ICE Open About Helping Illegal Aliens Infiltrate US


After residents of Murietta, California, stood up to Obama and his illegal alien voter dumping strategy, a town meeting was held in which an unapologetic ICE official made it clear that dumping illegal aliens on America was now policy.

“Send them back! Send them back!” the special-meeting crowd chanted, shouting down Chief Border Patrol Agent Paul Beeson after he took responsibility for transferring the Central American children and families to Murrieta from Texas, where the numbers are too much for facilities to handle.

The Wednesday night crowd, gathered at a high school auditorium that seats 750 in the desert city of 100,000 people, groaned when Beeson said four of the immigrants had to be hospitalized, two with scabies and two with fevers.

One woman broke down as she addressed the city council.

“I feel like we’re being destroyed because of the administration and what he’s doing,” the woman said, referring to President Obama. “I feel for these children. I believe they’re being used and abused by our government and theirs.”

The ICE document specified that Murrieta would be the end point for “processing” the individuals, noting that they “may be released with instructions to report to a local ICE office near their destination address within 15 days.”

After processing, immigrants are released into the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, who will assist them in reaching family members in the United States before their appearance in an immigration court, according to David Jennings, field director for ICE’s Los Angeles field office.

“When you have a noncriminal mother, they are going to be released,” Jennings said. “The most humane way to deal with this is to find out where they are going and get them there.”

“A large majority of these people were going somewhere. When they left Honduras, for example, they had a destination,” Jennings said. “We are going to take these people and get them there. We are going to get them to a Greyhound station and get them where they need to go.”

It’s not humane to dump mass amounts of illegal alien invaders on already overburdened Americans, but it is the politically correct thing to do on an administration that is determined to crush political opposition by importing a new electorate.

  • pete-unlinked

    short, but, very sour, and EXACTLY DEAD ON…

    THANKS for your great work, Mr. Greenfield

  • laura r

    daniel, are they coming to NYC?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      already here

      • laura r

        assume they are in queens bronx or staten island? my frineds in NY havnt even mentioned this. its a non issue.

  • BMS

    All the illegals should be put on a bus and head them straight to the White House. They can room with Malia and Natasha and sleep on Michelle & Barack Hussein’s bedroom floor and the White House lawn. And while we are at it Mr. President you can pay for their food, health care, clothes, cell phones etc.out of your salary. The rest of us American’s are sick of paying for people who don’t even belong in this country. Enough is enough!

    • Ali Baba

      Wrong! Ship them by bus from Texas border to Pensilvania Avenue is too costly. And anyway, what will happen after?… In Washington DC, they are still on US soil, and sucking up tax payers dollars! I have a better idea! About two or three years ago the drug cartels from Mexico used catapults to send hundreds if not thousands of pounds of drugs over the fence, in the US.
      Why not use the same sistem to send the illegals back over the fence? Without a parachute, of course!… And if they can pay from their pocket for one – Good luck! – it won’t open in 100 feet!…

  • fpm

    Maybe Jennings, Beeson and all liberals/socialist are hoping those illegals will and can afford the salary and pension for them and their kind? Aren’t all federal agents sworn to follow the law and not the lawless POTUS?

  • liz

    It’s just one manufactured crisis after another, to flood the system , break it down, and destroy it. Then assume total control.

  • LoneWolf

    Barry admitted DACA IS ILLEGAL.

    “With respect to the notion that I can just suspend deportations through executive order —that’s just not the case…Congress passes the laws. The Executive branch’s job is to enforce and implement the laws, and then the Judiciary has to interpret the laws. There are enough laws on the books by Congress that are very clear in terms of how we have to enforce our immigration system, that for me to simply through executive order ignore those congressional mandates would not conform with my appropriate role as president.” -Barack Hussein Obama

    Tax revolt- stop funding this lawless and corrupt regime.

  • Elizabeth Cape Cod

    This pretty much seals the deal for a democratic voting block , resulting in a one party US government.

  • panola60

    Obama’s Self-Described “Brown Shirts”: We’ll Jail Anyone Who Tells Public About Illegal Alien Disease Crisis

    To help manage his manufactured refugee crisis on the southern border, President Obama has installed a security force that — seriously — refers to themselves as “Brown Shirts”. Furthermore, they’ve threatened doctors and nurses who are treating disease-ridden illegal aliens with imprisonment if they tell the public about what they’ve seen in the Obama concentration refugee camps.

    Already, drug-resistant tuberculosis is spreading in Texas, with several counties having twice the state average number of cases. Dengue Fever, a viral illness spread by mosquitoes which causes marked bone and muscle pain and fatigue and affects over 100 million people per year, is now spreading from the illegal immigrants into Texas and Arizona as infected mosquitoes begin to breed in the areas by the camps. A vaccine for Dengue is in the works but is not yet available. If this worldwide killer ever gets a mosquito-hold here, it will be a public health disaster.