Holder Demands DEA Chief Support Obama’s Pro-Drug Dealer Policies


Obama is going all in for drug dealers. As a former cokehead who discussed considering trying heroin, it’s not surprising. But a lot of prosecutors and people in the DEA are unhappy with his pro-drug dealer agenda.

Holder, citing Commission statistics, endorsed the plan, saying that the change would affect some 70 percent of those incarcerated for trafficking and, on average, cut their sentences by 11 months – some 18 percent of their prison terms.

Thursday’s testimony is not the first time that Holder has supported drug sentencing reform. In August, Holder launched the “Smart on Crime” initiative, which seeks to “reserve strict, mandatory minimum sentences for high-level or violent drug traffickers,” a statement on his website says.

Federal prosecutors are unhappy with Obama and Holder’s pro-drug dealer policies.

In a sharply worded letter to Holder, the National Association of Assistant U.S. Attorneys wrote “we consider the current federal mandatory minimum sentence framework as well-constructed and well worth preserving.”

One federal prosecutor who spoke to Fox News on condition of anonymity said if the Smarter Sentencing Act passes, incarceration rates may go down, but drug crimes will go up because dealers won’t feel compelled to cooperate.

“Now that we have crime under control, this bill would see drug crime surge all over again,” the source said, calling the bill a “terrible idea.”

And the DEA Chief is also unhappy with the Obama drug dealer friendly agenda.

DEA chief Michele Leonhart has taken public stands in recent months against the administration’s rhetoric on marijuana legalization as well as efforts by the White House and the Justice Department to ease punshiments for those covicted of federal drug crimes.

HuffPo’s Ryan Reilly and Ryan Grim report that Leonhart was “called in” by Holder for a “one [on] one chat about her recent insubordination.” Leonhart seems to have gotten the message. Here more from their story:

Justice Department concerns about Leonhart were heightened when, after her testimony, a DEA spokeswoman would not say whether Leonhart endorsed changes mandatory minimums.

The DEA sent The Huffington Post a follow-up statement a week after the first, expressing Leonhart’s public support for reforms made by Holder that rolled back the deployment of harsh mandatory minimum sentences against certain drug offenders.

The HuffPo piece being quoted is predictably a pro-Obama screed that never even uses the word drug dealer and misrepresents Obama and Holder’s pro-drug dealer policies. But the whole thing is only another brick in the wall of Obama’s lawlessness.

  • Ban Liberals

    The only person on the planet more dangerous to the U.S. is the heir apparent to his throne: Hilary Clinton.


    • pupsncats

      Hitlery is as ruthless and corrupt as Obama and simply lost the presidency because Obama’s criminal activists were better at using social media to brainwash and indoctrinate the uneducated masses.

  • http://www.federaleagent86.blogspot.com/ Federale

    So much for the claim that Federal law enforcement officials are independent professionals.

  • garyfouse

    As a retired DEA agent (1970-2005), I can tell you that while our priorities were heroin and cocaine, we did get involved with large commercial shipments involving hundreds of kilos or tons of marijuana. We never prosecuted anybody in federal courts for personal possession. That was not our mission and would have been a huge waste of federal resources.I won’t speak for every state and local policy, but I can say that anyone in a federal prison on marijuana charges is there because they were trafficking in large commercial quantities. There is no need to apologize for that.

    Personally, I think DEA Administrator Michelle Leonhart, who came up through the ranks as a street agent, is in an impossible position with this corrupt administration. My personal view is she should resign and go public.

    • pupsncats

      In order for Leonhart to be the DEA Administrator in the Obama administration, she had to have something in her background which led him to believe she would simply be another “useful idiot” whom he could trust to carry out his dirty, criminal activities. And she would have had to support him.
      The question then is, did she finally find a conscience by disagreeing with Holder’s suggestion to change the mandatory minimum sentences for drugs? Or is something else going on because it is unusual that any Obama appointee would disagree with anything he or Holder suggest.

      • garyfouse

        I suspect she was left in place because she had come up through the ranks and was not politically connected thus might be more manageable. I can’t prove that however.

        • pupsncats

          Every agency head is politically connected. No one gets that far without having proven they are trustworthy to toe the line of whatever the president demands of them.

          • garyfouse


            It is more complicated than that. In the 1970s, we had an administrator named Peter Bensinger. He was an heir to a wealthy bowling ball family-or something related to bowling. he was very well connected politically and used those connections to build up political support for the recently-established DEA. It helped a great deal. Eventually he was replaced by Francis Mullen, who was an FBI official, when the government decided they wanted to bring the FBI into drug enforcement. Bensinger,as i recall, resisted the idea. Mullen later retired and was replaced by another FBI official, John Lawn, who later resisted the merger idea himself.

            Leonhart is of retirement age, and I am sure she will retire sooner rather than later.

  • fpm

    Before Hussein was happy that he can chose laws to enforce or not and use pen and phone to create laws, then he is not satisfied, now he wants his cronies to do Judicial branch’s jobs as well, he really is not ashamed to show how he wants to “fundamentally change” America and be the king-pin. And all demoncraps are supporting him.

    • pupsncats

      Why should he be ashamed of what he has been groomed to do since he was a young man which is to destroy all the principles, values, and functions of a Constitutional Republic which he and his Progressive/Marxist/Communist ideologues are intent on doing?
      Of course all the demoncraps support him because they have failed to totally succeed in this destruction and their hopes of finally doing so lie with Obama. The Democratic (sic) Party is controlled and funded by the ultra-radical-leftwing who are Communists. Communism hasn’t died, it has simply been renamed as “progressiveism” and that is what the ideology of the Democrat Party embraces.

  • rangerrebew

    Wasn’t Eric Holder the one who told prosecutors they didn’t have to enforce laws they didn’t like? Didn’t Obama say the same thing? Such hypocrisy by the left!

    • pupsncats

      No. It was prosecutors don’t have to enforce laws OBAMA and HOLDER don’t like.

      • rangerrebew

        I stand corrected! That makes more sense.

  • pupsncats

    Obama put Holder in as AG because they are both peas in the same pod who are criminals, corrupt beyond imagination, pathological liars, anti-liberty, pro-Islam, pro-Islamic terrorism, anti-America racists.

  • kevin bjornson

    Prohibition is “Lawless” because it is unconstitutional. Why do you think alcohol prohibition required a constitutional amendment?

    This is not a question of being pro-drug or anti-drug. Prohibition doesn’t necessarily decrease consumption. For instance, native Dutch consume less cannabis than Americans. The prohibition of alcohol did lead to a slight decrease in the volume consumed, but illegal alcohol was more potent and with more dangerous impurities. Similarly, when Coca leaves are prohibited, refined coca increases; when refined coca is prohibited, far worse synthetic alternatives fill the gap.

    Prohibition is objectively pro-terrorist, because of involvement in the drugs trade. Starting typically in Afghanistan, where Taliban takes a cut for financing, protection, and distribution.

    If you were in Nazi Germany, would you object if a corrupt Nazi let some Jews go free if they paid him? Then why do you object if Obama tolerates pot if that increases tax revenues for his political allies?

    Very few share your preference for a type of theocracy. Rather we should strive for universal human rights.

  • aqwassss


    .Who are these people that set themselves up like some Micro God demanding absolute immediate blind obedience and total subjugation, deciding what is good for everyone. I object. The D.E.A.has turned into a group of evil authoritarian sociopaths., Completely out of control and way over the top.I will never give my free will nor my self disciplined choice to make my own decisions as to whatever I desire. It is time for this group’s evil grip to be released from the throat of every free thinking person on this planet. At the very least, America’s asinine drug policy’s should be held in check at the U.S. border. The world is fed up with these equally asinine drug laws and especially the enforcement methods used to criminalize and subjugate everyone.It will now take many generations to undo the damage already done by this evil group of authoritarian sociopaths, I stand in objection. Please help to resist these evil people who have used law and order to seize power and make a mockery of our justice system..No longer content with meerely enforcing laws, they have crossed the line and begun making their own, and expect other government departments to support them

    I had just discovered (by selective trial) that the JWH 018 synthetic THC was a very effective treatment for my severe case of schizophrenia with accompanying depression with dysgraphia and further, that at a higher dose,(HU 210 formula) ,that it was capable of regrowing,(via stimulation), that area of the brain where depression and the seat of the disorder lies, triggering high function. Effecting,(hopefully), a permanent cure in six months. Yet I find the D.E.A. has banned them the very week I began to seek the cure, having successfully,(with marijuana),treated the depression, and pain management from many wounds and breaks with advanced years..

  • Puddentain

    I agree with Obama and Holder on this one….I haven’t agreed with them on much of anything over the last 6 years but this one they have right. We still need a few more generations to die off before real change on this front can take place. Prisons are overcrowded and we are 10 X’s more intelligent and responsible than our predecessors (anything pre 1980’s). With a more responsible society comes the ability to relax what was once considered taboo as they prove themselves responsible enough to participate without running amok. Why spend $32,000/inmate per year when that money can be diverted to some other needy source?