Illegal Muslim Alien Plotted Drone Bombing, Was Not Deported After Multiple Arrests


Can we please stop talking about pinning Green Cards to any foreign student. It’s a bad idea and it ends like this.

A Moroccan man who entered the United States as an exchange student six years ago is facing criminal charges after planning to use a remote-controlled plane to bomb a U.S. university and a federal building in Connecticut, officials said on Tuesday.

In a conversation recorded by the FBI, El Mehdi Semlali Fathi “repeatedly confirmed his desire to bomb an educational university outside the state of Connecticut” and claimed he had lined up financing from drug dealers to fund the attack, officials said.

“Fathi stated that the bomb that he planned to use would be made for him, and he claimed that everything is available in Southern California on the border,” the FBI affidavit said.

Fathi entered the United States in 2008 on a student visa that expired in 2009 after he failed all the classes he had enrolled in at Virginia International University, according to court papers.

He had been preparing an asylum application but told a friend in a conversation recorded by the FBI that he had constructed a false history of abuse for political dissent in his native country to justify that bid.

Fathi has been arrested twice since entering the United States, in 2010 in Virginia for trespassing, a charge that was later dismissed, and in California in 2012 for theft.

In the Connecticut case, he has been charged with making false statements in an immigration-related matter.

And yet despite all this, he wasn’t deported. It was only when he began plotting a terror attack, that the authorities finally dealt with him.

  • GSR

    No one gets deported anymore….it’s a joke. Its also what the DC Elite have wanted for years now. A “nation-less” nation. No borders, no culture, no sovereignty. No citizenship. Only trans-nationals and their secular religion of environmentalism.

    • john spielman

      “only trans-nationals and their secular religion of environmentalism.” and murderous ISLAM!

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  • wileyvet

    It would be funny if he had been planning to bomb Brandeis University. He also failed all of his courses. What was he taking Women’s Studies? He is also Moroccan, the same awesome ethnicity that Geert Wilders was pointing to as causing trouble in The Netherlands. His religion is ? Altogether now.

    • nomoretraitors


  • kasandra

    Well, he was a Dreamer, after all.

  • cacslewisfan

    Ugh. I propose a solution: our “public servants” should be forced to live in the middle of their social experiments. When elected, they should immediately be relocated to the “Projects” and these jihad “students” should be made their next door neighbors. They made this bed, they should have to sleep in it.

  • nomoretraitors

    Now Daniel, why would they want to deport a potential Democratic voter?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Obama will give him a low level job in the white house.