve what benefits them.

  • Walt

    Let this article educate any of the fool’s out there with this “time for a woman” nonsense! It may be,. But not THIS woman!! Please, ladies don’t buy into this phony!!!!

  • lizwagner2

    And don’t forget Hillary in Qatar back in 2010, when she visited Education City.