How a Fanatical Environmentalist Deliberately Caused UK Flooding


People? Who cares about people anyway? It’s easier to let it all go to the birds. Here’s what’s happening now.

Fire crews rescued 37 secondary school pupils after their bus got stuck in flood water near Faringdon, Oxfordshire. There are also more than 180 flood warnings across England and Wales, and about 300 flood alerts.

About 40 Royal Marines from 40 Commando, based in Taunton, were sent to the Somerset Levels to provide help sandbagging and moving householders’ property to higher levels; meanwhile soldiers have helped put out sandbags in Saffron Walden in Essex.

And here’s why it happened.

The Environment Agency has created a £31m bird sanctuary on the Steart peninsula, but can’t find a few million to dredge rivers, remove silt and improve river capacity. Farmers wouldn’t mind doing the job themselves, but then they discover that the silt is now classed as a controlled waste requiring removal to a licensed tip. They can’t simply dump it on farmland to the side, a practice that for centuries has produced, when combined with the natural peat, an incredibly rich soil. Not only that, they would be asked to take oxygen readings of the water.

There is a notion that flooding is inevitable and that strategic choices needed to be made. Rob Duck (no, honestly), professor of environmental geoscience at Dundee University, suggests that “as a nation we’re going to have to look at certain areas that we can – I wouldn’t say sacrifice – return to the sea in order that we can focus our efforts on the cities and other settlements”.

Some must be flooded for the good of the environment.

The problem began, they said, in 1996 when the new Environment Agency took overall responsibility for managing Britain’s rivers… The rivers have always been crucial to keeping the Levels drained, because they provide the only way to allow flood waters to escape to the sea. Equally worrying was how scores of pumping stations which carry water to the rivers were being neglected.

And although the drainage boards were still allowed to operate, their work was now being seriously hampered by a thicket of new EU waste regulations, zealously enforced by the EA. These made it almost impossible to dispose sensibly of any silt removed from the maze of drainage ditches which are such a prominent feature of the Levels.

But all this got markedly worse after 2002 when the Baroness Young of Old Scone, a Labour peeress, became the agency’s new chief executive. Dredging virtually ceased altogether. The rivers began dangerously to silt up. The Baroness, who had previously run the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and Natural England, talked obsessively about the need to promote the interests of wildlife. She was famously heard to say that she wanted to see ‘a limpet mine put on every pumping station’. The experts I was talking to had no doubt that this apparent wish to put the cause of nature over that of keeping the Levels properly drained was eventually going to create precisely the kind of disaster we are seeing today.

A key part in this had been played by those EU directives which govern almost everything the Environment Agency gets up to — including two with which Baroness Young was already familiar when she presided over the RSPB — setting out the EU’s policy on ‘habitats’ and ‘birds’. But just as important was a 2007 directive on the ‘management of flood risks’, which required ‘flood plains’, in the name of ‘biodiversity’, to be made subject to increased flooding.

This was just what Lady Young was looking for. She had already been giving lectures and evidence to a House of Lords committee on the EU’s earlier Water Framework directive, proclaiming that one of her agency’s top priorities should be to create more ‘habitats’ for wildlife by allowing wetlands to revert to nature. As she explained in an interview in 2008, creating new nature reserves can be very expensive. By far the cheapest way was simply to allow nature to take its course, by halting the drainage of wetlands such as the Somerset Levels. The recipe she proudly gave in her lectures, repeated to that Lords committee, was: for ‘instant wildlife, just add water’.

In 2008 her agency therefore produced a 275-page document categorising areas at risk of flooding under six policy options.  These ranged from Policy 1, covering areas where flood defences should be improved, down to category 6, where, in the name of ‘biodiversity’, the policy should be to ‘take action to increase the frequency of flooding’. The paper placed the Somerset Levels firmly under Policy 6, where the intention was quite deliberately to allow more flooding. The direct consequences of that we are  now seeing round the clock on our television screens.

What we are looking at is literal environmentalist evil that could have cost human lives, including those of children, and unquestionably has cost large amounts of property loss.

This is how environmentalists think and act, not just in the UK, but also in the US, as we are seeing with the California drought, they are contemptuous of people’s lives and obsessed with restoring the world to some pristine pre-industrial and even pre-human state. And they are just as willing to kill and destroy in the name of their Green ideology as their Red colleagues were in the name of theirs.


  • objectivefactsmatter

    Survival of the fittest is how we evolved! Let nature take its course!

    Man is evil and destroys all other life!!!

  • A Z

    One1 Month before the official start of winter, the British Meteorological Office could not get the forecast right.

    But the left has to blame the flooding on Climate change!

    Bush’s fault! He steered Katrina into New Orleans and sabotaged the levies there. So he he has had practice!

  • A Z

    I really would like to know what her skill set is and I am not finding it. Nor am I finding out where she was educated or her family roots. You have to wonder if she has recent farming roots.

    Barbara Young, Baroness Young of Old Scone

    • blert

      She rose in the ranks of the Health apparat.

      Her climb out to the top of do-goodering is consistent with being a Labour Party hack.

      The implication in her bio is that she’s a spinster.

      Birds have replaced progeny as her gift to Gaia.

      Her ambit is echoed by the US EPA.

      You’d think that they were using her working doctrine: Cloward-Piven against agriculture….

      It’s the ultimate re-set!

      • A Z

        I dearly love marshland. I am a hunter. Hunters endless talk about the Mississippi fly way. But many of us also have farming blood. You simply do not enrich the hunter or bird watcher by beggaring the farmer.

        She is a spinster. I was not going there and did not suspect or consider it. But to my way of thinking it is germane. By itself it proves nothing. But if she has no children their ox cannot get gored by her policies. Like the psych concept which are opposite strategies foot in the door and door in the face, people with children can be complete B______. Feathering a kid’s next can lead to a lot of economic rapine.

        What I wanted to know is her family life growing up. What professions her parents and grandparents had. Just the dinner table talk informs a kid’s thinking.

        I saw from the diabetes foundation piece she had many health related jobs with lofty names. So it appears to be all government service. It tells me a little but not much. for all I know she could be a poster child of the Peter principle in steroids. That level of detail as to projects she undertook and the results of said projects and he contribution are not usually in a 3 paragraph bio.

        All we know of her methods and accomplishments is that she thinks Level 6 for Somerset Levels is just dandy. It makes her an ogre in my book.

        I also wanted to know her university education.

        • Seek

          So she’s a spinster. Ann Coulter answers to that description, too. And there have been a number of married women on the Right who went childless, from Ayn Rand to Becky Dunlap. What’s your point?

          • CowboyUp

            Ann Coulter doesn’t have children to think of, but then she isn’t sacrificing people for animals either. It’s the same thinking that long required holders of mid and high leadership positions in the military and government to be married, preferably with children. Such people are more likely to consider others and future generations when they make decisions.

          • A Z

            You didn’t read the last part of the 2nd paragraph of my post.

            See CowboyUp’s first sentence of his post. He is correct.

            And yes having children or not having them is always of interest. I would like to know how people came to their decision or whether they had a choice.

            We could argue if Anne made a mistake or did not all day long. The film title “Failure to Launch” comes to mind. I read Anne’s column’s due to her past track record on analysing issues. If she was opining about child rearing I would still read her analysis but I might take it with a grain of salt.

            Barbara Young on the other hand looks like a wreck from beginning to end IMO.

    • Habbgun

      Well just by looking at her you can tell she’s an Old Scone. Old Scones have a great history in England. If you noticed she is a Young Old Scone which means she has always looked this way. The Old Scones are very distinctive aristocracy. In fact many people are quite sure that Hilary Clinton has Old Scone blood in her system.

      • A Z

        She was given the title Baroness of Scone as an honorary title.
        I don’t know if she was born or lived anywhere near Scone.

        They hand out titles in Britain to almost anyone anymore.

        We should ask Baglady what she thinks. She is British.

  • truebearing

    The survival instinct is essential to all forms of life, and it is time that people recognize these zealots for the ruthless sociopaths that they are. There are remedies and the remedies are effective.

  • pookieamos

    You do realize what this is, don’t you ? This is Agenda 21. This is a method used to seize privately owned farm land. The same techniques have been used right here in the United States for the same purpose !!!

    In fact a few years ago , we had major flooding and the government deliberately blew the levy flooding thousands of acres of prime farm land. When some of the farmers tried to clean it off their farmland , the EPA stepped in forcing them to stop putting the sand and silt back into the river from where it came from.

    Watch what is happening in your cities , zoning changes , bicycle lanes replacing parts of your city streets. This is Agenda 21 being implemented into your community. the only way to stop it locally is to raise holy h e l l at city council meetings. They are violating the Constitution by following charter plans drawn up by the United Nations.

  • Trapnel

    For those with very strong stomachs and this really is bad, here is a reminder of Environmental fascism at its very worst.

    • Bingeman

      OMG…I thought at first that this would just be a satire of the way the enviros think….but this is an actual ad they themselves put out…really??Clearly then,they have no qualms about putting their fascism out there for all to see.
      I knew they had control freak issues but this is shocking and seems almost criminal.

      • Trapnel

        The makers of this video tried to suppress it back in 2010. For a full account read Anthony Watts at the Watts Up With That blog

        • Bingeman

          Thanks for the further info.
          The other day I was on a site(cannot remember how I got there!) and one commentator innocently presented his views regarding his skepticism…he sounded quite reasonable.He got a tongue lashing from a highly wound up eco-freak whose last sentence was,”People like you make me hate people”.
          I am going to take a guess that the second commentator would have found this 10:10 video exactly to his liking perhaps even finding that it didn’t go far enough!
          The eco-freaks are mutating into eco-monsters.

  • George W

    It is always interesting to me how sociopaths gain power over society by announcing their intent to destroy it and then find such overwhelming acclimation to do so. The self-destructive inclinations in western civilization arise in its leadership, largely sociopathic, but also arrogantly stupid and delighted at change almost always bad as evidence of their power. It would take only a few hangings to short circuit this latest pathology. Why not start with the Baroness Young?

  • Bamaguje

    Common sense is not so common these days.
    For centuries British farmers took common sense measures to enrich their soil with silt removed from the river… killing two birds with one stone.
    But some glorified idiots masquerading as environmentalists thought they knew better, and have caused untold human suffering.
    The eco-wackos put the interests of ‘wildlife’ above that of humans. May be if we also become ‘wild’ and deal ruthlessly with them, they’d take us more seriously.

    • figment

      part of environmentalist’s goal to remove humankind, because we’re not worthy or something.

      of course, THEY Will be spared from being culled.

      • Drakken

        So they think, when the backlash against this crazy nonsense goes full swing, the lampposts around town will be tested for load limits.

  • CowboyUp

    Watermelon environmentalists are green on the outside, and red on the inside.

  • Ken

    NWO, Population, Reduced to 500,000,000, by any means Possible. The Seed of Satan is alive and well, as He Turns the World, Upside-Down.

  • herb benty

    Bible: “they will worship the creation instead of the Creator Who made them”. Atheistic Evolutionist Socialism is a living nightmare.

  • MagnaEstVeritas

    What more can I say, just another brain dead Liberal greeny … personally these people are a waste of space, breathing valuable oxygen that we intelligent ones could make better use of ……………