“I Don’t Think We Should be Tolerating Conservative Views”


Finally the left realizes that diversity is overratedwhen it includes the right.

9/11 Truther Cornel West and conservative Robert P. George visited Swarthmore. And you can guess which of these two men left-wing student activists had a problem with.

Robert George ‘77 and Cornel West’s collection on Monday, hosted by the Institute for the Liberal Arts, culminated a campus-wide discussion on the meaning of discourse at Swarthmore. The Princeton professors, known for their friendship despite of their strongly opposing viewpoints, intended to build community and discuss questions like “What does it mean to communicate across differences regarding what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong?’”

Prior to the event, many students voiced concerns with the College’s choice of speaker in George, who is known for his strong opposition to abortion, stem cell research, and gay marriage.

“What really bothered me is, the whole idea is that at a liberal arts college, we need to be hearing a diversity of opinion. I don’t think we should be tolerating conservative views because that dominant culture embeds these deep inequalities in our society. We should not be conceding to the dominant culture by saying that the so-called “progressive left” is marginalizing the conservative,” Erin Ching ‘16 said.

Wait… what?

Erin would like to marginalize conservative views, which somehow represent the “dominant culture” despite being marginalized, but she doesn’t want to concede to that dominant culture by saying that conservative views are being marginalized… even though they are.

Also she doesn’t think that she should be hearing a diversity of opinions at a liberal arts college.

Despite widespread disagreement with George’s views, students mostly agreed with Cornel West’s remarks, saying he was “wonderfully engaging,” “lovingly intelligent,” and “simply the best ever.”

How awesome is Cornel West? This awesome.

West calls himself a “progressive socialist” and has written that “Marxist thought is an indispensable tradition for freedom fighters.

In 2008 Senator Barack Obama named West to his presidential campaign’s Black Advisory Council. West is a great admirer of Obama’s former pastor and longtime spiritual mentor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

West is a close personal friend to Louis Farrakhan, among the most influential anti-Semites in America. West served as an advisor to Farrakhan’s 1995 “Million Man March.”

Simply the best ever.

  • Napier

    who is Erin Ching ’16?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      One of our future leaders no doubt. Or sensitivity trainers.

      • guest

        Diversity & Sensitivity trainer

      • Drakken

        God help us all that this dingbat is the future of the US.

    • kasandra

      A wealthy, intolerant, elitist student who has no idea what this country is about.


      Another regressive progressive.

      She only has eyes for certain kinds of “conservatives”.

      Doesn’t that dunce know that wahabbis, taliban, ayatollahs, salifis are CONSERVATIVES?

      Swarthmore should be sued for malpractice in its education of students.

      • kikorikid

        Trying to drop that bullshit “Equivalency” arguement
        into the definition of Conservative. ALL the Islamist
        you listed are Shariah-Totalitarians. They are conservative
        only in the sense of a fundamentalist-static ideology.
        Conservatives, well???, want a smaller government.
        Oh! And no fascism, and freedom of thought,speech, and
        association and assuredly Conservatives want, and will
        have, equal protection under the Law.
        That’s a long way from those Shitunnis or whatever
        they are.

    • No RNC

      Erin Ching’s fellow Red Chinese will in the near future own a large portion of the US Federal Reserve’s $1.6 trillion of Mortgage backed securities. Remember these little MBS torpedoes???

    • frodo

      An undergraduate whose words shouldn’t be taken as representative of anthing in particular.

      • truebearing

        No, her words are representative of everything the Left thinks and teaches, by dictate of the Left’s standard rule that when one conservative says something, all are condemned for it. See how that works? Ching spews leftist intolerance, hate, and conspicuous stupidity, therefore, so does the entirety of the Left. It’s really easy.

        • frodo

          Except for that not being the case. Just like “the” Right, “the” Left only exists in the fantasy of its critics. Ching’s words reflect Ching’s half-educated opinion, not some mirror image of what the imaginarily unified Left thinks.

          There’s an awful lot of pots and kettles on both ends of the spectrum.

          • truebearing

            Nice try at a vague moral equivalency. And the rest of your attempt to convince us there is no “Left” was quite compelling. Certainly it is grossly unfair to suggest that adherents to various derivations of Marxism be lumped together under something as “directionist” as “the Left.” I will right (pun intended) that wrong by henceforth referring to them as “commies.”

            Ching’s words don’t suggest someone that is “half-educated,” whatever that means, but someone who is fully indoctrinated.

            You ignored the point about the Commie rule of collective conservative guilt. I was sure you would admit that, being one who insists on rigorous honesty and integrity.

          • frodo

            You’ve missed at least part of my point–I’m not claiming that there’s not a Left, but that there’s not “THE” Left as so often this magazine assumes (and that is just as true of THE Right–things are far more contradictory than that) and to assume some undergraduate voices the ideas of THE Left is nonsense.

            Your “fully indoctrinated”=my “half-educated” (

            I don’t believe in collective guilt on either end of the political spectrum.

          • northerncanuck

            Half educated? Hardly. Fully indoctrinated, she *is* the left, unfiltered, unabashed. Leftists are feeling quite emboldened. Lots of re-education going on (sensitivity training), I see more and more leftists openly call for detainment of conservatives, the leftists will soon be calling once again for death, camps, railroad cars.

    • keefos

      Future NYT reporter and, later, communications director for Senator Wendy Davis.

  • TheOrdinaryMan

    Robert P. George has an interesting blog, First Things. On it, he rightly calls Rep. Frank Wolf “an American hero.” But in his blog entry for February 2, “Muslims, our natural allies,” he states, “Let us be mindful that it is not our Muslim fellow citizens who have undermined public morality, assaulted our religious liberty, and attempted to force us to comply with their ideology on pain of being reduced to the status of second class citizens.” OK, fine. The majority of U.S. Muslims aren’t jihadists. But what does he have to say about pending UN resolution 16/18, a blatant attempt to criminalize any criticism of Islam, and undermine the 1st Amendment? Why aren’t more U.S. Muslims speaking out against this resolution? Erin Ching? She said it all, didn’t she?

  • Ted Kennedy

    I love the “tolerant” left’s drivel: We are tolerant, but we are intolerant of intolerance. Yep! Okay!

    • shawnmer

      And that’s exactly what they’ll tell you. Say that our insistence on “tolerance” from them is a cruel game of gotcha. To them conservatism itself is “intolerant,” so therefore it’s silly and inconsistent to ask a “tolerant” person like themselves to “tolerate intolerance!”. Got it??

      And of course, since we’re talking about “intolerance” and not any real argument, they are excused from having to counter your facts and reasoning with any of their own. You don’t merit a reply, since all you have is “intolerance.”. Sweet gig if you can get it.

      • Albert8184

        And it’s ironic that the “intolerance” of America’s traditional society is what’s allowed them to get away with railing against that very society for so long.

      • Michael Durham

        Is anyone really surprised? These “students” are fully Bolshevized. This is how totalitarian, communist “thinking” works. These …creatures… are fully communist college “vanguards”.

        This is the culmination of 3 generations of Leftist/socialist/”progressive” infiltration and subversion in the United States.

        Many of us saw this coming all along, and tried to be vigilant and warn people. And got called “paranoid” (favorite 1930s-era Stalinist canard). Well, we weren’t “paranoid”. We were simply paying attention. And now it’s too late.

        • bigjulie

          …And too bad!! Now we have these creeps occupying professorships in Journalism Schools and Teacher’s Colleges, in positions of power and authority in too many media outlets, while Conservatives, who fooled themselves into believing that “We may disagree, but we’re all AMERICANS” are finding out, also too late, that most of them are NOT Americans at all, but mind-numbed agents who are intent to help replace free democracy with what their leaders are preaching, and can’t even give you a decent explanation why they are doing it!

  • Nixonfan

    The totalitarian intolerant left. 1984 is their goal.

  • Yulia Demkin

    She thinks liberal arts means left wing arts.

    • truebearing

      Is this a sign of leftist fundamentalism? Is this the new leftist Literalism, or just the mind numbing effects of indoctrination?

  • unionville

    So…George has a strong opposition to abortion, stem cell research, and gay marriage. And this raises students hackles. But West supports “Marxist thought” as an “indispensable tradition for freedom fighters.” which has led to such lovely things as the Ukrainian Holodomor, China’s Great Leap Forward, Occupation of the Baltic States, the NKVD, the Cambodian genocide, the North Korean Gulag system etc. And he’s “lovingly intelligent.” Okey dokey. Clearly history is not these students strong suit.

    • truebearing

      “Clearly history is not these students strong suit.”

      In their defense, they don’t really need to understand history when they are fully schooled in revisionism. They can just make it up as they go, just like their professors.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      They get their history from Zinn and people who make Zinn look sane and conservative.

  • glpage

    So, the left believes in diversity until they have to be diverse. It appears Ms. Ching has no clue what liberal arts is. Perhaps she thought it meant only liberals would be around.

    • Drakken

      That dumb wench is the result of years of our re-education camps indoctrination of our kids, we are in deep deep trouble with dingbats and their thought process when it is now the norm, not the exception.

      • GotReason?

        Double-think is alive and well in Amerika.

      • Albert8184

        Think of the universities as factories producing subversives by the thousands. Which is against the law, by the way, according to the Constitution.

    • kikorikid

      “SO, the Left believes in diversity until they have to be diverse.”
      Diversity has labeled Whites as “Racist”, inherently so, and it
      is Mentally, Spiritually, and Physically impossible to
      mix “Racism and Diversity” together. Even here you may
      see little lightning bolts pass over the page. You know, like oil and water.
      This is an ideology of oppression and Diversity fascist have
      been actively carrying out oppressive acts for more than twenty years.
      White-Males were the first target. Christians next. Now there is
      a obvious turn towards Conservatives. Carry out oppression against Conservatives? YEP!
      This is beyond any semblance of political discourse.
      This is open Tyranny!
      It is not coming soon to a town near you,
      it is already there!

  • SammysDad

    Holy Braindead, Batman: Here we have a “college” student at a liberal arts school telling us what a liberal arts school should have. She doesn’t even understand the words “liberal arts.” Obviously, she thinks the “liberal” in those words means progressive and intolerant of conservative thought when the definition is: “academic subjects such as literature, philosophy, mathematics, and
    social and physical sciences as distinct from professional and
    technical subjects.” This is the perfect example of the progressive indoctrination of these robots. Purely unabashed idiocy molded into their psyche by a like kind of human in the disguise of a teacher.

    • truebearing

      Exactly. The moron doesn’t realize that “liberal arts” has nothing to do with her braindead political beliefs.

      I’m glad I checked to see if anyone was pointing this out. Thanks. You saved me a rant. :)

  • amongoose

    So I take it from your comments that diversity of thought and free speech are OK as long as you agree with it.
    Erin, your comments reflect the ignorance your higher education has instilled in you.
    Congratulations on your expensive indoctrination.

  • http://iopian.blogspot.com/ IOpian

    “the whole idea is that at a liberal arts college, we need to be hearing a diversity of opinion”…. except the conservative view and if it is ‘dominant’ then the idea of diversity encompasses only a small portion of opinion that aligns with their worldview…. which is nearly no diversity at all.

  • MukeNecca

    70 years after America defeated Nazism it has succeeded in developing its own brand of fascism ideology, which if unchallenged now, will establish itself as dominant quasi-religion controlling American government and every public institution. Fascism has crawled to American life under the disguise of anti-fascism, anti-racism and tolerance.

  • Brhurdle

    Given that anything George said would be instantly dismissed as heretical, I agree that they should not have him as a guest speaker – it would be a waste of time.

  • frodo

    And what reason is there to treat an undergraduate’s opinion (poorly reasoned) as representative of the “Left”?

    • truebearing

      Because it is indistinguishable from how the rest of the Left attempts to justify their beliefs with equally poor reasoning. She’s just doing a good job of regurgitating, verbatim, what her professors have taught her to think. Pretty pathetic, isn’t it.

      • frodo

        Except that there isn’t anything like “a” Left, except that Ching is likely a sophomore and thus not halfway through an education, and that professors are mostly not engaging in this kind of thing. There’s far too much else to do.

        • truebearing

          Sure, Gollum. I believe you.

        • kikorikid

          “mostly not engaging in this kind of thing.”
          Take a deep breath, try to get Oxygen.
          You have a huge tolerance for pathos?

          • frodo

            I’m completely serious. No one has time for that kind of thing–there’s actual content to be taught, after all.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      The paper that printed it made that choice.

      • frodo

        Of course it did, being a paper with conservative politics, and, more to the point, it’s quoting a STUDENT newspaper. Which is fair enough, but not the same as being a clear representation of what some imagined unitary Left really thinks.

        Also in that student newspaper, not mentioned in the Washington Examiner or your piece:

        “On the other hand, some students acknowledged the lack of large-scale protest as progress for the campus.

        “The atmosphere in that room was definitely tense but though there were many who didn’t like Robert George, they all had respect for the space and the event and the norms we’ve developed here. This is frankly a big step forward,” Andrew Early ‘16 said.”

        • Daniel Greenfield

          The student newspaper is hardly conservative.

          • frodo

            1. It’s a student newspaper, which is to say that it’s not wise to assume that it is expressing anything like some kind of Left orthodoxy.

            2. That student paper, to its credit, did include the quote above which offers some balance to the picture. Neither your piece nor the Washington Examiner did that. One quote from one student demonstrates only that that student isn’t a good thinker.

  • DinaRehn

    Dr. Ben Carson: “We Live In A Gestapo Age”While appearing on a Newsmax broadcast, Dr. Ben Carson asserts that not only has he been audited by the IRS, but his friends, family, and associates have all been targeted as well.

    Dr. Ben Carson: “We Live In A Gestapo Age”
    Published on Feb 12, 2014
    While appearing on a Newsmax broadcast, Dr. Ben Carson asserts that not only has he been audited by the IRS, but his friends, family, and associates have all been targeted as well. “We live in a Gestapo age,” Carson said. “People don’t realize it”.


  • Albert8184

    Here’s a good example of Leftist situational logic:

    “We should not be conceding to the dominant culture by saying that the so-called “progressive left” is marginalizing the conservative,” Erin Ching ‘16 said.

    So here he admits the truth. That the dominant culture is his enemy. I’ll have to save this snippet to show all the Leftists who try to tell me otherwise when it suits them. Who try to tell me that the country is now liberal/Left as a majority.

    Traditional American beliefs are the dominant culture. No matter how often and loudly the Left tries to proclaim otherwise when it suits them. That’s the whole basis of their movement – revolution. At least this guy told the truth, even if he told it thoughtlessly.

  • fosterkatt

    My goodness, Erin Ching is a stupid young lady, isn’t she? She knows the lingo pretty well, but considering she has NO IDEA what “liberal arts” means, she really needs to go back to kindergarten and start over.

  • Steven Kreft

    100 years ago we taught Latin and Greek in high schools, now we teach remedial English in college.

  • J Dell

    (Newspeak: 1984) War is Peace…Freedom is Slavery… Ignorance is Strength…
    (Newspeak: 2014) Conformity is Diversity

  • Guest

    Erin Ching has been thoroughly whitewashed. There’s nothing Chinese left about her.

    • hope and spare change

      thoroughly brainwashed – there’s everything Communist China (left) about her – pun intended