Warmist Who Got Ship Stuck in Ice Trying to Prove Ice was Melting Wins Global Warming Award


No, it’s not a Darwin Award, though it probably should have been. If you’ve already forgotten Chris Turney, he was the genius who not only got a ship so thoroughly stuck in ice that it took multiple icebreakers to try and stage a rescue leading to a forced helicopter evacuation.

And all that happened because Chris was trying to prove that the ice was melting. (Hint: it wasn’t.)

Turney’s amazing Global Warming adventure not only cost a lot of money for his rescuers, but also badly disrupted actual scientific research.

Greetings from Casey Station on the East Antarctic coast. I’ve just returned from the deep field site at Aurora Basin where the Australians are drilling a new 400-meter ice core which we will analyze in my lab in Reno.

I’m writing with regards to the rescue effort for that tourist ship stuck in the ice near Commonwealth Bay and the enormous impact of the rescue effort on Antarctic science programs. The Australian ice breaker Aurora Australis was here at Casey in the process of unloading the coming year’s supplies for the station, as well as a number of researchers and their science gear for this summer’s activities, when the emergency response request was issued. The Australians shut down the unloading very quickly and left within a few hours after the request arrived but only about a third of the resupply was completed and a lot of that science gear was still on board. Before they left they at least were able to get the passengers including six Aurora Basin researchers off the ship. Otherwise I’d still be at Aurora Basin and would have had to stay to the end of January since my field replacement was in that group.

The short- and long-term impacts on the Australian science program are pronounced as you can imagine and I understand it is the same for both the Chinese and French programs since their icebreakers were diverted, too. I’ll be sitting down to New Year’s Eve dinner in a few minutes with a number of Australian researchers including the director of the Australian Antarctic Division Tony Fleming – many of these guys can’t complete the research they’ve been planning for years because some or all of their science gear still is on the Aurora.

National Geographic blasted them. So did Nature. So did a lot of actual scientists. But this is all about Warmunist propaganda, so naturally Turney is getting an award.

Unintentional Antarctic resident Chris Turney, leader of the ship of fools, wins a prize:

“Professor Chris Turney has been awarded the 2014 Frederick White Prize for his research on understanding past and present climate change and on improving climate change models.

Professor Turney is an Australian Research Council Laureate Fellow in the UNSW Climate Change Research Centre.

The prize, awarded biennially, recognises the achievements of scientists in Australia who are engaged in research of intrinsic scientific merit that has contributed to community interests, rural or industrial progress, or the understanding of natural phenomena.

“I am absolutely delighted and incredibly humbled to receive such a prestigious award,” Professor Turney said.”

He should be considering that his scientific work amounted to discovering that ice doesn’t melt just because Warmunists say it does.

  • Bob Almighty

    This whole climatist saga is like watching a bunch of trained monkeys.

    • LibertarianToo

      Except monkeys don’t think reality is a right-wing conspiracy.

  • truebearing

    The Left has been telling us that we shouldn’t keep score or give awards to only winners. Accordingly, shouldn’t we all get an award for climate research? We all check the weather forecast every day.

  • Mark204

    The GW or CC supporters are a bunch of useful idiots imo for those who have an agenda, but they’re too stupid to realize it.

  • Gee

    I will say that the jury is out on how much mankind has to do with global warming, but it does exist.

    De-Nile is not just a river in Egypt. Places like the West Coast of the United States are DAILY setting all time heat records. The warmest and driest winter in recorded history. Their winter is now warmer than their summers.

    Australia too has had nothing but record heat.

    So yes there a huge climate change – but to totally deny what science is saying is wrong

    • LibertarianToo

      It is NOT science -it is POLITICS. The west coast is NOT setting “all-time heat records.” For most of the time that this planet has existed, it has been too hot to sustain anything we know of as “life”. It is the rarest of events in the existence of this planet to have ice at both poles- something we think of as “normal”. And you are ignoring the fact that the “scientists” at East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit -which provides climate data worldwide -were busted red-handed fudging the data- and acknowleging they fudged the data- to advance a political agenda.

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      It’s hard to discuss this issue with people who don’t seem to understand the difference between weather and climate. You talk about the West Coast’s heat. Two weeks ago, it was -18 F where I live (and it didn’t get below zero once, last winter). Last night, it was -4 F. Snow is piling up all around.

      But these are local weather conditions, and have nothing … NOTHING … at all to do with climate.

      By the way … just in case you didn’t get it … I am an anthropogenic climate change Denialist. Proudly so …

      • Drakken

        That was a heat wave in comparison to where I am from, it was – 45 below zero in that time period, so you had it good compared to what my relatives had to go through, and where I was, it was bloody snowing and I do believe it got a good foot, and that was the desert in the ME.

        • Wolfthatknowsall

          The coldest I’ve ever seen was -37 F, and that was in International Falls, Minnesota. But it was a beautiful, sunny day with no wind. I can only imagine what it might have been like with a wind chill. Where I live, the wind chill is going down to -25 to -30, tonight. I hope your folks are all right …

          • Drakken

            In Embarrass MN, it will be down to -48 and then some with wind chill, even though I am thousands of miles away I still watch the weather. Here it will get down to 20 something and then up to 90. go figure.

    • glpage

      And other parts of the country are having record low temps and snowfall amounts. Tunney and friends went to Antarctica during its summer to show the break up of ice fields. That effort kind of back fired when the supposed break up froze them in. Do some research on the history of sampling stations that are used to support the GW model. Many no longer meet standards requiring they be a certain distance from heat producing or storing elements such as paved parking lots, A/C units, building, etc. There are stations in Siberia that were used in earlier data gathering (pre AGW days) that are no longer used. Those two situations alone ought to make anyone wonder about the data collected.

      Then there was the fun little thing that James Hansen did because existing data didn’t match his models, he altered it:



      Hey, if reality shows your model is defective fix the data not the model. Yeah, now that is the way science should really work. Not… When one of the leading proponents of AGW has to fudge the data to prove his contention one might wonder what is wrong with the real data.

    • Paul

      “Recorded history” is the key word here. To say that the West Coast is having ” the warmest and driest winter in recorded history” may be correct. I do not know, and do not care.

      What I do care about is the use of “recorded history”. I will give you 2 examples Mr. Liberal, so try to keep up. Recorded history can refer back to Mesopotamia (about 5500 years ago), or even as far back as the cave paintings in Spain (about 40,000 years ago). The Earth is about 4.5 billion (4,500,000,000) years old, which I will consider as “all time”.
      So, “Recorded History” accounts for either 0.00001% of “all time” if refering back to Mesopotamia, or 0.00009% of “all time” if refering back to the cave paintings. What you liberalists and warmunists conveniently leave out of your climate data is the other 99.99991% to 99.99999% of “all time” data, because if it is included, then even idiots like Tunney could not convince idiots like you that global warming is real (and I’m really stretching to give you the benifit of doubt that you could actually learn something). Now, I’m not going into how they get climate data from prehistoric times because I feel this is just too technical for the liberalist “no child left behind” to ever contemplate.
      Anyone can manipulate data to suit their needs. For instance, there is statistical data (marketing data) that shows the sell of Ice Cream increases during the hotter seasons. There is also statistical data that shows crime increases during the hotter seasons (government data). For people with common sense, this looks to be two different data sets that have nothing in common with each other. For people with no common sense (a.k.a. Liberals) this would be frowned upon and Bills would be proposed to limit or even eliminate the sell of ice cream during the hotter seasons because it leads to an increase in crime. If this were presented by the liberal media, the low information people like you would actually believe it without even first verifying how the media arrived at this conclusion.

  • dave dykstra

    It’s actions like this that make global warming alarmists the laughing stock of the WORLD. It’s one thing to get stuck in ice that “shouldn’t have been there”. Fine, slink away and mention it no more. BUT NO! They have to give him an award. That’s like Obama getting the peace prize and then presiding over the biggest loss of American lives in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    When will these people learn, they do nothing for science but give us a LOT to laugh about?

  • cxt

    What did I hear last night?
    “When environmentalism is your “religion” and you consider economics a “superstition” then your headed for major problems.”
    Something like that…….sadly I can’t recall exactly whom said it:
    Equally saddened but not really surprised that the same person whom was so wrong in his scientific assumptions would be arrogant enough to accept an award when he was so wrong.
    The Left is not really concerned with actual “results” they are focused mainly on “intent.” And although his “science” is demonstrably deeply flawed his heart is “in the right place” so of course he gets an award.

  • DrRaeMD

    Here’s what Chris Turney has to say: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-01-22/ice-bound-ship-inherent-risk-says-expeditions/5213910
    Or we could just listen to political cartoons and uninformed opinions.

  • Drakken

    I dedicate the song from World Party that is ringing in my head about these idiots, “Ship of Fools”

  • A Z

    I read 6 or 7 stories on the travails of the warmists rescued by actual competent people from their folly.

    What I did not know is that 3 icebreakers or more were diverted to rescue their dumbazzes

    • A Z

      Actually this should be made into a movie, a dark comedy about idiots.

  • cc

    If Turney gets any money with that award it should be immediately taken to pay back whatever fraction of the $2.4M spent to pull him out of the ice