“I Am Killing Her If the Murder is Halal”


I know. Nothing to do with Islam. Not a thing. All of Mohammed’s statements running down women surely had nothing to do with it. Creating a religion which states that women invalidate a man’s prayers just like dogs and donkeys… or announcing that the majority in hell are women doesn’t have a thing to do with it.

And still we have to ask, what led this little monster to conclude that killing his wife for having another girl was “Halal”?

A Turkish man is charged with electrocuting his wife as punishment for giving birth to a girl while on the phone to police who failed to avert the crime, media reported Friday, according to AFP.

The 29-year-old from southeastern Diyarbakir province does not deny murdering his wife by placing a live electric cable under her chin as she slept, a day after their second baby girl was born in January, the report said.

The Turkish Vatan newspaper published on its front page a transcript of a telephone call the man placed to police in which he announced his murderous intent, in real time.

“I killed someone,” the man told the police operator, according to the transcript.

“Who did you kill?” asked the officer on the other end.

“I am killing my wife right now,” said the man.

“Did you kill her or are you killing her?” the officer asked.

“Well, she isn’t dead yet. But I am killing her if the murder is halal (permissible in Islam),” the man replied.

A defense lawyer told the court at a hearing Wednesday that his client killed his wife because she gave birth to “a girl once again”.

The murder rate of women in Turkey has increased frighteningly as its formerly secular government was taken over by Erdogan’s Islamist AKP party which has locked up the political opposition.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Look, anything they can do to help drive their entire culture back to prehistory is to be applauded.

  • 1Indioviejo1

    Another instance of Islamic tratment for females. Murder is “Halal”, wife beating is encouraged in the Koran by Allah no less, as is stoning of an adulteress wife, killing of a disobedient female by the family, the tribe, the clan, or ultimately any Muslim who may suspect her converting to another religion. And yet they live among us and we are scared to subvert their women, and help them out of slavery. We fantasize while watching TV shows and subconsciously believe we could be heroes if the sitution arouse, but we have a few million Muslim families who we leave to their own savagery because “savager” is protected by ‘Multiculturalism”. Our society deserves to disappear from the pages of history.

    • laura r

      the criminals are the white academic pro muslim scam artists. regardless what the religion is, primitive cultures dont belong in the US. i dont care what they do “over there” but it is here, you better get used to it.

      • BK Anderson

        100% agree …

  • tagalog

    This “halal” stuff generates hardly a peep from the lefty world, but let an American kid see some dirty pictures, and he’s “objectivizing women,” say the American feminists. Those that don’t think that posing for that stuff is a woman’s way of expressing her dedication to freedom.

    But death by electrocution to a wife for birthing a girl? Listen to the crickets chirp.

  • john spielman

    I hate to break the news to our muslim readers, BUT IT’S THE MALE SPERM WHICH DETERMINE THE SEX OF THE CHILD! The mothers egg contains an X chromosome (females are XX) while the male sperm contains an X or a Y chromosome as male are XY, so this man should do the world a great favor and electrocute himself as he is the guilty party!

  • Tim N

    You don’t actually think that will sway their thinking one iota do you? It’s just another kafir lie.

    • Softly Bob

      Yes, and it’s not in the Q’uran so it’s a scientific lie. All science is to be found in the Q’uran, don’t you know?

      XY chromosomes = lie
      Sun setting in a muddy swamp = truth

      No wonder Libtards support Islam. Muslims are just sand moonbats as fare as they are concerned.

  • glpage

    Well, then, perhaps Allah should make sure the mother’s egg gets the father’s Y chromosome to insure a male child, so, Islam can have another potential terrorist. /sarc

  • laura r

    as i say, there goes the neighborhood. so how many of these freaks are in the US?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      more every year

      • laura r

        looking foward to additional updates about NYC.

  • Chris Gait

    Ataturk had the right solution to ‘halal’ murderers. He had all the mullahs who insisted on sharia for Turkey shot soon after he took control. Time for a replay. Westerners, as always, don’t really give a damn about Turkish affairs, but when you suddenly find a radicalized Turkey attacking Russian and western Europe and taking territory…that’s already too late. We need to stand up…or lie down in the grave.


      They can start by giving Erdogan the Saddaam treatment.

    • Jakareh

      I hope the Turks do attack Russia. They will find not all Christians are as politically correct as Barack Obama.

  • Daniel Greenfield

    Science is Haram.

    • jscumm

      haram it is because it was developed/discovered by the infidels

  • Anukem Jihadi

    The only question is why we have to ask.

  • Laurent Verbier

    you realise you are speaking to people who deny darwinism in 2014

  • Laurent Verbier

    ”There is nothing wrong with a person wanting a child to be male or female, based on the fact that the Holy Qur’aan refers to the supplication of some of the Prophets asking that they be blessed with a male child.
    In the light of that, the Council has determined the following:
    It is permissible to choose the gender of the foetus, such as following a certain nutrition plan, chemical washes, and choosing times for intercourse according to the time of ovulation, because these are permissible means and there are no reservations about them.”

  • laura r

    somewhat off topic but: my friend goes to south of france 2xs a yr. she said the airports look like S.A. she said the beaches are full of burkas.


    Looks like ignorance is halal for muzlim males.

  • BK Anderson

    its not “radical islam” its just islam … cult/gutter religion teaches this kind of sickness ..

  • BK Anderson

    the left in America is beyond sick and disconnected. Where are all the leftist womens rights activists? *crickets* ….. its not hard to figure out now is it?

  • http://vargiveum.wordpress.com/ Varg i Veum

    Yeah, what we non-socialists, kuffars or “islamophobes” you know…seems not to understand with islam is that Islam has nothing to do with Islam or muslims.

  • Irish Shilelegah

    Islam shows it’s ugly head again. If muslimity is soooo good, then Why o why are all these nasty things like violence, intolerance, and senseless murder (in the name of the sickening allah) always a big part of the whole? Nasty.