How Can Justin Amash be the “Conservative” Candidate if he Supports Illegal Alien Amnesty?


Justin Amash’s “conservative” credentials largely depend on denouncing drone strikes and the NSA. Some bloggers are touting him as the “conservative” choice against Brian Ellis in the primary.

I’m not sure how you can be the conservative choice if you support amnesty for illegal aliens.

Immigration reform must include both a secured border and a path to legal status for immigrants illegally residing in the United States, Rep. Justin Amash told a crowd of young conservative activists during a Q-and-A session at the Leadership Institute Wednesday morning.

This view isn’t unusual. Amash is part of the Paul gang and they tend to be open borders. I haven’t seen Ellis’ view on amnesty, but considering that Amash supports it, it takes some heavy rose-colored glasses to paint Amash as the true conservative running against a RINO.

True conservatives don’t support amnesty. Amnesty is the epitome of a RINO political position.

It’s possible that there are no conservative Republicans in this race, but it’s insulting to paint someone who supports amnesty as a genuine conservative.

Either we get serious about principles or we’ll keep playing the same old games.


  • Pete

    Only if we get a border enforcement 1st.

    Previously, I said that if 30,000 or so crossed a year and were not caught, it would or might be sufficient.

    Now my target is 3,000 or less.

    If Border Patrol catches about 1/2. then if the caught 3001 illegal aliens, the border is not secure. That is my proposed definition.

    You can’t get perfection, but to have hundreds of thousands cross, you cannot say the border is secure

  • Alisia S

    What a tool. He’s Rand Paul in a different suit. Like the rest of the RINO sellouts, he is milking the big biz cash cow, who want cheap labor, for all the green- backs he can get. These traitors just can’t get it through their heads that these people are here illegally. I cannot and will not vote for anyone aiding and abetting law breakers.

    • Erudite Mavin

      Paul and Amish are not Republicans but Libertarians who run as Republicans because they know they could not win otherwise

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  • Tina Trent

    Libertarianism doesn’t need to be so deeply idiotic, but in its current iteration, it is. I blame the influence of Reason Magazine and CATO.

    But they’re also just the court propagandists — behind them lies a powerful network of big businessmen who subsidize the national libertarian groups. These groups and businessmen operate in deeply dishonest ways, concealing, and even lying about their real positions on border control to the grassroots activists they need in order to legitimate their anti-regulation legislation in the states.

    • De Doc

      This is the main reason I no longer give money or lend moral support to the big Libertarian causes in this country. They foolishly believe that the open borders policy is key to economic success. It isn’t. Study after study has shown that immigrants today are more costly in the long term, than any short term benefits they add to the economy.

      More importantly they assign no value to the pernicious cultural baggage that many immigrants bring to our lands. You can’t bring in a million a year every year for long periods without disrupting society. I always like to remind my die hard libertarian friends that their philosophical outlook grew organically out of Western European culture and learning and as demographics change, fewer and fewer will espouse the libertarian position.

      The saddest part is that many of today’s Libertarians approach their policy views with a faith-like naïveté that mimics the most blinkered Marxist. Identity politics and the welfare state have, unfortunately, made many Libertarian ideas untenable.

  • Erudite Mavin

    Amash Voted With Obama 51 Percent of the Time
    “Amash was the only Michigan Republican to vote against a balanced budget amendment, and Amash voted against banning gender selection abortions,” says the voiceover. “The fact is, Justin Amash voted with President Obama 51 percent of the time.

    Amish is the only House Republican who opposes the Keystone pipeline legislation, which he deems unconstitutional because it singles out one company for special treatment.

    Spare us from these Libertaians

  • Erudite Mavin

    You can count on the Democrats and Libertarians to support amnesty and Open Borders

  • Gloria Stewart

    You are correct but have not gone far enough. Amash favors a Palestine state with contiguous borders. Uniting Gaza and the West Bank would go through the heart of Israel. Also when given the opportunity to deny monies to the Palestine Authority as long as they were united with HAMAS, he instead voted to continue payments.

    I am not sure what makes him conservative. The Tea Party that supported him must have a low benchmark for being a conservative.

    Gloria Stewart

  • TopAssistant

    Every politician in office or those running for office, no matter if it is for mayor,
    town/city council, county supervisor, state/national House/Senate or for president need to answer this national security question: “Is the Muslim Brotherhood in North America (MB) (Ikhwan) our friend or foe? Please provide me with links to the source material that provides you with your view(s).”

  • ObamaYoMoma

    True conservatives don’t support amnesty. Amnesty is the epitome of a RINO political position.

    Hallelujah! God bless you brother!

    • Uncle Jay

      The progressive websites have estimated there are about 7 billion people in the world. About 80%, or 5.6 billion people, of them live on less than $10 per day. It is estimated there are 316 million people in the US leaving about 18 poor people in the world for every American. The median income in the US is around $51,000, or $140 per day. If every American would effectively donate their fair share of their money they earned, the world’s poor would receive about their rightful portion of the $130 daily surplus wealth. Then every person in the world would have $17 per day to live on. Now, wouldn’t that make a better world for everyone? That means 18 poor people would rise from $10 per day to $17. The American would also live on $17 which admittedly is less than the $140 they worked so hard for, but elevating the lives of 18 people is a worthwhile idea. Sure, Americans would be considerably poorer, but the rest of the world would be so richer. Plus the rest of the world’s population wouldn’t have to work which increases a person’s longevity. The sacrifice that all working Americans make would be a small yet significant one. I’m sure all Americans are willing to work harder knowing other people on the globe won’t have to. All Americans would feel wonderful knowing they are working so others won’t have to. That’s the New Socialist American way.
      Unfortunately, at this time, there are some selfish American citizens that refuse to make this humble sacrifice on their own. So, Dear Leader Obama has seen the bright light of illegal immigration and has taken the politically correct action. He has opened our borders to the world’s poor, the uneducated and diseased. He has opened his heart and invite as many illegal immigrants into our burdgeoning socialist paradise so they can share in the indefinite wealth of all the American taxpayer has to offer. It is only fair that we welcome these illegal immigrants with open arms and open wallets because it was unenlightened capitalist American government that stole, enslaved and murdered people to become the great and admired socialist utopia that is the envy of the world today. As documented in Dear Leader’s book, Obama recognizes the infinite failings of our citizenry when it comes to owning up to our responsibilitie to the world’s poor. In all fairness, Obama’s wisdom in this matter was not entirely his own. Dear Leader has borrowed wisdom from the all knowing and all seeing Wise Yet Dead White Male Society. These illuminating writings have never failed a society, a government or a people ever and never will. Dear Leader has accurately chose the thoughts, beliefs and comments of the eternal writings of Moe, Larry and Curley…I mean Marx, Engels and Lenin. What could possibly go wrong when applying these saviors of societies beliefs into practice?
      So let us all rejoice knowing Dear Leader has a couple of years to go while bringing into America as many of the world’s poor, uneducated and diseased into our borders as possible. We can only hope by the end of Dear Leader’s term the American people will have joyously embraced millions of the most diseased, illiterate, and poorest of people in the world to shelter, to educate and to cure at the American workers’ expense. But wait…Dear Leader has more to offer than to just bring in these illegal immigrants a part of our socialist utopia. There is the revenge factor that must be addressed. Taking these people in will also serve to make partial amends for the hundreds of billions of people the American capitalist system has destroyed since recorded history. The diseases brought in by these illegal aliens can spread to these selfish Americans. Then a just and fitting punishment will occur on America for not sharing their money with the uneducated and lazy people of the world! This way the true disease of American exceptionalism and capitalism will once and for all be destroyed. We can only hope.
      Sarcasm Button Off

      • ObamaYoMoma

        Paragraphs are my friends. No paragraphs means I don’t read.