If You Loved All-American Muslim, Get Ready for Beverly Hills Muslims

Islamic reality television

Islamic reality television

A Sony produced reality show is searching for “a wealthy Muslim family with an interesting lifestyle. It also prefers that the family have a father who is an Islamic religious leader.”

Further details from Stephanie Reibel, a minor actress gone over to the casting side of the business, who now works for Atlas Media Corp as a casting director, indicate that they are looking for “an affluent Muslim family in Beverly Hills with an interesting lifestyle for a TV show.”

Also they are looking for “southern brothers who are contractors” though it’s probably not for the same series.

So we’ve got a rich Muslim family with an Imam father living in Beverly Hills. It’s almost like someone at Sony wants their own Shahs of Sunset but with fewer Jews and gay people.

And an interesting lifestyle.

It seems only fair to help Stephanie out. While none of our candidates live in Beverly Hills, they do live an interesting lifestyle like Egypt’s executioner who really loves his job and got started strangling cats and dogs.

And then there’s Imam Sa’d Arafat who thinks that women should be honored by being beaten.

And finally there’s this debate between an 11-year-old child bride and an Imam who supports child marriage.

Somehow I suspect that Beverly Hills Muslim will be a lot less interesting than this amazing tapestry of diversity.

Islamic reality television is very different than Muslim reality television.

  • Dave B in AZ

    The proper way to beat your wife! LOL. Man, these muzzies are perverse. No wonder they have to resort to sheep.

  • laura r

    for the record, marriage in mexico & age of consent, varies from state to state. 14 is the youngest age as of now. that culture is very loose w/sex. there are many teen pregancies amoung the poor. (like the ghetto blacks in the USA). no husband or boyfriend most of the time. this is only w/the lower uneducated classes. women who are under 50 have married later & have between 2-3 children. as for beverly hills, im sure it will be exactly as i saw it in 1989 (or boston through the 90s till 9/11). fast cars, designer jeans, rodeo drive newburry st cafes. maybe the grandma will wear a burka for the TV seris, but unlikely. proberly have her face covered & stay in the house. some girls will wear head scarves w/their jeans & western clothes, like i saw in boston. there wont be 12 yr olds married in BH. they will be in private school. there will,be lots of shopping like “sex in the city”. there is a youtube vid about the saudi prince family, check it out. the wife is an elegant modest caftan, no head scarf (it was filmed in their home). her mother wore full burka w/metal face covering over eyes. there are other vids about very rich families in SA. a far cry from the common arab person.

  • Martin Ellacott

    Truly, Islam is such a poor fit with the “Free World” that perhaps the practitioners of same, should remain where they are and not immigrate to western Countries. I’m sure that they would like it better, and I know that I sure would.

  • Asheriko

    Islam and Muslims for you )–:

  • http://ironburka.blogspot.com/ Mullah Lodabullah

    Let me tell a story about a man named Ahmed
    A poor suicide bomber wanted to see the Kuffar dead …

    • chimoio

      ha harrrr!! that was so funny! I really did laugh out loud!
      btw the negative vote was me! I hit the wrong key by accident.

  • Joan Lax Hamilton

    Good way for Sony to be boycotted and go to hell in a handbasket.


    Beverly Mussbillies…..

    Let me tell you a story ’bout a man named Jihad
    A poor Muslim man, barely kept his family fed
    Then one day he was shooting at a Jew
    Up from the ground come a bubbling fuel

    Black gold, Muslim tea

    Next thing you know Jihads a millionaire
    Kinfolk said “get away from there”
    Said Californie is the place you ought to be
    So they loaded up the camel and moved to Beverly

    Movie stars and folks who don’t know Islam………

    • Lou Hodges

      They don’t have a “like, but I shouldn’t encourage you”

    • Jethro Mughadeen

      Finishing your song…..
      Hills, that is, Honor Killings, Genital Mutilations….
      To end the show….
      Now it’s time to say good bye to Jihad and all his wives,
      We would like to thank you folks for givin up your lives,
      You’re all invited back next week so be sure’n take some notes;
      For bombing, raping, killin, and cutting kaffir throats…
      Muslim that is……Take your knives out…..behead some Jews…
      All come back now, Allah Akbar!
      “I’m gonna be a Jihadist, granny!”;

      • chimoio


  • Lou Hodges

    Put it on the air, hold them up to public scrutiny

  • iluvisrael

    I don’t need to watch shows about moslems – learned all I need to know on 9/11

  • Jake-a-runi

    Well, I’m sure there’s plenty of interesting game show themes. Let’s start with Groucho’s You Bet Your Life. Or how about What’s My Line?.

    • Jake-a-runi

      It occurred to me that I may have dated myself. At least I didn’t suggest radio.

  • Wayne Foulds

    scum islam

  • Enrico Zumbo

    I have researched the minimum age for marriage in Europe which is 17, muslisms are allowed to lie under any conditions. Only two countries in South America allow 14 YO to marry, In Asia the minimum is 15. in Africa only a few countries allow 15 yo to marry. Under islam truth is not relevant.

  • Enzo

    More brainwashing to make the death cult of Islam look more normal.

  • knowshistory

    their goal is to breed at our expense until they are the majority, establish sharia, then genocide our indigenous population. I really don’t give a dam what they wear. we should be sending them home, and if we don’t, we will be genocided, just like every other population that has clasped toxic muslims to their foolish busoms. is that any kind of a problem for you?

    • laura r

      when you say “indigenous” population, you mean america poor? it seems that the US rich will be able to still live the same, even side by side & not be bothered? “we” cannot send them anywhere. they were invited by out govt, the welcome mat is out.

      • knowshistory

        unfortunately, you are right. our sworn and deadly enemies are invited to enslave us by our traitorous government. what you don’t seem to be able to comprehend is that means we need to get rid of our traitorous government along with the invading army of genocidal muslim criminals. indigenous, btw, means native, especially native before an invasion. perhaps you are thinking of indigent, which would not be surprising in a counry in which the majority of the population is shockingly ignorant, and eager to remain ignorant.

        • laura r

          if you can come up w/a way to get rid of the govt please let us know. also there seem to more mexicans than muslims in the US. i wonder how they would deal w/an invasion? its all really complicated. but yes its the world govt 100%. (NWO)

  • Hard Little Machine

    Henry Waxman’s replacement.