Hillary Clinton Turns Liberals into ‘Rape-Loving Scum’

BqRjdFsIMAAEjVQ.jpg-mediumWhen the Roman Polanski rape case resurfaced, Whoopi Goldberg coined the term “rape-rape” to describe the difference between the kind of rape she opposed and the kind she was okay with because it had been perpetrated by someone she liked.

In the political world the cases of Clarence Thomas and Bill Clinton showed how liberals delineated between the sexual harassment of men they approved of and disapproved of. Now the “rape-rape” distinction is back with Bill’s wife.

Last week liberal activists were denouncing George Will for questioning the lack of due process for accused rapists on campus. Then the Washington Free Beacon posted a tape in which Hillary Clinton had a good laugh discussing how she freed a child rapist she knew was guilty from prison.

Hillary had become the Democratic Party’s official “Role Model for Women” through her willingness to stand by her powerful husband during his affairs, cover up his sexual harassment of other women and even target those women for daring to speak out against her husband.

Now the face of the Democratic Party’s bid to make feminist history in 2016 was caught on tape cheerfully recollecting how she accused a 12-year-old girl, in formal legal language, of being a mentally ill slut. Or as the Washington Post’s Melinda Henneberger put it, “The ‘little bit nutty, little bit slutty’ defense has a long, ugly history. It’s jarring to see it trotted out against a kid by a future feminist icon.”

Suddenly the social justice warriors who were denouncing due process, such as access to legal counsel for campus rapists being tried by student committees, became big fans of due process for rapists.

As with Whoopi Goldberg, it was all about who was doing the raping and who the rapist’s lawyer was.

Amanda Marcotte, of Slate and The Daily Beast, as well a blogger for John Edwards, another noted defender of women, had called critics of the Duke Lacrosse case “rape-loving scum” and suggested that George Will was a “rape apologist” for questioning some questionable rape cases.

But when Hillary Clinton was outed as a “rape apologist” and “rape-loving scum,” Amanda became a “rape apologist” explaining why being “rape-loving scum” was actually a good thing.

Hillary Clinton, Amanda explained, might have called a 12-year-old victim of child rape a mentally ill slut, but it wasn’t her fault.

It was society’s fault.

“While it’s always unpleasant to hear defense attorneys try to sow doubt about an accuser’s trustworthiness, the blame for this should not lay on the shoulders of those who have an obligation to defend their clients. The blame should lay on society for perpetuating the myth that false accusations are common,” she wrote.

Don’t blame Hillary Clinton for her horrible evil lie about a raped little girl. Blame a society that gave Hillary the idea that she could get away with it.

This is a good defense because it can be used for any of the many lies told by Hillary Clinton. Don’t blame her for lying about landing in Bosnia under sniper fire. Blame a patriarchal society which values military heroics over defending child rapists. Don’t blame her for lying about being named after Sir Edmund Hillary. Blame a society which prioritizes climbing large mountains over stealing White House furniture and covering up for your husband’s history of sexual abuses.

Hillary Clinton’s defenders claim that she had no choice but to do what she did in support of a “constitutionally mandated right of the accused to an adequate defense.” But the Constitution did not mandate that Hillary had to defend a child rapist. That was her choice.

The child rapist already had a lawyer. He wanted a female lawyer.

Hillary agreed to serve the same role for the child rapist as she did for her husband by letting a sexual predator use her gender for political cover against the women he had victimized.

Hillary supporters at Correct the Record claimed that the rape tape was distracting from her record. But the rape is very much a part of her record. It shows how far she is willing to go to win and what tactics she is willing to use. It also shows her contempt for the gender that she claims to represent in politics.

“The desperate attempts to get Clinton’s name in a headline with the word ‘rape’ bespeak of a conservative movement that can’t imagine that rape as anything but a hot button word to try to damn political opponents with,” Amanda Marcotte writes in a convoluted coda to an article so morally convoluted that it ought to have its own law degree.

As her own behavior demonstrates, the social justice warrior crowd doesn’t really believe rape is wrong. It believes that rape is a useful political weapon. The pass that both Clintons have gotten is proof of that. Not to mention the same pass that another courageous liberal defender of women, Ted Kennedy, got. Marcotte jumps into a Pavlovian frenzy every time some Republican somewhere says something, but when it comes to Democrats who don’t just talk, but who actually abuse women, she defends them.

Like most of the left, she puts her ideology first and sisterhood last. And that was exactly what Hillary Clinton did when she put a child rapist ahead of his victim and her husband ahead of his victims.

“Feminists don’t criticize conservatives for rape-complacent or ever rape-apologetic statements or policies because they’re trying to score cheap political points. They very sincerely believe that these people stand in the way of justice for rape victims, often for very good reason. There is no reason to think that of Clinton,” Amanda Marcotte writes.

Aside from the time that Hillary Clinton prevented a child rapist from going to jail for raping a child, there is no reason to think that she stood in the way of justice for rape victims.

How many child rapists do you have to free before you officially stand in the way of justice for rape victims? One.

Marcotte has accused Christians of having beliefs that blame women for rape. It’s not a good description of Christians, but it is a surprisingly good description of Hillary Clinton.

In the Blair Papers, also turned up by the Free Beacon, Hillary blamed Bill Clinton’s affairs on her failure to be “sensitive enough” to him. She also appeared to believe that Bill’s behavior was the fault of being raised by two women.

Hillary Clinton not only didn’t hold her husband responsible for his sexual harassment of other women, she blamed the women, she blamed the women who raised him and finally she blamed herself.  And that wasn’t a sexist worldview that she reserved for Democrats.

When Senator Bob Packwood, a liberal Republican, was accused of sexual harassment, Hillary dismissed the “whiney women” because she needed the famously pro-abortion senator on health care.

In public, Hillary Clinton mouths all the right platitudes about women, girls and sexual assault. In private, another Hillary comes out of the closet.

This is the Hillary who blames women for the abusive actions of powerful men; even when she is one of those women. Not only isn’t the real Hillary any kind of feminist icon, but she is much closer to the stereotype that leftist activists have of Christians and conservatives.

Hillary Clinton blames women for being sexually assaulted and raped. Having tethered her career to a serial predator, she can only get ahead by tearing down women in private while talking them up in public. The real Hillary is a neurotic living a lie who hates herself and her own gender.

The real Hillary despises women and identifies with the men who victimize them.


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  • Digli

    False rape accusations are indeed common.
    The FBI claims that they are close to 10% of all rape accusations.
    Maybe 10% doesn’t seem like a lot but it certainly is if you’re the person being falsely accused.
    Think about it……..If 20,00 men are accused of rape 2,000 of them are innocent.
    Why does society think women are so much better than men?
    Hey ….Ms.Cliton is a perfect example of a despicable woman.

    • http://tinatrent.com/ Tina Trent

      That ten percent figure is widely misunderstood.

      It includes liminal he said she said cases that are the sole obsession of the campus feminists David ethically eviscerates here. But it also includes many cases where chronically endangered girls and women who have had lives of abuse seek attention from authorities. I’ve seen these cases, and they all get shelved even though it is clear that many of the complaints merit investigation — including all the ones involving children, because even if there isn’t sex abuse, children who end up in police stations have something very bad happening in their lives.

      Given the millions of rape kits gathering dust on shelves, the chaos and lowered standards of enforcing the law in urban, high crime communities, and the sleazy politics that dominate campus feminists’ attentions, there is no way to accurately determine how many false rape charges are made or how many real rapes go uninvestigated or underinvestigated, but the vast majority of rapists get away with it and the number of men actually falsely charged and falsely convicted is vanishingly small.

    • http://tinatrent.com/ Tina Trent

      So calling Clinton “Cliton” is ok with the censors here but explaining the facts behind that wildly misused 10% statistic is cut from the comment thread by the censors?


      • Pete

        The word play of calling Mrs Clinton “Cliton” is predictable and necessary. People need a little levity when discussing such horrible and serious things. I don’t remember if I myself have used such a description, but I probably have.

        I really feel no compunction to treat Mrs Clinton civilly not after she treated the women of the various Bimbo eruptions the way she did.

        From time to time I might not use such an appellation so as to hopefully get a post read and not turnoff the target audience , but again considering what she has done I feel no compulsion to be civil.

        The main reason I would not do it is that I am so done with her. It is what they say divorce is like. First, there is the fighting. People can reconcile. Then there is the silence. When it has gone that far there usually is no reconciliation. That is how I feel. I am done with her. Things have gone so far beyond the pale that we are beyond any levity. Everything is mechanical. Political speaking there is only the vote and to confront her in public forums and bring up the facts until she slinks back to the Hamptons or wherever she will hide.

      • Pete

        If you take political feminists (who have an agenda obviously), they claim 2% of claims are false.

        Would you consider 2% > than “beyond a reasonable doubt”. that is if some one claims rape than knowing nothing else, you should have a reasonable doubt form the get go.


        I would tell my boys to keep their life clean and if they are falsely accused to go biblical. That is whatever punishment they wanted you to have, they should have if it is proven they lied. there are so many technologies coming online making false accusation risky (as well as making crime risky).


      • Wolfthatknowsall

        There’s the possibility it was a typo … :)

        Personally, I call Hitlery much worse things. But then, I know her …

        • truebearing

          Since you are likely the only one here who does know Hitlery, would you agree that she has a strong likelihood of having a sociopathic personality?

          • Wolfthatknowsall

            I would, indeed. The last time I saw her, she glared at me with such hatred that it was a distraction from the conversation I had with her husband. It seems that she blames me for Bill’s loss in a 1974 election campaign for the US House, from Arkansas. That means … simply … that she didn’t get to go to Washington, the next year.

            The old saying comes to mind … if looks could kill.

            Actually, he lost by a large margin in a race against a popular incumbent … Rep. John Paul Hammerschmidt … in an overwhelmingly GOP district of Arkansas. There’s only one of them, and the district has always been different (it held out for the Union, in the Civil War).

          • truebearing

            What did you do that she was blaming you for his loss?

            I have no doubt that she has some serious mental issues, as well as spiritual. She’s as cold as ice when it comes to other people. The only time she expresses emotion is when she thinks she is getting mistreated.

          • Wolfthatknowsall

            I debated Bill, and trounced him. Note that I hadn’t even seen the inside of a college classroom (I was a county GOP committeeman), at that point in my life. But his defeat by me was widely-accepted as proof that the electorate would be better served by staying with Hammerschmidt.

            For example, he wasn’t prepared. He accused Hammerschmidt of overspending on the campaign. But I pointed out that the Congressman had spent his usual $250k on his campaign, and asked Bill where his $3.5 million had come from.

            He didn’t like that, but his wife liked it even less …

            I also hinted that his student tour of the Soviet Union was long enough to take the course at the Patrice Lumumba Friendship University, outside of Moscow. For those who don’t know, that was the “school” where foreign agents of the KGB were trained.

            Hillary liked that less.

            And so on …

          • JackSpratt

            LOVE it!

          • Wolfthatknowsall

            Thank you, sir!

            But you can also see why the possibility of a third “Clinton Administration” doesn’t please me, at all.

      • Digli

        I meant Clinton.
        I’m not sure I see the issue with a typo…… Whatever.
        She’s still a brain dead skag.
        Oh wait…now I get it.
        Clit?…as in Clitoris? (You think she even has one?)
        Tina you have an evil mind.

        • http://tinatrent.com/ Tina Trent

          Sigh, I thought it was intentional. I must do have an evil mind — all you can claim are evil fingers. I wasn’t criticizing your saying it, btw.

  • Jakareh

    Hillary Clinton is the woman without qualities: no intelligence, no integrity, no likability, no real education.

    • WW4

      Oh, she has intelligence and education in droves.

      • truebearing

        If you say so.

      • Jakareh

        If you say that it’s because you don’t have the wherewithal to judge it.

  • http://tinatrent.com/ Tina Trent

    Marcotte is the pinnacle of campus feminist activism: brutalize real rape victims in order to legitimate fascist identity politics.

  • DanaCrispovi

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    • RAM500

      Her cushy job is to wipe out certain IRS computer records.

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      No, she doesn’t. Flagged …

    • Habbgun

      “classmate’s aunt makes $68 every hour on the computer” – hard to believe you keep falling for the date rape drug.

  • Lanna

    Discussing this woman is getting very old…she is not Presidential material, there are too many bad judgement skeletons in her closet! That insidious laugh of hers is chilling!

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      Literal skeletons, in her closet …

      • truebearing


    • laura r

      her shreiking is disgusting.

  • antisharia

    Save society, kill liberals.

    • Pete

      i tell my kids to not do something like this. I tell them that divorce is the answer, not divorce between twp people but divorce between two peoples.

      I mention this to liberals and they are horrified.

      I get a similar response when I suggest to a union member that instead of striking or lobbying that they just buy out a companies stock. It would be employee/worker owned. At that point I could knock them over with a feather. You are not suppose to get the better of people with Marxist/socialist leanings. It is verbotten! Achtung!

      The Amish are divorce. They try to live as separately form other peoples as possible. Do liberal shave problem with this separation? I submit they do. but since Amish are mostly harmless to the liberal plan as they are ignored for the present.

      What I suggest is that we unentangle ourselves from liberals as much as possible. it is not an original ideal. It would take a long time. One of the strengths of the ideal is that our strength would not be the liberals strength.they could not tax us to fund themselves. I think they find that ideal horrendous. Also we could not be blamed for future problems. They are always blaming us for something even when we have the same ancestors or mostly the same ancestors. Make these pukes stand on their own 2 feet. Separation also has the benefit of no bloodshed. No muss, no fuss, what is not to like?

      • Webb

        It’s a wonderful life-enhancing concept. I’ve divorced my sisters, their kids, many of my cousins and some aunts and uncles. I haven’t spoken to my ex-wife for 30 years, so I don’t speak to my ex-family either. It’s so liberating.

      • http://www.stubbornthings.org NAHALKIDES

        Secession of a number of states, splitting the U.S. into two countries, is an idea that is slowly gaining some traction. I myself am not quite convinced that the tipping point has been reached where the Democrats have effective one-party rule at the national level, but I could be wrong. If so, then a firm intellectual groundwork for secession must be laid – so far, it hasn’t, although there have been some abbreviated writings along those lines (I recall a short piece by Walter Williams). Strong, compelling moral arguments will have to be made for secession to have any chance of success. Another change is that there will have to be a Conservative Party, either a transformed GOP or else a new party.

        These questions will best be considered at another time, although I admit it should be soon.

        • JackSpratt

          We sure don’t want that party to be Big L Libertarian.

          • http://www.stubbornthings.org NAHALKIDES

            No we don’t, but there’s not much chance of that – Libertarianism is going nowhere as a political movement.

  • CurmudgyOne

    I can just imagine a liberal lawyer being approached by an accused rapist:
    “Can you defend me?”
    “That depends,” the lawyer answers, “let me see your voter registration card.”

  • liz

    “The real Hillary is a neurotic living a lie..” Exactly right. But she makes up for it by having all that POWER to push the leftist agenda.

  • Pete

    Let us be clear.

    Hillary Clinton is not the first female to be considered for president or vice president. Geraldine Ferraro was. If Ferraro’s experience was sufficient to be a VP and thus possibly presidential material, then we have a large talent pool of female candidates.

    So why are so many people settling for a corrupt, carpet bagging, gaffe prone know-nothing?


    • JackSpratt

      Short answer: she’s a fellow traveler.

  • Jobethian

    Hillary always bows to the MAN. She does what MEN tell her to do. Defending a MALE rapist, she smeared and blamed his victim. Married to a sexual predator, she defended her MAN and smeared his victims. Bill Clinton told her to go on National TV and deny accusations that he took advantage of a young intern who worked for him, and she DID it! Obama told her to go on National TV and blame the attacks in Benghazi on a video, and she DID it! If she were to become president, what MAN would she take her orders from?

    • laura r

      george soros- just like everyone else does.

      • JackSpratt

        Good answer. He’s the money man.

  • http://www.stubbornthings.org NAHALKIDES

    This line really caught my interest: “Hillary blamed Bill Clinton’s affairs on her failure to be ‘sensitive enough’ to him. She also appeared to believe that Bill’s behavior was the fault of being raised by two women.”

    So being raised by two women might cause abnormal and undesirable sexual behavior in a boy – a very strong argument against same-sex “marriage” and for giving strong preference to placing adopted children in homes of opposite-sex parents. But I don’t think we’ll see the Democratic Left making that argument any more.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Not after Hillary “evolved” that’s for sure.

      • truebearing

        This “evolution” the Left undergoes is really fascinating. Darwin couldn’t pinpoint the mechanism for evolution, but the Left has. Evolution occurs when it is politically advantageous to flip-flop your position. Apparently Darwin thought that “the fittest” were the ones who survived when it is really survival of the shiftiest.

        I always suspected the Galapagos was some sort of animal penal colony

        • Daniel Greenfield

          It’s more like devolution really

    • laura r

      good debate question for the election.

  • truebearing

    This was a perfect delineation of the Left’s malignant hypocrisy on rape. It irrefutably shows that rape isn’t a moral concern of the Left, but a political weapon to be used in demonizing the Right.
    When an individual or group, decide that a crime is only a crime when committed by their political opponent, they can no longer legitimately categorize it as a crime. They have removed that crime from the realm of justice and subordinated it to political expediency. Crimes then become a subjective category, punishable only when they facilitate a political agenda. This necessarily means there is no justice system, but instead a highly subjective, politicized, and corrupt social justice system.

    The attitude the Left is showing toward rape is yet more evidence of the sociopathy of leftist thinking. When collectivists adhere to principles that suspend ethics, as they do when believing the end justifies the means, they are functioning without a conscience or empathy. That is sociopathic. It is evil.

    Laughing about getting a warped child molestor off, especially when admitting he was guilty, is cold. It is depraved indifference to the suffering of the little girl. It is depraved indifference to justice. It is sociopathic behavior, and it isn’t the first time Hillary has shown herself to be willing to do anything to win. She is an admitted adherent to the teachings of Saul Alinsky, who taught his students to act in accordance with the great anti-ethic: the end justifies the means. Hillary’s rapacity for power and her cold indifference to the suffering of girls and women strongly suggests that she is in fact a sociopath, or at least a malignant narcissist.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Certainly Hillary has less empathy for human beings than a bag of chips.

      That tape should make it obvious to everyone.

      • laura r

        daniel did this rapist rape again? that would really be good PR against hillary. check it out.

        • http://tinatrent.com/ Tina Trent

          I’ve found no record, Laura. Do we know if he moved to another state?

          • laura r

            that would be an interesting project for daniel greenfield to pursue. once i looked for hrs for a convicted felon teen sex w/minor conviction. (left the country moved to mexico, gave to charities, you know the deal). finally found him, different name (real name i suppose), there was his photo. im not internet savy, it took hours. in this case i wanted to see if it was a rumor or true. i was friendly w/his wife they were nice people but something was “off”. i believe all of this is public domain. if hillarys client was arrested again the fact should be known.

  • tkondaks

    This is a non-story.
    If you want to indict Hillary for doing what lawyers do, you are indicting the entire system of a lawyer’s imperative to “zealously” defend their clients, even guilty ones.
    Why, one of frontpagemag’s most popular columnists, Allan Dershowitz, helped defend a double murderer: O.J. Simpson. Should we indict frontpagemag and David Horowitz for giving space to Dershowitz’s columns?

    • laura r

      why would dershowitz be writting here for FP? hes a leftest (?) who defended lowlives? (or does he play both ends) hes no differnet than hillary. now it time to find more on miss H. she will win regardless.

    • Gislef

      Lawyers aren’t required to call 12-year old girls “mentally ill sluts.”

      If Dershowitz called a 12-year-old girl a mentally ill slut, I wouldn’t give him a pass, either.

    • Gislef

      And nobody is denying letting Hillary write a column at FPM.

      If Dershowitz was running for President, I certainly would have concerns about it based on his defending O.J., yes.

      Find a few apples to go with the apples.

  • laura r

    good read, but real vulgar cheeseball tabloid headline. just saying.

  • RockNRollUighur

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  • Jhonnie Walker

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  • Calvin Sanders

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  • meanpeoplesuck

    Funny- no stories on FrontPageDurSturmer today on the TeaBanger leader rapist. Since RepubliNaziTards think a pregnancy resulting from rape is their imaginary friend god’s will, then I guess they’re cool with their leadership raping women.

    • UCSPanther

      I find it very laughable how proggie zombies like you compare us to N azis when you are just like them. Let’s look at the ways:

      1. You hate dissent.
      2. You are socialists and collectivists, just like the N azis were, because it wasn’t known as “National SOCIALISM for a nothing.
      3. You want total control over society, you know, for “our own good”
      4. You want to disarm your enemies, so it is easier to dominate and exterminate them.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Are you by any chance mean people? Or fuhrermeanpeople?

  • laura r

    this wont hurt hillary @ all. reverend wright & obamas past same thing. still i think all this projection about rape is foolish. shes a sleeze lawyer, end of case. lawyers go after the opposition to win, thats the MO.

  • Jeff Ludwig

    “The real Hillary is a neurotic living a lie who hates herself and her own gender.” Wow. Be careful Mr. Greenfield. You’re getting so close to the truth here. Everything inside me is saying “expand on this, tell more of the same.” This tunes up perfectly with Michael Savage’s oft-repeated statement that “liberalism is a mental disease.” The liberals/leftists are living so many lies in ways that are parallel to what you have described here. They are all for equality, but look down their noses at everybody (look at the enclaves of libs on the Upper West Side and in Park Slope in Brooklyn. It’s an arrogancy and classism of the worst order lodged in a narrative of so-called “equality.” Lies. All lies.

  • SereneBowrageyel

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    • Wolfthatknowsall

      Another one. Jeez …

  • Christopher Riddle

    “Hillary;The Enabler”also ran”The Office Of Bimbo-Eruptions”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!