Hundreds of Jobs Lost as Store Chain Closes Due to ObamaCare and Minimum Wage Hike


By the time ObamaCare and the minimum wage get done wiping out jobs, everyone will need that basic guaranteed income that libs love talking about.

Citing Obamacare and an increase in the state’s minimum wage, the owner of Waterford-based Yankee One Dollar is closing down shop on all 23 remaining locations.

Its owner Keith Flike blamed the Affordable Care Act and the increase in the state’s minimum wage for the decision to shut down. Each store has six to 10 employees, he told the Post Star.

Those are just more employees who have been liberated from job lock to explore their painting skills, take some time off to write the Great American Novel, stockpile canned food, hustle part time jobs, cope with a car breakdown that they can’t afford to get fixed, go from one social services agency to another to keep their families together.

It’s just Obama making life better for them and for everyone else.

  • liz

    Yes, looks like everything is going according to plan.
    Must be fun being a social engineer, using citizens for hockey pucks, or a game of chutes and ladders – except there are no ladders.

    • Christopher Riddle

      There’s Not Even A”Parachute”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Christopher Riddle

    Now they have been freed from”Job-Lock”!They can stay home and learn to cry via Oprah,and develop their “Inner-Selves”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bill James

    Modern democrats are religious zealots. Nothing — not history, not facts — alters their dogma.
    - Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman famously noted that “the most anti-black law on the books of this land is the minimum wage law.”

    -3/19/14 New study says 38% of employers will lay workers off if the minimum wage is increased as President Barack Obama has proposed.

    165 years ago French author/economist Frédéric Bastiat described socialist politicians in Europe. He didn’t know he was also defining today’s democrat party: “They think only of subjecting mankind to the philanthropic tyranny of their own social inventions. Like Rousseau, they desire to force mankind docilely to bear this yoke of the public welfare that they have dreamed up in their own imaginations.”

    “Civilizations die from suicide, not by
    murder.” Arnold J. Toynbee

  • Doobee

    It’s okay. Nancy Pelosi has absolutely guaranteed us that 0-care is “entrepreneurial.” Stay calm and remember that Paul Krugman assured us that President Zero is NOT a Marxist.

  • SmarterThanYou

    Maybe they should have sold something that wasn’t made in China.

    • Mark Jessup

      Maybe Moochelle and her brood could have stayed home instead of jet-setting off to China, and kept those U.S. dollars at home.

    • Boogie’s Daddy

      Why hasn’t anyone seen it before?
      Selling better products is the answer. Everyone should immediately begin working at Rolex.
      The issue is: those people HAD jobs before deliberate Democrat policies destroyed them.
      Where do you think the Dollar Stores are located, Rodeo Drive or Manhattan ? The customers who shop at Dollar Stores can only afford less expensive items or they would be shopping somewhere else.

  • Mark Jessup

    Senator Filthy Harry Reid will be along in a moment to call the closure of all those stores a lie, and that it’s all the fault of the Koch Brothers.

    Stupid effin’ liberals, they understand economic theory like a flea understands the anatomy of a dog, i.e., all they know how to do is to be a parasite and keep biting.

  • truebearing

    Those lucky devils. Now that they are freed from job lock, they can spend more time panhandling, shoplifting, and dumpster diving. Their self-esteem will soar.

  • Guest

    Just the start. With every democrat jumping onboard–many cities can follow in Detroit’s footsteps.

  • gthog61

    Oh well, it is Connecticut, they voted for obama, reap the whirlwind!

  • ytirgetni

    Any raise in the minimum wage will be wiped out by Obamacare, we already pay 1.5% to Medicare which is suppose to be an affordable healthcare plan, why would anyone think that Obamcare is any different, Obama is already directing some of the 1.5% meant for Medicare to Obamacare, but that will not be enough.

  • trickyblain

    Seems odd to blame something that hasn’t happened yet (the employer mandate) for current conditions.Even more so because he cited completely different reasons for his business struggling in a 2012 NYT article:


    But there’s also plenty that isn’t. Take the Cristar line of glassware that I found — and bought loads of — at Yankee One Dollar, a chain that operates 32 stores in New York and Vermont. The glasses, which are simple, solid and decidedly unsexy, are imported from Colombia in shipping containers and then trucked upstate.

    The national chains may be thriving, said Keith Flike, the owner of Yankee One Dollar, but increases in costs to transport such containers, as well as price increases passed on from overseas suppliers, are threatening regional dollar stores like his own.

    “Last year, the Chinese raised their prices 15 cents on a bunch of stuff,” Mr. Flike said. “And 15 cents when you’re selling for $1 is a big chunk of profits.”