Huma Abedin to Secret Service Agents: “Do You Know Who I Am?”


Guess who isn’t looking forward to 2016? The Secret Service. Any agents who haven’t retired yet are facing eight more punishing years.

Her nasty treatment, her explosive temper and her imperious attitude toward those assigned to her detail have earned former first lady Hillary Clinton the title of the most detested person under the protection of the Secret Service, according to Ron Kessler in his explosive forthcoming book The First Family Detail, published by Crown Forum.

‘Hillary was so mistrustful and vengeful,’ a former agent told Kessler.

‘Agents say being on Hillary Clinton’s detail is the worst duty assignment in the Secret Service. Being assigned to her detail is a form of punishment.’

She didn’t like law enforcement officers or the military, former Secret Service agent Lloyd Bulman stated. ‘She was just really rude to almost everybody. She’d act like she didn’t want you around, like you were beneath her.’

Glad-handing on the road on her Senatorial campaign, when they arrived at a 4-F Club in the land of dairy cows in upstate New York, she saw cows and people in jeans. That enraged her and she asked a staffer, ‘What the f*** did we come her for? There’s no money here’.

While Chelsea comes off as an angel, very cordial and sweet, Huma Abedin, Hillary’s deputy chief of staff at the State Department and traveling chief of staff during her campaign for the presidency, is considered as vile and rude as Hillary.

‘Huma looked down on the agents and treated them as second-class citizens’, a former agent stated. If she wasn’t recognized, she would say, ‘Do you know who I am’?

I’m guessing that by then they knew exactly who she was.

In response to her rudeness, they let her carry her own luggage – and the first lady’s luggage as well. ‘She’d have four bags, and we’d stand there and watch her and say, ‘Oh, can we hold the door for you’?

  • KyraNelson

    Hopefully it whacked them both on the way out.

    Not that I have an ounce of empathy for a single muzzie, but I give the higher “victim” status to huma. Her mom is a STAUNCH defender, enabler & promoter of the mutilation of the genitalia of little girls. Don’t forget this is the kind of bloody, violent sexual assault that we here in the US expect from serial killers. Not mothers.

    • retired

      Kyra, are you implying that poor little Huma is angry because she had some of her original equipment removed?
      Does Anthony know? Does he care?

    • Mike

      That left a scar.

      • KyraNelson

        Just sayin’

    • DB1954

      I doubt that Huma was subjected to female genital mutilation. You might be surprised how many customs wealthy Muslims leave behind when the migrate to western nations.

      Just one example, I know a Muslim woman who’s fairly rich, and she’s a huge supporter of same sex marriage. If you ask her how that squares with her religion, she can’t answer you. It’s that way in the Muslim world. Rich Muslims do what they please. They don’t have to follow the rules.

      Islam is just weird.

  • Haaswurth Books

    “Yes, you’re Hillary’s girlfriend.”

    • joe

      I’m waiting for a Weiner joke.

      • Moe

        Huma doesn’t want to be a Weiner. Hillary does not like them.

        • retired

          You are wrong, she has one with batteries & made out of plastic!

      • Haaswurth Books

        Carlos Danger Rides Again!

        • joe

          Huma Scamedin!

      • Webb

        Ewe-ma: But Hillary, it is my turn to strap on ding-dong. Please??
        Hill: Shut up you ugly arab sharmuta.
        Ewe-ma: I love your man voice, honey.

    • DB1954

      Oh, please. That’s such a pc euphemism. Let’s use the “L” word. We can do that now since when these two love birds get divorced, they can get married.

  • Pete

    Politicians are said to kiss babies right? Everyone has heard that one except Hillary? You meet with the kids of 4H and although they cannot donate much if anything it makes you look good.

    Bill Clinton could have told her this. He probably has told her this. Yet she does not understand. How could Hillary be the smartest woman in the world?

    Baby kissing is a practice where politicians kiss babies in order to garner public support. –

    Politicians Kissing Babies: A Short History
    From Andrew Jackson to Barack Obama, a cheeky timeline of a revered and reviled American political custom.

  • Ah’Nukem Jihadi

    Hillary would make an excellent member of the Saudi royal family if she was Saudi but having a pet Huma Abedin is surely the next best thing.

  • Pete

    “THE PERILS OF HILLARY As secretary of state, Hillary Clinton finds herself dealing with foreign upheaval not seen since the fall of the Soviet Union.”

    • Pete

      The picture, cartoon really, did not seem to post the first time.

  • VHG1

    She is part of the Muslim Brotherhood, that is for certain! And she’s Hillary’s girlfriend…


      Muslim Sisterhood.

      • joe

        In her case, probably brotherhood. Wouldn’t surprise me if weiner’s kid was actually conceived through a surrogate. You know as well as I, that the dc/hollywood axis of evil is well known their hatred of traditional marriage relations….

    • Leemart

      Girlfriend hell, the word is LESBIAN!


    I know who she is .

    Carlotta Danger!


    I know who she is.

    The Laughingstock of the nation.

    • DB1954

      I never considered Human Abedin, a Muslim Brotherhood spy, as particularly funny.

  • DogmaelJones1

    Given the character and caliber of politicians the Secret Service must “protect” from the public these days, any member of the Service with an ounce of self respect and love of country should resign. Let the true thugs in the Service be Hillary’s and Huma’s and Bill’s and Kerry’s (shall I go on?) be their “human shields.” By the way, I wonder if someone has planned a book about Hillary and Huma, tentatively called, “Hillary and Huma: Lonely Hearts at the Heights.”

    • .

      A pilot would be a human shield.

  • YehudiMeofef

    Now we know why Weiner boy has to show his wiener on the internet.

  • Goob

    Yes ma’am, you’re Mrs Anthony David Weiner, protégée of Mrs William Jefferson Clinton, Jr.

    • DB1954

      You mean that Huma is her bush-licker. Let’s be blunt.

  • Atikva

    Unfortunately for Huma Abedin, yes we know who she is.

    For starters, we know that she is not particularly pleasant to look at, as evidenced by the photo of this article.

    We also know that she is a practicing muslim from a family recently implanted in America with close ties to the Egyptian Muslim brotherhood. Looking closely at her background, one can’t help wondering about a 5th column of the islamist kind.

    We know of her bizarre “marriage” with a disreputable politician, an exhibitionist and a liar to boot, whose mother, unfortunately, happened to be Jewish.

    We know of her ambiguous, not to say chocking relationship with Mrs. Clinton.

    We know that if only because of her, Mrs. Clinton has lost her chances as a potential candidate to the presidency.

    And now we know that Ms. Abedin is as obnoxious, pretentious and rude as her “boss”.

    What we don’t know is WHY exactly has she been recruited by Mrs. Clinton (the only job she ever held) and WHAT on earth is she doing in the heart of the American government?

    • mollysdad

      She’s been recruited by Mrs Clinton because Emir Barack Hussein ordered her to. What she’s doing is covert jihad.

    • glenn47

      Have you ever seen a pleasant Muslim? They don’t exist.

    • MargieMcTrouble

      What’s she doing? Likely nothing anyone other than a human-hating muzzie would do

    • chelmer

      I think the father was Jewish–Weiner is a Jewish name–and the mother was Arab. Which classifies Weiner as a non-Jew. It’s not much consolation, but I’ll take what I can get.

      • Atikva

        According to Wikipedia, his mother was born Frances Finkelstein so I doubt she was an Arab. In any case, Mr. Weiner wouldn’t be the first (nor the last, unfortunately) Jew of the Dathan kind.

  • Gee

    I just idiots that scream ‘Do you know who I am’?. I have a very generic answer. I yell at the top of my lungs – does anybody know who this person is? She is so frigging stupid that she wants somebody to tell her.

  • Armed_Infidel

    Do you know who I am?


    Yeah, you’re that terrorist supporting muslim pig married to anthony weiner.

  • USARetired

    They are both ‘Low Life’s’ that deserve to be run out of Washington, Permanently!!

  • Habbgun

    What Huma wants!
    Huma gets!
    And little infidel Huma wants you!!!

  • Webb

    You be Hillary’s squeeze Ewe-ma Dangerdick the dogfaced arab whore. Eh?

  • JR Kipling

    Why yes arent you that girl with the camel on the internet?

  • DB1954

    Uh, yeah, you’re Mrs. Anthony Weiner, and you’re Hillary Clinton’s lesbian lover. Do I have it about right? *big grin*

    • glenn47

      No wonder she is such a bit.. She is married to hot dog.

  • mollysdad

    If you had balls you’d be a Muslim Brother.

  • glenn47

    Two great examples of wasted oxygen. It has been documented over the years just how nasty Hillary is. Even her helicopter pilot has talked about it. The FBI director at the time and the nastiness she dressed the Marines guarding her sorry arse. She is crap and not worthy of any position. In fact, look at all the options the dems have, no wonder they are all nasty and mad all the time.
    And the Clinton’s stole lots of historical things from OUR White House when they left and damaged a lot they left. The last year, the shipped out WH furniture to home the bought in NY so she could run in NY.
    I have to say New Yorkers must be some of the dumbest on earth.

  • mikeman

    Its pathetic there are so many ignorant comments on a serious subject. Its no mystery to me why clinton would chose abedin. I think its all about money with the clinton freeloaders. They’ve got their hands out all the time. And if the muslim brotherhood “donates”, the clintons jump.

  • pennant8

    I remember reading articles about Hilliary’s disdain for the military people assigned to the White House staff way back when the Clinton’ first moved in.

    • WhiteHunter

      Me too–and her savage abuse of her Secret Service bodyguards (which her snotty teenaged daughter, now a multimillionaire herself though ‘not particularly well off,’ picked up and aped) and the housekeeping staff. It’s all in “Unlimited Access.” Well worth re-reading now that the threat of this monster’s return to the WH is rearing its ugly, frightening head.

  • cxt

    The Left often claims to the be on the side of the angels–but every now and then the mask slips and you see the people underneath—–and they are all about power and privilege…their power and their privilege.

    If the people that support them ever really got a look at how they really feel about them………

  • phantasm76

    My response to her if I was one of those agents would have been Do you know WHO i am ?! I am the guy who is going to save your miserable life should the need arise so show a little gratitude

  • Air4099

    Hilary is a goat licker

  • Matt Black

    From the days of the White House the “Die Hard” played so well, she was always like that.. Bill is the sorcerer, she is the planner. Make no mistake, she is driven by the kind of ego that would put Machiavelli’s teachings to practice and himself to shame

  • Jeddy Khan

    Huma ISI?

  • stoky

    where’s bill?

  • Cody Baker

    We will be getting rid of a HOMOSEXUAL as President.. we don’t need a LESBIAN and HER LOVER, Huma Abedin sleeping in the White House BED….. too… please go to this site and read it………………..;_ylt=A0LEV7mgdgpVmEIAlXsPxQt.?type=sbc_dsl&hsimp=yhs-att_001&hspart=att&ei=UTF-8&p=hillary+clinton+huma+abedin+lovers&rs=0&fr2=rs-bottom also….
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  • Carlos Danger

    Hmmmmm…..wonder how Huma will be handled by the press as Hill’s run for the White House lurches into gear. Even old Senator Grassley has dusted off a request for information on Huma’s “unusual” role at State.

  • Capnmikey

    The face of Evil personified! Almost as bad as Valerie Jarrett, who runs the muslim infested White House! Why does Obama only appoint mulatto, muslims and lesbians to office? Is he a racist?? a muslim or just a homo.

  • blackcatmendoza

    DO you know who I am?
    Do YOU know who I am?
    Do you KNOW who I am?
    Do you know WHO I am?
    Do you know who IIII am?
    Do you know who I AM?
    Do you KNOW who I AM?

    So man ways to phrase a few simple words . . . . God, I can’t wait to become rich and powerful . . . . ;)