Howard Dean Now More Right-Wing on Iran than Obama


You know you’ve gone too far down the left-wing rabbit hole when Howard Dean, the anti-war candidate of the Iraq War, thinks your Iran policy is a ridiculous sellout.

Former Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean spoke out against the Obama administration’s nuclear negotiations with Iran at a Capitol Hill briefing hosted by a controversial Iranian dissident group on Wednesday.

Dean said the United States has not placed enough emphasis on human rights issues in its talks with Iran… and added that if Tehran walked away from a deal due to pressure over human rights issues, then the regime is “most likely going to kill the negotiations as soon as they get out of the economic problems their sanctions are causing them.”

“We need to stand up to the mullahs,” said Dean. “These are not people we ought to be negotiating with.”

Dean is one of the few progressive leaders to publicly criticize the deal. The White House has described opposition to the nuclear talks as “a march to war.”

I guess Howard Dean is now a warmonger. But you have to ask just how far to the left has the left gone that Mr. Anti-War now qualifies as a warmonger?


    I can’t tell you, Daniel, how many times some Progressive has told me, with a straight face, that Obama is a “centrist”. This man, rated the most-Left Senator by the National Journal, who is to the Left of Hillary Clinton on abortion(!), and who as you report now is to the Left of Howard Dean on Iran. Some centrist!

    • Daniel Greenfield

      He is a centrist…. compared to Stalin

      • Toni_Pereira

        Give him time,give him time…

      • objectivefactsmatter

        That’s literally true. He’s a centrist in the spectrum of socialist revolutionaries.