Hillary “Reset Button” Clinton Said Russia was No Longer a Problem

Before Hillary was comparing Putin to Hitler, she was talking quite differently during the election.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hit back Sunday against Mitt Romney’s comments this week that Russia is America’s main “geopolitical foe.”

Labeling Romney’s words as “dated, “Clinton said in an interview with CNN there were more pressing matters of concern in global affairs.

“I think it’s somewhat dated to be looking backwards instead of being realistic about where we agree, where we don’t agree,” Clinton told CNN Foreign Affairs Correspondent Jill Dougherty….

Clinton held back from diving too heavily into politics but argued Russia no longer posed the threat it did in the 20th century.

“If you take a look at the world today, we have a lot of problems that are not leftovers from the past, but are of the moment,” Clinton said.

Then suddenly, Hillary decided Putin was Hitler and Russia was a relevant problem… after the invasion of Ukraine.

Madeline Albright, another Clinton relic, made the same turnaround.

Eighteen months ago former Clinton Secretary of State Madeline Albright attacked Governor Romney’s warning that Russia is America’s number one geopolitical foe:

“He is not up to date and that is a very dangerous aspect; that’s just an example of his 20th century approach to 21t century issues.”

Today on MSNBC’s Morning Joe show, however, she criticized American’s focus on the missing Malaysian airliner and said focus on the Russia and the Ukraine was critical.

“Those of us that have dealt with Putin know how he thinks, and he really is nostalgic and believes that he’s some kind of a new czar.”

So instead of the 20th century, Albright would like to go back to the 19th century.

Romney responded by blasting both Clinton and Obama for getting it wrong on Russia.

When protests in Ukraine grew and violence ensued, it was surely evident to people in the intelligence community—and to the White House—that President Putin might try to take advantage of the situation to capture Crimea, or more. That was the time to talk with our global allies about punishments and sanctions, to secure their solidarity, and to communicate these to the Russian president. These steps, plus assurances that we would not exclude Russia from its base in Sevastopol or threaten its influence in Kiev, might have dissuaded him from invasion.

That was how Reagan did it in Poland.


  • A Z

    Does the fact that CEOs and politicians still listen to Madeleine “Not-So-Bright”?

    “The same year, she founded the Albright Group, an international strategy consulting firm based in Washington, D.C”


    • kasandra

      What is she competent to consult on, how to create an Islamic narco state in the Balkans while pissing off the entire Slavic world including Russia and how to let rogue states get their hands on nuclear weapons?

      • A Z

        She is competent at giving autographed basketballs to dictators.

  • A Z

    Sorry, I am double posting, but Madeleine Albright is such a bad actor, I want to scream.

    For love of $$$

    “Albright’s involvement in the NATO bombing of Serbia was the main cause of the demonstration – a sensitive topic which became even more controversial when it was revealed that her investment firm, Albright Capital Management, was preparing to bid in the proposed privatization of Kosovo’s state-owned telecom and postal company, Post and Telecom of Kosovo. In an article published by the New York-based magazine Bloomberg Businessweek, it was estimated that the deal could be as large as €600 million. Serbia opposed the sale, and intended to file a lawsuit to block it, alleging that the rights of former Serbian employees were not respected”


  • oneteedoffpatriot

    The Left. Wrong side of history. Wrong side of everything.

    • Gerry

      The left is always on the wrong side of everything.In fact the only right about the left is that they are always wrong!

  • wileyvet

    Every day is a new day in Leftist Land. Their prognosticating is about as accurate as Nostradamus. We know better, yet we know nothing. How about a reset button to a time of BCE. Before Clinton Era.

  • Christopher Riddle

    Was Shrillary referring to”Russia”or The NEW Soviet Union??

  • catherineinpvb

    Am sure the Repub who campaigns against her; will not hold it against her. Nor; for that matter; Benghazi . . .

  • Gerry

    The problem is not Russia,the problem is Obama ,Hillary and the rest of the cohort.Around the world Obama is considered as an illigetimate president an usurper.The man is a “creation”a fantasy and treated as such.So dthe world,and the Russians in particular are acting accordingly!How long will it take the morons,drongos etc etc to realise it?

  • William Fisher

    Does anyone remember Obama whispering “I’ll have more flexibility after I’m re-elected” to Putin’s minion? More to come if Hillary Ramrod is elected in 2016. That is if there’s anything left. These people are out to destroy this country.

  • H I

    Lets be clear here, if a good leader is able to see the future, then Willard is a lousy leader. Why did Willard run for a second term for Governor or President for that matter if a good leader is able to see the future and know he would lose. I know I never look to Willard for any advise beyond how to screw the little guy, the worker!